Video: Sri Lanka

Video: Sri Lanka Recipe

About a week before Wayne and I leave on any trip I start campaigning for him to bring the video camera. He likes to travel light, so the prospect of carrying an extra camera, charger, batteries, and bag is never well received. The good news is that by the time we get to the airport, more times than not we have the video camera in tow.

We started bringing it along six or seven years ago when we went to visit our friend Massimo in East Africa (Tanzania). After we returned I edited the footage and we were able to share the video with some of our friends, we even shared it with complete strangers one night at World-o-Rama, a screening of people's travel videos.

Anyways, It's been a (very) long running joke around here that I still haven't edited our Sri Lanka/Thailand video from three years ago. It is coming up now because we just got back from New Zealand, and now that footage is on deck.

I was scanning through the Sri Lanka footage the other night and thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the places we visited. For starters I edited some of the clips from our hike up the sacred mountain of Adam's Peak, also known as Sri Pada. If you'd like to see a larger version of the video, it lives here as well.

There are various beliefs surrounding the mountain, one is that Buddha is supposed to have left the print of his left foot on Adam's Peak and then in one great stride stepped down in Siam (now Thailand) leaving the impression of his right foot there. Some Muslim's believe the footprint to be that of Adam (hence the name); and Hindus believe it was that of the god Siva. Christians come as well. As you can imagine, a fantastic mix of people congregate each pilgrimage season each year to make the ascent - young, old, healthy, handicapped, rich and poor. It all plays out in what could arguably be one of the most stunning landscapes on earth. And if the beauty above ground wasn't enough, fittingly, the earth below Sri Pada is rich with rubies, sapphires, topaz, aquamarine and other gems.

Spoiler Alert: As you can probably tell, Wayne shot some of the video. The footage from the summit is his. By the time we left on the hike that night, my stomach was all messed up and I never made to to the top. I ended up watching the sunrise from just below the summit alongside a stray dog (who makes a brief appearance in the background of one of the shots) and countless songbirds. The outhouse clinging to the side of the mountain (housing multiple tarantulas) was my base-camp for the rest of the night. I made a promise to myself to go back again and finish. That being said, I'm not sure I would trade the experience of a couple hours alone on the side of a Sri Lankan mountain at sunrise for anything. In the video look for the triangular shadow the mountain casts at sunrise.

Some related links: Sri Pada website, Sri Pada wikipedia page, and Sri Pada on Buddhanet.

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