Favorites List (5.23.13)

Favorites List (5.23.13) Recipe

So much good stuff out there right now. Here's a little compilation list for the weekend. xo-h

- Reading: this. Looking forward to this.

- To see.

- In season: Sangria

- Short Stack Editions

- West Coast represent! here, here, and here

- Ramp Bloody Mary

- Mission to India (audio story)

- The Flavors They Remembered

- To visit: 101 Spring Street

- Spicy Lentil Summer Rolls

- Delicatessen with love.

- Spray-painted Flowers

- To try: Roasted Squash and Pepita Spread

- Dream workplace: Ambatalia Studio Visit

- Really smart people got together with a spray gun and the rest is history...

- Mike Brodie

- Some of my Best Friends are Germs

- Joshua Tree (part one & two)

Lead photo: I've taken to taping things around the house/office/dining room. :/

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