Fig Recipes

fig recipes

How you Should be Baking with Figs

Figs in focaccia, figs in quick breads, and figs in coffee cake - so many ways you could be baking with figs!

fig recipes

Fig Leaf Coconut Rice

This coconut rice is special thanks to a tip Claudia Schwartz (the lovely, charming proprietress of San Francisco's Bell'occhio) gave me. Simmering the rice grains with a single fig leaf gives the rice a wonderful, unexpected flavor and fragrance. Serve topped with toasted pepitas, dried figs, scallions, and pan-fried tofu.

fig recipes

Figgy Buckwheat Scones

These jammy, fig-swirled buckwheat scones are from Kim Boyce's inspiring new book, Good to the Grain, about baking with whole-grain flours.

fig recipes

Grown-up Fig Cookies

A grown-up twist on the figgy classic. This filling for this fig cookie recipe is dried figs that are marinated overnight in port and pomegranate juice and then pureed. They also happen to be gluten-free.

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