Quesadillas Recipe

A favorite five-minute quesadilla - corn tortilla, egg, a bit of cheese, fresh herbs, and a dollop lemon-zested Greek yogurt or creme fraiche. The egg helps make it more substantial and extra good.


This is what I've been making for lunch lately. My five-minute lunch. Literally. It's also a great, quick dinner. I thought it would make sense to share it, in part, because it's ridiculous how often I make it. Or some slight riff on it. It's a quesadilla - sort of. I don't really like all-cheese, white tortilla quesadillas, so this is my take. Corn tortilla - unda style, a bit of cheese, fresh herbs, and a dollop lemon-zested greek yogurt or creme fraiche. The egg helps make it more substantial and extra good.

Quesadilla Recipe

It's occurring to me that you might not know what unda-style means. I didn't until a couple years back. But there's a kati roll place nearby that makes kati rolls "unda-style" - which means, for an extra dollar, they throw a beaten egg down on the grill and top it with buttery-flaky roti bread. It sets, they fill and roll it. We joke around the house that I make everything unda-style now - crepes, quesadillas, anything flat and round.

Quesadilla Recipe

The best part about this style of quesadilla is that you can skip the cheese-fest. A little cheese? Great. But I'm guessing a number of you will agree with me - lots of quesadillas are just overkill in that regard. Instead, I try to work in a bit of creaminess through something like the yogurt. Or a smear of avocado. I made another version last week with a handful of smashed beans, avocado, a bit of grated cheddar, and roasted tomato salsa. But I like this version in particular, the crunchy, toasty capers and cream are nice, and a tad bit unexpected.

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This recipe makes a single quesadilla, feel free to scale it depending on how many you'd like to make.

zest of one small lemon
a generous dollop of creme fraiche, sour cream or Greek yogurt
fine grain sea salt

2 heaping tablespoons capers
small splash of olive oil

1 small egg
1 corn tortilla, room temperature
a bit of freshly shaved Parmesan
chopped fresh chives or marjoram

Whisk the lemon zest, yogurt, and a pinch of salt together in a small bowl. Set aside.

Now, take the capers, rinse them, pat them dry with a paper towel, and pan fry them over medium-high heat in a small splash of oil until browned and crinkly. Remove from pan and set aside. The should get a bit crunchy as they cool.

Beat the egg and a pinch of salt in a small bowl. Beat the egg really well, so it's uniform in color.

In your smallest skillet, over medium heat, add a tiny splash of oil. Let it heat, then add the egg to the pan let it set for just 10-15 seconds. Place the corn tortilla on top of the egg, the top of the egg should still be a bit runny, so it should attach itself to the tortilla as it sets. When you feel like the egg has set enough not to run, flip everything. Sprinkle with Parmesan, and some of the fresh herbs if you like. Cook until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is nicely browned.

Fold the tortilla in half, top with the yogurt, the capers and more herbs.

Serves 1.

Prep time: 2 minutes - Cook time: 3 minutes

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I put chevre goat cheese instead of parmesan and it is so creamy and good!
I think I’m going to try it with scallions instead of chives…


I just made these quesadillas today for a group of friends (along with your Green Soup with Ginger) and we are IN LOVE! What a genius idea with the egg — and the lemon sour cream is so good I could (and did?) it eat with a spoon. This will be a regular recipe for us for sure!!


Yummy yum yum, yum yum… I made this for breakfast and it was super quick, easy, and tasty. Thank you so much for posting this and all your recipes. I think I’ll make the Oat Soda Bread next. Thanks again.


2002-2003 was one of the best years of my life. The whole family traveled to Mexico to visit my sister. And of course, there’s always Quesadilla! Thank you for posting your recipe. Brings back such beautiful memories!


I make similar ones with ‘Rotis’…the Indian equivalent of a tortilla, made with wheat flour. I break the egg in a small bowl, fork-beat it with a pinch of garlic salt and chilli powder and put it in the pan. When the egg starts cooking I add few chopped onions, tomatoes (very few or it can get watery), diced green chillies and cilantro before sticking the roti on top. When done, I smear a bit of yogurt and roll it up. Perfect breakfast/brunch/snack. If you are adding any fillings, variations can be endless…and can make it dinner.


Hey! Can anyone recommend a corn tortilla brand that doesn’t have any impossible-to-pronounce ingredients?
I’m in NYC, and turned over every tortilla pack at the grocery store yesterday, trying to find one that didn’t contain preservatives, acids, etc. I’m now addicted to these unda-style quesadillas- so I’d really appreciate your help!

Charlotte au Chocolat

Just wanted to say that I made this for the first time four days ago, and have proceeded to make it for lunch for the past three days, as well as dinner on the first night! just awesome. thank you.

Charlotte au Chocolat

This is straight up GENIUS! So quick and so good. I used cheddar cheese, and added a little guajillo chile hot sauce. Amazing. And I love some of the other ideas posted here in the comments — adding avocado slices sounds like heaven!


This is awesome – everything about it! It’s endlessly versatile, super quick and easy, and delicious. Thank you for sharing this one. It’s great with a sprouted corn tortilla. Heidi, I love your blog and your recipes always turn out so well and tasty, but I do have a suggestion. I notice that when you provide a link to a cookbook you are referencing, it always goes to Amazon. In the spirit of supporting independent bookstores and regional local economies, I recommend IndieBound as way to link to the books you showcase. Just a thought! Again, thanks for the food inspiration.

Saro Calewarts

just made this for lunch! loved it! easy and delicious 🙂 I’ll definitely be making this often. thank you!

Charlotte Au Chocolat

This was delicious, easy and super satisfying. I used roti for the wrap. Definitely a new favorite in my house.


This was SUCH a great idea, and we use it as a basis for a variety of fillings on top of the eggs for breakfast or lunch….just had it a again yesterday with peppers, onions, a bit of chopped ham, and a bit of pepper jack, using a salsa tortilla. Yum….no matter how I fix it, it’s delicious. Thanks for a great idea!

D Annie

have been craving this since I saw the post 6 weeks ago. finally got some tortillas and had this for breakfast this morning (didn’t get too creative as I had your suggested combination of ingredients in the house). SO GOOD! And such an easy GF breakfast idea for me. thank you!


This has served as a great brunch for me several times since I first saw the recipe. Although I like capers, I had some other ingredients I needed to use up and so I once substituted the capers for oven roasted yellow cherry tomatoes, and once for left-over serrano-cilantro sauce from your frittata recipe. Both were delicious. I have also been experimenting with different cheeses…gruyere was great


what a simple, creative twist for quesadillas! i’ll be trying these soon, maybe with some green onions or mushrooms too, delish! thanks for sharing 🙂

jess @veggiepotluck

I had to pop back in and tell you that I made tehse for a super fast lunch yesterday an dthey were fantastic! I added a bit of spinach, which was nice, but I am now hooked on unda-style! I love love the egg here!


Great Post! Yes, I really love traditional corn tortillas the best in a quesadilla. 🙂

Quesadilla Maker

I’ve not too long ago started a blog, the information you provide on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for your entire time & work.

Alfreda Cohn

I just made one of these with an egg w/ 1/4 of the yolk (I’m a yolk-hater). I flipped it, topped with some cotija cheese, avocado and a bit of salt and pepper. I’m shocked by how tasty this is/was! I would have never thought to “unda-style” a quesadilla and I can affirmatively say I will be making these QUITE frequently.


I’ve been making these regularly since reading this recipe. Sooooo good! I also put a little butter on the tortilla, to give it some delicious buttery flavor. My favorite part is to pile on spinach on top of the egg, before the tortilla. It gives me protein and greens all in one quick meal.
Seriously, love this!


I have been making these at least once a day since you posted them! I love them, they work great with any fillings, laying around. I usually just sprinkle some Parmesan cheese and some sliced green onion.


I can not tell you enough how much I LOVE your site. My aunt sent me a link to it around Thanksgiving, and since then I have been addicted! You have made me into a better vegetarian, eating healthy more complete meals. This recipe is no different and I would have never thought to make a quesadilla like this. It was so easy and delicious. Thank you Heidi!!!!!

Kelly K

This was so satisfying to eat. In my enthusiasm to try this recipe, I unintentially mixed the sour cream, lemon zest and fresh oregano in with the egg. The result was wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration!


This is the variation I’ve been using:
Use olive oil in the pan. Lay down the egg, pop in the corn tortilla, then add a sliver of butter on top of the tortilla. When the butter is melted, it’s time to flip – butter ends up on the bottom adding amazing flavor and color.
Inside: grated parmesan cheese
On top: salsa from finely chopped chives and tomatoes, drizzle with lemon juice before plopping on top of the quesadilla, cracked pepper on top with a little more parmesan.
Another alternative is to replace tomatoes and lemon with avocado and lime… or even all four flavors… like a deconstructed guacamole.


hi Heidi!
these rock my world. thank you for this.
this method also works awesomely on large flat pasta sheets, or crepes! pass the Parm.
fried capers for the win!


This is amazing! It’s so much fun to think up new twists on easy dishes like quesadillas, grilled cheese, and omelets. Love the thought of cooking eggs into the tortilla!


This look delicious and very easy to follow. I never knew before how to make it. Thank you


This method of cooking the egg with the tortilla on top is ingenious. Thanks for sharing– it’s a truly new technique to me!


Long time lurker surfacing to say this made an outstanding dinner tonight! Made it pretty much as written, and added in a little fresh basil as I had some leftover from another dish. A new go-to dish added to the repertoire! And your new book was on my doorstep when I got home from work, too! Excellent antidote to a Monday!


This takes quesadillas to a whole new level! And fried capers- never would have thought of that! It really changes the flavor, mellows it out a bit. Wonderful recipe. I am waiting for your new book to arrive on my doorstep. Any day now! Bought 2 extras for gifts. As a registered dietitian, I love your creative use of unique whole grains. Thanks for keeping my inspired to use the variety of grains that I have in my pantry in new ways. On a side note- the grocers that you list in your new book in the back- are most of them local to SF? Like the places that you buy olive oil, wheatberries, and brown rice?


Made this, sort of, but accommodating my lack of a lemon. And used flour tortilla. It really was good. Alas, I must be a slo-mo cook (kook?) as it was for me an 11-minute recipe.


Heidi, Always a huge thanks. I can’t tell you how many times your recipes save the day – what will I make for dinner? This one was not only quick but a huge success. Success defined by an 11 year old boy – cleaning his plate. Mom -1, Finicky Kid -0.


Heidi, Always a huge thanks. I can’t tell you how many times your recipes save the day – what will I make for dinner? This one was not only quick but a huge success. Success defined by an 11 year old boy – cleaning his plate. Mom -1, Finicky Kid -0.


Heidi, Always a huge thanks. I can’t tell you how many times your recipes save the day – what will I make for dinner? This one was not only quick but a huge success. Success defined by an 11 year old boy – cleaning his plate. Mom -1, Finicky Kid -0.


It sounds like a great recipe, but please don’t call this a quesadilla. It is bad enough that American people think Tex Mex is actual Mexican food. The only Mexican part of this recipe is the corn tortilla. I’m from Mexico and it’s very frustrating to look for Mexican food in the United States and find American food with Mexican ingredients in so-called Mexican restaurants. This is a very good recipe, but NOT A QUESADILLA. Please be respectful of our culture.


I finally got around to cooking this for breakfast today and I’m already excited about making it again tomorrow. Such lively, invigorating flavours, and unbelievably simple. Marjoram perfectly complements the piquant duo of capers and lemon zest. A perfect start to the day.


I’ve been making these quesadillas all week! I have some leftover celery pesto (from your chunky celery soup recipe) that I’ve been spreading inside the tortilla. Also inside are sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, and shallots, and I’ve topped the finished producet with a dollop of sour cream. Thanks for the new technique!


I’ve followed your blog for some time and just want to express how delightfully approachable your style and recipes are. You can present an apparently complex recipe in a fabulously easy and fun way. This quesadilla looks delicious and is on the lunch plan for today! Lovely pictures of the capers, too.


Just made this for dinner tonight. I used what I could scrounge up in the fridge: dill havarti and arugula. I didn’t have corn tortillas, so I used flour. It was so simple and tasty! I can see myself going to this method very often. Thanks for this recipe!


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Made this for dinner last night – so easy and satisfying!
I don’t really like sweet things for breakfast so this will be a perfect way to start the day. Thanks!


a typical dish in taiwanese breakfast where many breakfast stalls sell is “egg tortilla” (or _dan bing_ in Mandarin) which is basically identifcal to your quesadillas: egg, scallion, tortilla, fold it like a letter (3 folds) and cut it into strips. top with soy sauce.


I just made this and it was great!! I used fontina instead of parmesan and I also added sundried tomatoes. Delicious flavor!


Heidi, I am a long time reader and have made many of your recipes both from Super Natural and here on the blog. This was a great quesadilla recipe…one of those “why didn’t I think of that” things. Although I live in Indiana, I have been to a kati roll place in SF, possibly the one you speak of, and I loved it (my sis lives in SF – Bernal Heights). Thanks for your many wonderful recipes – love love love the pan-fried corona beans and kale.


i LOVE capers….and i have never thought to toast them like this! this looks so great and easy. it’s about time i commented over here heidi – i love your blog and read it all the time. it is where i come when i need healthful inspriration – particularly for soups 🙂
thank you for all of your lover-ly recipes 🙂

Cory: {relish}

Love this recipe!! I’ve been making it ever since you posted the other day, and both my husband and I are addicted. We use whole spelt tortillas & only put parm cheese & a bit of black pepper on the eggs. Makes for a great, fast & high protein breakfast. Thanks again! 🙂


I just found your blog today, via WORC, and I’m so excited about this recipe! One, because I just came across fried capers in Michel Richard’s Happy in the Kitchen book, and two, because I just ordered some salt-packed (not brined) capers – so this shall be the 1st thing I make, yay! P.S. the fried capers keep for one week in an airtight container, room temp.

Donna A.

I actually made this for myself. It is low in carbs, so it is great for diabetics, it was filling, so no hunger pangs two hours later, and it was quite tasty. Love you for this quick and delish idea. I can see myself making this for other meals than just breakfast.


I tried these the other night for dinner and enjoyed it so much. I added arugala to the inside which had a nice peppery flavor. So good. Thank you for the inspiration!


YUM! I love the idea of putting capers in a quesadilla. I’ll absolutely have to try this!

julie @ rosy + tart

Sublime! I have already made these a half-dozen times.


This sounds great! I never thought of putting an egg in a quesadilla. Can’t wait to try it.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press

Amazing recipe! One note: you are missing the “y” in “they.” 2nd paragraph; last sentence: “The should get a bit crunchy as they cool.”


I am so Inspired by these! I Have made so many things Unda- style this week, even plain toast!
Question though, I was looking for capers yesterday and only found them in jars. Can you buy fresh capers?


Just made and ate this. Absolutely wonderful and very easy to make. The only change I made was using Manchango cheese. Did not have Parmesan. Also used cilantro. Great flavors and taste.


Having an Indian partner I’m surprised I’ve never heard of unda-style rotis!
Anyway, I’ve tried your method a couple times this week and I love it! It takes no more then 5 minutes and it’s the perfect snack or small meal. I’ve been doing mine with just the egg, tortilla, and a small amount of hot green chutney inside. Delicious!!
I guess you’re supposed to do it in a skillet that’s the same size as your tortilla, right? I’m using a big skillet and a small tortilla, so the egg spreads out too much and I have to corral it back into a small circle shape before setting the tortilla on top. This is fairly easy to do with a spatula though.


Wow, I have never heard of unda-style. I am going to research this and start trying it myself. Sounds awesome.


Made this for dinner last night. Yum! And so quick and easy. It deserves a new name — so much better than a standard quesadilla. Thanks!

Terry H

What a marvelous recipe. I don’t usually like quesadillas because I don’t like flour tortillas, especially not with cheese (they seem to make a strange flavor combination together), and I don’t know why it never occurred to me that you could make them with corn tortillas, which I love. I’ve never heard of unda-style, but I’m promptly in love with it.
Today I made this unda-style by mixing an egg with plain yogurt, milk, and a little roasted-red-pepper hummus and cooked it gently like an omelet, then put spinach and a corn tortilla on it before turning it over. I sliced up a single pepperoncini and sprinkled it on with some cheddar cheese. When the cheese melted, I folded it in half and ate it, and it was perfectly amazing.


I have never, ever heard of “unda-style”.
Except now that I have, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop applying it. Brilliant!


I have only one objection: don’t call it a quesadilla! Queso means “cheese” and there’s not enough cheese in this to sneeze at. This is a huevodilla.
HS: Omg. Love it. Huevodilla.


I am so excited to see this recipe. We have been making this in India forever. It is a marvelous street food. We also make it for a snack or lunch with a small salad. We call it Kati roll and I teach it in my classes – and call it an Indian Burrito.
following is my recipe – I hope that you check it out


Love the unda-style! Yummo.


I just made a quick, use-what-you-have variation of this – some smoked salmon and a little bit of greek yogurt. It was a great quick breakfast! thanks.


Lovely, this dish just looks enticing 🙂


Heidi, I have to say, YOU TOTALLY ROCK!
When I am in a rut of total ho-hum uninspired food boredom, I know I can click over to 101 Cookbooks and find something imaginative and beautiful and REAL!


Wow it looks like a taco… BUt much easier to make than it looks like plus it definitely yummy.


This looks divine. I wonder if it’s also a good way to replicate the flavor set of Chinese scallion pancakes (which I have recently fallen in love with)?


I had a version of this for dinner last night…YUM! I can’t wait to make it again. Egg, cilantro, a little goat cheese and a whole wheat tortilla from Trader Joe’s. My goodness! I can imagine it with salsa and I bet the creme fraiche was incredible. Thank you. This is so simple with endless possibilities.


I’m eating this right now and enjoying every bite. I added broccoli, and used lime juice instead of lemon. Really good!

Rachel (tea and chocolate)

I have eaten these everyday since your post. My usual has been a super fresh egg melded to a variety of fresh tortillas made near my house (Tucson), a bit of gouda goat cheese w/ wilted garlicy greens + your lemony yogurt sauce mmmm mmmmm mmmm my new favorite, I want to sing it from the rooftops! Unda!

Julianna Starr

just made this for breakfast, I had a filling of mushrooms, cheddar and some caramelized onions, and put some tapatio on the side for dipping. A perfect breakfast quesadilla!

aliya y.

Looks delicious…will give it a try next time I have a corn tortilla on hand. Unfortunately they are hard to come by in London!


Day 4 of unda-style: A little collard greens tucked inside. I love it, Thanks Heidi!


Day 4 of unda-style: A little collard greens tucked inside. I love it, Thanks Heidi!


Just had this for lunch, used goats’ yogurt in place of creme fraiche and pecorino instead of parmesan due to milk allergy. Very tasty. Lemon zest and capers are a nice pairing. Also used spelt tortillas as my local health food store didn’t stock corn ones. Never heard of ‘unda style’ before but it’s great. thanks Heidi!


so good. I am currently obsessed with recreating these amazing veggie tacos at a place near me and I did a version unda style! very very delicious.


This is what I’m talkin’ about!
Okay, I’m a little excited…..
I makin’ this crazy egg quesadilla in the am.
Love the corn totillas!!!

Lisa @ www.bakedinmaine.com

Even better than a scrambled egg is an over-easy or over medium egg. Then when you bite into it, the yolk runs and it is oh-so-tasty.


This sounds so interesting to me. I would have never thought to put the egg and tortilla together in that way. Think I’m going to have to give it a go.


I wanted to add my compliments to the throng who already have. I just had this for lunch with chunky guacamole and a little parm cheese and it was wonderful. I’ll definitely try your versionand many of those being posted. Thanks again for your delightful spot-on simplicity in cooking.


How wonderful and simple. Made my first this morning for breakfast and I will be making more! I can see so many ways to use my leftovers.


I tried this quesadilla on Saturday and have had one EVERY day since!! i know its only Tuesday but i have a love/love relationship with eggs so this is definitely going to remain in my repertoire. Amazingly easy and delicious!! Love it with the tanginess of the greek yogurt. Delish… thanks!!
HS: Well I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one 🙂


Thanks for a great simple recipe!
A little question- I was wondering what tortillas you used. I live in NYC and all the large tortillas I spot are wheat (which I don’t eat), the corn ones are always small (and most often yellow corn). In your photo it seems like you used large, white corn tortillas.
HS: Hi Dania, they are small corn tortillas – the taco sized ones. I just prefer those, but you can use whatever you like, really.

dania@the cookery

We make quesadillas all the time for fast easy (and cheap) dinners, but it can get old sometimes making them the same way with the same stuff. I’m really excited to try this combo and get out of my rut!


this combination looks divine. i make an lunch several times a week quite similar to this, i do a whole egg though, rather than scrambled (the yolk is a nice surprise) and add cheddar, yogurt, salsa and cilantro. i call it sloppy eggs (:


This looks so good, and simple! Love the “unda-style” what a great idea. And agreed to much cheese is overkill…less is more!


What if you kept the yolk intact instead of scrambling? Do you think it would work?


Ohhh, I love this! I enjoy mine with apple and stylish white sharp cheddar with a side of Greek yogurt mixed with salsa. Oh yes.

Charlottesville Sybarite

I just made this for myself and another, without seasoning in her case, for my year-old daughter. A big hit!
Heidi, I really, really enjoy your blog and recipes. Omnivore (me) married vegetarian, needs inspiration. I appreciate the creativity in your recipes. Plus, your writing and photos are super!


Made this the day you posted it. Delicious! It reminded me more of french toast than a quesadilla, though. Sort of a savory french-toasted tortilla. Yum any way you name it!


LOVE everything about this! Thank you for your lovely ideas, your beautiful photography, and just your overall take on most everything.


I’m so happy you all are liking this idea! I wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to go down. I’ll try to share more along these lines. The tasty quick ones. xxoo-h


I’ve been making unda style ‘sort-of’ kati rolls with whole wheat tortillas (and it is yummy drizzled with a sweet jalapeno tomato sauce from my farmers market) – so will definitely try this!

Lavanya Krishnan

these quesadillas look amazing! i love the unique twist.


I love it when my scraps of leftovers align and allow me to try out a new recipe. I used a beaten egg yesterday to glaze scones, and I didn’t want to throw the extra away. I also had an extra homemade corn tortilla. This morning I took your advice and cooked them unda-style. Topped with cilantro, scallions, cotija cheese, and homemade salsa — it was delicious!

Becky Kuk

Hi, I’m from India and it was a pleasant surprise to find this old desi favourite here!
A nice, veggie filling for these is chunks of paneer (cottage cheese), capsicum and tomato, sauteed beforehand, and seasoned with salt, pepper and dash of chaat masala. Place these inside the quesadilla, sprinkle finely chopped onion, cilantro, a dash of lemon juice and if you have some, mint chutney. Roll and enjoy!
Your method of getting the únda onto the quesadilla sounds nice. Over here, vendors usually heat a roti on both sides, smear beaten egg and one side and quickly upturn the roti onto the griddle. Fun to watch, but takes a bit of practice!


Tried this last night and we loved it! I used a large pan to accomodate a large flour tortilla, filling with a sprinkle of caramelized shallots and sauteed mushrooms plus a dusting of parmesan. Great! Served it with a small side of red chickpea curry. Perfect monday night dinner.


The egg sticks to the tortilla. Brilliant!


Heidi, i love this recipe… and the conversion of kathi roll into quesadilla or is it the other way around? I make something similar for a quick brunch for indian-style with chapattis, unda, onions and tons of coriander. and no cheese!


What a simple and delicious recipe! Eggs are a very nutrient dense, and are great way to boost protein, especially for vegetarians. One egg contains over six grams of protein and several important nutrients. Don’t overdo eggs though, they do have cholesterol. Still, you can eat one egg every day without harming your cholesterol and other blood-fat levels. Great news as eggs are very satisfying. Eating one egg as part of a healthy breakfast may help you lose weight by keeping you from getting hungry later in the morning.


Wow, Heidi – I thought I’d tried every quesidilla imaginable. Too bad my doc says no cheese and no eggs. Sigh. Maybe I can sneak in a small egg, or an egg white… it really lookes amazing!


I was at kasa over the weekend, I love their kathi rolls. Another variation you might want to try is stuffing the tortillas with Indian veggies. That’s what we do to recreate kathi rolls at home 🙂


Had this for lunch today. Perfect. Not too cheesy, not too eggy, just the right size. And I have a feeling I’ll certainly be using that lemon zest, caper, and creme fraiche combo on more than just this!
Thank you so much for your lovely recipes!

Aubrey Page

I love quesadillas and eat them all the time as well. They are so easy and comforting.
Found your blog through a mutual blogger. New follower!
Check out my blog @ http://cajunlicious.blogspot.com/

Jessica Wood

This looks so perfect. I find lunches hard sometimes and I often turn to eggs when there aren’t any leftovers in the house.
Eggs and corn tortillas are a perfect combination.


I just wanted to say that I have been a faithful reader of your blog for over a year now, and I absolutely love it. I incorporate your recipes into my cooking almost daily.
Tried this recipe today: was ridiculously yummy!
thanks much!


Heidi, this whole thing is just delicious! I loved the lemon zest in the sour cream. I’m definitely going to be unda-styling everything from now on!


I just enjoyed this lovely meal as a quick supper! Absolutely delicious, I loved the tossed capers in a drop of olive oil, Greek yogurt and lemon…..yum. Thank you for sharing.


This was so simple and delicious. I made a few without the capers, and even my daughters, who are loathe to try anything unfamiliar, loved it. Thank you!


Marvelous! Can’t wait to make these. Keep up the great work!


Am new to the site (yes, guess I’ve been living under a rock…) but I love this idea and yesterday made the Garlicky Soba Noodles and enjoyed! Looking forward to trying more recipes….


i think i just like saying unda-style. looks delcious and i can’t wait to get your new cookbook in the mail!!


Brilliant. You’ve saved lunch! I read your blog but never comment… I’ve learned so much from reading but I have to say this is my favorite thing ever! I just made it and it was great. Thank you!!


Perfect, easy lunch…

Rocky Mountain Woman

Just tried this dish, so easy and yummy!!!!

Lisa Barnes

I eat quesadillas on corn tortillas A LOT for lunch,but you inspired me to mix it up a bit. I’d never had it unda-style, but just did that for my lunch today. Used some goat cheese and cooked butternut squash i had on hand instead of my usual jack + carrots + greens. It was a nice change, and I’ll certainly be cooking them unda more often.



Sarah Willis

Oh heck yeah. That’s my kind of cook time!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

I know what I’m making for lunch today!


You are amazing. AMAZING. This is the perfect “quesadilla” I would be in heaven with this lovely flat bread. I love savory in the morning so this would fit the bill


Wow…I’m going to have to try this!!!! I’ve just discovered your site and I’m in love!!!! great pictures and looks delicious!!!!


hey WOW we make these all the time, and just call them egg tortillas! My husband “invented” them back when he was in high school, and they are one of my favorite breakfasts. Generally ours are simple eggs, cheddar and beans when we have them, with some salsa, yogurt, and/or avocado.

Emily Elizabeth

this looks delish … but is there something i can substitute the capers with? I’m not a big fan of them :-/


this is simly a great idea. for us. we travel often from our native place to the farm which is five hrs away. I will modify little to suit us.
also a great idea for my daughter who is in US for her lunch. thank you. expect more such nice ideas .


Love this. We’ve all got our little quick fixes, that are, most often, not based on culinary traditions, classic flavour combos, or rooted in french technique, but get us excited and sneak their way into our weekly repertoire. Quesadillas are not a super common/go to item in the neck of the woods I’ve lived in. I don’t think I even knew there were corn tortillas that looked so tasty. You got me thinking! Thank you! And, as usual, gorgeous photos.


Heidi! Looks delic! I have the book and it’s AMAZING – stay tuned for my stellar review!
Your “five-minute lunch” talk got me thinking – any ideas for any of your recipes that one can take for a quick lunch “to go”? I am always rushing off to screenings or traveling on planes and like to pack lunch with me – was wondering if you had any suggestions for which 101cookbooks recipes (or recipes from your books) travel well? Probably enough material for an entire post but any suggestions you have are great!
Merci beaucoup!!
And come visit us in Paris soon, d’accord?


I do love quesadillas. This sounds like a great variation!


What a positively brilliant idea for my teenage daughter! She loves quesadillas and I do not like all the cheese. Can’t wait to try it!


I’m going downstairs to make them for breakfast!


Ok. You got me with those toasted capers. I am drooling! There is, however, no such thing as too much cheese. Just sayin’.


Love this idea. I eat a ton of eggs and make a flat sort of egg like this, but never have made it “attached” to a yummy corn tortilla–so great; can’t wait to try.

Susie Middleton

I love anything with capers! Will try this soon. Thanks for sharing!


Just made this for breakfast and was GIDDY while eating. Loved the crispy/puffy combo. This is perfect for someone like me who has a tenuous relationship with eggs, but likes eating them for breakfast for their staying power. I used some fresh ricotta with lemon juice instead of the yogurt (because I had some). Monday’s off to a good start — thanks, Heidi!


A dollop of goat cheese and black olive tapenade perhaps? With some fresh tomatoes when they’re in season?
Many people have said this, Heidi, but it bears repeating: even more than your wonderful recipes, it’s your ability to inspire others to be creative that is so invaluable. Thanks so much!


Wow! What a terrific way to make a quesadilla healthier, love the idea of adding capers.

Sense of Home

Sounds interesting Heidi. I too, am tired of the same ol same ol in the quesadilla department. Can’t wait to try this.

Toni Smith

Toasted capers – brilliance! This looks so easy and delicious. Lunch is almost my favourite meal of the day, so this recipe is shooting right up my to-cook list! Thanks Heidi!


I love you! We didn’t stop at the grocery store on our way home from a weekend away because we were too tired but that meant REALLY improvising my brown bag lunch for the next couple of days until I get there. Voila! There you were with these neat little quesadillas. Thanks!


Hello, I have been looking around the net for inspiration and have just stumbled upon your blog. I am so in love with your photography! I wish all websites could be illustrated so beautifully! I have been an artist full time for several years and am just beginning to experiment with web design…I am so motivated by your work. Thank you!! 🙂


Unda / Anda = eggs in Hindi! 🙂


please email me what Ingredients we need to make Quesadillas Dough.


Made this with a little twist. I used cilantro and a low carb wheat tortilla instead of the corn. This was a better choice for me as I am diabetic. The greek yogurt cream sauce was heavenly! I think I should have sauteed the capers a little longer as they did not come out crunchy but were still delicious. Love this recipe! I am already coming up with so many versions of it, even some desert versions.


I love this idea, great way to cut some carbs, add some protein and amp up the flavor. Can’t weight to try it!


Aww yeah that’s a good quesadilla.


The concept is not entirely different from authentic mexican quesadillas, I find it quite appealing, even though I grew up eating the real stuff. I live in the heart of Mexico City 🙂 Here, in the markets, Indian women make your tortilla to the order, if your are lucky the masa (dough) will be made of a heirloom corn variety, blue or even purple. When the tortilla is almost fully cooked, they spread some meat or vegetable filling on it (my personal favourites are sauteed zucchini blossoms or white button mushrooms), then they’ll add a handful of shreded mozzarella-like cheese (Queso oaxaca), and finally the tortilla is folded in half. The cheese is optional in the Mexico City area. For most Mexicans, quesadillas are the to-go option for a hearty, quick meal at home. Everybody keeps tortillas, cheese, and of course a hot sauce in their fridges. If you happen to visit Mexico City, the best quesadillas are to be found at San Angel’s market, at the south of the city.


This looks amazing! I think I am going to have to try making it with my personal favorite, goat cheese!


I love this. It’s simple, fast and tasty! Can’t wait to figure out the endless variations of this recipe. Thanks Heidi!

Todd McNeive

Love capers, but have never seen them in quesadillas before. These look great! Thanks for sharing!

Happy When Not Hungry

Made them for lunch. This is “nouvequ fast food”. Used chopped spinach, tomatoes, cheddar and parmesan. on whole wheat tortilla. Really good! Unbelievably fast!
Thank you!!


What kind of corn tortillas do you use? Would the kind you buy at Whole Foods be ok, or is there a better option?

Vanessa Sherwood

Your my quesadilla-kinda-girl! I always make mine with less cheese because, yes, here in TX the cheese is always overkill. I like your variations and will be trying them soon. I usually make a bowl of fresh guacamole (just avocado, lime juice, garlic, red onion & cilantro, salt&pepper) and dip the quesadilla into that but I will try spreading some inside instead. I’m intrigued by the egg idea. I think my husband would like that for breakfast.


Just made this- FABULOUS
The capers, zest and yogurt perfect.


Nice twist on this. I personally LOVE cheese–it is my “danger” food, seriously. But I can see the benefit of less is more in this case.


Sometimes simplicity = amazing! It’s been a while since I’ve been so compelled to try one of your recipes “as is” because we’ve switched to a gluten-free/grain reduced diet and we don’t eat soy. But this? THIS is perfection!. I absolutely love the flavor combination of egg and masa and agree that the cheese addition is usually overkill.
As for all those recipes you post that I/we would probably never eat without altering: I still enjoy your descriptions, methods and amazing photography.
Bravo Heidi!


I just got finished making your farro salad. It was so good! I ordered your book from Amazon and can’t wait to get it. I cook so many of your recipes. thanks so much for taking the time to share with all us readers. I feel like I am beginning to be a good cook, because of your recipes. I love cooking healthy and nutritious meals.!


Great idea to use eggs as protein for this yummy lunch… maybe I’ll try this with spinach, black olives, diced tomatoes and feta cheese as a variation!


Ever since I was little I’ve always loved quesadillas. I never order them at restaurants because of, like you said, cheese overkill. And sadly, I rarely make them at home either! This recipe has re-inspired me to get back into the quesadilla grind. I also love capers, but I’ve never panfried them before! That sounds great!


Quesadilla making often happens on the day I clean out the fridge. Left-over steamed spinach, a sliced bell pepper, cooked brown rice, some shredded chicken. I used to make soup when I cleaned the fridge. Now it’s quesadillas.

Cooking in Mexico

I think this sounds delicious and will give it a go but pardon my ignorance, I don’t know what a quesadilla is and indeed have not even heard of one before. Please can someone enlighten me


Since capers scare me, I sauteed white onion & yellow potato (to make a Tortilla Espanola version), then added the egg and tortilla. After flipping, sprinkled Parm. Topping with Greek yogurt is a must!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this easy and delish idea!!!!


I love teh idea of the egg here – substantial but not so heavy/greasy! This looks just fantastic!


Love the simplicity of this. And the photos–simply beautiful!


Thank you for this fantastic idea! I did capers, finely chopped mushrooms, egg, and a sprinkle of parmesan and swiss. Super easy and quick basketball afternoon dinner.
Perfectly delightful.


Yum! Made this for Lunch today. Didn’t have capers on hand, so I improvised a twist by throwing in sautéed mushrooms. Delicious!!


Sunday morning about 11: Starving.
Saw this…RAN into kitchen. Less than 10 minutes later I was eating it. Fabulous in every aspect!!!


I tested this on my teenager. Teenager-tested & approved. A+

jess s

Heidi, my daughter and I can’t wait to get your book. Just made this for lunch, used flour tortilla, due to corn allergy. Got lucky with a double yolk egg from a farmer friend! Used 1 basil leaf, several tarragon leaves and a few chives, chopped together and sprinkled on the top. Love that herb combo with eggs. Added a little local chevre.

Susan Reda

Thank you so much for sharing your 5 minute lunch. I look forward to trying your “unda style” quesadilla. I’ll admit that this is my first time hearing the term. 😉

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

I make nontraditional quesidillas all the time also. I mostly fill them with seasonal greens, eggs, and lots of herbs. I also use a sprinkling of either soft goat or sheep’s milk cheese. We make unda-style rotis all the time too. I have a couple of recipes for rotis (gluten-free as well) on my blog. It will be good to try it with capers though!

Nimisha (@clubdinein)

Ah! Quesidilla – I offer this as my Tuesday special at my cafe in Cape Town, with a slightly different take. Flour tortilla, grilled chicken, provolone cheese, red onions and sweet pimento peppers, yum !


I have been doing alot with corn tortillas due to my wheat allergy. I do a versions for breakfast with egg and beans, different combos for lunch, and I also put a layer peanut butter with a drizzle of honey for a dessert version (folded and sprinkled with cinnamon)
Corn Tortillas make my gluten free life possible 🙂


Marry me (but don’t tell my wife). Yes, too much cheese in most quesadillas, so this is a terrific twist. Thanks!


Oh! I’m right there with you on the ‘too much cheese’ front – so these sound perfect!


I made this this morning and served it as breakfast in bed for my husband. Delicious and so easy and easy to improvise with whatever is in the fridge. I think harrisa inside might make a nice twist.

Susan Nelson

Hi, this comes out amazing ..but fr some reason if Corn Tortillas r not available…try out with whole wheat roti….its awasome too. Thanks Heidi..ur great


I made this this morning and served it as breakfast in bed for my husband. Delicious and so easy and easy to improvise with whatever is in the fridge. I think harrisa inside might make a nice twist.

Susan Nelson

Heidi, what kind of corn tortillas do you use? Yours look a lot lighter and fluffier than the corn tortillas I find in the store. Did you make them from scratch?


I love the unda-style idea for a quesadilla!


Yum, I love the idea of an unda-style quesadilla! I’m definitely going to try that with my go-to quesadilla (Chevre, sauteed mushrooms & sweet onion, and a hearty helping of fresh ground pepper, with just a touch of gruyere to keep it together).

Kelci - The Lunchbox Tree

Sounds amazing! I love quesadillas. I don’t think I’ve ever had a caper, though. Maybe a trace taste in a dish I didn’t prepare. 🙂

J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

I’ve often made quesadillas with eggs, but I love this unda-style approach. The crispy capers are also something I want to try. I’m thinking they’d make a great topping for salad as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marcia (at 20 x 60)

I’ve read your blog and made your recipes for at least a few years. I’ve never come across recipes where I could literally make everything you post and be happy with it. I’m not joking either. Kudos to you. Sorry it took me so long to post a compliment.
ps-my wife thanks you as well. ha.

Jeff Melvin

Wow, Heidi – this sounds absolutely delicious! I get so much out of your fresh take and unique spins on recipes that not only look terrific an are relatively easy for kitchen hacks like me, but they also taste exquisite. Can’t wait to try this one too. I’ve been looking for an appealing recipe to use Greek yogurt on and you’ve just delivered in spades. Thanks a bunch!

Cindy Douglas

Anything with capers is a must in my mind. I’ve crisped them up to toss in salad or to eat out-of-hand. The egg provides protein which will keep us full longer. Delicious recipe!

Shannon Marie - Forks Knives & Spades

Anything with capers is a must in my mind. I’ve crisped them up to toss in salad or to eat out-of-hand. The egg provides protein which will keep us full longer. Delicious recipe!

Shannon Marie - Forks Knives & Spades

This is just perfect for my Lazy Sunday’s lunch!

Ciao Florentina

I love quesadillas and these look delicious I love the addition of capers yum!


I believe I’ve found my next breakfast permutation! Capers aren’t quite my speed first thing in the AM, but i like the idea of adding greens. We often have a bit leftover from dinner.


I’m intrigued by this unda-style quesadilla. The fried capers sound great too!


Oh, such beauties! I love spring – I feel like having things like capers, mint and lemon with everything.

tiina { sparkling ink }

Wow. Looks amazing and so delish! What a creative twist to the cheesy quesadilla.


I love that you use egg in this quesadilla. I’m thinking that it gives this lunch some staying power w.o being overloaded in the cheese dept.

Mary (What's Cookin' with Mary)

Andaa-style anything makes my stomach smile. I agree with you on the cheese- too much of it really is an over-kill.
This quesadilla reminds me of the many breakfasts my family and I have together. Always a spicy omelet with a very light touch of cheese, cucumber raita, and parathas or roti. Perfect meal for any time of the day.

kamran siddiqi

I totally agree with you on the cheese. I rarely order quesadillas at a restaurant but make them at home sometimes when I have left over roasted veggies and love them with eggs.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

so delicious – and i love the look of those capers! yum.

laura @ alittlebarefoot

What a great idea to make quesadillas without so much cheese! I’ll be giving these a try for sure, and love the idea of fried capers.


These are great. I made them with lime zest instead of lemon, and a simple lime-tabasco guacamole. (Why have creme fraiche or avocado when you can have both?)


I’ve been looking for an alternative to the cheese-bomb style quesadilla-thanks for this!
This reminds me of a Chinese/Taiwanese breakfast that’s called a scallion pancake, but it’s really a corn tortilla, submerged in egg and scallion and fried on both sides. Dip in soy sauce for breakfast or sriracha for lunch.


For a filling, try roasted (or microwaved) sweet potato smashed and smeared, together with some mashed black beans (from a can) scented with cumin, maybe a little cilantro. The tiniest bit of Monterey Jack cheese enhances – but is optional.
Quesadillas are my grab and go lunch for taking to work. They are healthy and take less than 5 minutes to assemble in the morning. Just soften the tortilla, smear on the fillings, wrap in wax paper. It doesn’t get cooked until I put it in the microwave at work. Quesadillas are a great place to put leftovers too. Would love to hear other recommendations for fillings.


Hey Heidi,
I’ve been a big fan of your work and make them quite often, so I’m sure that this will be great.
This seems like a well balanced dish. I really look forward to making it. Maybe a nice combination might be using some roasted garlic and some thyme in the quesadilla?

Kartik @ Bakeology 101

My family is from Kolkata, so kati rolls are a really big deal in our house. Growing up, everything I ate was unda-style, so I was confused to learn that most wraps and burritos weren’t actually supposed to come with an egg …

Ishita S.

I am grinning here seeing this recipe on your weblog Heidi… Unda in Hindi language is Eggs and we make such quesadillas with leftover chapati flat breads , the herbs we use are local Indian herbs and in the north of India it is a staple breakfast for many…
Loving the capers and the unda style quesadillas …:)


that looks like the best at-home lunch ever!
mmm crispy, creamy, tangy, yum!

alana (at) the food

My taste buds are very excited to eat anything involving fried capers and Greek yogurt with a zest of a lemon, although my mind is like, inside a corn tortilla enrobed in an egg? No kidding. I can’t wait to meld these flavors from around the world into a lunch that takes less than five minutes to make. Quite excited, indeed!


Eeek! I’m tired of being vegan now. 😉

A Teenage Gourmet

Just curious, is there a big difference here between a small and a large egg? I’ve never bought small eggs, I bake a lot so I get large eggs. I want to try this but I wouldn’t want to have too much egg in it.
HS: it depends on the size of your pan, and the size of your tortilla, but the goal is to not have too much overrun of the egg, if that makes sense. No big deal if you do though, it just doesn’t look as nice.


Yum. This looks great. It reminds me of something I was eating all the time for a while. I don’t know if this explanation makes sense, but I would basically fry an egg in between two corn tortillas and eat it topped with plain yogurt and some sort of salsa or hot sauce. I had forgotten about that.


I practically lived on quesadillas when I was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago. Now, she loves them! I like to sneak new foods to her inside other foods that she already loves and quesadillas are an easy mechanism for that. Black beans, grilled onions, and chopped tomato often make their way into the ones I make. The zested Greek yogurt is a great replacement for sour cream as well.

Elizabeth (Foodie, Formerly Fat)

This sounds unbelievable! I love roti, so this is something I know I would like. The technique of topping the egg with a tortilla is such a great idea!


Quesadillas are one of my favorite foods. These look like the best ones I’ve ever seen!

Jessica @ How Sweet

Neat idea. I’m so used to the tex-mex style quesadilla, this is a nice change!


Yes, I agree, way too much cheese on quesadillas for this vegan 😉 I love your method for making this dish — and now my mind is racing on how I might make a vegan version. I can certainly whip up a cashew sour cream. I’m wondering if I might make a silk tofu version of the “egg” component in the skillet. The wheels are turning…

JL goes Vegan

This looks and sounds amazing! Definitely going to have to give it a try for lunch this week.


I love the idea of using the egg! I love a different take on a fairly standard dish!

Jess (Sweet Potato)

This simple idea really appeals to me! It’s kinda like an inside-out huevos rancheros, which is one of MY favorite lunches. I will definitely try this. Right now in my house we are all crazy for sprouted corn tortillas, which I buy at our health food store. Any one else use those?

Tracy Wood

in Uganda, where my sister spent a few years, they call a version of Unda-style a Rolex.


Unda-style is new to me, but this different take on quesadillas sounds delicious. I agree that loads of cheese can be overkill, so the egg addition with a bit of cheese really appeals to me! I know my husband would love these as well, considering he adores tortillas & eggs together – in any form.

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

Oh Im loving this version of a quesadilla – looks great!

Simply Life

Unda-style, it sounds kind of cool.
I love the flavors of your quesadilla and totally agree with what you say about too much cheese. It just overpowers all the other ingredients. Why do people do that? Well, the same applies with pizza I suppose.


What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling unda-style will become a hit around here too.

Orit Levi

Wow, this looks incredible! Honestly, I’ve had one quesedilla in my life, but I keep wanting to make them again. This looks like the perfect lunch for a study break!


Wow, this looks absolutely amazing. I have been looking for something like this, and I get cravings for eggs sometimes, so this will be absolutely perfect for a quick meal – either lunch or after an evening yoga class. Heidi, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks!


I love quesadillas and eat them all the time as well! I’ve made a ton of different variations over the years but I’ve never tried putting an egg along with the corn tortilla as the “base” of the quesadilla. Love the idea and this recipe – btw – I’m totally with you on the corn tortillas – I’m not a huge fan of cheese-only, white-tortilla quesadillas either! Thanks for a great twist on an old favorite! 🙂

Anjali Shah

That dish looks wonderful! I really like your choice of flavors.


This is such a great idea! helps you get a good amount of protein.
I also really love the fried capers idea. I can imagine they get quite crunchy?
For the egg, do you remove the yolk? If not the yolk explosion biting into the quesadillas would be a nice surprise.

Earl Lee

Brilliant idea, so simple, so quick, so delicious…At first I thought you made a simple hard-boiled egg yogurt filling for your tortilla, but this is so much better…


Fantastic filling suggestion, and I would have never thought to fry capers to make them crunchy.
I like my quesedillas to have a bit more heft too, usually in the form of sauteed greens with added saltiness from chopped olives. I did a mega taste test using every item I had in the fridge to break in a gifted quesedilla maker and the greens/olive combo took the top honors.


I am going to have to try this! Growing up in India, we used to eat a lot of breakfasts unda style. (Unda in Hindi means egg.)


Genius. I have a tortilla press coming through the pipes of the internet to save me in the corn tortilla deprived Netherlands. I will absolutely be making unda-style quesadillas. Also, toasted capers = brilliance.


heidi… just wow. I’m well pleased with this iteration, and I work in a mexican restaurant (not too far, as the crow flies). breakfast tomorrow, maybe with some carrot shredded in.


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