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I'm doing a quick update of this page (as of 1/4/13) the old page was out of date and this short list will at the very least give you a few great places to jump in - it's by no means a comprehensive list or guide, I'll keep adding to it though. Portland is a great city, easy to get around, with incredible food, and an inspiring wealth of creative people making it happen for themselves. Just a super fun city all-around.

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i second everything trina said. her and i, and our respective others, have had THE most wonderful meals at toro bravo, broder, and lovely hula hands the last few times i've been back in town. i agree with other commenters as well that new seasons is probably the thing i miss most since moving away from portland.


Someone mentioned Saburo's Sushi House, but didn't do it justice..... There's always a line out the door, so expect a wait....but, you can also expect some of the largest, best quality fish around. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, one of the best sushi joints on the west coast.


Not related to food, but you must go to the Bagby Hot Springs. It's a short and beautiful hike through the forest to get to the natural hot springs. Very neat experience :)


I'm sorry you missed Kenny & Zukes, the deli downstairs from the Ace Hotel. Even though Kenny & Zukes is known for their pastrami, they have the most amazing veggie reuben sandwich, subbing grilled zucchini, mushrooms, and onions for meat. It's my favorite sandwich ever, and is especially hearty for the cold fall and winter months. Huge salads, too. Two blocks west of Powell's, on 13th Ave, is Cacao Drinking Chocolate. They have an exceptional array of both eating & drinking chocolate and are quite generous with samples - the owners really want you to be happy with your purchase! And yes, Toro Bravo is outstanding and McMenamins locations are more about atmosphere than food/drink.


You all have me yearning for a trip to Portland now. The Southwest is great, but the food just doesn't compare. While living in Portland, some of my favorite places to hit up were: *The Stumptown Annex on Belmont--they have daily "cuppings" each day at 11 and 3, and it's super fun to taste the different coffees. *Mint--I had the best sweet potato fries and pork chops of my life there. *Andina--best cocktails in the city with delicious Peruvian food to match. *Park Kitchen--always something different and amazing. *New Seasons Market--my favorite grocery store in the world. I miss it dearly. You really did it up right. Most importantly you made it to the farmers market! Can't wait to see what you create using your salt and chocolate purchases! -Kathleen, Tucson


People are really steering you to all of the good places. Might I add: Tin Shed...it has yummy breakfasts...and in the summer: live music on the patio is so perfectly Portland. Also, not a restaurant, but the place I miss the most since leaving Portland: New Seasons grocery store. The perfect blend of local, organic, natural food offerings and your must haves from the mainstream. Yummy prepared food and the nicest employees I have ever encountered in retail and I've worked retail. They are doing something right to have such consistently pleasant and helpful staff. Kudos to New Seasons.


No one has mentioned Kinta on SE Belmont, http://www.kintarestaurant.com/index.asp Wonderful soups and noodles dishes; I particularly love the miso lemongrass noodle soup. I do like Hopworks for the beer, but their food is only passable pub grub. The mushroom burger isn't bad. Bridgeport Brewing has horrible food, though; I wouldn't even go there for a drink!


The Kennedy School is a cool building, but the food and beer are only mediocre. If you're interested in excellent local micro brews and yummy food next time you are in town you should check out Hopworks brewing (new urban eco-pub) or Laurelhurst brewing.


my husband and i went to portland and the oregon coast for our honeymoon (fantastic!)... and i still talk about our lunch from the whole bowl in the pearl district. (http://www.thewholebowl.com/) judging from your yummy recipes, i can bet you would LOVE it if you try a whole-bowl on your next trip. (and then you could make up a recipe for us that decodes the mysteriously delicious tali sauce!)


Just spent part of my honeymoon in PDX - what a great city - we just wanted to up and move there! Loved Adina for dinner - upscale Peruvian food - delicious! Mother's for brunch - very busy but a fun atmosphere and loved that they served French press coffee. If your into wine it is definitey worth the short drive out to Willemette Valley wineries - to name a few - Rex Hill, Tori Mor, Penner Ash (my fav). We had a couple of cases shipped home! Hopefully we will get back soon but being from the east coast - it's not a weekend trip!


Saucebox Saucebox Saucebox. Divine late night drinks and snacks. Mind you, that was 2 years ago before I got pregnant and had a baby and stopped doing late night drinks and snacks altogether...so I might be idealizing a bit. : )

i was recently up there, and Clyde Common was definitely the culinary highlight of my trip. i adored their farmer's market too.

Hi Heidi: I'm a huge fan of this site and thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Absolutely love it. I visited to Portland this past July and had a fabulous time. Both of our trips seem to have a great deal of overlap, but next time I would suggest having dinner at Sel Gris — I don’t think it would be too far-fetched for me to say that it’s probably going to rank up there as one of my favorite meals of the year. I also loved Pok Pok for Thai and Ten01 for happy hour. We ended up going to the movies as well but at The Bagdad, which is run and operated by the people behind The Kennedy School (terrible food, boring beer but interesting ambiance). I wish we had been able to go to Lovely Hula Hands though…! You can read about my trip here.

For sushi go to Saburo's, and the best Thai is Mai Thai on SE Belmont.


You didn't so much as touch the NE! The Alberta St. area is completely charming, in a non-pretentious sort of way. It's become quite gentrified over the past few years, but it makes for an interesting mix of boutiques, nice restaurants, and barber shops straight out of 1950s harlem. I'd suggest Vita for big bowls of unceremonious yes delicious grain salads, la bonita for the best burritos (amazing mole) in town, and random order for a fabulous latte. Of course, there's also the renowned tapas bar lolo, but being a student it's not quite in my budget. Until the folks visit for thanksgiving, that is...


i would recommend also trying ya hala next time you are in town. It is some of THE best middle eastern food I've ever had. They also have the biggest variety of vegetarian/vegan middle eastern dishes I've ever seen.


What a lovely PNW post! I'm a transplanted Oregonian in Virginia and I miss it more and more as each year passes. I'm totally flush with nostalgia over your visit! Thanks for posting!

I've always wanted to go to Portland. Perhaps next year I can get Mr Chiot's to take me and swing by a few of these recommendations.

Off the top of my head - -beast (fantastic dinner and brunch) -vindalho -higgins -navarre

Love this website, have tried several of your recipes (the crusty polenta the other day - ingenious idea! My husband loved it!!) We live in Portland, as do both of our families. I'm so surprised there are so many pans of McMenamins - not a true chain, well, ok, a homegrown one, theirs were some of the first microbrews in Oregon. All of their pubs have whimsical handpainted decor, true to the sixties/seventies hippie origins of the brothers who founded and own the business (check out the website for a small sample of the delightful whimsy of this amazing business). Their beer is good, and I've never had a bad meal there, and my tastes range from sandwiches to jambalaya - The Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and the Rock Creek Tavern are our favorites, though Edgefield and the Kennedy School are good too. The service can be a little slow, and it seems that the fewer diners, the slower the service becomes, but these places are terrific, in my opinion. Ohhhhhh, it dawns on me, this is a vege website, and McM's isn't exactly vege, although they usually have a good vege sandwich, a lot of salads, and often have a pasta with spicy black bean sauce, or something similar. But, the not vege thing is why you're getting a few negative remarks. Well, it's good anyway, and fun, too.


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