Lola's Ice Cream & Sundaes

Lola's Ice Cream & Sundaes

I wanted to highlight a special book today for a couple reasons. First, because it was authored by an individual who, on a whim, bought a 1970's van on eBay, refurbished it, and turned it into a business - an inspiring story in itself. But secondly, because the topic of the book is ice cream & sundaes - and we are right on the cusp of prime ice-cream season. Lola's Ice Cream & Sundaes was written by Morfudd Richards, an accomplished London-based chef and restaurateur. She sold her popular restaurant (Lola's), and has become the grande dame of granitas, the high scholar of sorbets. She shares her icy goodness with the world from behind the wheel of this over-hauled Mr. Frosty.

Lola's on Ice

This is just a sneak peek of the book - I haven't even had a chance to churn a batch. So no recipe today. But I wanted to share this gem of a title with you sooner rather than later. After spending a couple hours with Lola's I found myself charmed by its whimsical, quirky aesthetic, and impressed by Morfudd's ability to communicate complex culinary techniques in a highly knowledgeable and accessible way. There is a lot of food science behind her strategies, and she's advocated a few techniques that I haven't embraced before (but am excited to try)...for example curing ice cream custard overnight before churning. The book won't ship until later in the month - but you can pre-order it if you like.

Lola's on Ice

Ebury always does such a nice job with their books (think Ottolenghi and the Moro series). Lola's Ice Cream & Sundaes is no exception. It is full-color, 100 recipes, and 256 pages. The design of the book is fun and funky, an appropriate extension of the hand-painted, butterfly-crowned truck that inspired it. You can see a handful of shots by photographer Vanessa Courtier sprinkled throughout this post. She captures the ice creams, characters, and lively details of life in ice cream land. Tessa Evelegh did a beautiful job with the prop styling.

Lola's on Ice

The one thing I should mention, particularly to you U.S.-based readers, Lola's Ice Creams & Sundaes is a U.K. edition. This means all the measurements are in grams and milliliters. Nothing a simple conversion chart or visit to Goggle can't remedy, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Lola's on Ice

Before signing off to tackle the never ending pile of dishes in my sink, I should mention a few of the flavors included here. In addition to the classics, Morfudd includes apple & cinnamon sorbet, damson ice cream, winter fruit ice cream, lemon balm & poppy seed, gin and tonic sorbet with candied limes, and creamy horseradish ice cream. Or how about beetroot cassis sorbet or pistachio kulfi?

Again, the book won't ship until later in the month, but keep your eyes peeled. Lola's on Ice website.

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Any excuse to break out the ice cream machine is a welcome one. And gin and tonic sorbet? Seriously? Sold!


Mmmmm, I could founder on ice cream! This is definitely a must have:)

A Cowboy's Wife

lemon balm and poppy seed...that sounds delicious!

Sarah (Coffee Beans and Curry Leaves)



I do a lot of ice cream, and allways looking for new flavors (stawberry tomato and basil last week!). I need this book!

Dominique (de vous à moi...

I agree with meleyna. Gin and tonic sorbet, I'm in love already!


Hello Heidi,

Burnt orange caramel ice cream? mmm..

I filled our freezer with quite a lot of ice creams and sorbet last summer, and I'm just feeling that I might just do the same this year! The book (and oh, Mr. Frosty!) looks pretty and fun. Hope I can lay my hands on it. Thanks for the heads-up!


OMG! I don't have my IC maker here with me in London so I guess I'll just have to look into hiring the van! Love the interesting flavors and the granita looks so light and fluffy. Interesting ice cream flavors seems to be the new cupcake - taking over the world by sweet storm.


so many new ones for me........i want the book.

sangeeta khanna

Where is the actual van based I wonder? I live in the UK and have never heard of it?

Gourmet Chick

I love Tessa and all she styles. I am really excited about this book. Thanks for the sharing!


This looks interesting. I love making ice cream and this book sounds like it has a lot of great recipes.


I love the styling in the pictures, it's earthy and sophisticated. I certainly have room for another book. Thanks for this heads up, greatly looking forward to its release.

Plumpest Peach

oh boy, this is my kind of book! my ice cream maker has a permanent spot on the kitchen counter all summer long.

kiss my spatula

I love this kind of story. Very inspirational.


Beautiful inspiration for the home cook; proof you don't need pacojets to make unique and flavorful frozen dessert.

Lauren and Jesse

ohhhh yummmmmm! looks like the secret garden's secret ice cream truck. im in the uk for the summer so i'll be picking it up for sure!


Wow, I have really been into David Leibovitz's ice cream book lately. This one looks like fun. My co-workers were impressed with my Hokey Pokey ice cream and then the Rhubarb Crumble. Imagine what they would say if I showed up with Gin and Tonic or Creamy Horseradish.


And I thought I was fancy for putting frozen bananas in the food processor! This looks awesome.

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

I just got my tonsils out yesterday. My throat is dying for one of these yummys right now! I want to hate you for the torture of this post, but alas who could hate YOU!


i've never had success making kulfi - but that picture looks like the real deal! the gin and tonic desert sounds like the perfect end to a summer meal. mmmm.


I'm so excited when I hear about innovative food ventures. I am a transplant from the Bay Area who has been living in Alaska for the last 20 years. Anchorage is almost bereft of anything truly delicious and is totally bereft of anything that adds such an interesting twist to its menu! I keep thinking I should harness my energy and do s o m e t h i n g . . .

Stephane in AK

my nick name is Lola and I'm learning to make my own ice cream... isn't this perfect timing and perfect gift for my coming b-day?
Thanks Heidi!!


Gin and tonic sorbet?! Oh, man, that would really make my summer!


Goodness, creamy horseradish ice cream! I'm such an ice cream fan and I love horseradish too, but I've never heard of both of them together before!

Verbena and nettle ice cream, now I can't image that!

Does she play a tune or jingle as she moves through the neighborhoods (or does she stay in one place and people come to her)?


Well, the marketing has worked on me, because just the fact that someone sold their restaurant to vend very new-age-flavored ice creams out of a painted van makes me want to read the book. I mean, butterflies? Pastels? Basil and tomato sorbet? Even if it's not my idea of ice cream, the creativity is wonderful. It does indeed sound like a dream land, Heidi! Thanks for sharing.

Erin @ Sprouted In the Kitchen

Now that is some little van! And wow....I love the experimenting that is going on in there!


I love the ice cream idea. Here in Tokyo, it is hard to find real home made type ice cream. What kind of ice cream maker does everyone use?

But I also wanted to make a suggestion:
I recall reading that you are in the process of updating your site. It would be wonderful if you gave the option of having a larger font. I know I can make the font larger on my own, and I do this, but everything else on the page gets large too, I mean the other text, that does not need to really be so large. Young people make home pages to fit their own eyes, which is natural I guess, but don't forget about us with "older eyes".


Lovely post!


What a quirky van! I like the sound of the apple and cinnamon sorbet, and the lemon balm and poppy seed icecream.

Arwen from Hoglet K

I love the experiments that are going on in there. this looks amazing. i wish had the time and ideas to try out so many great ideas!

thanks. great post

Recipe man

Thanks, Heidi, what a lovely story, can't wait to see the recipes - my favorite basic ice cream method is a cooked custard base made with 1/3 of the milk or cream, cured 24 hours, and the remaining 2/3 of the cream whipped and added just before churning - eliminated the 'cooked' taste from custard base ice cream - kept the creaminess - I will be interested to see Lola's method - best with lots of freerange homegrown eggs, of course


Ice cream is a favorite dessert. What a great looking book. The idea of making ice cream from scratch reminds me of summer when I was a child and the times we would churn our own ice cream. Thanks for the recommendation.

Charles Thompson

That bus is like the .. well.. bus version of my decorated bicycle.

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

This book looks so great. I have St. John Bread and Wine's Nose to Tail Cooking (perversely given to me when I was still a vegetarian), and they also advocate letting the custard cure overnight, or even for two days for the choco ice cream recipe. They also suggest you don't eat it right away after churning into ice cream, but rather let the flavours further develop for another day or so. I'll be curious to see if I have the willpower to do that when I finally get around to making it!

Lucy T.

How about recommending some ice cream for someone recently diagnosed with Diabetes 2.
I am at this time forsaking ice cream, temporarily, I hope.

Mauro Arrieta

that sounds pretty cool


The photo at the top of this post alone is enough to convince me that I need this book.


Bespoke ice cream - only the Brits


Yummy yummy. For Pamela _ I use a Cuisinart that doesn't take up too much space. I whipped up a batch of the salted caramel vanilla ice cream last year. My sorbet usually is a mix of blood orange, pineapple juice, and ginger or candied ginger. In fact, the caramel ice cream tastes yummy with bits of candined ginger in it. I'd really like a good sorbet recipe that includes grapes. For the diabetics, how about a glycemic approved cream shake with chopped nuts and flavoring added. Replace the sugar with manitol, splenda, equal, or stevia for sweetening. There are quite a few diet forums with those types of recipes just waiting to throw in the ice cream maker.


This definitely sounds like my kind of ice cream book! i just recently bought an ice cream maker for the sole purpose of making unusual flavor combinations. Thanks for mentioning this book!


wow, this looks absolutely very tempting.... must try this one


If you like that, try this recipe I found on Big Girls Small Kitchen. An interesting mix of textures and so delish!


Wow. A cook book with ice cream flavors! My mouth is watering from reading the flavors. mmmm. . . . apple and cinnamon sorbet. I hope the book comes soon. :D


What a creative and humbling story. Thanks for sharing.

Chef Fresco

wow this sounds soo good. and soo creative. I hope this book comes soon so I can buy it!!


Between this post, and the coffee-toffee ice cream sandwich squares posted here I will be craving cold summer treats for weeks!!

Phoebe, QLC

Lisa Rae, I see eggs in the ingredient list...underneath the baking powder unless my eyes are playing tricks!


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