A Week of Putting Things on Rice Cakes

A Week of Putting Things on Rice Cakes

I buy rice cakes (rice crackers) now and then, but they're not a regular purchase for me. I like to crumble them into certain salads, but beyond that, l generally pass. Until(!) last week when I was in Los Angeles, and I stumbled on thin rice cakes. Apologies if I'm exceptionally late to this party, but I had no ideas these existed! You get all the crunch and structure of a classic rice cake, without too much rice cake. They've become a fast favorite afternoon snack vehicle. I kept a list over the past week of favorite toppings, round one is pictured below, and you can see how they come together in the video as well.



And, if you're not a rice cake fan, you can certainly use all of these ideas on grilled bread, tortillas, lettuce wrap, or whatever!

(Below) Smashed cannellini or corona beans, a few spoonfuls of my favorite tomato sauce, some roasted cherry tomatoes, pepitas, and a few rosemary flowers.

Healthy Snack Ideas -  Rice Cakes

(Below) - Smashed ripe avocado (or good guacamole), crumbled kale chips, micro greens or whatever sprouts you have, a bit of lime zest, nutritional yeast, and a thread of extra virgin olive oil.

Healthy Snack Ideas -  Rice Cakes

(Below) - Please try this one - so good, and you can use the remaining saffron honey on everything from oatmeal to breakfast yogurt. It's a quick infused saffron honey drizzled over ricotta cheese, and finished with a bit of salt and chopped chives and/or chive blossoms. The sweet/savory is A+.

Healthy Snack Ideas -  Rice Cakes

(Below) - Turmeric hummus topped with mung beans, scallions, and a sprinkling of hemp seeds. A dab of feisty salsa is great on this one as well.

Healthy Snack Ideas -  Rice Cakes

Healthy Snack Ideas -  Rice Cakes

Healthy Snack Ideas: Rice Cakes Four Ways

Idea #1: Rice Cracker & Turmeric Hummus

- 1/4 teaspoon turmeric
- 3 tablespoons hummus
- split green peas or mung beans
- scallions
- hemp seeds

Idea #2: Rice Cracker & Saffron Ricotta

- 1 teaspoon almond extract
- a pinch of saffron, crumbled
- 3 tablespoons of honey
- 2-3 tablespoons ricotta cheese
- salt
- chopped chives and/or chive blossoms

Combine the almond extract and saffron in a small cup, swirl, for thirty seconds or so. Stir in the honey. Spread the ricotta across a rice cracker, and drizzle with the saffron honey. Sprinkle with salt, and finish with chopped chives and/or chive flowers.

Idea #3: Rice Cracker & Kale Avocado

- ripe avocado
- crumbled kale chips
- sprouts or micro greens
- lime zest
- nutritional yeast
- drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Idea #4: Rice Cracker & Tomato Beans

- smashed cannellini or corona beans

- 2 tablespoons favorite tomato sauce

- roasted tomatoes or raw cherry tomatoes

- pepitas
-chopped rosemary or rosemary flowers

Prep time: 5 minutes

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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