Lemon Clove Cookies Recipe

Cloves always seem to end up in fall and wintery type dishes. I see them spiked into apples, ground up in cookies and pumpkin pies, rubbed over slow-roasted meats or added to ruby colored punches and cranberry sauces. I've always loved cloves, and remember climbing up into my parent's spice cabinet as a kid and twisting off the top of the jar of ground cloves to take a good strong whiff. Cloves were my favorite flavor to sniff, followed by a close second of vanilla extract, and then almond extract.

This Lemon Clove Cookie recipe caught my attention because the cloves were paired with lemon which I typically think of as a warm weather spring and summery type ingredient. Other than that the recipe was a pretty straight forward sugar cookie type recipe. Cream butter and sugar-add vanilla, egg, lemon zest, salt, and flour. Bake. You all know the drill.

The cookies turned out soft and tender, a beautiful golden brown color on the bottom, and not very sweet. The flavor combination is what made them extraordinary. While Im not sure if I would make these exact cookies again--I will try to figure out a way to integrate the lemon-clove flavors into other recipes. Maybe Lemon-Clove-Buttermilk Ice Cream, Lemon-Clove Pancakes, Lemon-Clove muffins or scones. These would also make a great ice cream sandwich with a good vanilla bean ice cream or gelato in the middle.

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To feature an actual recipe taken from a cookbook, it is best to request permission from the publisher or author. In the early days on 101 Cookbooks, I would tell people where to find the recipe, but not feature the recipe itself. Eventually I began to request permission to run the actual recipes, but this wasn't one of them. The majority of entries on 101 Cookbooks will have the recipes attached, this just happens to be one of the ones that doesn't. My apologies!

Link: Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook page: 79

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