Favorites List (November 2011)

Favorites List (November 2011) Recipe

Thanksgiving ideas - you ready? Here are a few favorites from years past. These green beans, this roasted delicata squash, this corn bread, these brussels sprouts, and these mashed potatoes. This kale salad should be a contender because it's awesome and delivers a healthy hit of green. And I'm considering doing this pumpkin pie with the rye crust from this berry pie. I also can't help but sneak this brussels sprout & apple dish I like so much onto the list too. Now, I'm also a believer that even the most traditional holiday spread should attempt to incorporate something new, and I suspect you'll agree that Megan's Fall Shandy, Tina's Autumn Quinoa, and Lora Zarubin's Green Beans with Pickled-Onion Relish all look delicious. Beyond the plate? Let's see...

- Fantasy listing, and another one. :)

- Reading this, and this is next up.

- So happy I ordered one of these.

- Murmeration

- Sparkling Americanos (video / the details)

- Watched this documentary.

- this made me laugh (thx @jeffersonb)

- Love's oven is warm. (via Souris)

- Maggie's boxes of deliciousness.

- Something Wayne has been working on.

- Nancy Silverton on salads. (via Luisa)

- This idea.

- Jen's pic of my baked oatmeal.

- The Right Color

One more thing relevant to those of you in the SF Bay Area - I'm going to be signing books at the Remodelista Holiday Market on December 3rd (10-4pm). There's a great list of vendors, and I would (of course) love to meet more of you in person. -h

Lead photo: I took this standing on the shore of the Salton Sea last weekend.

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