SNE: Preview Recipe

A preview of a few pages, along with some notes, from my next cookbook - Super Natural Every Day.

SNE: Preview

I'm having such a hard time figuring out how to introduce this post. So, instead of agonizing over the wording, let me just put it out there. Today, I want to share some of the spreads from my new cookbook with you. I'm excited about it, and I can hardly wait for March/April, when I'll have a real paper copy in my hands. The PDFs are nice, but having a book to hold in your hands, after years of thinking about it - there are few things like it. I'll include some images in this post, but for those of you who want to jump straight to a dedicated preview site, here you go. I'll add to it in the coming weeks. You can also pre-order the book here.

I apologize for letting six months pass since the last proper update on this front. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but wow, a lot has come together since then. I'll get to some of that in a minute. Allow me to back up a bit for any new readers, or for those of you who just want a recap. I've been writing a series of posts related to the creation of this new cookbook, Super Natural Every Day. The first post was nearly a year ago. Followed by one related to the manuscript, and then another about choosing a cover. Some of you who have been watching the book evolve likely noticed the cover in the last post isn't the cover you see here. That's a long story. In short: While I loved the moody darkness and pinks in the original cover, in the end, i.e. the very last minute, we went for something a bit brighter, livelier. Another factor, a surprising number of you thought the pink potatoes on the original cover were ham chunks. Wish I was kidding.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

The book is the same trim size as Super Natural Cooking, but the new book has more pages. Said another way, it's thicker. I wrote all the recipes in cups / ounces / grams this time around. And there are lots of photo spreads throughout, both splits and full-pagers. I took most of the photos for the book, although two or three of my very favorite shots came from Wayne. There is one shot in particular - we were walking along a coastal trail in Point Reyes one morning, when two deer popped their heads up above the tall grass, just across the meadow. Wayne got the shot, I completely over-exposed the shot.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

For the most part I wrote and photographed the book in real time. Often, cookbook manuscripts are written, then an intensive shoot is scheduled toward the end of production, once the text has been finalized. I work a bit differently - writing and shooting in tandem. What you see in the book is what I cooked for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that day. I like working this way, it's relaxed, not much fuss, and I can shoot the food when it looks the most appetizing and alive, in the seconds after it comes off the stove or out of the oven.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

The book structure moves through the day with recipes divided into chapters starting with Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, Drinks, and then Treats. You can see how the breakfast chapter opening pages look just above. If you're interested, I'd be happy to post a complete recipe list in the coming weeks. I'd better check with Ten Speed, but I can't imagine it'd be a problem.

Super Natural Every Day Spreads

More than anything, I wanted this cookbook to feel like it was from a place - northern California, where I've lived most of my life. And I wanted the recipes to be approachable, and a reflection of the food I cook every day. My hope is that you can take some of these ideas, get a bit of inspiration from them, and make them your own in your own kitchen. Can't wait to share the real thing with you all. And before I log off, I know a lot of you are looking for new year recipe ideas - I've compiled a number of favorite one-pan recipes in one place, and have a new recipe to share on Tuesday. -h

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Tes photos sont magnifiques…

Géraldine de Papillehot

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!


The preview spreads are gorgeous. I like the “Snacks” one of you in the field, especially. I try to keep my cook book purchases down to a few every year (it would be so easy for things to get out of hand!), but I may just have to put your new book on my list for this year.


I am so excited for your new cookbook to come out and truly love the layout pages you’ve shared here. Your first cookbook is a regular fixture on my counter and excited to see NorCal, where I call home also, infused in this latest release. After all the hard work in putting this together, congrats!


Congratulations Heidi. This book looks terrific and I will be happy to own it. I live in Canada and you have it on pre order through Any chance it could also be on preorder through That way I could order both books and get free shipping which I can’t do if I order from the States. wendy


I just clicked over from another site and figured I should take a look around. Like what I see so now I’m following you. Look forward to checking out your some of your posts again.

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I love the photography and can’t wait to get the cookbook. I”m adding it to my “small changes that make a big difference” list for 2011. Thanks.


I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of your new book and the previews have only served to make me more hungry to get my hands on it. I can’t wait! Beautiful work!

Jennifer (Delicieux)

I love the last minute cover change! The colors are refreshing and light. Can’t wait to get the book….it looks amazing!


Congratulations! Your book looks absolutely stunning (that does not even begin to cover it)! The quality of the photographs bring you into the earth making you feel closer to your ingredients and your craft.

Georgia Pellegrini

I love your recipes, photos (Wayne’s, too) and I love your previous cookbook. This post did nothing but fuel the flames of my desire to posses SNE.


I can’t wait for your book to come out! I am inspired and lifted just by looking at your photographs, and I think you did a great job of capturing norther california. I think I should pre-order now. 🙂 And yes, please post a recipe list!

The Cilantropist

Congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to see the final version!

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

Been reading 101 forever. Many of your recipes (and my adaptations thereof) have become staple meals for me. Just wanted to say this looks amazing, congrats, and on behalf of your regular readers these past years– thank you for nourishing us, and we’re proud of you! Keep up the amazing work.


your recipes are terrific and the book looks like it will be awesome. My wife has a food blog
and I have taken some of the pictures for it. Your pictures inspire me even more! Keep up the great blogging….


The book looks awesome. You can really see the care you put into bringing it together. Congratulations.


It looks beautiful!
that is funny what you say about it being form N California. I am a S Californian girl myself. I love your recipes, but I often find myself trying to freshen, brighten or lighten them up… must be something to do with the weather! That would be interesting to do a comparative cookbook on the regions.

Cassandra Potier Watkins

Dear Heidi, I’m a graphic designer and a real follower of your recipes. I live in Amsterdam/The Netherlands and I love what you do and I love your newsletters. Of course I already pre-ordered your next cookbook. Sometimes I have problems with the ‘cups’ in the recipes, it took me a while to find out that an english cup is different from the american! I designed 2 cookmagazines in the Netherlands, and 1 cookbook. I love the photographs and lay out of the new book. I love food, prepare a dinner is Zen after a busy day. Eating it (especially with friends) is happiness. Thank for your site and newsletters. Thelma

Thelma VanOordt

Heidi congratulations – i look forward to your new book hitting australian shores – i have super natural cooking and LOVE iT –
i simply adore that you shoot the food as it is prepared – thankyou for your gifts of healthy nutrition and good food to the planet – many blessings –


Congrats! Can’t wait to see the final product. Make sure you stop in Paris on your book tour, d’accord ? 🙂
ps Home with the flu now in New Jersey and going through (almost!) all of your soup recipes to nurse myself back to health, merci beaucoup, Dr. Heidi!


Congrats to you! I love that you (mostly) photographed/wrote in realtime. Can’t wait to see the final product!


I’m so happy to read the recipes will be written in grams as well! I love SNC, but since I have to convert every recipe, I’m cooking more from notes with grams scribbled on than from the actual cookbook, which is a shame, because it’s beautiful. So thank you!


I love you… You’re my inspiration. Gonna love you forever! ;P


hi heidi!
just wanted to share with you – while searching for your cookbooks on my local library’s online catalogue, i discovered that SNE already has 43 people in the hold line. i am number 44!


Hi Heidi!
It looks great! I am so excited for you! (And me!)
Will you keep us updated on where you will be in the Bay Area for book signings? I would love to get an autographed copy! Thanks!


Oh my goodness – I can’t wait! But then again, I have a hard time waiting for your posts each week 🙂 I’m always struck by the ways your food, philosophy and photography all intersect perfectly. Thanks for doing what you do and thanks for such a lovely preview.


Looking forward to your new book Heidi. Your natural food dishes are so beautiful as is your beloved Northwest area which I have only had the pleasure of traveling twice that I hope you will use those for your cover. I know it will be an enormous success.


You are Super-Woman 2 Me, Beautiful, Talented, Integrated in Knowing, Perceiving. and Manifesting; It shows in everything U do and I love your food, your life, your ‘tude!
I cannot wait to get the new book!
Blessings 2 U!

l. anthony Klein

PS. I LOVE the shot on the cover!!!

Lisa @

PS. I LOVE the shot on the cover!!!

Lisa @

I’m sooooo EXCITED to see your new cookbook!
You’ve inspired me to write a blog…
ROCK on Sista!

Lisa @

Heidi, Thanks for sharing your creative process; it’s truly inspiring.


Just ordered it. Loved the New Year Noodle Soup, by the way.


Congratuatlions on the new cookbook! The photos are magnificent – Bet the recipes are just as great.


I appreciate the fact that you shot this book in real time. It’s a rare cookbook writer who has the photography skills to pull this off. I look forward to seeing your finished work. Thanks for sharing.


I can’t wait to find your book in stores! Those potatoes do look like chunks of ham though!

A Teenage Gourmet

I just wanted you to know how wonderful it has been to reap the benefits of your talents. I cannot tell you how many of your recipes I have tried and every time I’m blown backwards by how good it is. Just so you’ll know this is how it goes: My husband and I had friends over for dinner. He made a mediterranean style dinner so I made a pot of your Red Lentil Soup to start. Afterward, I kid you not, each guest either texted or e-mailed me for the recipe. So everytime I make one of your recipes for anyone else you have new followers! You are very good at what you do. Looking forward to your new book and Congrats!


YAY!!! can’t wait to have your new cook~art~inspirational book join my familie of favorite & dog-eared loved cookbooks on the ladder leaning against the wall (where Super Natural Cooking has happily resided for a few years now)… as a native northern californian (sacramento) now living in the netherlands 9 years, i can honestly express my heartfelt gratitude to you for bringing a huge part of ‘home’ to me here and feeding my pride as a northern californian, as well as making me & all my loved ones here very happy with your recipes! what i absolutely love about clicking onto your blog to read what you’re up to that day & see the tantalizing photos you’ve taken, is feeling the passion with which you live your life. you do what you love & it shows. i’m so grateful you share it all with me (us) !! Thanks and so looking forward to amazon’s delivery of your cookbook in the Spring. Success! 😉


Oh, Heidi, it is simply breathtaking.
I cannot wait to get my hands on a real, paper copy. And those yogurt biscuits. And egg salad toasts. And and and…
Ten Speed, hurry up!!


When I first found your site, I laughed and laughed. My husband’s eyes cross every time I buy a new cookbook, or score old ones at yard sales. I could point to you “101 Cookbooks” and have validation there was nothing wrong with me! Giggles Best wishes on your upcoming book!

Joyce Pinson

in a word. stunning. Looks inspired like your blog. Looking forward to adding it to my collection, then getting it sticky cooking out of it all the time.


Heidi – the book looks stunning. Beautiful photography, stylish and elegant, and recipes which leave me hungry for the real thing. I am so looking forward to publication. Happy new year!


Congratulations! Very Exciting! The previews are amazing!


Your cookbook looks amazing! Love the pictures.


how exciting! loving the look, can’t wait for it to be finished!:)


I’m so excited to buy your cookbook! What an inspiring journey. I loved reading your previous posts on the process of writing the book too. Congrats on all your hard work. It looks fabulous!


Can’t wait to see the finished book!! Looks great so far!!


Wow, this looks beautiful and inspiring. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Rachel (Olalliberry)

Congratulations! Such wonderful news Heidi.
It looks AMAZING.
Can’t wait to see it in person! xo


Heidi, your book looks so great! I’m so excited for it to finally be published 🙂 Thanks for all the effort and amazing recipes!


Preordered!!! I’m so excited! Congrats on what looks to be a very beautiful book!


WOW, WOW, WOW! So excited for you, Heidi. It’s been so fun watching you realize your dreams over the years. I know how hard you work and well, look at the beautiful stuff you put out for us. Even though it’s the third time around, I can hardly wait! BIG UPS por vida! xox


As one cookbook author to another, I am truly happy for you, and the spreads are so beautiful! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@ Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Che bellezza! Brava! Best wishes for tremendous success!


Love the preview ! I can hardly wait. I have been a big fan of your posts. I am so honored I can even post a comment here. Congratulations! I look forward to getting a copy of the new cookbook, which I am certain will be 101% awesome!


Heidi, this is so exciting….you are a true inspiration…Keep up the great work and Happy New Year! xox

The Healthy Apple

It look beautiful, and I love that you cook & shoot.

Mairi @ Toast

Of course I love your food, but now the number one reason I want your new book is that it is so imbued with the sense of what it’s like to live and eat where we do (not just NorCal, but even closer to home: I live about 4 blocks from you). It will be a keepsake that captures a wonderful time and place. Thanks for creating such a beautiful depiction of our incredibly rich and special environment.


Fantastic pictures. One day I’ll visit northern california but for the moment the recipes and pictures will have to suffice. Like many of your others Im sure they will become “regulars”.Cant wait, pre-ordered as soon as I could. Congratulations.

Rita C

Heidi, you do gorgeous work. Scrumptious food, sumptuous food. We are great fans here at O.
HS: Likewise Mario. Wayne actually made an amazing olive oil ice cream last night with your blood orange olive oil, drizzled with a bit more oil & flaky sea salt. Delicious.


Beautiful. You are such a talented photographer ! And Northern California is a wonderful place. Cant wait to see the book and cook from it!


Gorgeous! I can’t wait!
The new cover is beautiful. Really glad to see the cover shots that weren’t picked showing up inside the book. Congrats… it’s almost here!


My family is looking forward to your new book. We LOVE your first book. Yeah!


Heidi, Beautiful, beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in print. I also would love to see the recipe list. 🙂


Woo hoo. As someone who has just started cooking in the last year or so, and doesn’t own hardly any cookbooks, since I found your website and then purchased your last cookbook I’ve been jokingly calling you my “patron saint of cooking”. 🙂 Mostly because you explain things well, lead the reader through a new recipe step by step, and I know whatever I make of yours will turn out and be both yummy and healthy. Thanks.

Heidi G

This is very exciting and can’t wait. This is way I can visit (dream) of living in Northern California. Went there 60 years ago and went home (NYC) to collect my stuff — but life interfered and didn’t go back. Would love to wander around the Bay area again looking for Mexican beans. Thanks and good luck — this will be a winner. Anxious for the previews of breakfast chapter.


Simply the most gorgeous cookbook I’ve ever seen! Bravo!!!

Angela Barbosa

How beautiful! Congratulations!


I want your book just for the photos. I’m sure the recipes are great and I will be using them, but just to ogle it everyday… yes.


Wow!!! That looks fantastic. Please, please post the recipe list.


Heidi, your first book is beautifully done, I tell everyone I know about it and I share your blog. I wrote you last year about my town being a dump when it comes to good food and you responded right away, that alone speaks volumes. I can’t wait for the next one! And not only as a foodie but a photographer; I love the shots in your books, the new ones look fantastic too. Congratulations and don’t agonize, we all love you, no words at all would be welcome from any of us IM sure!
HS: I remember your letter Tera! Hope things have improved on the food front in your town. Happy New Year. -h

Tera Brockway

Love the preview! I can’t wait till the book comes out!


oh Heidi, it looks amazing!!! off to pre-order mine!


I can hardly wait!


Just pre-ordered a copy of your new book. It looks great! I’m excited about the April delivery. I’ll probably end up buying a few for gifts.


Congrats, Heidi! I cannot wait to have this in my hot little hands!


I love the new cover so much! Such a beautiful dish!


Heidi…congratulations! The book looks beautiful. Going to pre-order right now. Yeah for Northern California cooking, and yeah for the new cover–I also thought the potatoes looked like ham chunks. Good catch. 🙂


Good luck with the new cookbook. Loved the pictures displayed. I must get out your first cookbook & plan some new and more healthful recipes. Love your newsletter; it’s like getting a mesg. from a friend (that I don’t really know). Linda

Linda Sheehan

Congratulations, Heidi! Thank you for sharing this preview. Georgeous photography and delicious recipes. And I love California, but won’t be able to travel there again before Sept/Oct. Any chance for a book signing tour in Europe? (I live in Zurich/Switzerland…) Meeting the author and receiving a personally signed copy would mean the world 🙂
HS: I’m always looking for an excuse to travel 🙂


Hi Heidi,
Thanks for the update. I want to thank you for inspiring me to cook healthier and livelier. To learn about ingredients that are foreign to my midwestern palate has been so inspiring and exciting. I feel like you are my own personal teacher. I don’t travel much, so your website is taking me on the food tours that I dream about. That would be nice to see a recipe list of what we can look forward to. Congrats and your baby is beautiful!
Thanks for this.


OMG OMG! I’m so excited! Thank you for posting the preview. I love your second book and can’t wait for the third!


Heidi – the book looks absolutely beautiful and I can truly appreciate how much work has gone into it. Gorgeous photos as always and nice layout. I’ve always been a big fan of your food photography – the focus on the food, with gorgeous tableware, vintage pieces, rustic woods. Knowing the book was created and evolved in a real time flow reminds me of the phrase “a moving meditation.”
And yes, I am among those that thought the first cover showed pieces of ham, LOL. It’s a pretty cover though! Love the yellows and blues in the new one. Best wishes on the success of it!

Deana (Cooking with Trader Joe's)

Would you have a recommendation of a book(s) to get ideas for a vegetarian wedding reception menu?
Thank you.


Super, duper excited about your new book! Congratulations Heidi! I just wanted to mention that folks can also pre-order copies through independent bookstores by going to:
(The link is included on your preview site, but not here) Thanks! We booksellers LOVE recommending your books!


thanks for the update – i am really looking forward to the new book. i only got SNC last year but have been using it a lot (as someone who has many cookbooks, but doesn’t actually use most of them all that much). as an aside to that – i made the beluga lentil crostini on new years and they were a hit!


I love how your new book is coming together and am so excited to get it this spring! Also happy to see the muesli made it into this book; I am munching on some now (with homemade yogurt, of course) and just love it.


How exciting! I just received your Super Natural cookbook as a Christmas gift and I love it! I can only imagine how great this one will be too!


So Excited for this book, cannot wait. I have your first book and its amazing. Everything I’ve made out of it has been delicious


… what a coincidence! Just received – this morning – a notice from the library that my hold for your book is in and then I open this and see about your new book. Can’t wait to pick it up,

Ginger G

Thank you for inspiring me to not only to cook and eat healthier, but also to experiment with recipes as well as enjoy the presentation of my families meals! Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the recipes, but your photography of food is beautiful. Can’t wait for the new book — I pre-ordered months ago!


This book looks beautiful. Just got Super Natural Cooking from a bookstore here in Dubai. Its great. Thanks!


It looks so beautiful. I can’t wait to read it!


I’m new to your blog but I really love it! Your pictures and recipes are gorgeous! I too am a Nor Cal girl. Born, raised and still live here. I used to live in SF and have to go back every so often ’cause I miss it so! Congrats on the cookbook!


Hi there. I am a total fan, and have moved my family from a regular, meat-eating diet to a vegetarian-leaning diet. Most of the thanks goes to you and your delicious recipes. I have Super Natural Cooking and love it, but I would like to make a request for the next book which I will surely buy–can you please, please have someone do a better index of recipes? I have a CSA, and almost every week I have something that I want to find a good recipe for. I go to your index, and unless I know the exact name for the recipe, I can’t easily find a cauliflower recipe, for example. I would use your book so much more if I could use the index by INGREDIENT, not just recipe name. Hope you will take this into consideration!! Thanks.
HS: Ahh! Gotcha – let me look into it.


I can’t wait! I preordered my copy what seems like months ago and can’t wait for it to be here. You’re an insipiration Heidi!


Just pre-ordered your book for my husband’s birthday. To be honest it’s a gift for both of us! I can’t wait to get it on April 5!!!


Wow. The cookbook looks gorgeous! I didn’t even know you already had cookbooks because I’m always distracted by the recipes you post : ) I hope they have them at my local library!


Thank you so much for this stunning book, Heidi! I can’t wait!


Heidi, I’m a book design and from that perspective this book really rocks! I love your wonderful photos of the food and Nor Cal (I’m a native) interspersed with the recipes. The cover is wonderful! I’m looking forward to this new book which is beautiful to look at and filled with your wonderful, healthy recipes.

Bob Blesse

It looks absolutely beautiful. I’ve come to expect the best from your cooking, your photography, and your writing and you never let me down. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the book. Congrats!


Heidi: Gorgeous new book. Congratulations! I hope you’ll consider adding San Diego to your book tour and let us host you at our downtown kitchen design studio!
HS: Lisa, we’ve been talking about it for years! Would love to make it happen at some point. Love Arclinea.


I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon. Can’t wait!

Kim Murray

Congrats, Heidi!! I cannot wait to dive into your new recipes. Super Natural Cooking is looking pretty worn and used on my bookshelf 🙂


The book looks like it’s going to be beautiful! I’m sure you’ll let us know right away how we can order it once it’s available!

Liana @ femme fraiche

Perfection. I am so sure this will be voted one of the best cookbooks of 2011. Congratulations.


I told my kids that all I want for my birthday is your next cookbook! My 17 year old son has mastered your 5 minute pasta sauce and now he makes dinner too! Thanks for all the inspiration, beautiful photos and all the heart that goes in to your art and food.
HS: Bravo for teenage cooks!

Melinda Johns

Heidi. Congratulations! I”m so excited to check it out. I really love what you said about the book feeling like it comes from a place…this is always really important to me in my own photography/writing—telling a story from the place where I sit/stand/live. I’m sure it’s been months (years?) of hard work, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Megan Gordon

It’s looking amazing! I’m shocked how you can keep it so affordable for such a good quality cookbook. I can’t wait to see it in my hands!!

Kitchen M

I know exactly what that feels like! Your baby is gorgeous and I know you put your heart and soul into it!


A feast for the eyes! I have the book on pre-order and really look forward to it. I like how you have organized it… not to mention the beautiful photos… thanks for the peek/update. Best to you and Wayne… I love the support you give each other.


I love your approach to the book, and i think that itself would make the book such a delight. Often, in the process of getting it right and prim perfect, there is loss of substance. and i am sure your book will stand out for that reason. I love it already even though I havent read a word of it and m likely to find only half the ingredients in India.


Thanks for all of your dedication and inspiration! Can’t wait!!!


This book looks absolutely beautiful. I have just pre-ordered from Amazon. Can’t wait. Congratulations, Heidi!


But Wait! I haven’t made every recipe out of SNC! Oh well…just have to keep cooking…thanks for so much inspiration & great recipes.So looking forward to your new beautiful book.


Heidi, the book looks wonderful. Such beautiful food shots. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. The food look so healthy and delicious.
Thanks for the update. We can feel how happy U R and how enthusiastic U R about your new book.
The pictures are incredible. Makes U want to eat it all right now. Very effective.
Thanks again for the update. I appreciate it.


looks beautiful! are these new recipes? or the same ones found on your website?


I’ve had this pre-ordered for a while now, can’t wait to have it in my hands. Do you include a sources reference in this book?
HS: Hi Rosemary, yes, I listed some of my favorite sources. But most of the ingredients in the recipes are readily available.

Rosemary Rideout

Heidi, the book looks beautiful! Congratulations. You must be so excited!!!


i can’t wait for the new book! it looks gorgeous and your recipes have just been getting better and better. i’m sure it will be fantastic.

laura @ alittlebarefoot

Looks Stunning. I have always been a fan of your food and photography. This will definitely join my cookbook library. Congratulations!

Seduction Meals

I am super excited about your new book. We have gone semi-veg in our house and I pull from your other books and the blog all the time.
Please tell me you will be releasing the book at some point in a digital format. I am living in Amman Jordan right now and hauling books all over the world is just not a reality with luggage restrictions. Please please please, Karen Tanboor
HS:Hi Karen, I suspect we’ll eventually do digital versions, but we want to make sure we’re able to maintain the aesthetic and design sensibility. But yes, we’re talking about it.

Karen Tanboor

LOVE it. I can’t wait to hold it too. 🙂

Maggie at Eat Boutique

Gorgeous! So cool that you wrote and photographed in real time. Looking forward to getting a copy when it’s released 🙂


I am so excited for the new cookbook. Love the idea of it centered around a meal time, and having it representing Northern California – that makes me miss the area, having spent most of my life there as well – the produce (prices) is just not the same in San Diego.


Wow it looks amazing! I cannot wait for this to come out. The photos look just stunning. Can’t wait!

Happy When Not Hungry

Yay!! What a fun update. Love the little sneak peaks. xoxo
HS: Thanks Luisa! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to as well 🙂 Big hugs, -h


I can’t wait for this to come out! Of the recipes I tested for you, there are two in particular that I have made again, and again, and again – now I can direct people to the preview site. Thank you for letting me be a part of the process. I cannot wait to hold a copy of SNE in my hands and cook my way through the entire book.
HS: Hi Monika! Great to hear from you. Which ones? I promise to pop a copy in the mail to you the minute I get them in. Thanks again for your insight.


Heidi, looks amazing – can’t wait to get my hands on the book!


Oh Heidi, I can’t wait for this book! Congrats on such a beautiful payoff for all your hard work.
HS: Adam, let’s make sure we cross paths this year. It has been tooo long. Come to CA!


Congratulations! It looks fantastic. Just from the images you provided, it left me wanting more!


first of all congratulations! this is such a huge success for you…and you should be so proud! second, it’s stunning and i can’t wait to own it 🙂

Heather (Heather's Dish)

I’ve put myself on a cookbook diet for 2011 BUT your new book is my “spring splurge”!
Can’t wait to see what culinary delights you’ve created!


Can’t wait. It looks beautiful! Love knowing that it was shot in actual time.

Hungry Sofia

Your book looks beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy myself.


The new cover is beautiful, Heidi. You have the best dishware.


It looks really great, your cooking and recipes always makes me feel like I’m back in California where everything comes from so near!

sweet road

It’s beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done!


Such a wonderful piece of work—getting to read the proof is one of the more fun perks of my job as a food editor. You’ve put together an amazing collection of vegetarian and whole grain recipes that not only are delectable, but it’s packaged in a very non-preachy way (and I would be like preaching to the choir anyway). I’ve been baking soda bread variations everyday since I finished reading the book.


Ah, so beautiful. You are so blessed to be able to combine your talents and skills to create something like this. The photography is just gorgeous.

Michelle @ Find Your Balance

heidi, i read your blog all the time but this is my first time commenting. i cannot wait to get a copy of your book this spring! congratulations and best of luck!

the boot

Hi Heidi,
Looks wonderful. Serious question, which site do you recommend we pre-order from? I know the different sites might put different amounts of cash in your pocket. I want to use the one that helps you the most.


Congratulations! Can’t wait for the book. And… try as I might to see potatoes, I see only ham.


Hi Heidi,
Congrats on your new book. The photos and layout look stunning. It’s so inspiring. Looking forward to checking out the recipes. Hope you are doing well.
Yvonne from NYC


Looks amazing already Heidi, bravo! I can’t wait to get it in the mail 🙂

Kristin (Cook, Bake, Nibble)

I already have my copy pre-ordered..I have spent so many wonderful hours cooking and enjoying the recipes from your last book and this one looks just as marvelous..
thank you for the preview


The pictures look gorgeous. Can’t wait to check out the cookbook.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

Thank you for sharing here, and Congratulations! I’m looking forward to having a copy in hand, but certainly not as much as I imagine you are.
Your recipes have inspired many wonderful meals in my home, and I’m looking forward to even more.

Kelly Irene

Wow, beautiful photos! Sounds like it will be a great book!


Beautiful. I’m a new reader and love your blog so I know I will love your cookbook, too. Congratulations.

Happy Healthy Mama

I would LOVE to see a complete recipe list!

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

Lovely. Your photos and your tone and the atmosphere of the whole thing just seem so very lovely. I am so excited to see the finished book.

Sarah B.B.

Stunning…but then, i expected no less. Am waiting eagerly….And as much as I adore the recipes…gotta admit I’m in it for those lovely photos almost as much!
cathy b. @ brightbakes

Cathy B. @ Bright Bakes

Can’t wait for it to come out! I know it’s going to be fabulous!


Beautiful pages! I’m excited to see one in person.


It looks breathtaking Heidi – I’ve preordered the book and can’t wait to get my hands on it, it’s only a few months away!


I couldn’t be more excited for this cookbook, Heidi! I’m pre-ordering a copy today. The binding of my copy of Supernatural Cooking is breaking from all of the use I’ve gotten out of it – it is currently displayed in my cookbook holder, open to the gorgeous fuchsia “use natural sweeteners” page. I love that book, and am sure that your new cookbook will be loved just as much :).


oh yes full recipe list please!
your book looks so inviting 🙂


Dear Heidi,
it looks beautiful. I love your take on food and being a vegetarian I adore your versatility with all things vegetable.
Did you ever think about having it translated? I know, people speak English, but it’s the older folk who often need inspiration when it comes to natural cooking and creative use of ingredients and they are often just not that fluid in English.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to it,
take care,


heidi, it all looks so wonderful.


Everything looks and sounds great!

Simply Life

I’m so excited for your new book to come out!! I want to be the first one to pick it up!


beautiful, I can’t wait to see it and cook from it


I’m stuck for words also. Your new book looks like everything I had imagined it would be, and some. I can barely wait for April/march too! Well done Heidi. Xx


Heidi you are a true inspiration. Thank you for continuing to do this and for being such a wonderful example. So excited to see the final version! 🙂


Heidi, thank you so much for sharing pages from your upcoming book. I love your first book and use it often. As a blogger aspiring cookbook author, I really appreciate the insight into the way you work. I am so happy at your ongoing success.
-Sabrina (The Tomato Tart)

Sabrina Modelle

Heidi, The book looks absolutely beautiful. You must be so proud of such a wonderful achievement. Can’t wait to see it in print 🙂


You have won me over to the light side madame – I’m so enjoying your recipes from the first book, I’ll definitely be working my way through the second as well!

Julie Anne Rhodes

Heidi, I, like everybody else, can’t wait to see your new book – it is so exciting and thank you for including us in the process from that first post early last year until now…..congratulations!


I’m sure your book will be amazing!!
I’m going to preorder!
happy year!


Every cook or chef wants their own book. I am happy about your new one. The landscape of your photography matches the food landscape you are showing. Diverse and picturesque. More food for 2011 Heidi and Congrats!

The Artist Chef

I am so excited for this book! SNC is one of my favorite cookbooks and I always love turning to it for inspiration.
I’ve moved to San Francisco this past year and it’s been a lot of fun finding ingredients and suppliers (bulk mesquite flour at Rainbow, Rancho Gordo beans at the Ferry Plaza market) that I’d read about on the blog. Little details like those have made this city feel more familiar to me, which has been nice after such a life-altering move. Sorry for the digression, but I wanted to say thanks! Can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us in the new cookbook.


It looks simply stunning! Gorgeous photography, lovely tones. I love that it was created in real time too. It makes it more special, authentic. I really cannot wait to get my own copy 🙂 Congratulations!!
Heidi xo

Heidi - apples under my bed

I can’t wait!!! It looks gorgeous! I much prefer the new cover, by the way. And I vote for a recipe list, just to give me something to drool over until the book gets here. I think it’s silly that you even have to check with them – it’s YOUR book!


Wow- I love the layout and the colors! They really remind me of the Bay Area- makes me homesick (a native)!
Congrats on your masterpiece!


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Can’t decide if the pictures or food will be my favorite–I’ll go with both. Congratulations on another amazing labor of love–and on making dreams a reality. You’re an inspiration! Now I’m off to cook yours and Wayne’s favorite califlower.
PS–can you come do a book signing in Seattle? Puleeze!???


I love the book so far. The pictures are amazing, the layout readable, and the recipes are bound to be great.

The Therapist in the KItchen

heidi, i’m so excited i don’t know how i can put it into words!! i’ve been enjoying the updates and preview, and i suppose the complete list of recipes would be helpful for people to try and get a better idea of the book, although i’d probably keep away from that part, for i’d rather have the real book in my hands and find everything from it as i flip through… looking forward to april!


If I could pick my dream career, it would be food writer – you’ve got it all sewn up – cook, writer AND photographer, a real creative dream come true! I love your website and altho I don’t always cook “super naturally” I’ve used a lot of your recipes. I look forward to your new book. Good luck, and nice work!


wow, wow, wow. as a girl who has made northern california her home, i simply can not wait. stunningly wonderful, heidi! happy near year to you! xo.


It’s like Christmas all over again. I have your first book and am really excited about the looks of this one and love that there are going to be so many photos.
Congrats again on another labour of love and work or art.


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