Favorites List (11.23.18)

A double dose of links, recipes, podcasts and reading for the long weekend. Enjoy!

Favorites List (11.23.18)

A double dose of links, recipes, podcasts and reading for the long weekend. Enjoy!

- The records John Lennon had in his jukebox (Spotify playlist)

- Reading: Hell's Backbone Cafe (the New Yorker)

- Not just for Thanksgiving: Rancho Gordo New World Thanksgiving Recipes

- The Best Cookbooks of Fall 2018 (Eater)

- In Marrakesh, One Designer’s Adobe House Is as Colorful as Her Ceramics (NY Times)

- Donate: Chef José Andrés' World Central Kitchen has served over 75,000 meals in communities impacted by Northern California wildfires.

- Listening to: Narcos playlist (Spotify)

Sobbing in Starbucks (Eater)

- Movie Night: Kasama Infinity : Coming soon to streaming...

-  Listening to: Nigella on Ottolenghi's new podcast

- Reading: Little Fires Everywhere

- Lending: Kiva (101 Cookbooks Team - $439k! to date)

- Podcast: Sold in America (Noor Tagouri)

- Lanzhou, China hand-pulled noodle school

- A Grassroots Uprising in Amish Country Begins to Find Meaning in Politics 

- Mumbai is a city of bread: From a Parsi chutney bread to a century-old ‘puriwala’

- "I Panic If I Don’t Have at Least 5 Jars of This Spicy Chili Crisp" (NY Mag / The Strategist)

-Inside a 17th-Century Portuguese and Japanese Cookbook, recipes for caramel, cake, and an early tempura (Atlas Obscura)

- Reading: Is the Second Farm Crisis Upon Us? (Civil Eats)

- Watching: Christiane Amanpour newish interview show (PBS) - or(!) her podcast

- Listening to: Mirah's new album "Understanding" (streaming)

- Reading: What R.O. Kwon Can’t Live Without (NY Mag / The Strategist)

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Hi Heidi, I love your site, love making the time to browse through your favorites & have been cooking your recipes for almost 8 years. We are traveling to Japan for a few months this winter and wondered if you've made or would make a list of your favorite spots there? I am interested in cooking classes as well, but my research has brought me to expensive classes that don't feel right. Any tips? Thanks so much, Lily

Lily Hoog-Fry

    Hi Lily - My Tokyo list needs updating, but it might be a good jumping off point. Be sure to visit Naoshima if you can. Also, poke around on Beth Kirby's Local Milk site (and Instagram), she spends a good amount of time in Japan.

The Starbucks article hit so close to home. With my son in and out of hospitals for months at a time for the last almost 2 years, Starbucks's lattes and a guarantee of a certain atmosphere, plus very kind employees who got to know me because I was there almost every day, sometimes twice a day, saved me. Starbucks has it down. I support independent coffee shops when I can, but when I want to be in control of something, just one thing, amongst so much sadness and terror, Starbucks does it.

K kent

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