Favorites List (3.25.14)

Favorites List (3.25.14) Recipe

Apologies in advance, I feel like I should be posting this favorites list prior to the weekend, when people have a bit more time to stretch out and read longer-format pieces. I came across a lot of great articles this month, and put a selection of them into this list. I also couldn't resist a handful of recipes that caught my attention, and a few wildcards. Enjoy! -h

- The Dalai Lama's Ski Trip

- Arms Wide Open

- Trouble

- Sarah Kersten Fermentation Crocks (thx for the custom glaze SK!)

- 4-2-1 Vegetable Soup

- Reading: Finished this, starting this. Looking forward to this.

- Thinking these would make nice (personalized) gifts. Artifact Uprising

- Want to eat this, this, and a big yes to this as well.

- In good company....

- Judy Blume and Lena Dunham Curate a Reading List for You

- Decrypting the Most Mysterious Book in the World

- Hemingway's Reading List for a Young Writer

- Literary City Guide: Portland, Oregon

Above: Fog matte white fermentation crocks by Sarah Kersten.

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