Favorites List (7.5.13)

Favorites List (7.5.13) Recipe

A favorites list for the weekend, before it completely gets away from me. xo -h

- Studio Visit | Small Trade Company

- ideas for beauty and use | Ashley Helvey

-Some of you were asking for this recipe after seeing it on Instagram.

- Reading: this

- I thought this sort of thing only happened to me, minus the awesome mirror at the end.

- Sign Language + Wu Tang Clan at Bonnaroo - meet Holly Maniatty, stage right (interview with her on APM here)

- Making Fresh Spring Roll Wrappers (video)

- To stay

- Living with Less

- Anita Calero

- Sir & Star

- Parts Unknown - best travel series on TV

- Chive Blossom Vinegar

- Bestseller at QK: proper kitchen shears

- Food + Rick Ross

- The slideshow is so. good. Welcome back CP.

- We Love Liam

- Campari Strawberry Limeade Ice Pops + other boozy pop ideas

- Lilac: Lilac Honey (via Shari) & Lilac Sugar

- For your next visit to SF

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