Creamy Ricotta Tart with Pine Nuts Recipe

I had a bunch of toasted pine nuts left over from....I don't know what, so I decided to try this Creamy Ricotta Tart with Pine Nuts.

As with most tart recipes I needed to make the tart shell first. I love these type of shells where you puree a bunch of stuff in the food processor, and then smush them into the tart pan. No rolling involved. This tart shell was nice with just a hint of sweetness added to the ground pine nuts, flour, salt, and butter. I could tell, because I couldn't help tasting the batter, well not really batter, but you know what I mean. Popped into the fridge for a few minutes, then I baked until golden.

While the shell was baking I whipped up the filling, which was really simple. Back at the food processor I pureed ricotta, cream cheese, eggs, and a simple sugar syrup. The consistency was thin, sort of like, say......a crepe batter.

This tart came out beautifully. It was golden and rustic, with a seemingly impossible range of yellow and brown shades in the crust, pine nuts, and custard.

The taste is wonderful. If it was any less sweet it wouldn't be sweet enough. The custard tastes like a light golden cheese cake, and it works perfectly with the buttery pine nut crust. It tastes great cold or at room temperature (I tried both).... It will also last for a few days, and still taste just as good (tried that too).

I would make this again for anything from a brunch to a luncheon, or picnic. Absolutely delicious.

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From: Food and Wine: Febuary 2002

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