Grapefruit Recipes

grapefruit recipes

Two-ingredient Candied Citrus Pops

Two-ingredient magic. Plump, juicy, citrus segments coated in thin, crunchy, sugar shells.

grapefruit recipes

At The Studio: Paloma Rosa

A favorite cocktail, Palomas push all the buttons - bright, refreshing, tart, with a kiss of sweet and salty. They also couldn't be simpler.

grapefruit recipes

Winter Punch

A beautiful winter punch recipe. Made from prosecco, winter citrus, gin, and rosemary sugar. It's simple to pull together, beautiful, easy-drinking, but not overly-strong. you can use

grapefruit recipes

Ginger Grapefruit Curd

A vibrant ginger grapefruit curd recipe & scans from my Marrakesh photographs.

grapefruit recipes

Lime, Grapefruit and Ginger Juice

If you're looking for a jolt something bright, invigorating, spicy and citrusy - this is just the thing. You steep grated ginger in a bit of sugared water, and then strain it into a lime & grapefruit juice blend. It's from the Rose Bakery inspired cookbook, which a number of us are cooking from in the coming weeks.

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