Favorites List (4.25.13)

Favorites List (4.25.13) Recipe

If my count is correct, this is the second favorites list of the year. There was one in January, and now this. I kept ferreting away links, and never got around to organizing them. Apologies. My hope is that perhaps what I lack in frequency is somehow made up for here in quality. Enjoy the links, and I'll be back early next week with a recipe for what has become my favorite, go-to, springtime soup. xo -h

- The Ultimate Cold Cure

- To see: Stolen Seas

- I read this / then this, then this, and now this

- Twelve Countries, One Bag (via Naomi Starkman)

- Braised Fennel Wedges with Saffron and Tomato

- Pretty sure I would have cried.

- Go here.

- Kim Gordon

- 540 sq. feet

- Shiny Ponies

- Asparagus, Preserved Lemon & Green Garlic Pasta w/ Ricotta Mint & Pine Nuts

- Arthur Casas In Urca

- Sight Unseen | Brian W. Ferry

- To stay.

- Francois Brunelle - I'm not a look-alike (via Elise)

- She was completely undone by these beans...

Lead photo: a handful of the simple things - homemade bread, flowers, butter, and honey.

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