Savory Do-It-Yourself Power Bars Recipe

These homemade power bars are based on the recipe I published years ago in Super Natural Cooking. The main difference here is I made these more savory with toasted walnuts, crumbled kale chips, and oil-cured olives.

Savory Do-It-Yourself Power Bars

Those of you who have been readers for a stretch know how much I love a homemade travel snack. I went on an intense 48 hour sourcing trip last week and posted a photo to Instagram of the Do-It-Yourself Power Bars I made to take with me. They were based on the recipe I published years ago in Super Natural Cooking (2007! Not sure how ten years passed that fast....laugh/cry), the main difference here was that I made these more savory. I packed them full of toasted walnuts, crumbled kale chips, and oil-cured olives. They we're fantastic, and I can actually imagine little architectural cubes of them being right at home on a cheese plate. They're the perfect plane snack, and were fantastically resilient after a long day wrapped in parchment paper in my purse. The saffron and chile flakes were a flavor bonus, but you could substitute whatever spice blend you're inspired by at the moment, and build the bars around that...

I posted the recipe here

Savory DIY Power Bars

Savory DIY Power Bars

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Hi! I’ve long wanted more options for savory bars and these look delicious. Think they’d freeze well?


Hi Heidi! I want to try making these bars in the next couple of days, but do you think I could use maple syrup instead of brown rice syrup? I know it’s sweeter so I was going to use less of it, but don’t want to mess up the recipe if the flavor is completely wrong. What do you think? Thank you so much!

HS: I think you’ll likely be fine, and yes, use a bit less. And please report back. I feel like I’ve don’t this before, w/out trouble, but don’t have it in my notes…xx!


Is there a way to omit the rice syrup for a sugar free version?

HS: Hi Christine – I think you’d have to re-think the recipe from the ground up. Apologies!


Hi Heidi, Yum! I will be making these today. Any suggestions for a substitute for the kale chips? Love your blog, recipes and ideas. Cheers, Wendy

HS: Hi Wendy, you can leave them out entirely!


Wow that’s different, love your creativity!


I just read the recipe on QK. Brilliant! Do they come out on the chewy or side? Do you think that making the thinner variety and baking them may crisp them? Either way, thanks!

HS: Hi Pepper – they’re a similar consistency to rice crispy treats…and you can firm them up more by pressing them into the pan as much or as little as you like as they cool. They’re never going to get snappy, but you can impact density. 😉


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