SNE: Preview Recipe

A preview of a few pages, along with some notes, from my next cookbook - Super Natural Every Day.

SNE: Preview

I'm having such a hard time figuring out how to introduce this post. So, instead of agonizing over the wording, let me just put it out there. Today, I want to share some of the spreads from my new cookbook with you. I'm excited about it, and I can hardly wait for March/April, when I'll have a real paper copy in my hands. The PDFs are nice, but having a book to hold in your hands, after years of thinking about it - there are few things like it. I'll include some images in this post, but for those of you who want to jump straight to a dedicated preview site, here you go. I'll add to it in the coming weeks. You can also pre-order the book here.

I apologize for letting six months pass since the last proper update on this front. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but wow, a lot has come together since then. I'll get to some of that in a minute. Allow me to back up a bit for any new readers, or for those of you who just want a recap. I've been writing a series of posts related to the creation of this new cookbook, Super Natural Every Day. The first post was nearly a year ago. Followed by one related to the manuscript, and then another about choosing a cover. Some of you who have been watching the book evolve likely noticed the cover in the last post isn't the cover you see here. That's a long story. In short: While I loved the moody darkness and pinks in the original cover, in the end, i.e. the very last minute, we went for something a bit brighter, livelier. Another factor, a surprising number of you thought the pink potatoes on the original cover were ham chunks. Wish I was kidding.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

The book is the same trim size as Super Natural Cooking, but the new book has more pages. Said another way, it's thicker. I wrote all the recipes in cups / ounces / grams this time around. And there are lots of photo spreads throughout, both splits and full-pagers. I took most of the photos for the book, although two or three of my very favorite shots came from Wayne. There is one shot in particular - we were walking along a coastal trail in Point Reyes one morning, when two deer popped their heads up above the tall grass, just across the meadow. Wayne got the shot, I completely over-exposed the shot.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

For the most part I wrote and photographed the book in real time. Often, cookbook manuscripts are written, then an intensive shoot is scheduled toward the end of production, once the text has been finalized. I work a bit differently - writing and shooting in tandem. What you see in the book is what I cooked for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that day. I like working this way, it's relaxed, not much fuss, and I can shoot the food when it looks the most appetizing and alive, in the seconds after it comes off the stove or out of the oven.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

The book structure moves through the day with recipes divided into chapters starting with Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, Drinks, and then Treats. You can see how the breakfast chapter opening pages look just above. If you're interested, I'd be happy to post a complete recipe list in the coming weeks. I'd better check with Ten Speed, but I can't imagine it'd be a problem.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

More than anything, I wanted this cookbook to feel like it was from a place - northern California, where I've lived most of my life. And I wanted the recipes to be approachable, and a reflection of the food I cook every day. My hope is that you can take some of these ideas, get a bit of inspiration from them, and make them your own in your own kitchen. Can't wait to share the real thing with you all. And before I log off, I know a lot of you are looking for new year recipe ideas - I've compiled a number of favorite one-pan recipes in one place, and have a new recipe to share on Tuesday. -h

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I'm so excited for your new book to come out!! I want to be the first one to pick it up!


beautiful, I can't wait to see it and cook from it


I'm stuck for words also. Your new book looks like everything I had imagined it would be, and some. I can barely wait for April/march too! Well done Heidi. Xx


Heidi you are a true inspiration. Thank you for continuing to do this and for being such a wonderful example. So excited to see the final version! :)


Heidi, thank you so much for sharing pages from your upcoming book. I love your first book and use it often. As a blogger aspiring cookbook author, I really appreciate the insight into the way you work. I am so happy at your ongoing success. -Sabrina (The Tomato Tart)

Sabrina Modelle

Heidi, The book looks absolutely beautiful. You must be so proud of such a wonderful achievement. Can't wait to see it in print :)


You have won me over to the light side madame - I'm so enjoying your recipes from the first book, I'll definitely be working my way through the second as well!

Julie Anne Rhodes

Heidi, I, like everybody else, can't wait to see your new book - it is so exciting and thank you for including us in the process from that first post early last year until now.....congratulations!


I'm sure your book will be amazing!! I'm going to preorder! happy year!


Every cook or chef wants their own book. I am happy about your new one. The landscape of your photography matches the food landscape you are showing. Diverse and picturesque. More food for 2011 Heidi and Congrats!

The Artist Chef

I am so excited for this book! SNC is one of my favorite cookbooks and I always love turning to it for inspiration. I've moved to San Francisco this past year and it's been a lot of fun finding ingredients and suppliers (bulk mesquite flour at Rainbow, Rancho Gordo beans at the Ferry Plaza market) that I'd read about on the blog. Little details like those have made this city feel more familiar to me, which has been nice after such a life-altering move. Sorry for the digression, but I wanted to say thanks! Can't wait to see what's waiting for us in the new cookbook.


It looks simply stunning! Gorgeous photography, lovely tones. I love that it was created in real time too. It makes it more special, authentic. I really cannot wait to get my own copy :) Congratulations!! Heidi xo

Heidi - apples under my bed

I can't wait!!! It looks gorgeous! I much prefer the new cover, by the way. And I vote for a recipe list, just to give me something to drool over until the book gets here. I think it's silly that you even have to check with them - it's YOUR book!


Wow- I love the layout and the colors! They really remind me of the Bay Area- makes me homesick (a native)! Congrats on your masterpiece!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Can't decide if the pictures or food will be my favorite--I'll go with both. Congratulations on another amazing labor of love--and on making dreams a reality. You're an inspiration! Now I'm off to cook yours and Wayne's favorite califlower. PS--can you come do a book signing in Seattle? Puleeze!???


I love the book so far. The pictures are amazing, the layout readable, and the recipes are bound to be great.

The Therapist in the KItchen

heidi, i'm so excited i don't know how i can put it into words!! i've been enjoying the updates and preview, and i suppose the complete list of recipes would be helpful for people to try and get a better idea of the book, although i'd probably keep away from that part, for i'd rather have the real book in my hands and find everything from it as i flip through... looking forward to april!


Heidi, If I could pick my dream career, it would be food writer - you've got it all sewn up - cook, writer AND photographer, a real creative dream come true! I love your website and altho I don't always cook "super naturally" I've used a lot of your recipes. I look forward to your new book. Good luck, and nice work!


wow, wow, wow. as a girl who has made northern california her home, i simply can not wait. stunningly wonderful, heidi! happy near year to you! xo.


It's like Christmas all over again. I have your first book and am really excited about the looks of this one and love that there are going to be so many photos. Congrats again on another labour of love and work or art.


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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