Yellow Tomato Bloody Mary

Yellow Tomato Bloody Mary Recipe

I've learned a lot of things in the past year, working on QUITOKEETO. I've learned - it's preferable to be on the ground floor (and not on a third floor walk-up) when you're accepting a delivery of mortars & pestles that collectively weigh over a ton. I've learned to always pack cleaning supplies and trash bags when going to the airport to pick-up pallets of honey or maple syrup. In the not-so-off-chance the delivery has been dropped or smashed (and is now oozing onto a concrete loading dock), you're on your own. I've learned the names of seven UPS drivers, the number to call when a box is held in customs, and what it takes to get 300+ boxes packed and shipped in under 48 hours. I find myself starting an increasing number of conversations with the words, "I'm not making this up....." I love the learning curve of it all, and the unexpected nature of how it unfolds - never the same day twice. My favorite part of the project though, is discovering and highlighting producers and products. We tend to buy or find samples, see what sticks, and then pursue only the products we love and actually use.

In that vein, we've had some incredible hand-picked herbs from Greece around the kitchen all summer - Daphnis and Chloe. Incredibly fragrant, hand-picked, and sun-dried, they found their way into doughs, pastas, sautes, and cocktails. This yellow bloody mary was one example - fragrant herbs, yellow heirloom tomatoes, shallots, and a bit of kick from the vodka and serrano pepper. It's the bloody mary I want to drink. We just received our first shipment from Daphnis and Chloe (thanks Evangelia!) and added them to the store offerings this morning. I was quite excited about that. I've also added a few new recipes to the recipe section over there - what we make for lunch, and that sort of thing. We're hitting up Mexico City next. And for those of you who would like to be kept in the loop, there's a dedicated mailing list for QUITOKEETO, which goes out occasionally, when we have an update or new products. More soon! xo -h


Yellow Tomato Bloody Mary

We've been making these with the Daphnis and Chloe Greek Oregano - incredibly bright & fragrant. But if you have good dried herbs already on hand, by all means, use those.

2-3 medium yellow heirloom tomatoes, quartered
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon champagne vinegar
1/4 teaspoon celery salt
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano, crumbled
1/4 teaspoon finely minced serrano
1/2 teaspoon finely minced shallots
2-3 ounces vodka

garnish ideas: tiny feta cubes, olives, cucumber slices (optional)

Core the tomatoes, place in a bowl, and puree with a hand blender, you'll need 1 cup. Combine the tomatoes with the rest of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mason jar. Prepare four glasses with ice, and pour the mixture into the prepared glasses. Thread garnishes on short skewer or stem, if using, and serve immediately.

Serves 4.

Prep time: 5 min

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August 19, 2013

Oh yumm!! This sounds incredible.


August 19, 2013

This looks incredible!


Averie @ Averie Cooks
August 19, 2013

I love bloody Mary's, so much. This is the most beautiful one I've ever seen! Sounds like you more than deserve it after all your hard work!


Sarah | The Sugar Hit
August 19, 2013

This looks like the bloody mary I want to drink too!


August 19, 2013

Can't wait to try these!


I am pam
August 19, 2013

Oh I love a good Bloody Mary. I can only imagine how tasty this one is.


phi @PrincessTofu
August 19, 2013

I'm so jealous of your DF trip - I love it there. It's so charming to eat in little stools on sidewalks with complete strangers. As a vegetarian, DF was the easiest city to eat in. Fruit smoothies and fresh tacos all day. There's that market, La Central de Abasto, that is ab solute must. I've never been so overwhelmed with such a large volume of fresh food and colors.


August 19, 2013

Sooo... after reading this amazing recipe I did a search to see if any animals have yellow blood. Guess what? Beetles do. Can we call this cocktail the beetlejuice? Pretty please?


I NEED to try this before the end of summer. Loooove!


The perfect summer refresher. I love your story about your business start-up experiences. As a lover of continuously learning, this is quite inspiring.


Katie (A Fork in Hand)
August 20, 2013

Is there anything better than a cocktail made with fresh juice? I think not. Just gorgeous, as usual.


Dan from Platter Talk
August 20, 2013

What a beautiful and seasonal twist on this classic cocktail! Love this idea.


August 20, 2013

I love the bright pink pick on the garnish, what is it or where did it come from?

HS: It's a little sprig of red baby spinach.


Rockin Arugula
August 20, 2013

Damn...just got in the office and now I'm gonna think about booze all day long. This looks incredible!


August 20, 2013

mmmm, pretty pretty pretty


August 20, 2013

"garnish ideas: tiny feta cubes, olives, cumber slices (optional)" I've been looking for cumber in my local mart and can not find it. Can you give suggestions on where one might find this?

HS: Ah! Thanks!


August 20, 2013

My trick for the BEST bloody marys ever, is to use GIN instead of vodka.


The Healthy Apple
August 20, 2013

Looks amazing Heidi!!


Marie @ Little Kitchie
August 20, 2013

Bloody Marys are my favorite, love this twist on them!


August 20, 2013

Looks delicious, and actually pretty healthy! I just had a splendid bloody mary:


August 20, 2013



adam austin
August 20, 2013



Holly Robinson
August 20, 2013

I absolutely am trying this recipe in substitution to my red snapper recipe--gin replacing the vodka. Oh, snap!


My CSA members are always teasing me for including cocktail recipes in their weekly newsletter. I don't care how much ribbing I get... this looks perfect!

Thanks so much :)


August 20, 2013

This bloody mary sounds just amazing! Why have I never thought to use my fresh garden tomatoes this way? Probably because I'm already eating them as fast as I can. :)


300 hundred boxes?! It's more than packing invitations for my wedding and I felt tired after that exercise. Your bloody mary looks delicious and I'll make it tonight :)


michelle o
August 20, 2013

Heidi, I have been enjoying your recipes on the blog for a few years now and love the new ideas you give me. I just ordered your cookbook from Anthropologie and can't wait till i receive it. Thank you for the inspiration to eat healthier and be more creative. I often forward your fabulous ideas to a few fun friends and we call each other when we make things from your blog! All the best.


The Starving Student
August 20, 2013

Does it still count as a bloody mary if it's not red? haha looks pretty tasty either way!


YUM! I can only imagine how amazing those flavor combinations are together!


Phyllis Steckle
August 20, 2013

I always hated Bloody Mary's with V8 or bottled tomato juice; HOWEVER, this one is clean and very, very yummy. I placed a spring of fresh lovage from my garden as a garnish. Thank you again for all your blogs, photos, recipes, etc. Phyllis


August 20, 2013

What a lovely cocktail!


Chris @ The Rice Chef
August 21, 2013

Hi Heidi, I've just started following your blog recently (about 2 months ago). I'm a massive cocktail fan, just tried this little recipe and I must say this is the best Bloody Merry recipe I've come across.


August 21, 2013

Heidi, I hope you have a great experience in your travelling to this land. I'm sure you will find interesting things for your store, good food and nice people. Blessings!


August 21, 2013

Oh my, this Mary is beautiful! Props to you for dealing with all those snafus - yikes!


August 26, 2013

My yellow tomatoes are running rampant . Used cucumber vodka, yum! Thank you! You prove that healthly can be fun.


August 27, 2013

I made these on Sunday. Delicious! I had a lot of leftover tomato yumminess that I hadn't mixed with vodka so I used it as the base for a yellow tomato Gazpacho which was also delicious. I highly recommend doing this. Yes, Gazpacho is a fresh, healthy treat, but it's fun to think "I'm eating leftover cocktail..."


September 2, 2013

Wow. What a great (and grown up) alternative to more gazpacho!


September 8, 2013

I love your blog!


September 16, 2013

I love bloody marys, and this is quite possibly the most beautiful one I've seen! Wow!


September 17, 2013

Very very cool post. I would love to try this.. but where does one buy yellow tomatoes. I don't have a garden to grow them. I am going on the prowl for them now!