Favorites List (November 2011)

A favorites list for November 2011 - a quick list of things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately.

Favorites List (November 2011)

Thanksgiving ideas - you ready? Here are a few favorites from years past. These green beans, this roasted delicata squash, this corn bread, these brussels sprouts, and these mashed potatoes. This kale salad should be a contender because it's awesome and delivers a healthy hit of green. And I'm considering doing this pumpkin pie with the rye crust from this berry pie. I also can't help but sneak this brussels sprout & apple dish I like so much onto the list too. Now, I'm also a believer that even the most traditional holiday spread should attempt to incorporate something new, and I suspect you'll agree that Megan's Fall Shandy, Tina's Autumn Quinoa, and Lora Zarubin's Green Beans with Pickled-Onion Relish all look delicious. Beyond the plate? Let's see...

- Fantasy listing, and another one. :)

- Reading this, and this is next up.

- So happy I ordered one of these.

- Murmeration

- Sparkling Americanos (video / the details)

- Watched this documentary.

- this made me laugh (thx @jeffersonb)

- Love's oven is warm. (via Souris)

- Maggie's boxes of deliciousness.

- Something Wayne has been working on.

- Nancy Silverton on salads. (via Luisa)

- This idea.

- Jen's pic of my baked oatmeal.

- The Right Color

One more thing relevant to those of you in the SF Bay Area - I'm going to be signing books at the Remodelista Holiday Market on December 3rd (10-4pm). There's a great list of vendors, and I would (of course) love to meet more of you in person. -h

Lead photo: I took this standing on the shore of the Salton Sea last weekend.

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I’m very happy to find your recipe for roasted delicata squash. I’ve just started cooking with delicata, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite. I look forward to trying this variation; thanks for sharing! Happy Leftover Day!

the tasty tRuth

That postcard calendar idea is adorable. Love your list, as always.Thank you for sharing this nice post.


I’ve got to try Nancy Silverton’s salad. Her anywhere onion and sage focaccia was incredibly delicious!

Mireya @myhealthyeatinghabits

I’m kind of a stalker of your site – I always read never comment. But I downloaded Solar onto my Kindle last night thanks to your recommendation and I just have to say thanks for the time suck. I have lots of chores I was going to do today, but am really enjoying reading instead!

Andrea @ The Greenbacks Gal

Your sweet potato spoon bread (from your first cookbook) was a big hit in our family a few months ago and was requested for Thanksgiving this season. Happy Thanksgiving!


Salton Sea- what a strange and beautiful place! I love it there. Hope you visited Salvation Mountain!


Heidi, I made a pumpkin-pecan-bourbon pie this weekend with your Rye Crust…the crowd went wild. I’m about to make an apple pie for turkey day with another batch….great recipe, Thanks!


Just recently finished Books 1 and 2 of 1Q84 – it’s not my favourite book by Murakami, that’s for sure. But I’ll still read Book 3 and then pass judgment on it…
That murmuration video was very neat! I was half expected a whale (or something) and then those birds swooped down.


Thanks for including my recipe in your lovely list Heidi and thanks for the Thanksgiving inspiration. Have a wonderful holiday!

tina jeffers

Love this list!
I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Richard Barne’s Murmur series -so the Murmuration video was a fantastic feast for the eyes (and heart). It was even better than the breathtaking murmuration in Tree of Life. Many thanks for sharing.


That is some darn good looking oatmeal… and i looooove the idea of the postcard calendar journal!! brilliant!

jess @ Multicultural Melbourne

have you tried eatwell farm’s “Softer” drinks? probiotic rich, organic, homemade, naturally fermented with good carbonation. they have st. benoit yogurt in them and they’re made over in dixon, ca–i was at the farm this weekend as I’m a CSA member here in SF, and they are delicious. cherry-lavender, rose geranium pomegranate. give it a whirl, i think they have them at the ferry building on saturday’s at their stall.


I’m so glad I looked through the list. The kale mashed potato idea was worth it. I love kale and look for more ways to eat it. What better to do with my left overs.


I’ve been making your Bourbon Baked Sweet Potatoes with the spicy pecan topping for the past four Thanksgivings. I’ve found the ingredients list but I don’t have the full recipe with cooking times, process, ect. I can’t find the recipe in your archives this year. Please help! Thanks!
HS: Here you go Becky. https://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/000129.html


happy thanksgiving! i just pulled an autumn millet bake out of the oven, which i’ve been wanting to make for ages. it just smells like fall! thanks for the continued inspiration.

samantha jillian

Fat Toad Farm is awesome! Love their goat milk caramels. Though I can’t believe she as a non-Vermont maple syrup…


Thank you for your blog, which I check several times a week. It bringsa bit of sanity, and peace, to my mornings. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful.


We will be having your brussels sprouts here for our Thanksgiving. Yum. Thank you for the recipe.


Lovely lead photo! I grew up not far from the Salton Sea and with all of the negative that it is known for, it is nice to see it portrayed here, for its beauty.


Fab fab list. Happy early thanksgiving!


Wow! Let us know how you do with the Murakami!! I imagine it would take a year to read it and five or more to digest it! Me, I’m not prepared for the indigestion. Took me almost forever to finish The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles!

Gilda Blackmore

Happy Thanksgiving, Heidi!

The Healthy Apple

That postcard calendar idea is adorable. Love your list, as always.

Kathryn O

I love posts like this. I love seeing favorites links as it always inspires new ideas. I am going to make your chickpea burgers this weekend and I can’t wait!

jackie @ marin mama cooks

A couple of years ago you published Nikki’s Sweet Potatoes in a favorites list. Thank you, it is well LOVED by the family and replaces the horrid canned sweet potato casserole with marshmallows…at last.


I have been meaning to tell you for ages that I really love your recipes, and turn to your website often for inspiration in the kitchen. So a belated thank you! Although it’s not Thanksgiving here in Canada – ours took place last month – your list of Thanksgiving menu items has reminded me that I’ve been wanting to try your Tuscan kale salad which sounds amazing – and the kale in our garden will be just right for this.

Laurie MacBride

Thanks Heidie for a lovely year of inspirational cooking. This year strickly non-traditional due to family health issues. So, no turkey or gravy here just wonderful FRESH HADDOCK baked with lemon butter and all fresh veggies and nut desserts. No dairy and no gluten either. It is hard to please an entire family, but I think this menu will please all of my beautiful grown children. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful Christmas to Heidie and all her friends here.

Beverly Jane

Thanks so much for what you do. Very inspired every time I read your fav list.
Happy Thanksgiving.


I love Thanksgiving and two staples that will always be on my table are mashed sweet potatoes and a loaf of applesauce bread. I’m intrigued by the Autumn Quinoa idea. I used the grain a lot over the summer but had a hard time winterizing it. Can’t wait to try that link!
Also, the picture of the baked oatmeal looks so delicious and rustic.

Brenna @ Happ. B

nice photo
are you using a medium format digital camera? or cropping…..


Great list! November has come really fast this year. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

The murmuration video is out-of-this-word. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Someday I hope I find myself sitting in a canoe, or anywhere for that matter, in the midst of a murmuration. Thank you also for the Thanksgiving inspiration. I’m in charge of the veggies this year so you can be sure I will be perusing all your recipes in the next couple days.


This is a fantastic list! You make Thanksgiving cooking so much more fun, healthy + delicious. And of course, your pictures are out-of-this-world. You’re a huge inspiration to me.
Thank you Heidi!!

Jenny Sansouci - Healthy Crush

I just ordered the new Murakami Book and I can’t wait to read it! I’m a huge fan of his writing. Happy Thanksgiving – hope you have a great holiday!

Anjali Shah @ The Picky Eater

I can’t wait to try the string beans and the kale. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll make sure to report how it goes on my blog!


I made your pumpkin pie recipe with rye crust for Canadian thanksgiving and it was awesome! It’s a great combo 🙂


that murmuration video is awesome


I love your lists…I can’t believe another month has passed since your last one. Time flies!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

Thanksgiving time which we don’t have in Japan; however, I love the spirit and celebration of Thanksgiving with delicious food. Great ideas and hintful list as always!


wasn’t the tribe doc amazing? my husband did this video with the director, michael rapaport before the movie was released:

lynn @ the actor's diet

My friend Julie started Remodelista few years back. I will come by if I can.
Lovely links, thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Love & Light




Great list! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
Be Well,


The video of the murmuration is just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

charlotte au chocolat

Just found your blog and think it’s wonderful. I’ll definitely be coming back!


I’ll be making the spiced pumpkin pie with the rye crust too. Haven’t made it yet and am really looking forward to it. Letting my daughter use half the dough for pie crust cookies tonight. 🙂


Oh, yes, that murmuration video! It inspired an art piece from me, it was so stunning. I love the round of of thanksgiving dishes. and yes, that house seems like it’s out of a dream landscape.
I love your favorites lists…always such good bits of inspiration.


I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!! I’m going to make a delicious pumpkin macaroni and cheese, mmm…Those mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts are awesome by the way. Enjoy your holiday! 🙂

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

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Apologies, comments are closed.

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