Triple-Oat Breakfast Cereal

Triple-Oat Breakfast Cereal Recipe

I keep a big, double container of this on hand for days when a quick breakfast is in order. It's one of a handful of custom cereal blends I like to keep in rotation - there's also this one, and this one. The big-batch thing is the magic. Especially if you're at all lazy, but still want a great breakfast. The thing that makes this cereal blend different? It's oat centric. So, if you're trying to work more oats into your diet, make this a go-to. Rolled oats and oat bran In addition to unsweetened O's cereal form the oat trifecta, with puffed kamut added for more crunch, and freeze-dried blue berries for a boost.

Triple-Oat Breakfast Cereal

Like I mention related to the other cereal blends, I'm including the recipe for what I think of as my "master" cereal recipe, but use it as a jumping off point, and don't get hung up on whether you can track down the exact cereals I use.

Triple-Oat Breakfast Cereal

Triple-Oat Breakfast Cereal

Triple-Oat Breakfast Cereal

Look for an unsweetened O's cereal - there's a good version at Trader Joe's as well as other natural foods markets.

1 15-ounce box Oat O's cereal, or equivalent
2 cups quick cooking rolled oats
3 cups puffed kamut cereal, or crisped brown rice
1 cup oat bran
2 cups dried blueberries
1/3 cup ground flax seeds

to serve: fresh berries fruit or sliced banana, chia, hemp seeds

Combine everything in your largest bowl, toss well, and transfer to two XXL air-tight containers (Weck 2.5 L glass jars are perfect) or, in a pinch, gallon-sized plastic bags.

Makes cereal for a week or more.

Prep time: 5 minutes

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  • Hey Heidi, does the puffed kamut have any discernible taste? I'm having horrible flashbacks to a childhood where my only cereal was puffed rice or wheat in GIANT plastic bags--maybe 3 feet (okay, probably only 2 but I was little). They were the cheapest and so that's what we got. But they had NO taste whatsoever. I love crunch but wonder which of the options, like the crispy quinoa, puffed kamut, or heaven forbid, the puffed brown rice, has the most taste.

  • Thank you so much for the inspiration with your cereal blends. I have been trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar in my diet and one of the first things to go were cereals. I have really found that I miss them! I mixed up a batch of this and cannot wait to enjoy it tomorrow morning. I had to sample it tonight of course, and really liked the combination of ingredients.

    HS: Thanks Sarah - I sometimes have it as an afternoon snack too ;)

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