Soup au Pistou Recipe

A soup I made for a camping trip to the Sonoma coast - lots of beans, vegetables, and stellette pasta. Tiny stars under the stars, with a good dollop of pistou for each bowl.

Soup au Pistou

Have you ever tried to pitch a tent in 50 knot winds? I can now say, with some authority, it's challenging. On somewhat of a whim, we tossed our gear in the car two days ago, pointed the car north, and set up camp along California's Sonoma coast. There are few places more stunning - golden meadows, craggy coastlines, rambling coastal trails for days. On some trips to this area we are met with dense fog, this time we were welcomed with blue skies, lingering sunsets, and wind that peeled your eyelids back. So, before I finish unpacking the car, I thought I'd share some photos and the recipe for the soup I made for our first night camping - lots of beans, vegetables, and stellette pasta. Tiny stars under the stars, with a good dollop of pistou for each bowl.

Soup au Pistou Recipe

However spontaneous a trip might be, a bit of preparation (even last minute) always pays dividends. I threw a few things together, late, the night before we left. Anytime you camp on the Northern California coast, it can get chilly, so I made a hearty soup (with whatever needed to be used up), froze it, and counted on it to do double-duty as ice blocks in the cooler the first day. I figured serving it with some bright green basily pistou would be just the thing. All we'd need to do is heat it up.

Soup au Pistou Recipe

The best part of camping in this part of California is the coastal walks. The most challenging part is sharing the campground. One chuckle-inducing, abalone-diving neighbor told me he set his alarm for 4:20 a.m. No joke. I can confirm his 4x4 blazed out of the campground well before 5 a.m. He returned hours later, three abalones in tote. They were heavy in my hands, the shells beautiful.

Soup au Pistou Recipe

In addition to the abalone, I also saw: the tiniest yellow wildflowers, no bigger than a pencil eraser; plenty of opportunistic blue jays; a group of teens celebrating their junior high graduation with a camping trip; seals lolling around on rocks; chubby yellow birds that lived in the cliffs and flew like bumble bees; an old Russian fort (!); patches of California poppies; a million stars against a black moonless sky.

Soup au Pistou Recipe

We pitched the tent so it would face this lovely meadow (below). This was at sunset on the first night we were there.

Soup au Pistou Recipe

As a side note, I should mention, for the second night I pre-cooked a bunch of soba noodles, then made a cilantro-serrano dressing with the mortar and pestle. We grilled tofu at the campsite, and tossed it all together. This worked out nicely - let me know if you're interested, I can post that recipe (and more pics) if you want. It would make a nice mid-week lunch as well.

If you try the soup, I hope you enjoy it. It has a bit of an ingredient list, but you can tweak it based on what you have on hand. For example, if I had carrots, I probably would have used them. Later in the summer, I might use fresh tomatoes in place of canned. I based the pistou on Paula Wolfert's recipe. Well, her recipe and what I had on hand at the time. Her pistou calls for grated tomatoes, and grated Mimolette or aged Gouda, I riffed on it with canned tomatoes and aged Gouda. Either way, delicious. We've been enjoying the leftover spread on thick slabs of grilled bread.

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Soup au Pistou Recipe

I made this soup in late spring/early summer. I'd encourage you to substitute vegetables based on whatever is seasonal at the time. Also, I had flageolet beans, but you could substitute other small white beans. Gluten-free readers can simply leave out the pasta, or use a GF pasta.

1 pound / 16 oz / 450 g dried flageolet beans, soaked for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight, then drained

1/4 cup / 60 ml olive oil
4 medium onions, chopped
2 medium leeks, trimmed and chopped
4 stalks celery, chopped
12 cups / 3 liters water
1 28-ounce can, whole tomatoes, well drained, chopped
4 medium yellow potatoes, chopped
1 bouillon cube, optional
1/4 pound / 4 oz. stellette (tiny star) pasta, or other small pasta
3 small zucchini, chopped
1/2 cup (a big handful) chard stems, finely chopped
2 teaspoons salt, or to taste


1 tablespoon crushed garlic
scant 3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
4 1/2 cups / 2 oz / 60 g basil leaves, torn into small pieces
1 tomato (from above), well chopped
1/4 cup / 60 ml extra-virgin olive oil
1 cup / 2 oz / 60 g grated aged Gruyere cheese

In your largest soup pot heat the oil, then add the onions, leeks, and celery. Saute for about 5 minutes, then stir in the soaked beans and 12 cups water. Bring to a boil, dial back to a simmer, then cook for about 15 minutes. Reserve one of the tomatoes for the pistou, then stir the remaining tomatoes into the pot, then the potatoes. Cook for another 15-20 minutes, or until the beans seem like they are nearly cooked. Add a bouillon cube if you like, then the pasta, and simmer for 5 minutes. Add the zucchini and the chard stems and cook for another 3 minutes. Stir in salt - perhaps less if you used a salty bouillon - essentially, you want to salt to taste. At this point the pasta should be cooked through, as well as all the beans and vegetables. For the soup to taste good, you really need to get the right amount of salt in it - just be mindful of this, and adjust if needed.

While the soup is cooking, you can make the pistou. I use a mortar and pestle, but you can use a food processor if you like. Pound the garlic with the salt into a paste. Add the basil a handful at a time and pound and grind until nearly smooth. Add the tomatoes, then gradually stir in the olive oil a bit at a time. Stir in the cheese, then chill until ready to use.

Ladle soup into bowls and top with a generous dollop of pistou.

Serves 8 - 12.

Prep time: 240 minutes - Cook time: 60 minutes

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i just made this!!!! it is literally the best soup i have ever had! thanks!

robyn s

I cannot wait to make this! It reminds me of our honeymoon in France. *sigh*

Gina Girardot Melton

This is a wonderful mix of flavors. Great soup and the pictures are great, too.


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I love to follow your page. You always make me simile. The food you make is wonderful and the photos make me feel like I am there with you. Great post.


Wow! This soup was awesome! I made a BIG pot, and my hubby and I ate for a week! No kidding! Everyday the flavors just got better! I made it with the Six-Seeded Soda Bread, and they go so well together.


Great soup. The kids loved it. I had to modify the recipe based on what was in the fridge but it still turned out very well. I did not have all the ingredients to make the pistou so I used pesto from a jar – just dipped the spoon in the jar, stirred the soup in the bowl & ate!! Delicious. Loved the photos, too.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good, I really want to go camping now!


Lovely post. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


This soup looks great and will surely try it come autumn….too hot in Malta for it right now!!

Pat Debono

Wow, I never cook like this on camping trips. You’ve inspired me!


more, More, MORE !!!


you are my idol!


i’m leaving to camp across country tomorrow. will adapt your bean soup for mountain evenings. not heading to cali. but want to soon.


I made this today and it was fantastic! I used what I had on hand, threw in some broccolini instead of zucchini and some dandelion greens. Delicious, and so suited to a sunny summer day in San Francisco. Thanks Miss Swanson!


Your bean soup looks so hearty and healthy — can I have some?? yum!


This dish looks amazing and the pictures are incredible.


my my , its breathtaking, the pictures are lovely


Wow, this looks great. Love soups. Very earthy ingredients and I bet u it tastes the same as it looks 🙂 will have to try very, very soon

Eat Good 4 Life

Gruyere in Pistou? Now *that* is a great idea!


I usually make my soups when the weather is colder but this recipe has a summer flavour to it. So, I will definitely try this one, especially because my husband is such a great fan of tomatoes in soups!


oooo!! you made the otsu at the campsite?? .. just did a trip to the northeast from the southeast and packed a pre-made batch of that and a “green minestrone” along the lines of this pretty one.
both are GREAT “road foods” for the summer weather!
pineapple curry rice is another travel/freezer block favourite…


I can imagine how this soup as well-timed! There’s nothing better, after a walk on a windy cost, to eat a warm and delicious soup. Pistou is perfect to add a herbal touch


Great post. enjoy reading. Yes, share Cilantro dressing. Love Sonoma Coast. Happy eating, Happy camping. in that order!


Yes, please post the tofu and soba recipe. It sounds wonderful, as does this soup. Thanks!


It was soooo windy. Glad you had a good time. Oh, the soup looks wonderful! Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you for posting. You are an inspiration.

Nicole @ the dirty oven

I would love the recipe for the second night’s meal. What a great weekend 🙂


What about a camping post? What to cook, what to bring, etc? You could link to other recipes on the site. I’d love your advice!
HS: There are definitely some camping related articles deep in the archives, I’ll try to find a couple to link to in the next post.


I don’t camp; but I would if I had this lovely scenery where I live AND this soup!


Soup looks delicious, and you were so lucky you could camp in the wild! It’s near impossible in Spain where you are obliged to go to camping sites which i hate…!
Thanks for the photos and recipe


Just discovered your blog. It is fabulous! Best thing I’ve found online in a long time. Love the photos and the delicious food. You’ve inspired me to cook this wonderful soup. It is so good, luckily, because it made a large pot full. I’ve frozen some of the leftovers. I can’t wait to use it as an ice block for future camping and adventures! Brilliant idea. I think I’ll make the six-seed soda bread to go with it tomorrow. The pistou is so good. I’ve always made pesto but this is a new variation to add to my repertoire. Always looking for new ways to use basil. Great recipe to celebrate my first basil harvest of the season and many more to follow. Thank you.


Was just about to start trolling the Web for camping recipes, and stopped here first. Yum. Please post the soba noodles/tofu recipe. We’re heading out soon to camp on the Olympic Penninsula — similar cool weather possibilites (OK, with more rain). Would love to share this meal with our friends.

Lisa K

What? Seriously? I was at Salt Point at the same time as you! How funny! I stayed on the Gerstle Cove side (the ocean side of hwy 1).
Wow… wish I had crashed your site for dinner now. 🙂
I liked it so much, I’m taking 5 of my friends back in mid-July.
HS: That’s too funny Wendy, we were there Thurs/Fri nights. You might not have recognized me even if I walked past you, as I was in a ski jacket with hood for most of my time there 😉


This soup looks so beautiful and satisfying. Perfect for the cooler weather we are experiencing here at the moment which has me in a soup cooking frenzy. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for the recipe!


Bravo on your beautiful life! I’m making your pistou right now and would love to see your serrano cilantro soba noodle dressing.


thanks for sharing! oh beautiful … place! where is it exactly? mind sharing your soba noodles recipe? i can use some new recipe for my 1 person dinner


Heidi, what camera did you use for these pictures? I love them sooo much!


I’ve never tried grilling tofu. So, definitely post that recipe! Sounds like a lovely camping trip. Thanks for the pics. =)


Heidi only you would go camping armed with a mortar and pestle, Love it! That is my idea of roughing it, wayyy better than beans and weanies. Great pics and soup sounds wonderful.


Soup in June makes so much sense for you right now, but we are sweltering here in Nashville. I’ll save this for the fall, though, because I can still smell how good it is.


Your get-a-way makes me want to visit the west coast even more! I would love the tofu and cilantro recipe, please:)


Looks like a wonderful soup and I have a bunch of beans just waiting to be cooked…perfect!

The Food Hunter

Please post more photos! especially of grilled tofu. In a few weeks a group of families will be going on our 12th annual beach camping trip. We have 88 people this time! Our kids just graduated from their K-8 school that they’ve been together at for 12 years. My husband and I started the event when they were in Pre-School!!!!! We have worked out breakfast and dinner on spreadsheets, and all cook and eat together. It’s truly a village.
Lunch is on our own and I’m always looking for ideas. I usually make my own version of sesame noodles at home and they are a delicious easy lunch on the beach!
Here’s to CAMPING!!!

Wendy Dougan

i loved the photoes they r truly aussom its wonderful.


I am waiting on a large order from Rancho Gordo, which will contain the perfect beans for this soup. Not sure if I can wait that long, so I may have to settle for canned beans this time around. I will certainly have the dried variety in time for the next camping trip though. Can’t wait to see the soba noodle recipe and learn how you grilled your camping tofu.
Just a few hours north of me is my favorite camping spot, nestled in the dunes off the beautifully scenic Lake Michigan coastline. Though beautiful in different ways, seeing your photos and reading about your trip has made me feel rather nostalgic about it. Maybe spontaneity is the way to make it happen this year…

Anne Marie

I luuuuve Soupe au Pistou. So healthy and comforting. I would never think of bringing it camping, but what a great meal it would make. I am heading down to California for the first time in September and looking forward to checking out that area. Thanks for tempting me with adventures to come. I posted a Soupe au Pistou a couple months ago with the last of my frozen pesto. Still too early here for basil. You are lucky!


What a great last minute trip! Were heading to OR/CA for a drive down the pch in august. Too bad we can’t pack a tent!

Heather @ chiknpastry

My family would go camping in Fort Bragg (farther up the Northern California coast) and my dad and brothers would go out diving and bring back the maximum amount of abalone they were allowed. We’d have fried abalone and abalone chowder made in the campsite. Such great memories and fantastic food!


I love the frozen soup doubling as ice blocks in the cooler. Absolutely brilliant camping food!

The Ordinary Vegetarian

i will try to make it


Sounds amazing! Love the scenery too.


Please post the recipe for soba noodles & tofu!


I would like the recipe for soba noodles, cillantro and tofu


The pictures reminds me of the Swedish Coastline. Makes me homesick..
Love the recipe. Anything with beans makes a great wholesome meal.

Emilia Radow Ingvarson

The pictures reminds me of the Swedish Coastline. Makes me homesick..
Love the recipe. Anything with beans makes a great wholesome meal.

Emilia Radow Ingvarson

More photos, and the tofu recipe please!


This soup looks amazing and your pics are stunning. Looks like you had a great camping trip!


What a wonderful delicious soup! I
Lovely pictures !

Sutapa (alwayswinner786)

yes, yes, yes,….post more of everything!…


Yum! I don’t stop eating soups in the summer, though I eat them a little less often.
Made your Pierce St. Chili this morning for a potluck. Everyone loved it. Not even one little lentil left.

The Leftoverist

sounds like a lovely weekend. we stayed in town and reveled in the heat! love the first night meal idea – would you please post the second? we have been thinking of where we should go on our next camping trip – northern coast looks amazing. Beautiful photos.


As soon as I saw “Have you ever tried to pitch a tent in 50 knot winds?” I immediately thought of a frustrating but beautiful experience I and my boyfriend had while camping in Montana de Oro State Park on the coast. Our campsite was a hike-in on the bluff and the wind battered us and our tent all evening and night, and through our frantic packing the next morning. Nevertheless, it was an incredible experience! California is amazing.
This recipe looks great, I’m excited to try it soon.


I think the Russian fort you refer to might be Fort Ross. No matter what, your pictures made me homesick for Northern California and I definitely want to see more of them. It’s too hot for soup where I live right now, but I’m keeping your recipe to try in the fall.


Photos are wonderful and recipe sounds yummy. I have never used Gruyere in a soup before and look forward to trying it. Generally I would use freshly grated Parmeggiano Reggiano in this minestrone-type soup.


yes, please post the recipe for the tofu and soba noodles! My daughter and I are vegetarian and vegan respectively, and I am always looking for new dishes to add to our arsenal. The pictures are lovely by the way!


I adore sopu au pistou, and your destination looks spectacular. Just realized that after my knee replacement next month, I could be you in a year!
And I have been reminiscing about the last time I camped and cooked over the camp fire, 30 years ago. I tossed all the ingredients for Kung Pao chicken into baggies (garlic, ginger, spring onions, and green pepper prepped, chicken chunks in marinade, and final sauce all ready to be mixed up one last time and tossed in to deglaze the pan), and stir fried them over the camp fire. Spectacular, and we were the envy of the over-crowded, drug-addled camp site (music festival, wouldn’t you know)! I also remember bringing my homemade baklava in a 13×9′ pan. At the end of the festival, despite our drug-addled appetite and generous sharing with our neighbors, there was still enough left in the pan to fuel the drive home. Ah youth, Sweet youth…
On the down side, I remember the appalling lines for the port-a-potties in the blistering sunlight, and being woken at 4 am with a pounding head ache by the drum circles. When I do it all again next year it will be sans drugs and music festival…


Wow! Looks like a wonderful little trip. California is amazing – I’ve only been once. But I’ll go again…This recipe looks fab, but I’d love to see the soba & tofu one as well. And of course – more pics!
Thanks for being such a consistent, prolific publisher of your creativity!
Britt in Austin

Britt Ryan

I absolutely love that part of California – it feels so remote, a wonderful feeling. The soup must have been the perfect antidote to the wind and the cool weather.

Charles G Thompson

What a great idea! It’s amazing what a little planning ahead can do…

Georgia Pellegrini

I would love to know the grilled tofu, soba & pesto recipe – sounds delish!
My husband makes a very similar soup to this one in the winter, adding some root veggies. He also includes hunks of peasant bread for extra texture. It’s my favorite! I like the looks of this lighter version for the summer.


I relish your zest for life, your artful approach to vibrant conscious living. You have so enriched my life that I would like to express my sincere appreciation. I cherish your posts and revisit your photos and recipes and links and just am truly GRATEFUL!
Thank you! Your recipes work!
Awesome you are: Inspirational.
In Joy with Cheer,
Be Well; Eat Well; Do Well Justly.

Dawn in Eureka! Humboldt, California

i always enjoy your recipes and your attitude toward cooking and life: rustic, honest, elegant and beautiful. Thank you for your inspirations.


I’ll try the soup when the weather is a little cooler! I’d like the recipe for the tofu and soba noodles, I have these staples around all the time especially the San Jose Tofu made fresh daily.


I just made this. I messed up on the ingredients a bit (fewer onions and leeks) and used a light (15%) Gruyere. It was sooooo delish! I can’t wait to have more for lunch tomorrow.


I love pistou! This looks wonderful. And if you don;t mind posting that soba noodle and grille dtofu recipe, I would love to see it! It sounds so yummy!


when i first saw these photos i exclaimed to my boyfriend “that looks just like mendocino!” and low and behold it certainly was, or close enough to it anyway. i was proud of myself for recognizing the foliage and coastline as that of northern california – i’ve only lived here a few years and have taken only a couple trips up the coast. it is lovely and your photos capture it so well!
thanks for sharing!
oh and the soup looks scrumptious as well!


We just came back from our first camping trip in years. I had forgotten what a wonderful experience it is.
This soup looks amazing! I will have to give it a try.


I love Paula Wolfert’s Moroccan cookbook (Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco) and am curious to try other Wolfert inspired recipes. Yum. 🙂


More gorgeous photo’s, Heidi!
I have never enjoyed camping – I love beds, linen and hot water! However, on summer weekends I now find myself sleeping in the back of a horse float in a paddock full of horses and rising at 6am to plait a horses tail!! My youngest daughter has taken up polocrosse ( think lacrosse on horseback) and tournaments take us all over the state.
Who’d have thought …?


I love the look of this recipe! It is just what I need. Thanks!


I would love to see the recipe for the udon noodles and cilantro sauce! The photos are outstanding!


I bet the soup tasted better eating it on the coast. One of my first food memories is eating beef stew while camping on the Oregon beach when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Salt air makes everything taste better.

Cooking in Mexico

We went camping a few days ago, as well, on the west coast of Vancouver Island (the Juan de Fuca trail). We had our first ever encounter with 3 black bears who sent us 5 hours backwards to our campsite from the previous night (there was no way around them). But we just wanted to do some long hikes and weren’t too concerned about direction.
Since we were hiking 7 or so hours a day for three days, I had to pack foods that weren’t too heavy so I made some bean protein bars, healthy cookies and muffins and some dried fruit. The water is pretty clean up there so we just drank from streams (we filtered it just to be safe), which saved us a lot of weight. Camping season is here!

Heather Loves Healthy Vegan Recipes

Loved the pictures and recipe.


I know EXACTLY where you went camping (SoCo)! It’s just north of where I grew up. I miss it so much!
This soup looks like it would go well with the 6-seed soda bread. You’ve been providing many of our meals the past couple of weeks. Thanks!


please do post the grilled tofu recipe! and, the camping looks wonderful…thanks for your fantastic recipes and blog…am a big fan, and the recipes keep my newly-vegetarian husband happy (and hence, me happy!).


Great pictures, and recipe.
My only comment is that the Kotex
advertisement is very unappetizing just
in the middle of a recipe. You may want to
make a change there.


Oh, these pictures bring back memories of driving my bug in high school. We’d drive from Santa Rosa to Whales Head(just outside of Bodega) every weekend, fog or sunshine.
Your writing really captures the overall tone of that region. Thanks for conjuring that for me.
I, too would like that soba recipe.


yummy soup….and beautiful landscape. sometimes i want to immediately move to the west coast. heidi, i would love it if you posted the soba recipe, and more pictures. thanks!


This is a great soup recipe for the coming abundance of late summer gardens, and it looks like it’s more than enough to feed a band of happy weeders, too. Thanks!

tom | tall clover farm

I just love your blog/site. I often turn to it and enjoy getting updated through my email. Just thought I would tell you I appreciate you sharing your life and recipes. xxxooo – D

Dawn Gettig

Beautiful post Heidi. Thanks for sharing! Have you been camping along the Big Sur Coastline yet? That is my personal pick for most beautiful spot in the US. :). Thank you for this delicious soup recipe, and please definitely post the soba noodle one! Can’t wait :).

mai truong

Beautiful post Heidi. Thanks for sharing! Have you been camping along the Big Sur Coastline yet? That is my personal pick for most beautiful spot in the US. :). Thank you for this delicious soup recipe, and please definitely post the soba noodle one! Can’t wait :).

mai truong

I’m glad to see you posting a soup recipe! I just posted one on my blog, and felt like I should be doing more summery fare. But I love certain soups in any weather…sometimes it’s just what you need.


This recipe sounds so delicious, but I don’t do dairy. Do you think the recipe would work without the cheese, or are there any substitutions you can recommend?


The soup looks delicious. But oh my, the pictures of the overcast CA coast bring back memories. We’d frequently travel from Bodega to Cresent City staying in B&B’s, shopping, eating and just enjoying the coastal life. I haven’t seen the California coast line in 17 years and am now feeling homesick. Living in Idaho now. You’ve inspired my next vacation.
I might even try the soup recipe while our cold spring weather continues. lol
I’m enjoying your post. TY


Oh, perfect timing! I have a fresh-cooked pot of flageolets, and the first flush of spring produce from our CSA — peas, 2 summer squash, spring onions, greens, and the last of last year’s pesto to use up. I love this soup, but it had slipped my mind. Thanks for bringing it up, just now.
And for gorgeous photos. Smashing, as always.


I’d love to see more pics and your soba noodle + dressing recipe!


I am going camping at Two Harbors over the 4th and would love if you could share that soba recipe. And any other recipes that make delicious healthy camp food. I want to avoid the typical fare. I greatly appreciate it:)
And maybe some tips on what utensils to have on hand? Been a while since I’ve been camping. Thanks!

the French

Thanks for this-I have learned to love “white beans” from you. I have always loved red beans, pintos and pink beans but have tried so many of your soups with white beans that I now love them-especially this one with the famous “pistou” to brighten everything up.
OHH! and thank you for the guided trek through our own backyard.

Singing Sparrow

Can you please comment on the use of both onions and leeks. I understand that these are in the same ‘family’ of plants with the latter having a subtle garlic flavour.
When a recipe has garlic in it, can one just use onions (I ask because I leeks is not a standard in my fridge).


Beautiful soup and lovely tale of the Northwest Coastline. I am in envy. I would dearly love to see your photos of the poppies. They are one of my favorite flowers. Although, I guess, if I admit to it, I love them all. Thanks for so much loving goodness in both food and friendship to us all. Bev


I have wonderful memories of making a “Pistou” as an exchange “student” in Marseille. It seemed to be tradition to gather friends to help shell the beans and marinate them while the soup cooks. We were paces from the rough section of the corniche but managed to sneak into a boarded up old bathers club, and swam in the Med. in the aftermath of too much good soup, pistou and vin.

meredith Charpantier

Gorgeous coastal pics! And the soup, so lovely. I’m dreaming now of this soup and your seedy soda bread for dinner. Maybe I can swing it! If only it were as cool here as the coast!


Didn’t know you were a camping girl. Another reason to like your posts. I also freeze my soup and use as ice blocks. It works fabulously. I always take tomato bisque..

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

heidi-i always love a soba noodle recipe, so please share! my current noodle obsession is your recipe with the miso walnut pesto and asparaugs.


Your recipe and excursion are a match made in heaven. The photographs mimic the density and warmth of the soup. Both I’m sure were nurturing for your body and mind. Flageolet beans?! I never knew about these. I must try them. I’ve never met a bean I didn’t like. I’m imagining myself dipping your Seed-Crusted Amaranth Biscuits into this soup. Yum!


Aww I love the inclusion of stellette pasta – looks so pretty! and hey, that’s interesting you saw a Russian fort there! 😮


Lucky you to have such exquisite “nearby” camping for spur of the moment trips. Extra points for standing up to the high wind experience. The pictures and recipes are great. I’m keeping an eye out for the soba noodles recipe.


This soup looks really good…fancy camping meals.. That’s my kind of camping…made a similar soup this morning and I will try this one soon…


Thank you SO much for sharing your lovely camping adventure… and soup mmmmm 🙂


That’s nice !

Katy's Eats

Mmmmmmm lovely!

Chocolate Freckles

Wow, such gorgeous photos of your camping site.
It looks beautiful.

Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

is it just me, or is there beans in the picture but not in the recipe?
HS: Hi Amber, they’re in there – first ingredient in the ingredient list.

amber rose

Ooooooh that sounds amazing!! what a lovely trip! and I would be so pleased if you would share your soba recipe with us, too! 🙂


Thanks for a wonderful recipe, Heidi. I am very interested in your recipe for cilantro-serrano dressing! I am a big fan of pistou, pesto, and dressings! Herbs and aromatics-yes!


J’adore! Love the French-inspired post. Just picked up almost all of the Spring seasonal ingredients you list at the Paris market this morning so it’s parfait!
PS I know I’m a couple of years late (the French are wearing off on my what can I say ? 🙂 but I just lost my tempeh-virginity to your TLT sandwich and it was DIVINE. They say you always remember your first time… I definitely will. Merci beaucoup, Heidi for this and all of your fabulous recipes keeping me well-fed in France!


We go camping at this same spot every year (Bodega Dunes…this year, we’re trying Wrights Beach)! Even though we go on lots of little camping trips, we’d been looking for a ‘permanent’ yearly camping spot- one that we loved so much where we could return each year (so we’d have a little home-away-from-home). We couldn’t find a perfect spot- until we camped here for the first time. …absolutely beautiful~ vineyards, beaches, valleys, forests, and farmers markets galore for us to buy/cook our own food @ night…couldn’t ask for anything more! I’ll definitely make this soup when we go this summer!
HS: Hi Torrie, We’ve thought about camping at Bodega Dunes, thanks for the vote. This time we stayed north of there – at Salt Point.

Torrie @ a place to share...

Gorgeous photos and lovely soup! Sounds like you guys enjoyed some gourmet food while on your camping trip :).
I’d love the soba noodle recipe – sounds great!


wow, what a beautiful place!

Simply Life

Seems like a good camping, pictures and recipe! It is a good idea to go to camping before or after july 4th, to spend some lazy and carefree moments.
Now, I am eager to go to one with my family. But with infant, I am not sure how it is going to be. Adventure? Maybe.

Pam @ best Cookware guide

I want the soba tofu recipe! That sounds absolutely awesome!
Please pardon my exclamation points, it’s just that that dish would really hit the spot right now.
Plus, your Pistou really has me thinking. I know that it’s traditionally a garnish for soups, but I’m thinking that it could be great in other ways, too, like as a crostini topping.


What a nice break…..I have travelled the coast south of SF but not north – it looks beautiful. Would love to have the soba recipe – I am sure it tasted extra delicious outdoors and by the ocean!


Yes, please post more pictures!


Soba noodles, grilled tofu and coriander? YUM .. I don’t think I need a recipe, as soon as I buy some tofu I’m making exactly that! (with not many additions).. but would love to hear your recipe anyways!!
The soup looks great. Never seen that kind of pasta before, it’s so cute! I guess I would substitute risoni?
HS: Hi Ella, yes any small pasta would be a reasonable substitute. And, I’ll post the other recipe next 🙂


Gorgeous photos, such a light, and soup looks absolutely delicious. I could do with a big bowl right now. I’d love to see the recipe for the soba noodles and tofu : )


What a luxury to just be able to just pack up on a whim and camp out anytime you want and enjoy the beauty of Sonoma coastline! I enjoyed your pictures and lovely post.


great idea! I loved reading this post because I’ll be camping for the first time this summer. Thanks!


Wow! Amazing photos, and the recipe looks divine 🙂


Oh, yum! This is so my thing. I really love beans, they’re so filling. 🙂

A Teenage Gourmet

The Sonoma coast is so beautiful and especially this time of year. Great photos! The Pistou Soup recipe looks fantastic and a must try. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your Sunday!

Lisa {AuthenticSuburbanGourmet }

this soup looks delicious and the landscape is really amazing!


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