Slicing Pretty Avocados

Slicing Pretty Avocados

This post is for anyone who has ever asked me how I slice avocado. I get the question most often on Instagram (they show up in a lot of my photos), and thinking about it now, I suppose I do have pretty strong opinions about how to go about it. I like the slices thin versus thick, sometimes fanned out a bit (but not too much ;). And minimal fussing and handling is key.

In the video below, you'll notice that I do all the slicing with the avocado in my palm. It's not the safest method (by a long shot), and it's actually not how you should go about it. That said, I do include a demonstration of another, less perilous method, with very similar results later in the video. Avocado injuries can be serious. A couple of tips I forgot to mention - you want to use beautifully, perfectly ripe avocados, and a small knife. If you have a hard time choosing avocados, I posted some avocado buying tips on this page a while back, and it's still true that I spend more time choosing the avocados for guacamole than actually preparing it. Have fun and send pics! -h



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