Favorites List (10.04.13) Recipe

My hope is that you'll have a bit of time over the weekend to enjoy a few reads and links!

Favorites List (10.04.13)

My hope is that you'll have a bit of time over the weekend to enjoy a few reads and links. xo -h

- Love these! Literary City Guides

- Reading this, then this.

- Let's go sailing.

- To try: French Kiss Margarita

- Five Utensils of the Spirit

- Mexico City

- The Gourmand

- Determined to try this: Homemade Coconut Shampoo

- Doing your own thing...

- OUTSIDE THE LINES (congrats Souris!)

- Why won't my beans cook (PDF)

- Pasilla Chile Stew

- Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Lead photo: pretty blooms at my sister's house.

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I Loved Eugenides Middlesex! Did not realise he had a new book out. Thanks for listing it. How do you like it?

That French Kiss Margarita looks amazing! Basil and Blood Orange Juice – sounds like an incredibly tempting combination. I’m always a sucker for Blood Orange, because I feel like it’s so much juicier and bursting with flavor. Tequila + Sweet Vermouth, too? Need to try!!

Loved the Jane Hirschfield list - particularly the final point to have "a sense of the large." I'm grateful to live in this age of abundance and my varied, delicious meals are a good reminder to say thanks on a regular basis.

I was Kayaking in Annapolis a few weeks ago and saw several Brentas docked in the surrounding creeks. The bow is definitely a new shape to me, so I found they really stood out, I had no idea they are so beautiful inside!


Wow, it was fun reading the poetic kitchen list. I never think of myself as a poet (even while whining all summer while Garrison Keilor was on vacation from The Writer's Almanac), but my effete side dug this. My mantra for years has been, "No fear!" In the kitchen. I liken the attitude of, "I can't cook!" to, "I don't understand computers!" Get a few basics down, them play around and don't be scared. Sounded a lot better coming from someone with a more deft hand (pen). Thanks for sharing!


Heidi, the design of the Mexico City list is gorgeous and so thoughtfully laid out. Really. I feel like it's something one appreciates after looking at so many travel lists cramped with facts. You've made it a pleasure for the readers.

HS: Thanks Rachael!

I'd never thought of avocado leaves in flavoring - what an interesting idea. And those poems are lovely. This is an especially wonderful list - thank you for finding and sharing.


THANK YOU, Heidi for including OUTSIDE THE LINES on your list!!!

Thanks for this list. Can't wait to browse though it this weekend!

I always look forward to these lists. Such great content, thanks for sharing!

That coloring book looks great! I think my boyfriend is getting a present soon.


Thanks for sharing some photos from Mexico, I've been waiting to read about your finds!

Thanks for including the literary city guides in your favorite's list! I'm honored to be included. Many more cities in the queue, so stay tuned!

HS: They're fantastic Nicole - love your site!

Literary city guides, lovely site - bookmarking now... :)

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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