Kombucha Holiday Punch

Kombucha Holiday Punch Recipe

The San Francisco Chronicle ran this story a couple of weeks back, focused on how I set a holiday table. You can check out the story if you like, but, I also wanted to share something that didn't make it into the piece. I threw a number of things together for that shoot, and one of the things I was excited to share was a quick, kombucha holiday punch. I made it with cranberry kombucha, prosecco, gin, and big ice molds shaped in vintage cake pans. It was delicious! But the color was all wrong - a very pale pink. More Easter brunch, or spring garden party than holiday. So I scrapped it, with the promise of a revisit. My plan was to take another swing using a ginger kombucha instead of the cranberry. So here it is. Spritzy and bright, it dances on your tongue. And, I'd argue, the tangy bite of the kombucha is a welcome alternative to sweet, fruit juice driven punch recipes. It goes down easy, and can sneak up on you fast. ;) Happy holidays all - hope you enjoy this one.

Kombucha Holiday Punch RecipeKombucha Holiday Punch Recipe

Russel Yip shot the photos for the article, and did a whole gallery on the Chronicle site. I made a favorite stew, simple baby arugula salad, and the Rye Buttermilk Cakes from Near & Far. Also, I made a wreath - which, I promise, you could also make.

Kombucha Holiday Punch RecipeKombucha Holiday Punch Recipe

Kombucha Holiday Punch

1 bottle prosecco
2 cups ginger kombucha
1 cup gin
sparkling water, to taste
Lots of ice, or ice molds

Combine the prosecco, kombucha, and gin in a punch bowl or pitcher with lots of ice, or an ice mold. Serve straight, or topped off with sparkling water, to taste.

Prep time: 5 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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Now I'm directly a bit sad I don't drink alcohol as this sounds so yummy!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


This is perfect! I've been looking for a punch or cocktail recipe to serve at our Christmas dinner and I love that yours uses kombucha. Happy holidays Heidi! xo

Christine / my natural kitchen

I love that photo of you Heidi.

Rina Ouellette

Heidi that looks lovely and deadly... ;) But where are those stunning coupes from?? I'm guessing antiques? Sigh.


Love this idea Heidi! I have used kombucha for g&ts (or g&ks I should say) which works great if you are looking for a lower sugar and fresher version of the old classic. Next time I have a crowd over I think I will make your punch instead!


ON IT. And with a cayenne cleanse 'back' to moderate consumption. I also love that picture of you, gorgeous lady. x


This looks amazing- and the best part (besides the kombucha) is that it doesn't have a dozen ingredients and steps! My kind of recipe!


I saw this just a day too late -threw a garland making party last night and was looking for a punch -and now I see that you have so many! guess I'll have to throw another party! xo

melissa martin

Heidi...you look so attractive in the pix...sipping the stew? How about the recipe for your favorite stew. I grew up in SF and now live in Carmel..miss the city. Thanks for all your postings.

HS: Thanks June! There is a saffron variation of it in Near & Far....but I can post this one at some point.

June pitkoff

Never thought of pairing up kombucha with Prosecco...sounds like a grand ole time. Cheers!


The punch looks very interesting, but as we don't have kombucha over here, I will be making either your Winter Shandy Punch or the Blood Orange Gin Sparkler for Christmas, they also both look delicious! Unfortunately, the Chronicle article is only available to subscribers :o(


Kombucha punch sounds like a great departure from the traditional overly sweetened kind. Love this idea :)

Congrats on the feature!


Heidi please forgive the non-food comment, but I am poised to do a bunch of painting, and am seeking a lovely bright white wall paint like the one in your photos. Do you remember its name? Thank you++ Priya

Hi Priya! I'm not 100% sure at this point. The white is a sort-of creamy, glossy white, and the walls are what I think is Benjamin Moore "Feather Down"...It was chosen by the previous owners and we like it a lot too. Hope this helps at least a bit...


I love the idea of punch, and I've had some fantastic ones, but most punches tend to be quite sweet and/or very boozy. This looks fantastic, and I bet it would make a mean cocktail for one or two.


Ha. I was just sipping cranberry kombucha in a cocktail coupe last night because my work for the day wasn't quite done yet, but I wanted it to FEEL like 5 o'clock while I wrapped things up. This sounds about a thousand times better :)


Not quite related to the recipe but I have to comment on the Rye buttermilk cakes - I made this from your book and they are just fantastic.

HS: Thanks Ambica! I love them too...


Wicked delish! I just did a trial runfor Christmas Eve and addeda bruised mint leaf to each glass for color and zing. Thumbs up!


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