Spring Favorites 2008 Recipe

A few favorite things from Spring 2008.

Spring Favorites 2008

No recipe today, just a quick list of some of things I'm currently excited about (or inspired by) and wanted to share.

- Jake's Unbaked Yogi Bars: I keep these in my purse for those times I need a quick boost before the gym (or if I'm traveling and need airport snacks). They're a great alternative to more processed power bars. Made from just seven ingredients, the first one being nuts, these are sugar-free (sweetened with agave nectar), and deliciously spiced, great for people who travel or are on the go frequently.

- Occasionally, on my way to buy coffee, I pop into The Curiosity Shop, the other night I found these delightful letter-pressed Pancake & Franks dried goods note cards. Each four-pack includes one red lentil, sunflower seed, black-eyed pea, and macaroni printed card on beautiful weighty paper.

- I was lucky to spend a good chunk of time with Mark Bitterman at the recent Greenbrier Food Writers Symposium. There's no debating - he was the darling of the conference. I suspect you'll be hearing more from Mark, but in the meantime enjoy his salt collections, and Elissa Altman's article about the impromptu midnight salt tasting that I'm sure will be talked about for years to come. I should also give a shout out to some of my other Greenbrier pals who have great blogs (or in some cases newsletters): Molly, Tori, Jess, Dorie, and Cheryl.

- My current favorite cereal - it features sprouted grains, is extra crunchy, and uses organic ingredients. I eat it with Greek yogurt and just ordered a six-pack off Amazon.

- Sharon's incredible Tiny Buildings - Don't miss Pizzetta 211, Bi-Rite Creamery, and Lupa. You can keep track of her creations through her Flickr stream here as well. (via Wayne)

- WECK jars - I'm trying to move all my pantry items into these.

- High on my wish list - SideSwipes for my Kitchen-Aid.

- Even higher on my wishlist: Les Toiles du Soleil Chairs

- Vegetarian Myths, debunked. (Taylor Clark on Slate)

- Making micro loans via Kiva.

- Lizzie's adorable embroidered tea bags

- My friend Jason is working on a cool car project with his dad.

- Sixty feet of classic twisted, red-striped baker's twine on a mini spool.

That's it for now, I'll have a new recipe to share with you on Tuesday. I just walked in the door from my sister Heather's baby shower(!) - I promise to share a couple new recipes I tried out at her party.

- added late: just came across this Mark Bittman talk via TED/e.g.

- And one more(!) - Garlic Defanged by Daniel Patterson in The Times Magazine

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Heidi, Because a food is sweetened with agave nectar does not mean that it is sugar free. Agave nectar is more or less pure sugar being made of both fructose (fruit sugar); and glucose!!! To say that it is sugar-free because you used agave nectar is like saying it is sugar free because you used golden syrup, or that it is fat free because you used butter... Keep up the recipes, i thoroughly enjoy your website :):) Lee


I love the beautiful flowers!I also LOVE Greek yogurt.


How did you like the Greenbriar, Heidi? and count me in with the "Sideswipe -gotta have it" crowd. Thanks for the revelation! Pam


The SideSwipe is so clever. I am sad that I didn't come up with such a thing.


Love the blog, but be careful -- he's not Mark Bitterman. HS: He is, I promise, I met him! Different from Bittman.


Ah! I'm so incredibly flattered that you liked my little tea bags! Thank you!!!


oh I am all about the LARA bars...love 'em! Zero sweeteners, raw, vegan, and delicious real food in convenient bar form. It's heaven. I'll have to try to find Jake's now!

Michelle @ What Does Your Body Good?

Thanks for including my blog, Heidi. So proud to be on your list of Greenbrier blogging pals!


Have used Weck Jars for 20 years. They are the best! I have also recently started using them in the pantry.And the frig for leftovers. Nothing beats storing in glass. Their shapes and sizes are so compatiable.


At first I thought the bush was flowering pear which is frequently the first color in spring, but actually I think it is a Cecil Bruner rose! they are climbers with tons of tiny roses, no thorns!


sorry, forgot to ask: could anyone post the appropriate link please? I just loved Elissa's article and am now curious for the other recommendations. Heidi, I really love your website! Real food for thought! Saludos from Spain... Bettina HS: Bettina, I think her site just happens to be down. I'm pretty sure the URL is correct. I'll drop her an email. Thanks for the heads up.


seems like the link to Molly is not working...


Your list is a wonderful inspiration. May I add an item? A plastic pot scraper. It can remove ANYTHING. I've found it to be miraculous on even the most stubborn of dishes.

Sweet Pea

I've read that Slate article before, and I'm 50/50 on it. To me, some of his thoughts are right on (I'm tired of getting a frozen veggie burger when all of my buddies are eating gourmet when we go out!), but I don't like how he portrays us "extreme" vegans as the black sheep of the veg family. Thanks for the list! It's going to make for some good internet-ing tonight!

Jen O

What a fun list! It's always helpful to hear from other foodies about what's what in the culinary world. I look forward to getting through all these links (and learning what some of these things even ARE!) And as always I'll look forward to Tuesday's recipe. Till then...

You Know You're a Food Snob if...

What a fun list! It's always helpful to hear from other foodies about what's what in the culinary world. I look forward to getting through all these links (and learning what some of these things even ARE!) And as always I'll look forward to Tuesday's recipe. Till then...

You Know You're a Food Snob if...

Wow, great links. It'll take me days to look through them all!


I think I've got to try that cereal! I love all things sprouted grain :) Also, I'm dying to get those Side Swipes - they're so smart!


Thanks, Heidi - and I saw Mark this weekend at the Portland farmers' market! He was selling giant blocks of Himalayan salt to cook on . . .yum.


Loving the side swipes. And yay for your sister!!

RookieMom Heather

Thanks for the links Heidi, I appreciate you sharing. AND, I love that cereal!! You are right, it is so much cheaper online, I am grateful to find that out.

amanda mae

Whoa! A little Lupa! I live in the actual Lupa building, directly on top of the restaurant, so this is incredibly amusing to me. :) I always tell people that the best thing about my apartment is taking out the trash, because it gets me closer to the wonderful smells wafting out of Lupa's kitchen. BTW, I love these lists that you do. A while back you turned me onto 20x200, the art site, which I've since ordered 2 fabulous prints from, so... thanks!


Note: sideswipes are only made for mixers in which the blade lifts up and back, not for mixers with the "crank" you use to lift the bowl up and down. The website makes this clear, but only when you are about to order. They are working on it, however. Thx for letting us know about this product.

Joanne Rocklin

I love your lists! Thank you for all these wonderful recommendations. I'm a huge believer in micro-loans and I know how much they can help women in impoverished countries get a start and support their families. I also really want those side swipes. The Kitchen-Aid is one of my favorite things and the side swipes would just be awesome.

The Spotted Apron

I have never heard of Kiva but thanks to you I made my first loan today. Masoli from Tajikistan now has enough to buy more livestock! How bloomin' awesome is that??!!! Thank you Heidi for the suggestion and for all your groovy recipes. Thanks for the comment Bubby, I think Kiva is pretty great. I'm hoping they will roll out their "group" feature soon, which would allow 101 Cookbooks readers to make loans as a group. :)


What is that beautiful tree? HS: It it a stunning tree that I came across on a walk not too far from my house - not sure what kind it is


Hey Heidi! Your post just reminded me of these great bars I just found! They're called Larabars and they are FANTASTIC. They only include a handful of ingredients, no sugar, vegan, soy free, gluten free, dairy free, even kosher! It's basically pure fruit at it's best. I just had a "Banana Cookie" the other day and I loved it. And I'm the Doritos kinda girl. When I jumped on their site, I discovered they also have Jocalat! Their healthy chocolate bars. The website is www.larabar.com. Have a great day!


Heidi, What an absolutely lovely post. I love your blog and recipes to bits and pieces, and now you're introducing us to more amazing things! Thanks! P.S. you should do this periodically :)


I loved the Slate article! It articulated the "reasonable vegetarian" position really well. Thanks for the link!


Mark is Mark Bittman, not Bitterman! HS: Nope! Different guy, similar name :)


i am rather disappointed by this list. it's basically advertising a whole bunch of products. as if that's not bad enough, it actually encourages people to order their cereal from amazon.com! surely that's not sustainable or good for local businesses... HS: I make nearly all my weekly purchases from stores that I can actually walk to from my house (or take the MUNI to), I don't feel bad about making the occasional Amazon purchase - particularly for products that are hard to find. The cereal is double the price when I buy it individually at the store up the street (if they even have it in stock), so buying it in bulk from Amazon makes sense to me. And broadly speaking, I enjoy sharing some of the products I like with people who visit this site. I often highlight small, independent businesses or people making artisan products, or individuals who are just doing something cool. It's not something I feel bad about doing a couple times a year.


LOVE the side swipes! I'll be getting those for me and my mother. Thanks for the tip:) And for those who DON'T have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, I'm giving one away......


Ooh I love the Curiosity Shop! Thanks for posting the other inspiring links (and delightful recipes of course)!


Awesome list Heidi! I've been having fun trying out lots of your recipes. If you love salt, visit www.saltworks.com. They have a truffle salt that is to die for!


oooooo you know what those cards remind me of? hodo soy's new t shirt with all the little soybeans in a little pile on the front. :} thanks for the reminder-- I'll need to get the black eyed peas for a certain soul food chef I know...

shuna fish lydon

Those side swipes are such a good idea - I'll definitely be investigating those! It's half the fun of having a Kitchen-Aid that you can leave it whirring away in the corner, taking care of things without you, but it doesn't always quite manage it


I'm not a vegetarian, but you have so many recipes that look so good. I can't wait till I can try them. Thanks.


Thanks for all the great links. I just made a loan thru Kiva - what a great organization!


The Side Swipes are ingenious. THANKS. I upgraded it from a wishlist and went ahead and bought it. Brilliant. Thanks again.


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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