Favorites List (January 2012) Recipe

The first favorites list of the new year - a list of things that have inspired, or caught my attention in the previous weeks.

Favorites List (January 2012)

Hi everyone, how about a favorites list? I feel like I have enough good stuff to roll it out a bit early this month. Not to mention, it'll give me a chance to focus on jotting down a recipe for the bread I've been baking every few days for the past couple of weeks. This bread is dark and hearty, yeast-leavened, and perfect for soup-dunking. Or crouton making. Or tartine broiling. I think you'll like, or at least I hope you will. In the meantime,

- A Polaroid a day for 18 years.

- Sequin photobooths.

- Fantasy real estate listing.

- Joan Didion's packing list.

- On the list to cook: this, and this.

- EAMES: The Architect and the Painter

- Revisitng this soup.

- Anna's Daughters' Chocolate Rye Bark

- Get-away.

- This photo series.

- This lovely lady.

- A box of dirt.

- Bookmark this for the holidays next year.

- Fireworks.

- Teenage Bedrooms: It was Miami Vice meets the interior of a van...

- The Woodmans.

- Bookmark: Tamarind Margarita.

- Midway through watching this.

- This exhibit. And, coming up - this one.

Bread to come in a few... -h

Lead photo: One of the nicest sunsets I've seen lately, at the park just a short walk from my house. The air has been brisk, and crisp, and the skies so clear.

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I couldn't wait until next week to make the carrot soup from SK--Heidi, if you haven't already sliced your carrots, go now! I took one bit from the pot and said, out loud: "Oh my god--oh my GOD!" It's that good. T


The story behind the polaroid-a-day guy is very touching. The treehouse hotel is stunning - mirrored walls! And, well, I'm rather tempted to join a rainbow gathering now. Beautiful collection of favourites this month :)


Everything sounds awesome.Thanks Heidi.


Eames! Drool. What fantastic style.


Everything sounds so good I can't wait to check it all out!


What a lovely shot! Joan Didion is one of my very favorite writers....love her work and love the little glimpse into her life...

Rocky Mountain Woman

Heidi, think you will love this post: Btw, that lemon annise slushie recipe was delicious. I also tried it with gin, and though i thought it might have been over the top, it was lovely.


per usual your list compilation is amazing. the box of dirt essay did make me teary--but i am a notorious cry baby. thanks for everything.


how did i miss the New Year Noodle Soup the first time around?? i finally made it yesterday for the first time and it was love at first spoonful! i'll definitely be making that over and over with seasonal changes of ingredients as necessary.. thank you!


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Apologies, comments are closed.

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