Favorites List (October 2011)

Favorites List (October 2011) Recipe

Hi everyone. And hello autumn! There has been a lot of chopping, roasting, broiling and baking happening on this end. And lots of picture taking too - both at home, and out and about. I'm excited to share, I just need a bit more time to wrangle some of the highlights into the next series of posts. In the meantime, I hope these links will suffice :) I promise to be back later in the week with something special.

- Cinemagraphs

- Fantasy Real Estate Listing (via Nikole)

- Wafu Dressing

- Ottolenghi: Love is the Right Word (via Keiko)

- The Glow

- This site

- Looking forward to this

- Chip Kidd discusses designing Murakami's 1Q84 (via wb)

- Polka-dot Garland

- Tarkovsky's Polaroids

- bkr in bubble

- Knäckebröd Crackers

- 1962: Las Vegas in 16mm

- 1994: Kirk Varnedoe with Brice Marden, Francesco Clemente and Richard Serra on Cy Twombly

- Want to bake this

Lead photo: More of my inspiration board right now. Related to this. :)

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