Good Hair Day Pasta’s Delightful Packaging

Good Hair Day Pasta’s Delightful Packaging Recipe

Few people love whimsical, clever food packaging more than me, and the design for Good Hair Day Pasta by Nikita Konkin is a real day brightener. Especially the fettuccine box, where voluminous swirls of billowy fettuccini stand in for epic hair. The natural color of the pasta is set off by a sea of white combined with simple lettering. So good.

Good Hair Day Pasta's Delightful Packaging

Nikita has received numerous awards for his design, and it looks like the pasta has gone into production. Available here (if you have access to It is a 100% durum wheat pasta from Italian grains and produced in the Abruzzo region. The pasta is extruded through brass dies, and dried at low temperature to preserve the fragrance and flavor of the grain.

Good Hair Day Pasta's Delightful Packaging

Good Hair Day Pasta's Delightful Packaging

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I LOVE this packaging! -- but this is more of a response to your insta comment (I deleted my insta account, so I have to respond here) asking people what they want to see; I want to see what you see, I want to see what catches your eye, what draws you in. If it's an instapot recipe, or pasta packaging, or the light on your front stoop -- whatever draws your gaze, that's what I want to see (which is what you've been doing here all along, so there you go; you're already here).

:) Thanks!


What whimsical packaging! I think I'll need to buy this pasta! :)

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