Kombucha Dark and Stormy

Kombucha Dark and Stormy Recipe

Classic cocktail enthusiasts might want to look away. This is my take on the Dark n' Stormy cocktail from the Bermuda (which is a trademarked mix of Gosling's rum, and spicy ginger beer). I like a Dark n' Stormy - they're invigorating, easy drinking, simple to make, and equally tasty on a beach or in an urban bar. I like them in summer, and I like them right now. Some while back I stopped using ginger beer, and switched to kombucha. And not just any kombucha, I now make them with the spiciest ginger kombucha I can find, bonus points if I can find the ginger-cayenne variety. So incredibly tasty. To make the drink, you take a splash of dark, flavorful rum, and top it off with kombucha (or ginger beer if you want to play it straight). At any rate, I thought it'd be a great Halloween cocktail for you to try - because, well, the name. But also, because it's a cocktail everyone loves!

Kombucha Dark and Stormy Cocktail Recipe

Kombucha Dark and Stormy Cocktail Recipe

Kombucha Dark and Stormy Cocktail Recipe

I'll throw one optional wildcard in here, only because we have a prolific makrut lime tree. You can infuse the rum with a couple of lime leaves (for five minutes or so), and it perfumes the rum subtly. A lot of bartenders serve Dark n' Stormy cocktails with a brightening splash of fresh lime juice. This add another layer. So, infuse the rum and then proceed with the recipe.

Kombucha Dark and Stormy

HS: You can, of course, use strong ginger beer in place of the kombucha. But seek out proper ginger beer, not ginger ale.

2 ounces Gosling's Black Seal rum, or other dark rum
1 lime
4 ounces strong ginger or ginger-cayenne kombucha

Add the rum to a tall, straight-sided glass. Add a squeeze of lime juice, if you like. Add lots of ice, and top off with the kombucha. Garnish with a couple of thinly sliced lime wheels. Enjoy!

Serves 1.

Prep time: 5 min


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Heidi Swanson


I made one of these earlier this summer, inspired by an earlier post of yours where I think you used kombucha in a holiday punch or similar. That idea really changed my world!! I make mine super weak - just to spice up the kombucha a little. Good to know you can go full tilt on it :)

Shannon Murphy

Mmm,.. Q-Tonic makes a fantastic agave-sweetened ginger beer, what a great combo!

Rachel @Clean Eating for the Non-Hippie

I have been making my own Jun kombucha and water kefir for a while now, I tend to combine the two for my favourite flavour and this summer I plan to drink them with a splash of Aperol. Maybe also with the bottle of Tropical Bundeberg Rum I have on the shelf as well

Trace Willans

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