Favorites List (7.5.13) Recipe

A quick favorites list for the holiday weekend.

Favorites List (7.5.13)

A favorites list for the weekend, before it completely gets away from me. xo -h

- Studio Visit | Small Trade Company

- ideas for beauty and use | Ashley Helvey

-Some of you were asking for this recipe after seeing it on Instagram.

- Reading: this

- I thought this sort of thing only happened to me, minus the awesome mirror at the end.

- Sign Language + Wu Tang Clan at Bonnaroo - meet Holly Maniatty, stage right (interview with her on APM here)

- Making Fresh Spring Roll Wrappers (video)

- To stay

- Living with Less

- Anita Calero

- Sir & Star

- Parts Unknown - best travel series on TV

- Chive Blossom Vinegar

- Bestseller at QK: proper kitchen shears

- Food + Rick Ross

- The slideshow is so. good. Welcome back CP.

- We Love Liam

- Campari Strawberry Limeade Ice Pops + other boozy pop ideas

- Lilac: Lilac Honey (via Shari) & Lilac Sugar

- For your next visit to SF

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Loved the Craigslist story. My husband often despairs of my purchases....


I particularly want to thank you for mentioning what you are reading--once again I have followed your tip, and am entranced with the Orphan Master.

HS: Yeah - it's incredibly good.


Thank you.


I have those ladies' legs, too! Bought at the Marche aux Puces in Geneva in 2003, now living with me in Chicago. A reliable conversation starter at parties, for sure. Just ate your Super Natural Every Day mixed green salad w/berries & parm and it made my Monday. Thank you!


Thanks so much for posting that Sourced Cities guide! I'm moving to San Francisco from NYC next month and I'm so lost in looking for a neighborhood! I love your guide to SF, too and am so excited, but definitely need some pointers! We're a young couple just married; do you have any specific neighborhood recommendations!? Thanks for your constant inspirations!!

Kate T

Oh! That chive blossom vinegar is too much! Must make. You always challenge me to think differently of garnishes. Speaking of.... Have you heard of sea asparagus? I'm vacationing Sitka, Alaska and came across this curious little garnish. It's a weed-like seaweed oddly shaped like a tiny asparagus. Its flavor is consistent with most seaweed - very salty with a rich taste of the sea - and its texture is like biting through a chive - if it weren't hollow. Think of a watery crunch consistent through the stalk. Anyway, here's a little photo tour if you so desire: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36961217@N07/sets/72157634542002814/ And for dessert, I had spruce tip cookies! Yes, as in the pine tree. Imagine a doughy sugar cookie, with a whisper of pine. Oh the possibilities! Much love.

Sarah M

I really need to take some lessons from Living with Less. I don't think I could be that streamlined but I could certainly trim the fat a bit!


Hello where can I purchase the nutcracker in the picture, it is of womens legs? Its on the Favorite List 7.5.13 Thank you.

HS: Hi Dolores - it was a gift from a friend :) They're pretty great, no?


Yay for your favorites list! I always enjoy them. - can't wait to dive in!

Tracy A.

I have that exact same lady legs nutcracker!! I thought I had the only one! You have one in San Francisco and I have one in Sydney. I must now google the history!


1) I second Jessica. The craigslist gal is damned funny. So I wrote to tell her so and immediately subscribed to her blog. 2) If you enjoyed the CP slideshow I recommend the book she published for the restaurant's 40th anniversary. Really, really good. I was obsessed for a good long while. It's packed with fantastic photos and stories. And to you--great favorites list as always.


Gosh I love Alice Waters' expression in that 1969 photograph.

Denise | Chez Danisse

Yes! Anthony Bourdain is the best out there, and I think Parts Unknown is his best series yet. Nice list as always.


A lovely list, as always. I especially love the inclusion of Anita Calero, who was my frequent customer 25 years ago when I was with Dean & Deluca. I had a lot of exposure to some really wonderful people, but Anita was the loveliest.

Elissa | PoorMansFeast

the craigslist ad...dyin


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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