Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast with Banana

Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast with Banana

The toast stakes are high these days.

When I’m craving a quick, healthful breakfast, or just need an afternoon snack, this is a go-to. Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast, topped with thin banana coins.

Sometimes I make it on thin, toasted slices of my favorite whole grain bread. And sometimes, I make it on rice cakes, which I also tend to keep on hand. The rice cake version is what you see pictured here.

The best part? It’s the frosting. Which isn’t really frosting. It’s almond butter, yogurt, and cacao powder whipped together into a billowy spread. You can add a bit of sweetener if you like. Or enjoy it unsweetened.
Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast

The sky is the limit when it comes to toppings. I like banana, banana chips, a dusting of cacao, hemp seeds, and something feisty. The kick of a pinch of cayenne is nice along with the chocolate and bananas.

You can use your favorite yogurt here. But have a look at the headnotes in the recipe below. The consistency of your chosen yogurt impacts the texture of your "frosting."

Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast

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Chocolate Frosted Almond Butter Toast with Banana

If you're using a yogurt with regular consistency, you'll use about 1/3 cup. For example, any plain yogurt, or the cashew milk yogurt I've been using. Greek yogurt is much thicker with more structure and body, you can use up to 1 cup of that type of yogurt. You just want your "frosting" to be light, billowy, and spreadable.*

2 tablespoons almond butter or spicy nut butter
2 teaspoons cacao powder, plus more for topping
bit of favorite sweetener (optional)
1/3 cup yogurt, or more*
4 slices whole grain toast, or 4 rice crackers
1 banana, thinly sliced 
pinch of salt

additional toppings: hemp seeds, crushed banana chips, cayenne or other feisty spice

In a small bowl combine the almond butter with cacao, sweetener (if using). Add the yogurt, and whisk until uniform in appearance, and frosting-like. Taste and adjust with more sweetener or cacao if needed. Frost each toast with a generous dollop, and top with a few banana slices, bit of salt, and any additional toppings. 

Serves 2.

Prep time: 5 minutes

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This recipe is one of our favourite go to snacks! I honestly prefer it over any other chocolate spread. Thank you for the recipe :) What rice crackers are you using in these pictures/ what is your favourite brand? I can't seem to find any good ones where I live so I thought ordering would be an option.

Alexandra Donica

    Hi Alexandra - Thanks! I typically look for Lundberg Organic, I think those are their thin ones.

What a great idea! Never thought to combine yogurt with almond butter to turn it into frosting, but it makes perfect sense. Can't wait to try this, maybe with sunflower seed butter. Love your recipes Heidi, you never fail to inspire :) By the way, I was looking for the Avocado Coconut Oil Tartine that used to be on the site but now can't find it anywhere. Has it been removed?


What a great idea! never though to combine nut butter with cocoa powder and yogurt to make frosting but it makes total sense - can't wait to try it :) Love your recipes and take on things, Heidi, you never fail to inspire. By the way, you used to have a recipe on your site for Avocado Coconut Oil Tartine, but I can't seem to find it now. Has it been removed?


Hi Heidi, Wonderful Blog! It's healthy breakfast and kids will eat well. thanks for the blog. keep posting.


Yikes...what did I do wrong? Used the forager yogurt and homemade almond butter...ended up with a very runny (albeit tasty) chocolate lassi. Tried again upping the cocoa powder but that just made it chalky - maybe just a runny batch of the yogurt?


    Hmm. I've used a pretty wide range of yogurt here (the yogurt in the photo was forager), maybe your almond butter was the wildcard. Maybe try a different type, and see if that helps a bit? :/

This looks awesome! Have you ever saved any "frosting" in the fridge for later use? Wondering if it would keep...


    Yes! Go for it! It'll keep for a few days...

You note either almond butter or "spicy nut butter." As you recently had a recipe for spicy nut butter, but didn't link it in the recipe, don't want to assume you were referring to that. Could you please clarify? Sounds delicious!


    Hi Paige - yes! Great catch. Updating with a link now. xx!

Oh yum. I've done a similar yogurt/nut butter/maple syrup mix to kind of heft out a weekend pancake breakfast in place of straight syrup. But this is like next level. Chocolate? Billowy-ness? Woah.

Shannon Murphy

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