quinoa Recipes

If you’re looking for great quinoa recipes, you’re in the right place! Quinoa [Keen-wah] is a fantastic grain to utilize in year-round cooking. It has long been celebrated as a nutritional powerhouse – protein-rich, delicious, and charmingly versatile.

I use it in soups, on salads, as a base for all sorts of quinoa bowls, and tend to use it as a nutrient-packed alternative to white rice or pasta. Bonus: It freezes beautifully. If you find you enjoy recipes featuring whole quinoa, there are also other forms of quinoa available. Keep an eye out for quinoa flakes, popped/puffed quinoa as well as quinoa flour. All are delicious, interesting, and easy to incorporate into your cooking. The following quinoa recipes use a range of different forms and cooking techniques. Enjoy!

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quinoa Recipes

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