At The Studio: Paloma Rosa

At The Studio: Paloma Rosa

A favorite cocktail, Palomas push all the buttons - bright, refreshing, tart, with a kiss of sweet and salty. They also couldn't be simpler. Combine the juices and tequila ahead of time, and mix in a flash. You can play around with the tequila you choose, for this batch I used a tequila blanco. It's the perfect TGIF drink :)
I posted the recipe here.

Paloma Cocktail Recipe

Paloma Cocktail Recipe

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This sounds delish. Do you. Think this could work with Prosecco instead of tequila? I know the salt would need to be omitted. How about non-alcoholic?


Yeah, Cheryl. Why not omit the grapefruit juice as well, and replace it with orange juice. Maybe you could add some crushed ice as well. And rum instead of tequila. :-/


The images convinced me, I was skeptical at the recipe at first because of my dislike of club soda and generally find tequila too strong but you know what you're doing and it ended up being fantastic. If you ever encounter Mescal or Mezcal it is a good substitute for the tequila.


Great recipe, Must have it in this summer. I've been making my own version of this with Monte Lobos, San Pellegrino Blood Orange, and some fresh lime juice. Best cocktail evah. Will have to try yours.

Jeanette Schmidt

So pretty! I love the blush tone :)


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