Calamansi Beer Cooler Recipe

THIS needs to be your two-ingredient summer, everything beverage.

Calamansi Beer Cooler

This? It's a beer cocktail, a beer cooler. It's two ingredients. And you're going to need to make a trip to Trader Joe's to procure the special ingredient - calamansi juice cooler. Calamansi is a fragrant, bitter-in-the-best-way citrus, and when you combine the juice in a glass with some good IPA, over ice, it's going to be your new favorite thing. Pick up a 6-pack (I use Lagunitas) while you're calamansi shopping, and you're all set. Calamansi beer cooler, stock up for your next pool date.

Calamansi Beer Cooler

THIS needs to be your two-ingredient summer beverage. I'm not typically about the hard sell, but this combination is greatness in a glass. If I owned a bar, with a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking the sunniest part of the California coast, and there was a Trader Joe's nearby (#notsponsored), this would be on the menu.

Calamansi Beer Cooler

Calamansi Beer Cooler

More importantly, remember this combo come summer. I promise its a combination that can rival frosé, or even the best slushie cocktails....all the best aspects of easy-going, not too strong, daytime drinking at its best. Do it, and report back!  xx!

Calamansi Beer Cooler

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Calamansi Beer Cooler

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I used the calamansi juice cooler from Trader Joe's here. I suspect you could use fresh calamansi juice, that you've sweetened to taste. Or an alternate calamansi juice, but you're on your own a bit here. My advice if you're going rogue ;) - Fill half your glass with IPA beer, and then add calamansi juice/cooler/etc. until it tastes delicious to you.

  • 1 can of calamansi juice cooler (I use the one from Trader Joe's)
  • 1 IPA beer
  • lots of ice
  1. Combine roughly equal parts beer and calamansi juice cooler in a glass filled with ice. Stir and enjoy. Take note for round two - maybe you'd like yours a little sweeter? Add more calamansi cooler. More bitter, spritzy, hoppy? Up the beer ratio. Enjoy!
Prep Time
2 mins
Total Time
2 mins
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My husband i LOVE these!!!! new favorite summer drink! :) :) :)


Never heard of Calamansi juice. I'm not a fan of IPA's. What does it do to their taste?

Linda from Getting Real In Your Kitchen

I just picked up individually frozen calamansi any Asian grocer and mixed it with a did on an IPA I was trying to use up. Wow. The calamansi was not sweetened - I deplore sweet drinks - and this was amazingly refreshing - perfect for daytime drinking on hot days. Hurrah to Heidi!


Awesome! We have a calamansi tree!


Absolutely delicious!


It's good to hear this may be available at Asian groceries. Unfortunately, my local Trader Joe's (a stone's throw away in San Jose) doesn't carry Calamansi Cooler, so I suspect it's not too widely available at the moment.


It warms my heart to see the hometown hero of Filipino citrus celebrated here. I remember discovering this site when I was exploring my roots back in (oh Lord) 2006. Hunched over a computer in Manila, how I longed for an oven and access to proper tomatoes! One of the first things I did once I returned to New York was fire up the oven for quinoa bites. I am usually not a fan of mixing anything (besides ice) in my beer but I will have to give this a try. Sounds a bit shandy-like...

HS: Love this Olyvia! Let's hear it for quinoa bites. And yes! Definitely in the shandy camp.


Happy to see you highlight Calamansi juice here. I get my Calamansi juice from the freezer section of the Asian store. It comes in tiny individual packets. So good in a dressing for roasted beets. I can imagine just dropping a couple of packets into a glass of beer.


So happy to see calamansi here, and no doubt they're a perfect match with an IPA. We call them calamondins in Florida, and they're a treasured backyard fruit found in old neighborhoods. You can eat them with the peel, which is less tart than the flesh. Plus they're really cute, like tiny tangerines.


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