Jasmine Flower Vodka Recipe

A beautiful jasmine flower vodka to use in cocktails or baking!

Jasmine Flower Vodka

You can infuse vodka with many things, and I love to experiment. A recent favorite was this jasmine flower vodka. I'm sure many of you have come across the beautiful jasmine teas that unfold dramatically when steeped in hot water. They blossom beautifully in your cup. Well, you can do something similar in vodka, or another spirit as well. I tend to start with vodka because it is neutral, but you could certainly experiment.

The strength in flavor depends on how long you leave the "flower" in the vodka. Once it is to your liking you can use it in cocktails, or in the same way you might use a vanilla extract - in baking.

Jasmine Flower Vodka Recipe
There are a number of considerations here. The longer you leave the vodka in contact with the jasmine tea, the stronger the flavor will be. But there's a catch. As the hours pass, the alcohol also darkens, and take on increasingly tannic notes. So! I recommend letting an hour pass with the vodka in contact with the leaves, and then increasing from there depending on what you're after. 

Jasmine Flower Vodka Recipe

There are a lot of different producers of blossoming teas, and you can typically find them in well-stocked tea sections. You're looking for something like this. They are typically named red blossoming tea, or blooming jasmine tea, or something along those lines.

Jasmine Flower Vodka Recipe

Let me know if you end up making a special cocktail with this - a simple jasmine flower vodka soda is nice, but there are worlds of options to explore!

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Jasmine Flower Vodka

There are many different tea companies selling jasmine blossoms, you're after something like this.

2 jasmine tea blossoms
2 cups vodka

Place the tea in a glass jar. Pour the vodka over the tea, and allow it to sit for at least an hour. Have a small taste and decide if you'd like stronger jasmine flavor, if so allow it to sit longer, until the flavor is to your liking. The mixture will darken over time and get more tannic, so keep this in mind as you decide how long to let it sit. Strain the vodka into another jar, and discard the blossoms. Use in place of vodka in cocktails, or in place of vanilla extract in baking.

Makes 2 cups.

Prep time: 2 minutes

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I love the sound of this! I started making a Jasmine tea scented sugar syrup for fruit salads (outstanding with watermelon and all the juicy berries you can find - https://realsimplefoodblog.com/2017/07/17/jasmine-tea-scented-fruit-salad/) and then started adding the leftovers to cocktails. Loved it with sake and soda but can imagine it would be lovely to have a less sweet starting point like with your jasmine flavoured vodka!


This sounds like a lovely recipe! We've done cucumber/mint vodka for the summer months and it was stellar! For a friend's bridal shower (Victorian-theme), her future SIL created rose vodka with rose petals from her garden (must use organic, of course) and it was exquisite! 25 years later, the vodka has continued to deepen and turn more golden in color. Nice for a tiny 'nip' in the evening. For winter months, I've made vanilla-spiced vodka and it's delicious.

Liz Detrich

    Yes to all Liz! :)


We have a mass of jasmine blooming .... is there anyway we can use the flowers?


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