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Cooking and Camping Recipe

I thought I'd do a round-up of some good camping recipe links - a bit of open-flame inspiration. It's the peak of camping season and Wayne has been on a quiet campaign to encourage me to embrace my inner camper. This has involved the purchase of a new tent, the acquisition of an inflatable Aerobed (I swore off Thermarests long ago), and a shiny red camping stove. We've logged four nights in the "wild" this year and I suspect his personal goal is to get that number into the double digits before the end of the season. I'm still not sure how I feel about that, but I will say the tent and Aerobed is a knock-out combination (back-packers need not apply). I added a pair of earplugs to the mix and slept until 11am(!) last Saturday beneath a grove of California redwoods. Beyond that, if you add a couple great camping recipes to your repertoire, you're all set.

I'll lead with my favorite book on the topic. If you are serious about open-flame cooking, seek out William Rubel's The Magic of Fire: One Hundred Recipes for the Fireplace or Campfire. Published by Ten Speed Press in 2002, this is a beautiful, large-format, hardback volume I stumbled across years back while browsing the stacks at the San Francisco Library. It immediately sparked fantastic visions of fire-baked breads and ember-roasted Russets. Alternately you can visit William's website here. You'll notice he mentions the Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition as having "the best introduction to hearth cooking of any book that I know of anywhere." He contributed that section to the book.

Other Helpful Camping Recipe & Technique Links:

- Campfire Cuisine article by Marcia Kiesel, Food & Wine (1998). A for the dedicated car campers, don't miss the sidebar - Tips for Packing your Cooler

- Martha Stewart shows us how to do campfire potatoes.

- Wikipedia: Campfire Cooking. Check out the photo of the oven made from scraps!

- An interesting round-up of assorted campfire cooking techniques - coffee can cooking, cooking on leaves, cooking on rocks, etc. Be warned there are an irritating number of ads cascading through the content on this page.

- Lots of good prep and packing tips in this Associated Press article by Annmarie Timmins. Spice up Campfire Cooking with a Little Prep Work

- Todd at Get Your Grill On demonstrates how to make a portable firepit out of a Weber Grill. Clever!

- Cooking in the Wild. Some good recipes here including Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes, Herb and Cheese Omelette, Sweet Potato Hash Browns, and Peanut-y Girl Scout S'mores.

- The GORP community food section. Sections include - Making Good Joe, Top Trail Recipes, GORP-Tested Stoves, Campfire Staples. (registration required)

Happy cooking and camping!

Photo credit: Wayne Bremser, Butano State Park

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