Favorites List (Summer 2010)

Favorites List (Summer 2010)

I spent the weekend at a cabin in Mendocino County, California with a few friends. Some of you will remember Lori and Lisa's cabin, I've written about it in the past. Hopefully I'll have a few new pictures to share later in the week. I'm sure it's no surprise, at the cabin we never go hungry (or thirsty, for that matter). Lori feeds us well, and the rest of us do our best to supplement her cooking by bringing a little something for lunch or snacks. This time around I made a late summer version of this buttermilk farro salad to share as part of lunch one day. I used corn, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, and zucchini in place of the shaved fennel and radishes, but everything else was the same. And I baked a batch of bite-sized limoncello cookies to snack on during card games. I need a couple days to get my film processed and write up the cookie recipe for you, so I thought I'd post a favorites list here in the meantime. It has been a while.

So, in no particular order, here are a few things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately. As usual, it's a bit of a mish-mash, but hopefully you'll find something within the list that you find inspiring as well.

- Can't wait to get my hands on this book. Tartine is walking distance from my house. And when I occasionally think about what life would be like living in another city, the lack of access to Tartine's sesame bread comes to mind as a major deterrent.

- Love the detailing and color on these.

- Fantastic, inspiring Kickstarter / publishing case study.

- I've been going through some of my old film, cleaning up my office a bit, and found this photo of my mom and dad. This one's pretty cool too. Both shot by my dad.

- Working people and their bentos, a book / photo series

- Cy Twombly, The Four Seasons

- Sophie Cuvelier's Bobine Carree garland.

- A classic from 2008. Love this guy. But seriously, if you're allergic to f-bombs, or if you could care less about design...give it a pass.

- Illinois Landscape, 1979-2006, Rhondal McKinney

- It has been well over a month, and I'm still thinking about this. Although, I was temporarily distracted this afternoon by this - bitter chocolate bread and black rum.

- The making of a shop: Prairie Collective. And it's just up the street from me.

- A lovely leap of faith story.

- What Kate Ate

- This video podcast series: Etsy Handmade Portraits. I subscribe to it on Apple TV.

- Love the poster/promo for the Paul Ferney / Jordan Ferney Let Them Eat Cake show.

- A few of you have emailed me about favorite summer recipes. Here are a bunch of zucchini recipes. And a few past tomato recipes. More specifically, I still love this quinoa salad, this coleslaw, this sandwich, this summer squash gratin, this zucchini bread, this bean salad, and these green beans.

And there's one last thing I wanted to mention today. Our 101 Cookbooks / Kiva Lending Team is within striking distance of $100,000. We've made $98,000 in micro loans over the past two years, 3425 loans(!) total. I have some ideas about how we might work on a larger scale with Kiva, in a more focused fashion, and I'm hoping to figure out how to pursue that in the future. But for now, for those of you who have been participating, thank you. Also, please have a quick glance at your account to see if you have repaid funds to re-allocate. I just looked, and realized I have $600+. For those of you new to this site, here is the original post I made when Kiva first enabled lending teams. That post is quite out of date at this point, but it will give you a bit of back history if you're interested.

I'll try to get that cookie recipe posted by Wednesday or Thursday. I don't want to say too much about them yet, but I suspect they might even trump the chocolate puddle cookies for some of you.

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Ahh great list -- so much tasty reading to do!!! Thanks for making summer last just a little longer & a massive congrats on the micro loan fundraising! Can't wait to read further.


I loved all your inspiration! Its always a great idea to step away from our work and look at the beauty and art around us to recharge our creativity. Thanks for sharing!


Lovely list Heidi.....the photo of the interior of the plane is fantastic - how many people do you think suffered head injuries from falling luggage back then ???
Also, thank you for pointing me in the direction of an Aussie blog I was not aware of - another one to add to the reading list......


Love What Kate Ate - thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the limoncello cookies :) Joe

Joe @ Eden Kitchen

Love the list! Very inspirational and look forward to exploring in more detail. Congrats on the micro loans - what a difference you are making in so many peoples lives. Keep up the great job.

Lisa {Authentic Suburban Gourmet }

Thanks for the reminder about the Kiva group.

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

Very interesting about the Kiva group - I've not heard of it before, will have to look into it a bit further!

Tabitha (from single to married)

After I hit "POST," I'll be clicking on over to those zucchini recipes. :)

A Teenage Gourmet

Looks like a great list!

Simply Life

What a way to "Kickstart" my morning - I can't thank you enough for the tip on that site. Your entire post filled my "blog time" for this morning. So much to see, so much to learn, so much to grow. Again, Heidi, thank you. Carolina

The Muse of The Day

The Tartine bread book! I can't wait either. Sesame and walnut are tied for favorites here. You were spotted in line there last month. :)

HS: Next time say hello! I pop in there all the time. Or I send Wayne :)


Great list - thanks for sharing.

In particular I loved the Working People & Their Bentos photo book. What a great slice of life to follow.

Katelyn | SaltTraders.com

Thanks for the great list. I agree with the other comments - it's wonderful to take time and appreciate the inspiration around us. I didn't realize that you had a Kiva team. I will check it out. Thanks!

City Share


Enjoy your time away.

And I'm looking forward to the

new cookie recipe, although I

have serious doubts that it will

top the chocolate puddle cookies...

but we shall see :)



your lists rock. keeping us all hip...the bento box link was especially wonderful...


Thanks for the wonderful links!


I just recently made it through your whole list of favorite sites on the right hand side of your site. How often do you update or add to that list? I adored finding so many new sites to peruse!

HS: Hi April, I try to update that list every few weeks.


Isn't Mendo beautiful this time of year? Or anytime of year, really. We're headed up there very soon and I can't wait!

I love your favorites lists-keep 'em comin'!


Thanks for this! I always love your compilations.


Wonderful post, Heidi. Thank you for these fabulous links! Happy Labor Day...

The Healthy Apple

On of my best friends Tara Young does the Etsy Handmade Portrait series - I am so happy to see it on your list here, I love them too! I forwarded to her, she'll be so thrilled to know her work has fans. :)


heidi, i've been reading your blog for a good long while now, but i don't think i've ever commented. of late i've been reading with a bit more fervour, because i was on the verge of moving to san francisco, and would scour your posts with excitement, looking for tidbits of information on the beautiful bay area. now i'm actually here, and the first 101CB post i read on my feed tells me you live super close to tartine -- so will i, as of next week. so excited to be in the mission, with culinary choices and inspiration so close by. thanks for your beautiful pics and yummy recipes. cheers!


Trump the puddle cookies??? I can't wait, everyone I've made those for go bonkers for them, they are the worlds simplest cookies, and sooo good, really looking forward to the limoncello cookies!


I always look forward to your lists! Thanks so much for taking the time to post them!

Stephanie @ Becoming Green

The salad is scrumptious. Hands-down delish. I knew that would be true when I saw the ingredients. The cookies, on the other hand made me a little skeptical. I'm a hard-core chocolate fan and it takes a lot to interest me in anything outside of that flavor profile, but these were more fantastic than I could have ever imagined and dare I say it, addictive. And just for the record I'd have followed a trail of them into the bushes if the mountain lion would have made one.

HS: Thanks Lori :) Next time I'll make the chocolate puddle cookies for you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wonderful set of links!


Favorite lists: love 'em. You get to discover some great new stories, talents and cool things! Thanks.

tom | tall clover farm

i was just about to make chocolate puddle cookies. been craving them...oh so yummy!

wendy harms

Oh Heidi! A Tartine cookbook!!!
The last time I was in SF i stopped there almost every day, and even ran into you and Wayne sitting outside once. What a wonderful suprise.
I suspect that I will need to study the Tartine recipes since everything I ate there was to die for and I can't just get on a plane every time I have a craving. Though it sure would be nice. Cheers!

HS: Hi Cheryl. I completely remember meeting you, I think you were getting ready to run a race, no? You can buy the first Tartine Cookbook now, and the new (soon to be released) one focuses on their bread.


What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening, checking out all the links- so interesting and inspiring


Dropped by to say we'd finally made the sauteed zucchini + almonds + dill, and SAVORED EVERY BITE. So, so good. The almonds are everything. And ended up finding this lovely list. What luck.


great list!

i was in CA/OR for vacation,and we drove straight through mendocino co. on our road trip. what a gorgeous area!

Heather @ chik n' pastry

Wow! What an amazing looking cabin... looking forward to the limoncello delights. Thanks for the links of goodness too. Now pining for summer in Australia!


Better than chocolate puddle cookies? I don't believe it!


I just made your buttermilk farro salad last night - and it was delicious!! (I tried to comment on that post, but I couldn't for some reason...) Thank you so much for that recipe!! Great lunch for the rest of the week!

HS: Hi Amanda, sorry for the confusion. I turn off the comments on older posts if they end up getting spammed. Glad you liked the salad.


Limoncello cookies! Oh yes. Now, if you wanted to throw up a gluten free flour suggestions, that would be lovely or else I'll have to play around once it's under 80F. Stephanie


what a beautiful and inspiring post! I loved reading through the linked articles and blogs. Thanks for taking the time to post this!


Love the many great cooking and food related links, thanks for sharing it.

Great on your KIVA fund raising. Impressive.

Pam @ Cookingworld

Great list! Two things really resonated for me:

In 1963, the year before I was born, my parents took a boat over to Europe and bought a VW Bug and drove all over (they brought the car back with them, too!).

And Rhondal McKinney is a colleague and good friend of mine! His photos are beautiful and he's an amazing printer.... really, these are gorgeous and you should see them sometime in person if you haven't before. He's also a wonderful story-teller....Thank you!

HS: Thanks for the comment Melissa. Rhondal's work is amazingly beautiful and inspiring. I do hope to see some of his work in person at some point.


I have been looking for something unique to do commerate my 30th birthday this year, and decided I would try to raise $1000 for a Kiva account. Perfect timing on the post, when the money is raised, I will surely join the 101cookbooks team.

I decided to forgoe the usual expensive meal and cocktail party and instead host a couple of dinners at my home and a charity night at a bar.

Moving to SF soon, and can't wait to try all these places you link to. Especially the Praire Collective, I love design sponge.

HS: That's nice to hear Lilia. Hope to see you around SF at some point. You might be arriving just in time for our summer :)


Fabulous list. I've got quite a bit of reading to catch up on my own, and now I've just added a few!


Thanks for all the fun links...something to treat myself to in more detail when I'm done with work! Looking forward to the cookies...

Amanda at Enchanted Fig

Enjoyed "Illinois Landscape". If you like that, though, you should really check out Clyde Butcher's website. I was exposed to his work while living in south Florida - I think his photography work is my favorite. Maybe studying the Everglades as a student made me partial, but still. Stunning.


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I grew up in central Illinois, so I immediately clicked on the link to the landscape photos... and then realized I was looking at the website of someone I've known nearly my whole life! His son has been a friend of mine since kindergarten. It is SUCH a small world, it makes me so happy!


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