Favorites List (8.27.13)

Favorites List (8.27.13) Recipe

I'm just back from Mexico City, and thought I'd finally publish this favorites list while I unpack and regroup. There are some good A+ reads in this one. xo-h

- Tour de Turrell

- Reading this.

- O.K., Glass - Confessions of a Google Glass Explorer.

- Twelve Days in India with Martin Parr

- Rothko Toast

- What's in Prince's Fridge?

- From William Wegman's Tumblr

- Flavor Bomb Greens N' Noodles

- Excited for the launch of this.

- Zucchini Coconut Noodles

- To Visit

- To visit: Hesiodo by Hierve-Diseñería

- A vintage menu from Alcatraz, 1946

- Pan-charred Broccoli di Ciccio & Nectarines

- Awesome Tapes from Africa

- Playlist: The Shortest Roadtrip

- Summer's Garden

- Bears are funny, sometimes.

- Rough Cut: Nearly all the world's diamonds -- legal or not -- pass through this one Indian city. (great story, you can click to close giant subscription pop-up)

Lead photo: Love having this spot within walking distance, welcome 20th Century Cafe!

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  • Mmm... I may just need to try those flavor blasted greens with an extra blast of flavor from the slow roasted tomatoes I just did yesterday.

  • I clicked on your recommended '12 days in India with Martin Parr' link and was quite surprised seeing the image at the top of the article: a tourist in skimpy clothes in a place where people are dressed so modestly... Then I thought the article would perhaps talk about how to be sensitive when taking travel photos and that this photo was an illustration of how to NOT behave as a responsible traveler including being very much aware of your photography manners. But I get the feeling that this trip is more about getting great shots, also people shots, without considering what a huge impact this has on local people. I advice to put the camera away completely, even just for 1 day as a try-out. In culturally sensitive areas this will make a huge difference in your interactions with local people and especially in how local people will view Western tourists. I hope you enjoyed Mexico City. What an awesome place with all the best (and worst) of the entire country in one big, crazy place!

    HS: Hi Heidi - if you have a chance to see more of Martin Parr's work, do so - he has shot in many, many places - Japan, Rome, Britain, India, etc. You have some great points, but I'll note that the women you're referring to on that page is the subject of a photo, not the photographer. Which might change the way you feel about the photo. The central figure in that shot is a Western tourist - in her short shorts surrounded by Indian women dressed in saris.http://www.martinparr.com/books/

  • where is the recipe for the beautiful tart in photo above? i've looked everywhere on your site and can't find it?? I want to make one with fresh organic peaches I just got from local farm here in N.H. thanks! ginger

    HS: Hi Ginger, that was a beautiful tart from 20th Century Cafe.

  • Hi!! You where here in México and I didn't know??? I live here!!!! It's an amazing city with beautiful places to visit. Maybe i'll see you next time you come to visit. :)

  • Being from the Twin Cities, Heavy Table is our local source for all things food. The Prince's fridge bit, while a good read, was an April Fool's joke.

  • Heidi, what fabulous reads (just finished with the first 6 items on your list)!! Your post made my day.

    La Torontoise
  • Heidi I love your favorite lists! always full of treasures!

  • Heidi, I enjoyed listening to The Dog Stars on Audible. I am not usually an, "end of the world", story reader, but found this to be very good. Enjoy!!

    HS: Me either! But it was an incredibly good read.

    Micha Buller
  • The shape of the negative space cut from the tart is gorgeous.

    HS: The whole place is gorgeous :)

  • Heidi, You really have the best favourites list. You really do! So much fun looking at the links. Thank you!

    HS: Thanks Shilpa - I enjoy compiling them!

  • I can't wait to hear about your trip down south!!! I love those bears btw, but not as much as my male friends. They've been using it as an excuse to scratch corners methinks.

    phi @PrincessTofu
  • Thanks for the Awesome Tapes From Africa! Listening now as I work on my husband's blog lol- yeah! It IS awesome!

    jeri kim lowe
  • Please can we have a run down on Mexico City in your travel section?

    Hi J - Indeed! I'll try to post one soon. It's a huge city - it's hard to see even a sliver of it in a week...but incredible.

    J L Bisset
  • Welcome back. I hope to see pictures of your trip to Mexico City. What did you think of 'violence' there and how did you keep safe?

    HS: Hi Quyen - I generally felt safe. I think the best you can do (anywhere you travel) is be aware of your surroundings, know where you're going + how you'll get there and back....I like to be with at least one other person if I don't know a city well, etc...

  • I read that New Yorker article aloud to my husband and was in hysterics the whole time. The bike messenger and "OK, Glass!" - priceless.

  • I am SO completely fascinated with the 1946 Alcatraz menu! And the food actually sounded good. I'd probably not want to escape from prison. Well, that prison. Or maybe I would. Never mind.

    Bev @ Bev Cooks
  • Ha! Prince's fridge!

  • I think of these favorites lists like trail heads. Fun to explore. Thanks! The (hilarious) bear video reminded me of Miley Cyrus at the VMA for some reason. :)

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