Eggplant recipes abound. That is, in part, because eggplant is endlessly adaptable. It is a member of the nightshade family of vegetables, and grow from vines. What can you do with an Eggplant? You can grill eggplant, roast it, stir-fry, or simmer. You can also stuff and roast them, or use them as a pizza topping. You can eat eggplant whole, or puree it into a spread like baba ganoush. There are many different varietals beyond the standard Italian supermarket varietal including Japanese eggplant, Sicilian eggplant, and white eggplant. Tiny Thai eggplant are great for curries, although they can be tricky to source. Experiment!

Is Eggplant Good for You?

Rich in anthocyanins, the darkest skinned eggplant varietals, are believed to be effective free radical scavengers. A reminder to eat the rainbow. It is a good source of fiber, copper, and vitamin B1.

How to Buy and Store Eggplant

Buy eggplant based on what you’re cooking. For stir-fries, and roasting, I love Japanese eggplant. They’re long and narrow, thin-skinned, and easy to work with. I like to add small bowls of Thai eggplant to curries and stews. Select eggplant that are firm, heavy for their size, and free of bruises or discoloration. Store uncut eggplant un a sealed bag or container in your refrigerators crisper for up to a few days. Cut eggplant will oxidize and discolor quickly. Use them in one of the following favorite eggplant recipes!


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