Favorites List (05.15.15)

A new favorites list for the weekend - links, good reads & recommendations.

Favorites List (05.15.15)

A favorites list for the weekend. Happy spring everyone. -h

- Reading: Congo, and then God's Hotel

- Kelly Colchin drew my kitchen & asked me a bunch of questions.

- Behind Bars (and Squares)

- Post-Pastoral

- To eat: Shiitake Bok Choy Dumplings (Happy Yolks)

- To drink: from Daniel de la Falaise

- Cooking from: this, this, this, this, and this

- Freekeh!

- In case you missed this post about Writing a Cookbook Proposal

- My Obsession: The Laurel Family (Deborah Madison + Lucky Peach)

- Caring for your Vintage Cookbooks (Megan Gordon)

- Wood Kitchen Tools

- Made a variation of this for Wayne's birthday: Deep Dish Poppy Seed Pie

- Top search on 101 Cookbooks: quinoa recipes

- To Visit: the Springs

- Brunello Cucinelli (Om Malik)

- A Global War on Frizz

Lead photo: hand-rolling pici pasta.

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Enjoyed the link to Madison's discussion on the laurel family. I should send you a photo of our bay laurel - huge and much used in cooking. We live south of Houston, and they do great here (although under-utilized in the landscape). You can also find sassafras in the area; we used to dig up the root and make tea.

Amy S

Another great list Heidi! I'm fortunate to be able to buy Hayden Flour Mills' fantastic products at my local farmers market but I hadn't heard about the freekah yet. Ordered! Thank you!


I can't believe someone else is reading Congo at the same time I am!

HS: The opening is amazing!

Gretchen H

Love this favourites list Heidi - I made the dumplings from Happy Yolks last night and they were fabulous, loved them! And how good is freekah? We use it a lot and just love it.


Wow! I'm sooooo glad that you liked my recipe of poppyseed pie!! Can't be more excited! :))) Have a wonderful day and thank you!!

I'm in love with the Shitake Bok Choy Dumplings, and her writing style as well! What a wonderful list as always, so many beautiful things to keep me busy this weekend. Thanks!

Johnna Quick Owens

God's Hotel is amazing!

Dana Lamm

Heidi, I see Daniel de la Falaise's charming Champagne cocktail made you swoon, too. It's been haunting my thoughts since I first laid eyes on it. Many kind thanks for sharing the love.

Heidi, you will love "God's Hotel." It's how medicine should be practiced.

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