Favorites List (July 2011)

Favorites List (July 2011) Recipe

How about a quick hello, and a favorites list today? I love pulling these together and I hope you'll indulge me a bit. While you're occupied, I'll be in the kitchen diving into a couple new titles I picked up at Omnivore Books the other day - two real gems that I'll likely highlight at some point soon. xo -h

- In yellow, please.

- Cy Twombly | Rome.

- Package-free grocery store.

- Instant Love: Polaroid retreat in Marrakesh

- Keetsa mattress: bought one of these for the guest room.

- Clear eyes. Full hearts.

‪- Pavarotti | Paris | 1965‬

- The new summer issue of Sweet Paul.

- And hoping for a second print run of this.

- The ultimate XL towel (via Sarah at Remodelista)

- These Murakami beach shots.

- This site.

- This watch.

- Teenagers Revive Dead Languages Through Texting (article)

- The boy who inherited rights to Good Night Moon. (article)

- for your sx-70.

- What's in your Kit? series.

- This profile.

- And the clippers from our Little Flower School class.

Promise to be back later in the week with a quick something tasty inspired by a fat sack of summer corn I lugged home yesterday. -h

I took the photo up above at a lovely lunch in St.Helena. We sat at an old farm table on a porch surrounded by vineyards (and chickens!) and good company. Hope to share a number of recipes from this lunch with you at some point.

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  • That photo is FLAWLESS. I could just jump right in! But then I might grab that bottle of wine out of the girl's hand and offend someone. So, I'll just stay right here.

    Bev Weidner
  • Beautiful lead photo! Your photos always make me wish I was there-especially at this lunch. Can't wait to see recipes from it.

  • I love favorites lists! The teenagers texting dead languages story was amazing, and can't wait for the recipes from the lunch in St Helena.

    Sue/the view from great island
  • Love the baguette bag! So cute.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Friday Night Lights link!!!! Just watched the last episode and I already miss that show desperately.

  • Oh Heidi----the opening photo is perfection. Toasting a glass of rose to you!

  • I just opened up most of the links you listed...nothing like a little clickfest goin' on! i can totally get down with a 1947 Rolex or a retreat in Marrakesh. Ummm yeah. I could "endure" that :)

    Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga
  • This is definitely something to bookmark and read through. Thank you so much :)

  • I am in deep love with that faether bracelet! Where is that from?!?!?!

  • Great list! I especially loved that interior post you linked to, what a chic home!! Thanks for sharing!

  • It was about this time last year that I watched my first episode of Friday Night Lights, and that's also about the same time I became obsessed. So incredible! So addicting! Sigh... and I wish I could own everything J. Crew produces. Fantastic blog, too. Fantastic and inspiring favorites list as always! I love that first photo...beautiful.

  • I really wish we had more package free grocery stores here in Sydney too! Thanks for sharing your favourites, Heidi! x

    Maria @ Scandifoodie
  • I love the feature photo and look forward to the recipes to come!

  • Thank you so much for this list! I love Friday Night Lights too btw :) And I really hope we get a package free grocery store in SF soon!

    Anjali Shah
  • Nice list and I love anything corn. Corn is not doing to well hear on the east coast because of the heat and dry weather. Brutal. The corn is usually amazing.

    Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet
  • great post and great links! L.O.V.E. that you quoted Coach Taylor!

  • I would love a package-free grocery store in my town. I hate packaging garbage with a passion. It sounds like you need a little farmstay vacation. Have you seen this site http://www.farmstayus.com/ ?

  • I adore your monthly lists. This months newest love from the list is the new Sweet Paul issue. Cheers!

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    Apologies, comments are closed.

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