Favorites List (August 2011)

Favorites List (August 2011) Recipe

Hi all - just a quick hello today. East coasters, I'm thinking of you. Hope you're hanging in there with the weather. Please stay safe. There's quite a bit going on on this end, but this past week I did my best to tie up loose ends so I'm free to play a bit more during these last weeks of summer. I worked on a feature with this guy for a favorite magazine - super excited. I started thinking about what I might share at this. I had a fan girl moment when I finally meet these lovely ladies at Omnivore Books. And lastly, to cap off a month of amazing house guests, I'm getting ready for this one to touch down in SF for a few days. Yay for all of it. So, while I regroup a bit, here's a favorites list and I promise to be back later in the week with an extra special recipe.

- This white Olivetti Valentine

- These balloons

- That's Not Trash, That's Dinner

- Design*Sponge in print :)!

- Cholas (via Alice).

- Furoshiki

- rosegolden

- Cameras for Kids

- Class: Make your own Waffle Iron

- Ten Minutes with Timothy Archibald

Fiction: just ordered this, this, and this

- This photo.

- DIY sodas.

- This post made me smile.

And lastly, two things that make me proud to be part of the food community - #afundforjennie, and Tales from High Mountain. It has been inspiring to see acts of individual and collective kindness come together to support people going through incredibly difficult times. Thinking of you every day Jennie.

The opening photo is a snapshot of a corner of my inspiration board at this very minute.

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