Favorites List (11.08.12)

Favorites List (11.08.12) Recipe

Happy happy Friday friends. So many good favorites to share today! For those of you who need a touch of weekend inspiration, it's time to sweep them off my desktop and sprinkle them in your direction. Hope they do the trick. xo -h

- "It's not a 'me' place. It's an 'us' place."

- These croquettes.

- Letter from India: The Haunting

- Reading this | Watching this.

- 75 Pariesiennes

- Rachel Loren's studio is a yurt.

- If you're ever in Jodhpur...

- Snapped a few photos for Remodelista at my pal Mindy's house w/ Sarah L.

- Made my week. (Thx Martha!)

- Abbesses Ceramic Set - Blue

- The Last King of Print

- This Site. (looks like it's down for the moment)

- Combing

- Perfume Tools

- To visit.

- And, now that I'm home, excited to check this out.

Lead photo: marble inlay detail, Amber Fort, Jaipur, India.

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