Chocolate Bundt Cake

Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

Slices of this chocolate bundt cake spent the better part of the past week in the car with me. Each piece, wrapped in parchment, tucked between the Ak-Mak crackers and a jar of almond butter. It is a fine travel cake. One that can handle a day or two in the car - blizzards, bumps in the road, hairpin turns, and all. Topped with not much more than a sweep of icing, it's unfussy, and ready to go straight from the pan. I make it with a blend of whole wheat and all-purpose flours, lots of yogurt, and the darkest brown sugar I can get my hands on. And it was just the thing to unwrap on a picnic table underneath a grove of sky-scraping redwood trees.

Chocolate Bundt Cake RecipeChocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

This cake gets sweetness and moisture from maple syrup and the darkest of brown sugars. I use beer in the batter, but you can't really taste it outright. More than anything it lends a malty base note and depth of flavor. Go for a not-too-hoppy porter or stout, or chocolate porter or chocolate stout. I know most of you can get your hands on a Guinness, which is totally fine as well.

Chocolate Bundt Cake RecipeChocolate Bundt Cake RecipeChocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

I'm keeping this post short (making my way home) - but for those of you who don't have a bundt pan, I bake this batter in a wide range of pans. It makes great little cakes, and loaf cakes, and cupcakes. You know the drill, adjust the baking time, and bake until the sides of the cake start to pull away from the pan a bit, and a tester/knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

Thank you to my Portland friends for the warm welcome. More pics to come, once I get home and can get some film developed. And I'm going to have to ask you to please forgive any typos :( It has been a long day involving flat tires, tow trucks, and nasty weather. xo -h

Chocolate Bundt Cake

I use less butter here, than most other cakes of this sort. And I'd argue, you can't really tell. That said, scaling back much more beyond this wasn't a good idea. Also, I use buttermilk in the icing because I typically have it on hand, but you can certainly substitute stout/porter or water.

Chocolate Bundt Cake:

2 cups / 475 ml chocolate porter or stout beer
8 tablespoons unsalted butter, plus more for the pan
3/4 cup / 75g natural cocoa powder (non-dutched)
1 cup / 5 oz / 140 g whole wheat flour
1 cup / 4.5 oz / 125 g all-purpose flour
1 cup / 4.25 oz / 120 g muscovado or dark brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
3 large eggs
1 1/2 cups / 355 ml plain whole yogurt
3/4 cup / 180 ml pure maple syrup

Chocolate Buttermilk Icing:

3/4 cup / 2.75 oz / 75 g powdered sugar
1/4 cup / 25g natural cocoa powder (non-dutched)
2 tablespoons buttermilk

flaky sea salt, to serve

Preheat oven to 350F / 180C, with a rack in the center.

Butter and flour (generously) a 11 or 12-cup capacity bundt pan (or equivalent). As I mention up above, you can bake this in other cake pans, just be mindful to avoid filling the pan(s) more than 2/3 - 3/4 full. Adjust the baking time as well - baking until the cake begins to pull away from the sides of the pan, and the center tests clean when you insert a knife.

In a saucepan simmer the beer down to 1 cup / 240 ml. Remove from heat, add the butter and stir until melted. Stir in the cocoa powder, mixing until smooth, then set aside to cool, stirring occasionally to let off heat.

In a medium bowl, whisk together the flours, sugar, baking soda, and salt. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the eggs, yogurt, and maple syrup. Whisk well, until nicely blended and uniform in appearance. Gradually add the (cooled) stout mixture, stirring all the while. Stir until well blended. Add the flour mixture, folding until just blended, using as few strokes as possible.

Transfer the batter to the prepared pan and bake for 35 - 45 minutes if using the bundt pan, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. You really don't want to over bake this cake - err on the slightly moist side if anything. Remove from the oven, and turn out onto a cooling rack after seven minutes.

In the meantime, make the icing by whisking together the powdered sugar, cocoa, and buttermilk. Really go at it for at least a minute. The icing should end up smooth and creamy looking, adjust with a touch of powdered sugar or a few extra drops of buttermilk if you want to tweak the consistency at all. When the cake is completely cool, run the icing around the top with an offset spatula and let it set.

Serve sprinkled with a bit of flaky sea salt. But don't sprinkle with flakes of salt until ready to serve, or you'll end up with little divots (see photos :)...

Makes one chocolate bundt cake.

Prep time: 25 min - Cook time: 45 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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This is an intriguing way to use stout beer. I happen to have a bottle that could be put to good use in this cake.

Christine @ Fresh Local and Best

So my kind of cake - love those photos!! I can never say the word bundt without thinking My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Belinda @zomppa

Sorry to hear about flat tires and tow trucks but simply love the traveling bundt cake. And there is beer in it!

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

What a beautiful cake!! I might make it for my birthday next Monday. Possibly use it as a bottom layer for a mousse cake.

By the way, you take beautiful pictures.


That is a good looking cake.
Is there a reason why you specified using non-dutched cocoa? I am thinking of making this cake and I only have dutch cocoa at home.


This looks incredible! Adding it to my "To Make" list :)

Maria @ Orchard Bloom

I am loving the ingredients in this cake, and it looks great. Can't wait to try it!


This cake looks really delicious! Great pictures!


wow!!!!!! It looks so yummy! I have to try this!


oh man, this looks so perfect. hope you get some rest, sounds like a long day. you're a champ for posting regardless. can't wait to try. xo


Mmm mmm mmm! Can't wait to try this one out!


It's 12:21 am. I'm ready for bed.....but I want to make this cake NOW.



I love the idea of a travel cake. I try to take the it's-never-the-wrong-time-to-bake-a-cake approach, myself.


The cake is just...gorgeous. I grew up in a Bundt cake making family...there was always a bundt for most every occasion.

Yours is picture perfect.

Averie @ Averie Cooks

yumm, wish i had some maple syrup right about now... i never get tired of trying new chocolate recipes, this will go on my to bake list for sure.


I wonder if this cake would still be as amazing if you substituted out the alcohol? And what would you substitute it with? I'm thinking prune or blackberry juice, but thoughts to play around with would be welcome. Thanks for your no-holds-barred dedication to your lovely blog and its readers.


OK Final this is my birthday cake!!!
OH God!!! I love chocolate cake... and this deliciousness is calling me...
Beautiful, I feel like reaching inside the monitor and taking a slice for me...

Reem | Simply Reem

If I don't make this soon, I might end up doing something drastic, like licking those fabulous pictures of this cake on my comp screen. But I came to the comments section to see if there is a substitute for stout beer or chocolate porter, whatever that is, which is unfortunately unavailable here.


This cake looks amazing - the addition of beer sounds really interesting and tasty.

I love the idea of a chocolate buttermilk icing as well - yum!


Yum! I'm so glad I literally just bought a bundt pan. I'll have to break it in with this tasty cake!


Never had a chocolate bundt cake that looked so amazing.
I also really like the way you wrapped it in parchment paper, and carried around with you.
Gonna have to try to make this really soon!

Mike @TheIronYou

On the issue of substituting the stout/porter - do you think coffee would make an okay substitution? I'm sure it would alter the flavor, but hopefully not too drastically and maybe in a nice mocha-type of way.


Gorgeous! I've been craving cake--chocolate cake in particular--but, like you, I'm currently fighting my way through the snow. I guess my date with bundt cake will have to wait until early April.

katy from diningwithdusty

Wow heidi that s some cake simply brilliant i love bundt pans but i dont love chocolate but i m loving this cake how i wish i get maple here


This looks so delicious, I'm a big choc fan so a choc bundt cake seems pretty perfect.


This looks like a perfectly wonderful cake! I love the depth of flavour and that rich dark colour.


Oh, what a wonderful looking cake! I'm going to have to try it soon. Maybe with a berry sauce when the first of the spring berries come out, yum.


those who are substituting the beer, let us know how it goes! i wonder if the fizz from the beer helps the cake to rise - perhaps try it with ginger beer?


beer and cake! this is def on my list.


Oh my goodness this looks so good! I love bundt cake and it just seems so much easier to make and handle. Its nice o have a recipe thats much healthier too! Thanks!! :)

jenny bars

also fyi I *love* that you post recipes with both american and metric. if you can find Belgian dark brown Candico sugar it is the best.


That buttermilk frosting is over the top. It looks gorgeous. As luck would have it, I'm a big fan of guinness. And it seems to me that there is an upcoming event that features the stuff ... interesting ...

A Plum By Any Other Name

Heidi, this looks incredible! I can't wait to try it. I have never been so adventurous with cakes and I love all the ingredients you're using here.
Thank you!

Magda | My Little Expat Kitchen

oh this is just beautiful! Definitely saving it and hope to make next time we have company!

Simply Life

Heidi, the pictures look beautiful. I love the dark quality they have. What camera and settings do you use?


This post inspired me to make a new pinterest board called "picnic food". Now picnic weather just needs to come so I can make this cake!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

yummm..this bundt cake looks so dense and moist, which is my favorite type of cake. i love the chocolate frosting on top. it gives a very rustic feel to it.


Ha, we must think alike! I made a dairy free version on my blog using coconut oil, Guinness, and espresso. Yum! Yours is gorgeous. Love that icing.

Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

I really like this; it's got a lot of things I like in it and the result looks awesome. How much does the maple syrup come through? Could another sugar be substituted realistically without taking away from the flavor too much?


This recipe sounds and looks so good. Your photo of the trees is beautiful. I wanted to say thank you for the favorites list last week. It sent me to interesting places once again.


I love a sturdy cake like this, road-hardy and ready to travel. The pic of the trees is so beautiful!

la domestique

I love Guinness Cake. I've made it before and it adds delicious chocolatey flavour to the batter.
I love a cake like this with a good, dense crumb.

Samantha Angela

Oh my, this is gorgeous and delicious and seems pretty sturdy. We'll have to try it with some of this season's maple syrup.

Lisa in Vermont

I was just thinking that a delicious cake would be nice to have around the house for the weekend. Perfect timing!

Noelle @ GreenLemonade

I always make a chocolate stout cake at this time of year because I work in a bakery and that's what we do for St. Patrick's Day BUT, stout and porter, especially the chocolate or espresso stouts do so enhance chocolate that I personally make use stout just as often as I use espresso in my chocolate desserts. ALSO - since you mentioned having buttermilk on hand (one of my best friends), I like it in cake batter and use it the way you use the yogurt in this one. I'd never think of using whole wheat flour in a dessert, but I'll give it a try!

theresa k.

Oh no... This is serious business. Have to make this!


Can I substitute agave for the maple syrup (it's all I have in my pantry at the moment).


Can I substitute agave for the maple syrup (it's all I have in my pantry at the moment).


We have to make this for our next dinner party. The photo of the trees are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous photos of a chocolate bundt cake!

Mid Mod Tom

i'll take one cake and one batch of redwoods both, please, thank you very.

in exchange, sending calm travel thoughts for the balance of the trip!

HS: Thanks Molly :)


Trying to lose some pounds before swimsuit season. You're making this very hard. Maybe swimsuit season can be delayed a few weeks....


Stout is my favorite beer and I have never baked with it. I love the idea of mixing dark full-bodied beer with rich chocolate. Your bundt cake looks delightful - even more so with a big strong man carrying a hearty slice of it :)

Julia {The Roasted Root}

Heidi, thanks for this recipe. I absolutely love my Bundt tins and have been looking for a new chocolate cake recipe for them, since exhausting all of those in my bundt tin recipe book. I love Guiness, buttermilk, et al, but sorry don't know what non-Dutched cocoa is - havent seen it on the shelves here in the UK - so hopefully good ol'regular cocoa will suffice. I print up and make many of your recipes, so thanks again.

Suzanne in Manchester, UK

Where do you get your parchment paper?

HS: I buy unbleached parchment paper by the roll at Whole Foods, but I also have a supply of waxed parchment baggies I brought back from Japan.


I love it when you post sweets!! Makes me feel better and you always do such a beautiful job capturing them.


That looks delicious! I can't wait to try this one.

Rebecca in NC

This is wonderful, I have chocolate and coffee flavored porters in the fridge since Christmas, no one liked them but everyone loves chocolate cake!!! woo hoo! thanks


Wow, this looks awesome! The flavors look like they will go great together. I can't wait to try it!


Sounds delicious.... wish there was a non-alcohol version.

HS: John - try swapping in another flavorful, concentrated liquid if you like - I suspect strong coffee would be nice, or as mentioned, ginger juice....milk....


Your photograph of the redwood trees is magnificant. I love how you captured the foggy mist in the photograph. I love living amongst the redwoods. They are so magical and spiritual and bring such a sense of calmness.

I have a bundt cake pan and plan on making this, as we love bundt cakes and chocolate. Perfect combo!

jackie @ marin mama cooks

This looks delicious and your photos are perfection!


aaargh! I need to bake this cake right now - I have all the ingredients, except natural cocoa powder… will I completely eff it up if I use normal? I'm so not a natural baker and so I never know how drastic a substitution will be… help!


The combination of chocolate and beer is perfect for St. Patty's day! And I think the amount of butter here, 1 stick, is just right.


Lovely cake & redwood trees! I may make this cake for my St. Patty's day dinner party tomorrow night:) Maybe I'll use Guinness for the beer?! Happy & safe travels!


Delicious looking cake! I loved to see yoghurt in the ingredients, look forward to trying, thanks for the recipe!

Ozlem's Turkish Table

My list of things to do just got longer. We will be eating this befor the week-end is over.


I love the ingredients in this cake. I'm going to try chestnut & buckwheat i/o the wheat/all purpose because husband has tummy issues. I can't wait to see how it goes. I hope to freeze as well because let's face it, there are only so many good things one can make, that they then have to actually eat. Hope your day got better and thanks for posting nontheless.

Oana from dishchronicles

Heidi, love your blog BUT WISH OH HOW I WISH...there could be a section of comments for those that have actually MADE YOUR RECIPE before commenting. Most of them are ,'wow sounds wonderful' or 'Hello from Parma Heights' or 'My aunt Greta in minnesota has a recipe just like this' etc, etc. Those that actually cook/bake learn so much from comments/suggestions/experience that are actually making your recipes.

HS: I swear someday there will be a better commenting system here, just not sure when. Hold out for me!


I second AnaMaria's suggestion. I make almost everything Heidi posts and would love feedback from others about their experiences.


Gotta love some beer in that cake :)

Sandy @ tinytinyfork

Dutched vs. Non-Dutched: found this explanation, think it clears things up a touch...


looks amazing, as do the pics of your trip into the redwoods, nasty weather and all. the icing is really what's pushing my over the edge. well, that and the beer, even if you can't taste it :).

heather @ chiknpastry

Heidi, this sounds, and looks amazing. Humble, pretty, and I can already taste its sweetness. Thank you for the recipe!

Jill @ 42potatoes

Making this right now. It's going to be amazing, I can tell. Be careful when you simmer the stout though. Mine boiled/foamed over like crazy since i had the heat turned up pretty high. Now it's simmering along nicely but I gave myself a nice clean up job!


Could I sub olive oil for the butter, like in the banana olive oil cake you posted previously? I am obsessed with that cake!

HS: I haven't tested it with this particular cake Laura, but I suspect it could work. Let me know if you try it.


This is a beautiful post all the way around! I love the picture in the woods with that chunk of cake in parchment. I am gluten free and am going to have fun substituting flours and gluten free beer to make this cake! Thanks!


I really enjoy your food blog! Cake looks so good!

Push to Cook

Instead of using butter and flour on the pan and getting the white glazy look on the outside of the cake, use butter and some of the natural cocoa. It doesn't leave the white film on the cake and more chocolate can only improve the cake!

HS: Brilliant tip Tammy. I sort of like the dusty look, maybe I'll try a blend?


Hello Heidi,

I am more in love with the write-up than with the pictures and the recipe (although I did put this in my to-do box). You have a great writing style.

Heidrun Perez

Always on the lookout for a nice new cake recipe. The buttermilk icing sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing Heidi!

HS: I think you'd like it Sneh :)

Sneh | Cook Republic

Looks wonderful, Heidi! I think this would be the perfect thing to take on a camping trip to Big Sur next month!


Oh, dear... I have some chocolate stout in my refrigerator and I've been searching for a good baking use for it all week. My brownies were mildly successful, but left me wanting more... I have just found my more, thanks! And love those Ak-mak!

Amy @ CookingScraps

OMG!!! I have to try this recipe!

The slow pace

finally a blog where you can find the ingredients also in grams! Beautiful blog :)


Printed this and will try with carob powder and let you know. Can't give up a dark chocolate-like cake, but so it goes...I'm sensitive to caffeine... love that it travels well.

HS: Would love to know how it turns out.


Love the look of this! I'm all for an easy, no-fuss chocolate cake. Can't wait to hear/see more on the Portland jaunt ;-).

HS: Come down for a city visit Lia! xo

Lia Huber

My husband's birthday is tomorrow and I loved the addition of beer for a St. Paddy's day birthday. I just pulled it out of the oven and will enjoy with friends tomorrow!

Anne-Marie Sargent

OK, it's done, gorgeous, delicious and moist. Mine turned out a little darker than yours i think and with a slightly looser crumb. I used an Espresso Stout from Laurelhurst Brewing in Portland and used half stout and half heavy cream for the icing. Perfect! Thank you Heidi. A total keeper. Happy St. Paddy's day.

HS: So happy to see you K - I like the icing made w/ beer too - but I've been doing beer + buttermilk.


Aw, this SUCKS! I don't eat wheat anymore (which has made me fee so much better) but I sure as hell miss a good bundt cake.


Hi, I just made this recipe, except subbed hard apple cider for the stout, sorry it was all I had. It was exceptionally yummy. Very dark, very rich, and not nearly as dense as I seemed to think it would be. It reminded me very much of the consistency and moist quality of a gingerbread, minus the spicy notes. I didn't so much taste the alcohol, but it certainly was a different flavor than the normal chocolate cake! Much more grown up and complex. I thought it was going to overflow my bundt pan since I haven't made much in it before, so kept back a little batter, but it would have fit just perfectly if I had been braver. The icing is extremely rich and chocolatey, and just the right accompaniment. Yum! Does that help, AnaMaria?


Just made this with what I had on hand, substituted Anchor Steam Beer for the stout/porter, honey instead of maple syrup, and straus non-fat plain yogurt for the plain whole yogurt, turned out awesome! Very moist and not too sweet. Perfect dessert to bring to girl's night out tonight, thanks heidi!


This looks amazing, Heidi. I have been looking for a cake to bake and this might just fit the bill. The pictures are making me hungry!


Did you use ww pastry flour? I like your bunt pan. Is it a mini or standard size?


Thank you for responding, Heidi! I made this cake tonight with 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil, which I mixed in with the yogurt egg mixture, instead of butter and it turned out delightful. Next time I might add thick pieces of dark chocolate into the batter, too :-) This is a great recipe, thank you!


So, can this be made wheat free using barley flour or another? I wonder if I would have to adjust anything to do it...


I can't get Maple Syrup where I live. Any suggestions for a substitute? Thanks.


Wow, amazingly beautiful cake! I like bringing some snack and eating while driving. This must be perfect one:-)


Wow. You have my attention. This looks fabulous.

Denise | Chez Danisse

That looks amazing. I can't wait to try and make them. Comfort food.


Kacie @ Gorge in the Gorge

i just got my first bundt pan recently. well, actually my second - my first one as an adult that's not my mom's. can't wait to try this!

lynn @ the actor's diet

I made this last night for my dinner party tonight!! I cannot wait to serve it up! I had fun making it and posted about it on my blog, too. Thanks for sharing the best recipes!

HS: Hope your party was fun Liana, glad to be a small part of it.


Your photos are always beautiful, making me wish I traveled more. But even though I can't travel right now, I can enjoy some of the beautiful food you make.

This cake is calling for me to bake it.


Just made the cake, and the smell is amazing.

I might suggest leaving it in the pan for more like 12 minutes before turning it out. Mine broke into two pieces. Undaunted, I'm going to "glue" it back together with the icing. : )


I noticed Trader Joe's sells Chocolate Stout. I will have to get some and try this cake. It looks delicious.


è una vera delizia! complimenti, un bacio :)

claudia annie

I made it! Had to make a special trip or the stout, but there was aplenty for st pats day!
Oh HS, you are brilliant with ingenuity and creative recipes! Thanks!! My version of your bundt was tres delicious! I used a ring tin and six additional patty cakes! So good! It's going to go to wrk with e everyday this week! And ... I'll share it!


Hi Heidi!
You have gotten me into Bundt cakes and i just cant stop! Yahoo! A new one!
Could you please tell me where you got your pan from? I see it in other bundt postings like the lemony olive oil banana bread post. Is it new or vintage? I am on the hunt for a pan for home ( i usually do my baking at work, i am a chef at a small restaurant in toronto)
for interest's sake i have tried the oatmeal stout cake from Regan Daley's book in a bundt pan and it was fabulous. id love to see you do a spin on it!

HS: It's vintage Amy - I saw it in an antique shop and for some reason, didn't buy it - I think it was quite expensive $200+?. But I went back to that same shop a year+ later, and it was still there. I took that as a sign, and brought it home with me. There are no marks on it - if I can ever figure out who made it, I will give everyone the heads up. It has become one of my all-time favorite pans to bake in. xo

amy webster

anamaria, i am so with you. hope this helps!

i just took this cake out of the oven (my first bundt!) and turned it out after 10 minutes - it came out in one piece and looks beautiful. i couldn't resist cutting a small slice and i have to say, it's airy and delicious... kind of like spongecake. i think it'll be much better once cooled though- thicker with more of the chocolate flavors coming through. one note - it took about 15-18 mins for the beer to simmer down to 1 cup so everyone should account for that when making the recipe.

thanks for posting another winner!


This cake looks amazing! Moist and wonderful. I bet the beer adds great flavor.


This cake manages to be the most magnificent chocolate cake, Guinness cake AND bundt cake I've ever seen. I can't wait to make it!

Cookie + Kate

Heidi, this cake is amazing! I made it with Deschutes Obsidian Stout ('cause I'm an Oregonian!) and dusted the pan with cocoa instead of flour. I love the deep dark brown color of the cake. It's so moist and malty-tasting. I let it cool 10 minutes before easing it out of the pan (no problems).

Last weekend we cooked brunch for friends using Super Natural Every Day and it was a hit. And they didn't think they liked natural healthy cooking--ha! Thanks so much for the terrific recipes!

HS: It's hard to beat brunch with friends! And I think the Obsidian was a brilliant call. :)


This cake came out great even though I was a little imprecise on the measurements. I also used homemade 2% yogurt. Love the stout and chocolate combination!


I made this cake tonight. Words can't even begin to describe how scrumptious it was. So moist and flavorful. Yumm, yumm, yumm!!! I used the chocolate stout beer (it really does taste like chocolate). I followed the recipe exactly and added some mini chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe!

HS: You know, every time I bake this cake I consider adding a good dose of chocolate chunks - I can imagine it's +++


Mouth waters. Must make.


Feedback: Wow, it was good. I'm in Belgium so I sub in ingredients for what I can't find. Here's what I did and how it worked: I used a high quality baking chocolate, not cocoa powder, couldn't find maple syrup, and used a Rochefort 10 for the beer. Thus I increased the sugar, added milk to keep the volumes similar, and made some slight tweaks to follow Heidi's directions.
1. Since my beer volume was smaller to begin with and more aromatic (dates and plum), I let it reduce down to about 1 cup, then I dissolved the butter, and the 150 g of bar chocolate in the beer-sauce.
2. Since I omitted the syrup, I increased the brown sugar by 2 tbsp (up to 140 g); and added 1/2 cup milk to the yogurt (taking the total volume up to about 400 ml, or 14 oz; approx 2 cups).
After whisking in the flour, the batter looked very wet, with lots of bubbles, and I wasn't sure if it would set. It makes for an excellent, moist cake. I thought the whisking was a bit dubious at first, but it really is key. Do no overmix. Omitting the syrup might make for a less sweet cake, but I found that I enjoyed this revelation; the icing really stands out. If you can find Southern Tier's Creme Brulee Stout, I would highly recommend that (it was awesome in some tiramisu, and would lend it's sweetness to the cake very well). Hope this helps!

HS: Happy it worked out Neeli!


Love the chocolate and stout combination, adds a much deeper flavour that you often find in chocolate cakes.

Adam Levy

This is just gorgeous!!! I love that you used whole wheat flour in it too! :D

Caroline @ chocolate & carrots

This looks really awesome! Also, I would be greatly interested in your take on a chocolate rum cake if you ever feel so inclined. Thanks for all the great posts! :)


That cake looks amazing!

Sarah @ Fresh Living

One of the best cakes I've ever tasted. Truly!


I couldn't agree more with AnaMaria's comment from March 16th. We were scanning for tips last night as we were making it because I didn't think the batter tasted right, and we were thinking exactly what AnaMaria said! More comments from people who have actually made it, please!

In that vain, we made this last night and it tasted better today than it did right out of the oven. It is really good, but it is a deep and rich chocolate dessert, not for people who like super sweet chocolates. We used a dark porter beer and I think it may have made the batter bitter at first and needed time to settle in - I'm not sure.

I felt the same about the icing - I didn't love it at first last night, but as it all settled together overnight, it seemed to come together really well.



I made the cake last night . . . Good GAWD!! It is just incredible!! I made mine in two loaf pans and only had 0% Fage on hand, so I added in about 1/8 heavy cream to give back some of the fat ;). I also tucked shards of 85% dark chocolate into the top of each loaf which melted into lovely chocolate pools inside. The loaves are just barely solid -- deep, dark, rich, super-moist, chocolatey richness! But since it isn't a terribly sweet cake, it's not overwhelming. Thank you for yet another amazing recipe!!!

Kathleen in MO

My grandmother was a cook, not a baker, the only thing she ever baked, at all occasions, was chocolate bundt cake. She did not even frost, just some powdered sugar on top. Wedding, funeral, birthday, holiday, any day...chocolate bundt cake. Thanks for the memory.

Maria @ Sinfully Nutritious

I made this cake the other night for a friend's birthday party. It turned out really well, but the batter was very runny and it took about an hour and a half to bake. I'm not sure if this is something I did wrong. Anyway, the cake eventually set and was a hit, quite light and spongy, almost like pudding cake. I'll make it again for sure, but will take the extra baking time into account. Thanks for the great recipe!


I just finished making this cake and it was by far the best chocolate cake I've ever made-- unbelievably moist and the stout (I used Guinness) really enhances the chocolate flavor. I ended up baking the cake in two 8-inch cake pans for about 30 minutes. I doubled the icing so I could spread some on the inside. Heavenly! I can't wait to eat another slice.


Heidi, I cannot stop looking at this cake. CANNOT. The photos are just dreamy. And that icing! I just tried to make a bundt cake using honey as a sweetener, and it fell completely flat. :( How does using maple syrup affect the texture of the cake?

HS: Thanks K! Hmm, problem cakes are no fun. Shoot me the recipe if you want me to take a look. Did you use any granulated sugar (I tend to use a blend these days). Like honey, the maple syrup brings some moisture. But honey vs. maple are definitely different beasts.And I've found baking with honey (w/o other sweeteners can be super tricky at times!)....


Ok, so I made this cake late last night so I could eat it for a special 'treat' day today. I was a little worried about the runny batter also, but it turned out so moist and delicious. I also used 0% Fage bc that's what I had (should have thought to add some cream, but I think it still tastes delicious). Also ran out of wheat berries, so I ground some kamut and substituted it with fingers crossed. Worked out fine! One more change - couldn't find chocolate porter but I did come across coffee porter, which I thought would be perfect with the chocolate. Flavor in the end was amazing. And I loved the buttermilk dressing. Thanks for the recipe!


I baked this cake tonight with Guinness (as others have noted, it took a good 15 mins to boil down and was at risk of boiling over at the start, so keep an eye open), non-fat Chobani yogurt, and the last of my maple syrup topped up with agave syrup and honey.

I don't have a bundt pan so split the batter between a loaf tin and an 8X8 glass lasagna dish. As Heidi warns, do not over-fill your tins! I was careful (I thought!) and the loaf tin still overflowed in the oven! The two cakes probably took 75 minutes in the oven.

Instead of making icing, I whipped cream with a drop of vanilla and served the cake warm. Delicious! But we decided to call it Guinness Cake, since the chocolate flavour is not very pronounced when compared to a chocolate cake but is decently chocolatey when thought of as a Guinness Cake! Next time I might add chocolate pieces. Thank you, Heidi. Gorgeous recipe, very moist and flavourful.


Well....I have been dreaming about this cake ever since I received it on my phone! I was camping on a beach in HI....and could not wait to get home to make it. It rained the entire time....what can I say! It is in the oven now! Can't wait....trying to stay away from the beautiful icing resting on my be continued.....


looks utterly scrumptious!


Made this today, and it was delicious!!
Love your blog— thank you for sharing.


Thank you for your ever beautiful recipes.
I made a few adjustments to suit my taste (no lemon zest or chocolate) and the banana bread turned out superbly.
In hindsight, I think the lemon zest might have added an extra zing, but was happy to have left out the chocolate.


This is a ridiculously easy-looking and gorgeous-sounding cake. Bookmarking for a rainy, baking weekend. Thank you. And extra thanks/kudos for posting during what sounds like a horrendous day. All the best to you.


This is really mouth watering Hidi! Thanks for sharing!
Any suggestion to replace the maple syrup in the ingredients list? Chestnut honey? What would you think?
Big kiss


I tried this cake but it didn't come out well. I think I didn't fold the batter properly. Will try it again because it looks delicious and the ingredients are so interesting.


Made this last night with great success for my roommate's birthday. Heidi, you have a way of posting something just when it's needed. Infused the stout with some lavender flowers (had on hand) as it was reducing and then strained them. Sprinkled some lavender flowers with flaky salt on the buttermilk icing, too. A lovely spring cake, Heidi, thank you. So delicious. Thanks for the tip to err on the underdone side! It's perfect.


I made this yesterday. Whole Foods did not have chocolate stout so I bought a cappuchino stout made in California. I think I was not patient enough to wait until 2 cups boiled down to 1 so my batter was very runny. I tasted it and it seemed a little bitter so I added some Mexican vanilla and more sugar. Cake turned out great, definitely on the moist side, not as tall (it never really rose much) but perfect flavor. Due to the cake being very spongy, my icing was absorbed by it and did not crust on top like yours. I am going to try that cake again, for sure. I liked it.

HS: Janine - If you make it again, and don't want to wait for the beer to boil down, you can use beer straight from the bottle - 1 cup. More than that, and things go awry.


Thx, Heidi! This is my new favorite chocolate cake. I was out of maple syrup and a.p. flour, so I used a nice local honey and white spelt flour instead. I also halved the recipe for my 6-cup bundt pan. It was a perfect fit and baked in just a little over 20 minutes.


I love the storytelling element of this post! I'm sure the off-to-grandmother's house touch makes it extra-decadent.

Jessie Kanelos

Decided to wait until I could get undutched cocoa - the closest I could find here (Durban, South Africa) was raw, unsweetened cocoa.
Very easy to make, love not having to cream butter. I made a small ring and a loaf cake, both turned out very moist. Yummy, but probably could have cooked it a little longer. My icing was also a little runny and so it soaked into the cake. I love that it is not too sweet and feels 'healthy'.


This looks great, but I do have a question. I really hate maple syrup. (really really hate it) What would be a good substitute? I see someone else used honey - would that be a 1:1 substitution?


Heidi, Many, many congratulations on your James Beard Foundation nomination! Hope you will toot your own horn about this! I had to read it elsewhere! Félicitations!


Yum, being a big fan of your Chocolate Loaf Cake I just had to try this one. Delish!

I think it's been said but watch your beer it will boil over super fast, I just turned for a moment when I heard it boil over.

I used Rogue Chocolate Stout and regular dark brown sugar as we were out of Muscovado. It was perfect and my picky sister loved it even though she had to comment about the salt, she didn't get it but ate it all.


I made this cake with Oatmeal Stout and took it to 2 Saint Patrick Day parties on Saturday. Lots of raves about it!


Heidi: I just saw that you're a James Beard finalist for your cookbook! I can personally attest to how deserved this accolade is. I love your book. Congrats and best wishes! xoxo... (and p.s., this cake looks amazing :)

HS: Thanks Samantha!

samantha jillian

I made this recipe!!! It turned out fantastic. Here's what I altered:
I used 1 cup espresso rather than the stout and it worked just fine.
I used 1/2 cup coconut flour and 1/2 cup of buckwheat flour instead of the white flour. I would not use the buckwheat again - it definitely gave it a buckwheat taste. But I don't know why you couldn't just use all wheat flour - the cake is so dense it will probably be unnoticeable.

I also ran out of cocoa powder so I melted dark chocolate pieces from a Trader Joe's organic dark chocolate bar and added powdered sugar with some hot water - it worked perfect for the frosting.

And - I used the cocoa powder trick to dust the pan. But since I didn't have enough, I also used powdered sugar (I hate the taste of regular flour on the outside of a cake) - it not only tasted great but it didn't leave any white on the cake.

It was the hit of my luncheon and I will be making it again!!!


Chocolate, plus beer in a cake. This will make my husband cry tears of joy. Thank you!

Tori (@eatori)

I can't wait to make the way...congrats on the James Beard book Nomination! A great honor.


The texture was wonderful but it had a bitter after taste, which people said could come from baking soda. I used the kind of beer recommended but went a little over a cup. Is that where I went wrong? I do love this cake!


This reminds me we haven't been eating enough chocolate lately;). Our cassava cake a few nights ago was quite rich, but I'll bet this recipe beats it hands down, Bravo.


I love that cake mould. Where can I find one like that that? All my searches for bundt pans seem to have every shape except this.


I made this cake to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my son who loves to cook with me. I made it using Guinness and followed the recipe exactly with the exception of adding a bit of vanilla to the icing and half of a tsp more buttermilk. I baked it for 40m in a vintage flame orange Bundt pan I scored at a yard sale for $3 and it turned out lovely. I doubled the icing recipe because I thought it wasn't quite enough and I like to be a bit generous. The cake has a dense texture, moist and not too chocolatey or sweet. The icing is of course very rich and the combination is perfect. Thank you for a great recipe and beautiful images.. I'm in love with your blog and will check out your books soon!

Alejandra S.

Questions. I live and bake at 6,800' elevation. Should I make any adjustments in the recipe? I usually start with cold eggs, cold ingredients so that cakes don't rise high quickly without baking through. Also, could I use Sweet Samovar Crystals instead of brown sugar? Picked up a bag recently when we were in San Francisco and ate at the Samovar Restaurant.


This looks amazing Heidi, I'm gonna try it soon...thank you for sharing. I adore guinness brownies, so I'm pretty sure this cake will be one of my new favorites!


hi - any suggestion to make this more kid-friendly by substituting the beer for something else?

thanks for any tips!

karen o

I made this last night and it is THE MOST RDICULOUSLY MOIST cake EV-UH! Death by chocolate (and never fear, for those with kids etc you can't taste the beer). The sea salt on top really added some zing. Delicious! 100% recommend this recipe. Thanks!


Dear Heidi, I live in San Francisco and have left behind the most amazing super seedy sourdough bread in Port Townsend, WA. I am terribly desperate for a loaf of seedy, earthy sourdough bread in San Francisco... all I've been able to find is white light flavorless stuff that claims to be artisan sourdough... any help!


I've made chocolate stout cake many times but I don't like the after taste that the stout leaves. Like another reader wrote, espresso coffee works fine in place of the beer but just remember to use only 1 cup of coffee.

Jillian Leiboff

I made this for my daughter's birthday. We took it to a local restaurant (with permission) and gave a piece to all the servers who sang "Happy Birthday." Our table server declared it was "the best cake I have ever, ever tasted!" I was very pleased. I live at 7050 feet elevation, and I made no adjustments except to bake it for 50 minutes at the prescribed 350° It remained very moist. It did fall a bit in the oven, but it maintained a nice shape and consistency, just not as tall. Oh, and I used my son-in-law's home brewed Oatmeal Stout. He declared it a "very good cake." They plan to take the leftover slices with them on their road trip this week through the Canadian Rockies. Thank you, Heidi!

Sarah Brenner

To Sarah Brenner-
Thanks for answering my high altitude question regarding adjusting anything. I'll keep the 50 min. baking time in mind. Going to make it on Friday before we leave for the weekend so that we can take it with us to share with family.


Beer in cake??
Send me 12.

Jerry King

muscavado sugar is one my most coveted items. i keep it hiding in the pantry, only using for something really special. i think it's worth breaking it out for this.


muscavado sugar is a secret to many yummy cakes :O) this looks incredible.

Catering Supplies

I have never tried chocolate stout...sounds divine!! :-) I love that it still contains whole healthy ingredients. Would oat flour work with this recipe? If so, what measurement would you recommend? lovely photos! Thanks, Heidi...

Laurie @ limonata

Love your recipes! This cake looks delicious I can't wait to try it. Love that it has yougurt in it. I really like the idea of a travel cake. I like to bake a cake or cookies on Sunday and pack them in the lunch box for sanacking on the go.


This looks sinful! I have to make this right away!

After all, who doesn't love chocolate bundt cakes?

Thanks for publishing it!

Grandma Kat

Grandma Kat @ Easy Recipes Land

Wow this looks so amazing! I love the combination of simplicity and richness.. YUM!!

Toni @ NotYetAMommyBlog

What beautiful pictures!

Full-Flavored Life

Made this cake last night for my family, EVERYONE LOVED it. Very moist, good flavor--esp since it is a HEALTHY TREAT!


I made this cake a few days ago and it is really good! They were out of chocolate porter so I used a local creme brûlée porter instead. I substituted one cup of lightly packed brown sugar and used raw cacao for the icing (i ran out of cocoa).
It is fabulous! Mine baked at 35 minutes and was perfect. I agree with you about the flour frost on the outside of the cake after it comes out of the pan.
I also am really grateful for your photos and stories. I went to University in the bay area and grew up in Portland, OR. Now I live in Ontario Canada and miss the west so much. I get to live vicariously through you and some days it really helps me with my own memories.


Best chocolate cake. Ever.

My sugar was only a little brown so I substituted a quarter cup of maple syrup with blackstrap molasses. Love that the cake is not too sweet but very moist. The chocolate is a soloist supported with a symphony of the other dark flavors.


Such an easy and delicious chocolate cake! I used Rogue Chocolate Porter and half full fat sour cream, half 2% greek yogurt. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly, mine cooked for about 40 minutes and is very moist. Thinking about serving it next time with some fresh berries!


I can't wait to make this cake. I recently bought some molasses brown sugar that I hope will be perfect in this mix. Your photography is beautiful as are the recipes. Thanks for creating your blog.


Chocolate Bundt Cake is soooo delicious. Most people think that they have to stay away from sweets like these but with different types of sugar you can make any dessert taste delicious and it will still be good for you.

Lynn Brown

Your pictures tell a great story and damn that cake looks good.


I love the pictures! Having something sweet for a travel is good idea too. I'll try it with my bicycle rides next time! thank u!


I made it last night! It was amazing! I only had ale, not stout (I'm not even sure of the difference). It left an amazing hint of flavor in the cake, so I recommend it! My husband and I have dairy issues, so I substituted coconut fat for the butter, and coconut milk/vinegar for the yogurt. It turned out amazing! Thank you for the great recipe :)

HS: Thanks for reporting back Mary - glad the substitutions worked out.

Mary Lapp

REALLY want to try this. Although, the beer will be cooked out -- I'd prefer to omit, being we don't drink alcohol. Any suggestions as to a substitute?


I made this for my friend's birthday yesterday - it was a huge hit. I used oatmeal stout and a combination of muscovado and moleasses sugars. The frosting was a little grainy, so I added a little vanilla and butter, and it was glossy and perfect. Sprinkled with fleur de sel, this cake was magical.


This is DELICIOUS.! A very moist, slightly sponge-y cake. There is just a hint of the stout, and a subtle delicious chocolate flavor. Not your average chocolate - while I am a chocolate lover, I am not necessarily the biggest fan of chocolate cakes. This cake is an entirely different category (in a great way).

I used Young's Double Chocolate Stout, and Dagoba cocoa powder. I also used Wallaby Organic Australian-style vanilla non-fat yogurt, instead of plain yogurt, because I had a huge tub on hand. Not too sure what much of a big difference this yogurt made compared to the original recipe.

I baked it in 2 dark metal loaf pans for about 33-35 minutes. I was a little worried it was a little underdone, but like Heidi said did not want to dry it out. It was moist and perfect!

Have 3 pints of chocolate stout leftover. I think I'll make a beer float with some vanilla gelato! Thanks for the delish recipe Heidi!

Christina Beltran

This Chocolate Bundt was the most AMAZING cake I have ever made. Thank You for the delicious recipe..I served it at a Girls night In...Rave reviews...Thanks for sharing you love of food.

Michelle Herrera

Oh my goodness! Heaven! I finally found some free time and made this cake today after lusting over the recipe for the past week. I used Deschutes Obsidian. And instead of a bundt cake- I lent my pan out and never got it back :( I poured the batter into buttered and floured cupcake tins, baked for 25 minutes (though I should have taken them out a few minutes sooner) turned them out, kept them "upside down," frosted the bottoms when they cooled and ended up with 24 delicious mini-cakes! Even with the few extra minutes they are moist and fabulous! Since I can't eat them all my roommate and co-workers will be very happy! Thanks Heidi!!


I made this for my birthday. It was my first attempt at cake baking and it turned out really well. My wife took part of it to work, and received glowing comments from a self proclaimed cake connoisseur. Thanks for the recipe!


That looks a great recipe, especially as it can stand up to the travelling, I'll bear it in mind for my next camping trip! And what a beautiful to eat it! Happy and safe travels. :)

PS. Buttermilk is exceptional around here, I use a mix of yoghurt and milk when a recipe calls for it.


Heidi, just made this cake yesterday. Truly wonderful! I substituted the flours with spelt flour and almond meal. A dense chocolate-y cake that was not too sweet and a hit with ALL the family. Thank you for sharing. Loving your creativity.


This was a big hit with my family. I made it to take on our weekend away. It survived 500 miles in a cool box and was eaten over two days. The only complaint I heard? Not enough icing! I will be making it again next weekend for my Mother in Law's birthday.
Thank you.


I used treacle as the sweet substitute and James Squire's Spade porter (a tasty local brewery here in Sydney). It's dark and beautiful with a texture that is almost like mud cake.
I was recently reading up on different types of salt and stumbled across fleur del sel at a providore. If you ever come across it, it's worth it - it creates a lovely balance to the chocolate flavours in this cake.


Wow, this looks so tasty, dense and rich! It goes straight to my fav list!

Sweet Faery

This cake is everything it promises to be. I used Young's Double Chocolate Stout for lack of any other good quality stout in local shops (Cape Town, South Africa). The cake is rich and flavoursome, has great texture, not too sweet and easy enough to make. I wasn't sure if I should use Bicarbonate of Soda or Baking Powder for your Baking Soda. Chose Bicarb and it seems to be the right choice. Thanks Heidi!


Heidi, I made this cake with a decoction of coffee (as I was serving it to children) and it was a hit! Next time I am going to double up on the icing on one side of the cake though.


heidi - first, belated congrats on the james beard nomination, fantastic and well deserved - your book is a go-to here, and elsewhere I am sure! :)

second - we have made this cake three times now (mom's book club, FIL's birthday, brother's visit) - first and third times, spectacular - a moist, rich, bittersweet chocolate flavor that is just right. we have tried the icing with milk and buttermilk and both were really tasty - a nice hit of 'sweet' on a cake that is really not too sweet at all (just what we like!). also the third time we used almost 100% whole wheat pastry flour (just maybe a third of a cup of all purpose) and our results were only negligibly different - a bit denser but still really delicious.

the second time we made it something *really* strange happened - it puffed up like a souffle, then 'crashed' a couple minutes out of the oven, and the texture was like chocolate scrambled eggs. what on earth? never had anything like this happen to me before - and I bake almost daily around here. my husband thinks maybe an extra egg went in accidentally - has anyone else ever had anything similar?

making it again today, which is why I am back on the site to double check the recipe. we love all your stuff - but this is a keeper for sure. thanks heidi!


I love this recipe. I like the fact that you used whole wheat flour instead of regular. I also like the buttermilk icing although instead of using all buttermilk I added some cocao liquor. Just a little...:-) Great recipe thanks.


Fabulous, delicious cake, which I am just now making for the second time. Both times I ended up with a bit too much of the beer / chocolate / butter liquid mix, and this time I've used it as the liquid for the icing, to save it going to waste. Have taste tested that icing already -mmm. Thanks Heidi!


I had a similar experience as Hannah's...cake totally collapsed and had this souffle/pudding texture. It still tastes ok so there's that! I think my yogurt may have been too runny. ::shrugs:: Will have to try with a greek style yogurt next time.

HS: Hmm. That is a problem I haven't had. And I've baked this cake with both plain yogurt (the runny kind - full fat), and Greek yogurt (2%)....wondering if you made any tweaks to the recipe?


Heidi... The only tweak was that I added a tablespoon or so of molasses because my brown sugar was a bit on the lighter side.

Can't imagine that would've done it.

I also noticed the batter was a bit frothy and bubbly as it was baking. Never seen anything like that either!


I will so do it for this year Easter!

Marta @ I love breakfast

This cake sounds crazy-delicious! I'm usually not much for sweets but OMG this looks good.


Have been thinking about making this cake for two weeks. Finally, it is sitting on my counter and it did not disappoint... Delicious. Perfect balance of flavors and texture. Thanks for the delicious addition to our family favorites. I followed the recipe to the tee with the added suggestion to use cocoa powder instead of flour for preparing the bundt pan. Gives the cake a beautiful, deep chocolate sheen.


I made this cake, and it literally disappeared. It was so moist, flavorful, I gave half to a friend, and my husband wouldn't let the rest of it leave the was that good. It came out of the pan easily (my gripe with bundt cakes), and the frosting was good with it because this cake is not very sweet. What a winner.


I had so much fun making this cake. I really liked it but it seemed to need more chocolate flavor. Any suggestions?


I loved this cake - made it as two loaf cakes and put one in the freezer. I substituted the full whole wheat flour with King Arthur's white whole wheat flour. Made the texture a bit smoother. A keeper! Thanks again, Heidi.

Lisa Durstin

hello heidi, first of all i'd like to thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes, pictures and stories with the rest of us, it is a truly inspiring thing you're putting together here!
I made this cake and made a few tweaks to it, but unfortunately it didn't come out as expected :-(
Instead of using whole wheat and all purpose flour i used white spelt flour (i always substitute all purpose with white spelt, there have been no problems so far), and replaced the natural cocoa powder with melted 70% chocolate. I used Guinness beer and plain whole yogurt, the runny kind, as stated in the recipe. The result was a cake very much like the ones Hannah and Tallin came up with. Pudding like texture, gorgeously baked on the outside but waaay underdone on the inside. Don't know if this may be due to the tweaks i made, or whether i should have left it a bit longer in the oven. I baked it for 45', did the knife test and seemed perfectly baked to me. Could it have something to do with folding the batter properly, i believe i am not very good at it, yet!
Anyway, i want to do this recipe again because, apart from the texture, the flavor was so delicious, but i'd appreciate if you could give me your opinion on what you think may have gone wrong...
Thanks and have a good day!


I just made this cake. However, I forgot to put in the baking soda. The cake still turned out. I really liked the icing. But, my cake tasted a bit sour (feels like it's from the yogurt). Aside from the baking soda, I followed all the ingredients. I'd have to say that this is not my favorite cake. But still, it satisfied my curiosity of a stout cake.


Can't wait to try this cake.
I definately second the comments about splitting them into those that have and haven't tried the recipe, although may I suggest an third comment column- those who made changes to the recipe? I completely sympathise with those with dietary requirements and different preferences but I also like to try your recipes as you intended (!) and not trawl through comments of "I changed every ingredient- why didn't it come out right?!" Which I find annoying as a reader. I can't imagine how you must feel!


Thanks for all the great recipes, Heidi. This one turned out just perfect. I normally make Basic Chocolate Cake for my husband's birthday but you posted this one in good time for this year and it was just great. :)


Had this for dessert last night. It was perfection. Thanks!

Sawyer Riley

Just made this INCREDIBLE cake for a good friend of ours who has spent the last 50 odd years of his life always putting others before himself (generally with a bottle of stout in his pocket to help him along! ). I couldn't think of a more perfect cake to make and he couldn't think of a nicer gesture- all the credit goes to you Heidi! Thanks a tonne!

Emi G.

I just made this cake as directed, using chocolate stout. It is quite moist with a large crumb and not too sweet (almost like banana bread) and it cuts well. I was surprised that it tasted more of beer than of chocolate. I had expected a chocolate cake with a more complex flavor from the beer but it was really the other way around. Once I tasted a little bit of the cake I decided to top it with my usual chocolate boiled icing to intensify the chocolate flavor, so I didn't try the chocolate buttermilk icing listed here.
I would make this recipe again for friends who like beer more than they like chocolate but it won't replace my regular chocolate cake recipe.


I'm making this cake for the third time today, it's great. So moist and I did not notice that the beer flavor was very pronounced. I too left out the baking soda the second time and it was still delicious, just more like a pudding cake. Fabulous recipe!


Ok! Sooooo I made this cake after scrambling to Trader Joe's... they have a chocolate stout, and I used their cocoa ( NO idea if it's dutched or not, it just says 'unsweetened cocoa' on it). I used 7 tablespoons of butter which was also on the old side (I forgot to get more !). Didn't have muscavado, so I also used TJ brown sugar, and TJ's organic european style plain whole yogurt. Other than that, I followed the recipe as closely as I could, and split the batter into two small loaf pans, and 6 cupcakes. It rose, but fell as flat as the original batter level !! It had a very moist crumb, but was definitely not a fluffy or airy cake, but not fudgey dense either. Very pleasant and wonderful, didn't taste too sweet or dessert-ish sweet which is great (bad?) because I loved having a little slice after every meal! I usually don't dip into desserts much, but this was really delicious. Since then, I've bought a dark brown muscovado sugar from Whole Foods (is there a difference between the lighter colored muscovado sugars?) and hope to try it with a Strauss yogurt. Heidi, what brand of all of these did you use? Strauss, TJ yogurt and most yogurts tend to be tart, but wallaby yogurt is very mild and not tart at all. How does dark muscovado compare to normal brown sugars? I'm sure all of these affect the flavors in different ways, would be interesting to see what affects what!

Mary L.

Oh, I forgot my most important question: I was trying to fold and blend as little as I could, but the batter was still very very lumpy. In the end, this didn't seem to matter because the batter was so wet it seems to soak into the flour clumps just fine, but I wanted to ask, is this ok? To have a lot of lumps? Maybe I didn't fold it quite the right way, but it seemed impossible to get rid of lumps without beating/whipping the mix a ton.

Mary L.

Love Love LOVE this blog! Totally dig this recipe, and I also add avocado puree for a little more of the healthy fats. (I likah the fatsa.) (And the chocolates.) (Of course.)


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