Favorites List (5.23.13) Recipe

A quick favorites list for the weekend - a handful of good reads + recipes + inspirations.

Favorites List (5.23.13)

So much good stuff out there right now. Here's a little compilation list for the weekend. xo-h

- Reading: this. Looking forward to this.

- To see.

- In season: Sangria

- Short Stack Editions

- West Coast represent! here, here, and here

- Ramp Bloody Mary

- Mission to India (audio story)

- The Flavors They Remembered

- To visit: 101 Spring Street

- Spicy Lentil Summer Rolls

- Delicatessen with love.

- Spray-painted Flowers

- To try: Roasted Squash and Pepita Spread

- Dream workplace: Ambatalia Studio Visit

- Really smart people got together with a spray gun and the rest is history...

- Mike Brodie

- Some of my Best Friends are Germs

- Joshua Tree (part one & two)

Lead photo: I've taken to taping things around the house/office/dining room. :/

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I recall that washi tape from the lovely orders I’ve received from Quitokeeto… 🙂 I have a few in madras-style faded bright hues, from Lucca in Ballard. Adds so much interest to things.
Thank you so much for sharing the 101 Spring Street piece. I recall passing by countless times and wondering what the hell was going on (for so long) with that scaffolding. Wow. And I’ve just moved away from the Big Apple, so now must return for this masterpiece completed. Love.

HS: There’s _alot_ of that tape around here 😉


Hi Heidi,
I was really excited to see you favorite that NYT article by Michael Pollan! I’m a microbiologist at UC Berkeley AND an avid cook with a penchant for fermenting my own foods, so I can say with (relatively) no embarrassment that microbes are my best friends, too!
Pollan actually came to my lab at Berkeley once to look at his Tartine method sourdough starter under our microscope. It spawned a lot of geeky, after-hours experimentation looking at other foods that rely on bacteria. I wrote about what I saw and thought you might be interested to see the results. I think it provides a startling and beautiful glimpse at a side of food most don’t get to see!
If you’ve ever wondered why Tartine bread is so breathtakingly delicious…you can thank those little guys! Cheers, Kyle

HS: This is fascinating Kyle! The kraut shots – woah. Really interesting.


What a great selection of favorites, Heidi! I shared the Michael Pollen article and the Gabriele Galimberti photo essay. Also invested in the Short Stack Kickstarter project (which looks fabulous — can’t wait to get the first set!). Thanks so much for sharing your finds!!


Heidi -YES!Think we’ll be there for at least two years! Plus two close friends are moving to LA so I’ll be on your side of the US too!
Looking forward to seeing you for real. Your pictures are amazing.
big love


Thanks. These are great. I, too, especially loved Delicatessen with Love. (Though I was thoroughly bummed when I came upon the grandmother from Utah. I know many U.S. Americans eat like that but I always feel so misrepresented. In our family, we make a major effort to eat wholesome, fresh, locally grown/raised, from-scratch foods. Would love to see more representation in that vein.) DwL reminded me of Peter Menzel’s project on what family’s around the world eat in a week. Hungry Planet is the book, I believe. Here’s a link to some photos from it. Also quite interesting.


Darn you and your lists. Those Short Stack editions looked too good to resist. I’m figuring they’ll come right around my birthday, so I’m not feeling too guilty 🙂


Heidi! The red fruit salad pic had such a strong impact on me I find I can’t work!
love -emi

xo Emi – hope all is well! Hope you’re in NYC for a stretch and we can meet up (finally!)


I always enjoy your favorites list and particularly enjoyed being introduced to Oma and Bella!

Tracy A.

Just love this photograph, Heidi.

Denise | Chez Danisse

Delicatessen with love with aMAZing! What an incredible idea. Thanks for sharing the link!


We saw the Source Family at the Hollywood Theater here in Portland. As an added treat, a member of the audience who had lived with the Family for years answered questions following the film. I found the documentary compelling and the photography absolutely stunning. I could have watched this film for hours just from a visual standpoint. I highly recommend.


I always love your lists.


I just finished my book and need something new to read. I had never heard of “The Gods of Heavenly Punishment” but I’m definitely putting it on my “must-read” list. Thanks!


I love the list of West Coast cookbooks. “The aoc cookbook” cover makes me hungry for persimmons. And the season is tragically far away. (Oh well, I can certainly distract myself with Oregn strawberries.)
Have you read Julie Richardson’s (from Portland’s Baker and Spice) “Vintage Cakes” cookbook yet? It’s fabulous. I made the icebox cake, and loved it. The pictures are excellent, and I finally bought three 8″ pans solely because of her. I was never much of a cake girl before, but I couldn’t resist once I opened up her collection.
Happy weekend!


Great list as usual! Thanks Heidi. 🙂
I just wanted to let you know that the ‘read more’ link from your email goes to the Red Fruit Salad and not the Favorites list.

HS: Wow. Thanks for the heads up. Definitely an indicator of what can happen if I try to send an email out before having a coffee in the morning. :/


Love that pink tape, Heidi! Where on earth did you find it?

HS: It’s MT neon pink washi tape AK – I pick it up here and there wherever I can find it.


I went through each link. Thank you for sharing.

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today

Would love to know how you went with The Gods of the heavenly punishments.


Thank you! I read about 101 Spring St in Acne Paper – would love to visit one day 🙂


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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