Favorites List (February 2012)

Favorites List (February 2012)

Hi everyone. I'm not entirely sure what happened, somehow this turned into the mother of all favorites lists. The number of things that caught my attention kept piling up - articles, videos, photo series, recipes to try, places to visit someday - and here we are. Hope you enjoy, and I promise to be back in a few days with a recipe to share.

- Pacific Coast Trail Moleskine Journals

- The Joy of Quiet

- E.L. Williams

- Punjabi-laced chill-banger.

- The Car Picture, 1987 -- 2011 (via wb)

- Fantasy get-away, and this one too.

- Roasted Sesame Winter Slaw & Maria Speck's Artichoke Tart with Polenta Crust

- Things to Worry About

- The Art of Pesto (with Kinfolk)

- Spring 2012 cookbook preview

- Sofia, Bulgaria

- Finnish Potato Flat Bread & Vegetarian Pho

- Where The Wild Things Are - as read by Christopher Walken (via Hustler of Culture)

- Wear Good Shoes: Advice to young photographers (link / PDF)

- School House Electric video

- Gold slippers (via Maggie)

- White picket fence

- John Steinbeck on Falling in Love: A 1958 Letter (via Ill Seen, Ill Said)

- Blue stripes

- Housesitting in Hawaii

- Colorblocked Bread Board

- The perfect way to spend $3.

- From Super Natural Every Day: Carnival Cookies & Quinoa Patties

- Made with love.

- Jen Causey + Nikole Herriott

Lead photo: A number of you were curious about the Buddha's hand referenced in the citrus salt post. It's a beauty, no?

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I have made the artichoke with polenta crust tart three times. I just can't get enough of it. You are going to love it!


Heidi-I really love your favorites list--a sort of compass for me on food, art and other interesting things around the internet. I loved F. Scott Fitzgerald's list for his daughter (useful for adults as well whose worry lists are too complicated and long--although mosquitoes are still on mine). The article on the Joy of Quiet was interesting too. I think you might enjoy a beautiful new blog by a Minnesota artist. Her name is Mary Jo and her blog is called Still (it's full of spare, beautiful photos).


I just picked up your second cookbook, Super Natural Everyday, and I am so excited to get started on some recipes. It's such a beautiful book.

jackie @ marin mama cooks

I'd never contemplated making an artichoke tart, but it sounds so delicious. Thank you for including it in the list. I'm looking forward to next month's list already!


Oh, I've been meaning to try the artichoke tart! I really enjoyed The Joy of Quiet. Love your lists :)

charlotte au chocolat

Heidi, thanks for the list of new cookbooks! Nested in that list is one from Kir Jensen, who makes the *best* cupcakes in Portland, no contest. I will cross my fingers that this book will allow me to recreate her cupcakes at home (a girl can dream!).


Thanks for that link to the Made With Love download! Awesome.

Emma Galloway

Thanks so much for linking to my post! Those flat breads are one of my all-time favourites! Thank you also for sharing all the other links!

Maria @ Scandifoodie

What a list! I'm so glad you shared the spring cookbook preview from Eater because I didn't know April Bloomfield was finally coming out with a book- she rocks!

la domestique

hi, does anyone know if the artichoke tart calls for polenta meal (grains), or the polenta you buy in plastic tubing (like at Trader Joe's)?



Love the quinoa patties. But I still prefer your recipe with kale.
Also, gonna definitely try the polenta tart!

Mike @TheIronYou

You always have fabulous lists. Thanks especially for the link to the cookbooks. That gets me more excited than anything else...wow, I sound like my mother :)

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

Lovin' your favorites list! I want to try the slaw and artichoke tart... deeeelicious!!

Laurie {Simply Scratch}

Heidi what Im most excited to know is what you plan to do with your Buddhas hand?! Great list, thank you!


I suddenly see the strange alien looking fruit/vegetable in your photo everywhere....what is it?!


Lori -- it's called Buddha's hand! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha%27s_hand

Heidi-- thanks for this list, as always....I especially loved the NYT's article about quiet...so perfect for me right now.


I've been scanning thrift stores for months trying to find those glasses (and $3?). Thank you SO much!

Carolyn Zick

great list - and a lovely bit of reading when i settle down to relax this afternoon. thank you as always!

alison mcquade

LOVE this love list! I've discovered so many great sites via yours - thanks! Made the tart from Wednesday's Chef site last week and may only make polenta crusts from now on. Lived in Kyoto almost 20 years ago - Pico Iyer (the Joy of Quiet) came to a party out my house -- a gentle soul, brilliant mind. What else... I want to house-sit in Hawaii and go to that workshop in Abruzzo Italy! Thanks for all the day-dream fodder.


Love the Punjabi video listing. Quite amusing being that I'm of Indian descent!


I haven't even made it past the first item yet. Those PCT Moleskine journals are AMAZING!!!! Thanks do much for sharing!


beautiful list and wanderings...thank you.


So lovely. Thank you. This list went perfectly with my morning tea.


Kacie @ Gorge in the Gorge

The Joy of Quiet is a wonderful piece. It succinctly expresses the need for human simplicity. Thank you so much for sharing :)


perfect, thank you


love it all...!!!


Your favorites are also so interesting. All of them.


i always love your favorites lists, heidi..and i'm tickled that you included my pho recipe. thanks so much. xo


Thanks for posting your favorites list. I fell in love with the "Moleskin Journal" blog. What amazing journals he has created. I was inspired to restart my own art journal. You rock!


A lovely recap....Moleskin journals have been a favourite for years. Hubby always has a small notebook version in his pocket and keeps each one so we have a stack of them sitting in the study.

Anna @ the shady pine

Great list. I'm loving the labels-such a great find. I'm a Steinbeck fan too. And the quinoa patties are now a staple around here. They are one of my favorite things. I've been topping them with marinara sauce and basil and stuffing them into lettuce, making a wrap with avocados and onions.


Always a happy list; love it, Heidi!

The Healthy Apple

What an amazing list - thank you so much for the link!

Jane Flanagan

I always love a good favorites list. Its nice to see what my fellow bloggers enjoy seeing. Those potato flat breads look very interesting!

Rob @ Foodfigure.com

I have those gold Tieks, and love them! Wait until they announce a coupon you can get by spamming your friends, and then get them. You can spam me. :)


Also, love this from the Steinbeck: "Girls have a way of knowing or feeling what you feel, but they usually like to hear it also." :-)


Hi Heidi!

Thanks for including my Winter Slaw on your list...it's always an honor to be on your radar :)

Love, Sarah B

Sarah B

The curried brown butter lentil soup is just fabulous. The perfect winter night's meal.


That Christopher Walken video is funny. Thanks!


your lists are incredible. thank you!


Prepared the artichoke tart with polenta crust last night. It would be a great picnic or potluck brunch contribution. Definitely worth waiting for 40+ minutes of cooling to room temp to allow the flavors to come together, and also beneficial to use a good source for the artichoke hearts and fresh goat cheese.


Wow. Steinbeck's letter to his son is so touching. I love that he didn't dismiss his son's declaration of love for Susan just because he was young. Though I've never been crazy about Steinbeck's litterary work, I think I'm going to have to add this book to my wishlist. Thanks for the discovery!


Heidi, Thank you for all the goodies, which have proven to be a great procrastination tool this morning:)
And MIA kicks ass. I'll be singing that song all day.

erin @ yummy supper

Great favorites list, love those recipes! Thanks :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Thanks Heidi for putting my book on your list! Really honored! Enjoy the sugar love!

Kir Jensen
The Sugar Cube

Kir Jensen

I love these lists, I always end up adding a new website from this to my favourites :)


I love School House Electric! I have one of their gorgeous fixtures from the artists series by Ellena James in my dining room, and my photo also happens to be in their catalogue! :-)


"Out of 265 votes, our 2012 Piglet People's Choice Award is Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson." Congratulations! Well-deserved :-)

HS: Thanks Miranda! This made my day :)


What a very eclectic list. I love it!


Dear Heidi, love that gorgeous rustic cutting board in the photo. I'm in the market for one just like that.
Can you recommend one?
Warmest thank you.

HS: Hi Katharine - I look for them at flea markets / antique shops :) Have a look on eBay though. You might see one you like.


I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm happy to see my city in your February favorites list. Love, love, love you blog!


Hi Heidi. This is a great list. I particularly enjoyed the Fitzgerald and the Steinbeck pieces.

Mithun Alva

I love the Picardie glasses! I got a set for Christmas and I use them for EVERYTHING...wine, juice, margaritas, tiny vases! They are wonderful!


I have fallen in love with your site. It is so gorgeous and you have inspired me to see cooking as an adventure...not a chore.


Always enjoy where your lists are going to take us!! Made the Artichoke, polenta dish and it was wonderful!! Even my 15month old son loved it:)


We had a lovely experience at Hog island oyster company in a balmy November afternoon. Folks from all over the world and great food. Will have to file this one in the memory banks


thank you for sharing Pico Iyer's article. I needed that! Such a nice reminder to myself to step away from the computer and make connections with loved ones, nature and the present moment.

sandra espinosa

A couple months ago you included a link to an amazing architect designed house. It had a beautiful wavy roof line, glass exterior walls and natural stone interior walls that ended short of the ceiling so you could look straight through the house over the walls.
I just went back through your favorites list and couldn't find the link, does it still exist? I would really like to have another look at it.
Thanks Heidi. Love your work. Liz

HS: Hi Liz -the link must be somewhere buried in one of those favorites list. I'm blanking on which one though!

Elizabeth Long

Dear Heidi,

I very much enjoyed this favorites list! I checked out Kinfolk as well -- such a cool movement! Simple food, simple entertaining. The films are beautifully shot and inspiring. Recently I started my own food blog, called Dough. I am very new to the blogging world, but I'd appreciate it if you took at look!


I love your monthly lists.
Thank you so much, fresh air!


Hi Heidi,

LOVE your cookbook and website and I am currently looking for something similar in NYC (headed there in May). Any suggestions on NYC? Blogs or websites or yummy eats?
in good food,


I am an occasional reader of your blog (I take it in big bites or single recipes rather than entry-by-entry) but always like to pause when your favourites lists come out - how lovely they are.


i am really interested!!


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