Favorites List (11.28.14)

Favorites List (11.28.14)

A few favorites for the holiday weekend...heavy on the reading. I'm in between books, please let me know if any of you are reading anything (books, articles, anything!) you'd recommend. xo -h

- Driving with Yohji Yamamoto (video)

- Salvage Beast

- Can't remember if we've talked about how much I love these. After churning through earbuds over the years, they were well worth the splurge.

- When Ofili Met Sidibé

- Loomer & Weavers

- Hopes & Dreams

- Lisa Eldridge Facial Massage technique (video)

- Extreme Wealth & Fruit Loops

- Salt of Kanawha (video)

- The Julia Child of Weed

- Claudia Dey & Heidi Sopinka

- xo Anna Jones :)

Lead photo: Afternoon read at the lovely 20th Century Cafe in San Francisco.

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I feel like I've only been reading cookbooks and recipe articles for the past two months, including my own ha! But I am also re-reading one of my all time favorite books I refer to now and then: Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting , by Lynn Grabhorn. Helps me get right back on track and focused on what I want from this life of mine. I suspect you would love it !

Ciao Florentina

Finally reading Dave Eggers, The Circle. Happy Thanksgiving!


omg, when Japanese people go outside the box (eg: fashion designer) they are invariably SO COOL.


Some reading recommendations... A collection of essays called The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison. Also, Mycophilia by Eugenia Bone.


Great place , the salt and pepper are actually next to each other .

Gary Hayden

I've been reading Suki Kim's "Without You There is No Us," a memoir about her time teaching English to the children of top North Korean officials at a boarding school outside Pyongyang.

Her writing is gorgeous, and the way she interacted with these kids and the lessons shared back and forth are fascinating, and they come from a place that we don't really have access to in America. Highly, highly recommended.


I highly recommend Ruth Ozeki's A Tale for the Time Being and Niall Williams' A History of the Rain

tomate farcie

I am reading a FANTASTIC book called Consider The Fork by Bee Wilson. It's a fantastic historical/anthropological book that looks not at food but at HOW food is made and eaten. Revelations like cutlery might have affected the shape of our jaws?!?! and that the romans had pans made from circles of metals to disperse heat evenly and avoid heat spots CENTURIES AGO! I find it soo fascinating and exciting and could talk about it forEVER!


Fiction, All The Light You Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr. My book club concurred that it was one of the BEST books any f us had EVER read. We range in age from 40-75.
Check it out!


Beautiful ruins by Jess Walters

Shay curley

Been reading the new David J. book - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight. Some fascinating insights into the early days of the band Bauhaus. Most interesting is their interaction with some of the amazing figures of the 70s and 80s - Burroughs, Bowie and the rest.


Books: The Underground Girls of Kabul by Jenny Nordberg; Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; Lets Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris; and The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.


Oh, good reads! I'm tapping into Elizabeth Scarboro's My Foreign Cities: A Memoir and Wendy Ortiz's Excavation. Rough subjects, but they read like fiction. Enjoy!


Lovely favorites..and what is the name of the book in your lead photo?
Very intriguing


I listened to THE SHORT AND TRAGIC LIFE OF ROBERT PEACE: A BRILLIANT YOUNG MAN WHO LEFT NEWARK FOR THE IVY LEAGUE by Jeff Hobbs. I'm sure it will be equally compelling to read it as it was to listen to it. Highly, highly recommend.

Happy reading!

Helen Marie

Book suggestions -
Midnight Valiant, Bobby Haas
The Tiger, John Valiant
The painter, Peter Heller
Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman


I love this comment thread already! Bookmarked!


I am reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern~magical!

Nicola Thea

I read The Luminaires by Eleanor Catton, it is long but so worth reading. She is only 24 years old and her writing style is exquisite! Also, The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery is also a great read!

Nancy Brennan

Heidi, when I receive your favorites lists, I can literally spend hours, hours! moving happily from one to the next and on to the many connections found within each of them. On a grey rainy Marin afternoon, the stories and inspirations are just what I need... thank you.


Reading and re-reading Laurie Colwin's essays "Home Cooking" and "More Home Cooking" - I wish she hadn't died so young. I miss her like family.


Just discovered Chang-rae Lee. Read: Aloft; The Surrendered; A Gestured Life.
When I find an author I like, I binge read all his novels.

Donna Johnson

"Vagabonding Through Germany" by Harry Alverson Franck.... Available from Amazon Lost Book Collection. Amazing travel journal of Germany written in 1919 as WWI ended. Gave me a major, major shift on how I viewed WWII. Wow.

Al Ruben

OUTLANDER......REALLY GREAT BOOK...love the new series on TV too ;-)

Brenda Sotomayor

I've been in need of book inspiration, so thanks for sharing! I love reading Maria Popova's articles on Brain Pickings. They are wonderful creative inspiration and reminders of the human condition and our connection to each other. Great book recommendations there too! www.brainpickings.org

Nicole S.

I am sorely in need of a new set of earbuds and am very curious to know which are the ones you are so happy with. Alas, the link seems not to be working for me. Can you let me know which brand and model you like? I would so appreciate it.


I'm currently reading a page-turner called "Fort Starlight" by Claudia Zulaga. Pure pleasure read, interesting and bizarre cast of characters, set in a surreal Florida. Very good. Highly recommend!


I love to watch the art of Susi The knife work is amazing . Detail is everything .

Tamara Aker

As always thanks for your lists, I too spend quite some time enjoying them and also share them with my family. I just finished Blindness by Saramago, moving. Right now I'm with Light on life by BKS Iyengar.


OT: Here's an idea for a future post. How readers modify your recipes. For example, I love your vegetarian tortilla soup but (as I make it at least once a month), I modify it by roasting the tomatoes but I add those into the soup and then puree. The flavor is amazing! After I puree, I add spice using the red sauce from your red posole recipe. Finally, I add cooked beans. The end result is scrumptious! Bonus: it freezes well so that even in the depth of winter, I can have that summer taste. I would enjoy hearing how other readers have used your great recipes.


Looks like you got a lot of reading suggestions but I'll throw two recent books into the thread:
I'll Be Right There by Kyung-Sook Shin, a quiet novel about a lonely South Korean student.
Compartment No. 6 by Rosa Liksom, a trans-Siberian train journey in the 1980s.


What an amazing and beautiful website. It makes me think of an exclusive shop in Mayfair, London! And, of course, your recipes are outstanding. Thank you so much from a keen and willing-to-learn Dutch girl living in London!

If you're looking for another recommended book, then check out The Measure of My Days by Florida Scott Maxwell. It's truly life-changing.

Marijke Van Dornick

I'm reading a most helpful book re getting rid of the stuff something I have found hard to do. ... Titled The life-changing magic of tidying up. ... A new approach that I hope will work.


I always love getting your favorite lists Heidi. Always filled with interesting articles and what not's. But this month I wanted to thank you for the Lisa Eldridge video, this is such a treat. well it shouldn't be a treat to massage your face but what a revelation. As I near my 50th year I am starting to see how my love of the outdoors is affecting my skin. Though the sun is undoubtedly good for it, the pollution we face in Hong Kong, day in day out, is not. I've only done the massage once so far but it will become a daily regime. Even after one day my skin feels lives and sooo smooth...
anyhow more information than I'm sure was needed but really wanted to thank you for this introduction to Lisa.


Such an inspiring list!! You just made my (rainy) afternoon!! Now let me just get a cup of tea and I'll be back to nibble on these treats :-)


People who are enjoying Mycophylia will also love, Oak: The Frame of Civilization. Surprisingly fascinating.


I love this list. I've been returning to it every few days and savoring the links. Merci.

Tenaya Darlington

I am reading a FANTASTIC book called Consider The Fork by Bee Wilson. It's a fantastic historical/anthropological book that looks not at food but at HOW food is made and eaten. Revelations like cutlery might have affected the shape of our jaws?!?! and that the romans had pans made from circles of metals to disperse heat evenly and avoid heat spots CENTURIES AGO! I find it soo fascinating and exciting and could talk about it forEVER!

adarsh singh

I have been stuck away from being me for a few days and when I discovered this site and lists and all the wonderful comments I felt quite fortunate to be back where I needed to be. Thank you and all your followers for the kickstart. I am off to the boxes of books packed away (safely) when storing. I know there are many there I bought in the mountains at old stores and barns that will be worth sharing. Can't wait to get a cup of something good and dive in. Thank you all.

MaryKate Dempsey

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