Favorites List (1.31.13) Recipe

A favorites list for January 2013 - lots of stories, and saag paneer, and soda bread, and shibori.

Favorites List (1.31.13)

Let's switch things up a bit with the favorites this time around. I'm going to put a few things out there, and I'd be incredibly thrilled if you leave a suggestion or two for me. Don't feel pressured, just throw it out there if you've come across something you were particularly excited about, Something you think I might like. Sound o.k? I'm turning the final pages of the book I'm reading, so any new book suggestions would be great. Podcasts? Yes please, I go through so many when I'm doing dishes or pre-packing for QK. What else? I'm always on the lookout for good documentaries and also cookbooks published outside the U.S. (I see most of the U.S. books), or music playlists. One last thing before we get to the list - for those of you who like to get the heads up - we're aiming to open the shop with new items(!), and a restock of a number of the items that sold through quickly last time...Monday morning, Feb 4. at 8:30 a.m. PST. I posted little glimpse here. xo for now -h

- Shibori DIY

- To visit.

- Watching this | Reading this

- Todd Selby | Michael Harlan Turkell (scroll to bottom to listen) &(!) another Selby link with Nancy Singleton.

- Have to try this version: Chard Saag Paneer

- Cardoons.

- To visit!

- Flickr is still great.

- Ethereally Smooth Hummus & Tassajara's Cardamom Lemon Soda Bread

- A Day in India

- APM : Discovering Leonardo ("listen now" link, bottom left column)

- Pages and pages of What I Read.

- Continuing the ongoing discussion about marble...(more here)

- Vintage Magazine Covers from Japan

- Veg. bentos from Peko-Peko

Lead photo: This time last year, through the window of Du Pain et Des Idées in Paris - it was closed, and it was very cold, so I walked down the street and sat in the sun next to the frozen river to try to warm up a bit.

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Hi Heidi, this list is AMAZING! I'm an Australian living in Helsinki and recommend 'the nordic diet' by Trina Hahnemann (her spelt shower buns are awesome) and 'eating for the seasons' by Janella Purcell. Also love 'mynewroots.org' as a great wholefoods blog.


3 excellent documentaries: The Sound of Noise (absolutely incredible), Kick it! and Superheroes (2011) are also quite inspiring and entertaining flicks!


I was really moved by two documentaries lately, both streaming Netflix right now..."They call it Myanmar" and "PINA". Beautiful stuff!


I, too, read The Atlantic's Media Diet "What I Read" series. I'd love to see you do one and post it here on your blog!


Looks like you may already be saturated with suggestions but...."180 degrees South" is the most beautiful and compelling environmental documentary I've seen and I have a hunch you'd love it. Mostly filmed in Patagonia. Hope you get a chance to watch it one day!

carol Bean

Documentary: Africa - British-made nature one. Goes into beauty and life and death. Book: The Fault in our Stars by John Green - this has become one of my top books. Witty, challenging, going down to your core.

Hannah Miller

Cocina Criolla, by Carmen Valldejuli is the cookbook i recommend. The one catch is that it's written in Spanish. So, I guess if you wanted to brush up on your spanish AND cook this might pretty awesome! It's a cookbook that is a staple in almost every Puerto Rican kitchen. Very near and dear to my heart!


Hi Heidi - If you get a chance please check out the A YEAR IN THE KITCHEN GARDEN, the beautiful cookbook from Bondi Public School in Sydney, Australia. See attached photos from the launch.

Grace Heifetz

One book recommendation- non cooking related- It's called the Book Thief and it is by Markus Zusak.... an incredible story told through the eyes of the most unusual "protagonist" and very creatively written. Enjoy- Sarah


that is really cool

katarina caudel

H- I wanted to recommend a website that generates really great playlists. They are very eclectic. They also are hit and miss. pinchyandfriends.com Enjoy! p.s. we love you here in idaho!


Oh my, reading the comments was like opening the best treasure chest ever. It will keep me busy for a long time, I'm not even half way through the list and I've added 8 items to my wish list. Thank you for the great idea Heidi. Yesterday I listened to Pat Morrison interview Justice Sonya Sotomayor. It is delightful in its inspiration and personal history. http://www.scpr.org/blogs/patt-morrison/2013/01/29/12269/patt-morrison-conversation-justice-sonia-sotomayor I also fell for the story of Les Miserable after seeing the movie, however, I have decided to listen to it and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Victor Hugos insights into humanity and compassion are equal to Dickens. High praise from me. My current favorite cookbook is your "Super Natural Every Day" and I'm having great fun with it in the kitchen.


I love Doris Choi's Fresh Energy Cookbook. who knew that baking korean yams, brushing with agave and topping with grated coconut would make such yummy tasting "cookies." they get a little bit crunchy/dry on the outside like a cookie and are soft and chewy in the middle. so good ! :)


Heidi, I went to Modern Pantry on my last trip to London a couple months ago, and loved it - thanks for the tip. And for a good read, two little-known but much-loved (by me, at least) books are "The Chess Garden" by Brooks Hansen and "The Solace of Leaving Early" by Haven Kimmel.


Stuff You Missed In History Class podcasts from howstuffworks.com are amazing! They do each episode on some little known (or well known but mysterious) history tidbit. They get me through long car rides!


That chard saag paneer sounds amazing. Totally going to work on a vegan version this week. Yum.

Ashley Neese (@ashleyneese)

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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