Favorites List (July 2011) Recipe

A favorites list for July 2011. A summertime list of a few things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately.

Favorites List (July 2011)

How about a quick hello, and a favorites list today? I love pulling these together and I hope you'll indulge me a bit. While you're occupied, I'll be in the kitchen diving into a couple new titles I picked up at Omnivore Books the other day - two real gems that I'll likely highlight at some point soon. xo -h

- In yellow, please.

- Cy Twombly | Rome.

- Package-free grocery store.

- Instant Love: Polaroid retreat in Marrakesh

- Keetsa mattress: bought one of these for the guest room.

- Clear eyes. Full hearts.

‪- Pavarotti | Paris | 1965‬

- The new summer issue of Sweet Paul.

- And hoping for a second print run of this.

- The ultimate XL towel (via Sarah at Remodelista)

- These Murakami beach shots.

- This site.

- This watch.

- Teenagers Revive Dead Languages Through Texting (article)

- The boy who inherited rights to Good Night Moon. (article)

- for your sx-70.

- What's in your Kit? series.

- This profile.

- And the clippers from our Little Flower School class.

Promise to be back later in the week with a quick something tasty inspired by a fat sack of summer corn I lugged home yesterday. -h

I took the photo up above at a lovely lunch in St.Helena. We sat at an old farm table on a porch surrounded by vineyards (and chickens!) and good company. Hope to share a number of recipes from this lunch with you at some point.

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That photo is FLAWLESS. I could just jump right in! But then I might grab that bottle of wine out of the girl's hand and offend someone. So, I'll just stay right here.

Bev Weidner

Beautiful lead photo! Your photos always make me wish I was there-especially at this lunch. Can't wait to see recipes from it.


I love favorites lists! The teenagers texting dead languages story was amazing, and can't wait for the recipes from the lunch in St Helena.

Sue/the view from great island

Love the baguette bag! So cute.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Friday Night Lights link!!!! Just watched the last episode and I already miss that show desperately.


Heidi, this is so much fun - I feast for the eyes and heart. I really enjoyed; thank you!

Kelly at Inspired Edibles

Oh Heidi----the opening photo is perfection. Toasting a glass of rose to you!


Cy Twombly! Heidi why aren't we besties?

The Healthy Hipster

I just opened up most of the links you listed...nothing like a little clickfest goin' on! i can totally get down with a 1947 Rolex or a retreat in Marrakesh. Ummm yeah. I could "endure" that :)

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

This is definitely something to bookmark and read through. Thank you so much :)


I am in deep love with that faether bracelet! Where is that from?!?!?!


Great list! I especially loved that interior post you linked to, what a chic home!! Thanks for sharing!


It was about this time last year that I watched my first episode of Friday Night Lights, and that's also about the same time I became obsessed. So incredible! So addicting! Sigh... and I wish I could own everything J. Crew produces. Fantastic blog, too. Fantastic and inspiring favorites list as always! I love that first photo...beautiful.


I really wish we had more package free grocery stores here in Sydney too! Thanks for sharing your favourites, Heidi! x

Maria @ Scandifoodie

I love the feature photo and look forward to the recipes to come!


Thank you so much for this list! I love Friday Night Lights too btw :) And I really hope we get a package free grocery store in SF soon!

Anjali Shah

Nice list and I love anything corn. Corn is not doing to well hear on the east coast because of the heat and dry weather. Brutal. The corn is usually amazing.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

great post and great links! L.O.V.E. that you quoted Coach Taylor!


I would love a package-free grocery store in my town. I hate packaging garbage with a passion. It sounds like you need a little farmstay vacation. Have you seen this site http://www.farmstayus.com/ ?


I adore your monthly lists. This months newest love from the list is the new Sweet Paul issue. Cheers!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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