Favorites List (October 2011)

Favorites List (October 2011)

Hi everyone. And hello autumn! There has been a lot of chopping, roasting, broiling and baking happening on this end. And lots of picture taking too - both at home, and out and about. I'm excited to share, I just need a bit more time to wrangle some of the highlights into the next series of posts. In the meantime, I hope these links will suffice :) I promise to be back later in the week with something special.

- Cinemagraphs

- Fantasy Real Estate Listing (via Nikole)

- Wafu Dressing

- Ottolenghi: Love is the Right Word (via Keiko)

- The Glow

- This site

- Looking forward to this

- Chip Kidd discusses designing Murakami's 1Q84 (via wb)

- Polka-dot Garland

- Tarkovsky's Polaroids

- bkr in bubble

- Knäckebröd Crackers

- 1962: Las Vegas in 16mm

- 1994: Kirk Varnedoe with Brice Marden, Francesco Clemente and Richard Serra on Cy Twombly

- Want to bake this

Lead photo: More of my inspiration board right now. Related to this. :)

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I love this time of year! So many beautiful gourds to roast and make into something special!! We have to enjoy the cool breezes and golden afternoons while they last. Blizzard season is coming soon in my neck of the woods :), Miriam

Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Hmmm Wafu dressing! I'm a big fan of the ginger Japanese style dressing on pretty much all of my salads, all the time.


Love your Favorites Lists! You're such an inspiration. bkr is awesome.

charlotte au chocolat

Since my favorite Kashi crackers got a "tastier crunch," I'm in the market for a new cracker in my life. The Knäckebröd Crackers look pretty good and a whole lot cheaper than buying packages of crackers anyway.


I love it when you post your linky lists. I go on a happy little clickfest which I am about to do...now....

Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

I always enjoy you favorites list. Ottolenghi's clip was touching and the title says all.

My favorite season, autumn, has come and I love everything in this season! Thank you for sharing the great list.


Yay another favorites list! :) Can't wait to try that spinach cake recipe - it looks so unique and delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Anjali Shah @ The Picky Eater

Your favorite list is simply amazing!!! THANKS for all the inspiration!!!

Gabi Butcher

I love seeing your inspiration board!

Simply Life

Loving the updated inspiration board and can't wait to see more photos. I want to bake that spinach cake too-wow! Thanks for sharing all these fun links.


Thanks for sharing your October Favorites List! I really enjoyed the illustrations at kokblog-- so simple and yet refreshingly enjoyable. Also Cynthia Rowley and her children could not be cuter.

Brenna @ Happ. B

I. LOVE. the look your vision board (?) has. Vintage, soft, pale....

SICK. In a good way.

Why can't we hang out?

HS: Thanks Bev. :)

Bev Weidner

This time of year is certainly special -- the array of colors are a feast for my eyes...my good friend who farms just dropped by a bag full of a variety of squashes, including my favorite delicatta, so I'm excited to get chopping and roasting and pureeing, too.
Inspiration boards are always so intriguing to me...thanks for sharing yours! And all of your favorites...it's a fun way to learn about new things!

lauren @ spiced plate

That spinach cake sounds magical! I like the look of those crackers too. Thanks!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

I think you should add your leek soup. Made it the other day during one of our first brisk fall days and my wife said, "Damn that's good." And it was.

HS: Thanks for the reminder Doug - teeing up for soup season for sure!


Heidi, Thank you for including Hungry Ghost in your October favorites post!
I am honored, as I adore your blog! Have a great day! Andrea

HS: Such a huge fan of yours Andrea - love visiting your site.

andrea gentl

So fun; I love your favorites posts...they're so uplifting!

The Healthy Apple

Your favorites lists make me smile :) The spinach cake looks amazing! Reminds me of a meal my hubby and I had on our honeymoon at an oasis in Egypt.


Always love your favorite list, gives me so much energy,inspiration and enthu -xoxo


The book of Tarkovsky Polaroids is one of my favorite things.


LOVE Murakami. Can't wait for the new book to come out tomorrow.


I like the fantasy real estate listing...this really cracked me up!


October 24, 2011

I think you should add your leek soup. Made it the other day during one of our first brisk fall days and my freehand said, its so good


Hi Heidi - loved the Yotam Ottolenghi video and loving cookbooks as I do, it was nice to get a sneak peak at what was sitting on his bookshelf too!

HS: Me too Kate! I love it when you're able to catch a glimpse of a cook's bookshelf :)


Hi Heidi I have your super natural cooking book and decided to make the cauliflower soup as we have an abundant supply of cauls at the moment being spring. I followed the receipe which I very rarely do, until the puree part, I added half an avocado while blending then grated some nutmeg when serving and I must say it was the best caulflower soup I have eaten to date tasted. I avocado just added a little more creaminess tothe soup. Lovely. Am going to try all the receipes in the book.

jessie zander

Love the video of Ottolenghi! Inspiring list, as always, Heidi, and so much fun to browse when i should be doing work! :)


Hello, I so enjoy your site. I wonder if it would be easier for users to click back and forth between your page and your Favorites above if the links could open in a new tab? Once I've seen one, of course, I want to come back and explore the rest of your list!

HS: Hi Amy, on my Mac I press the command (propeller) key when I click on a link, that will open the link in a new tab :)


I'm wondering if you have any favorites that have to do with the La Jolla/San Diego area. I'll be traveling there this weekend and wanted to know if there were specialty foods to seek out around there.

HS: Hi Carol - I haven't spent much time exploring San Diego recently, but my favorite place to visit when I was living there in college was the Salk Institute in La Jolla near the UCSD campus. For the architecture/view.

Carol Gnojewski

I know if I lived in that house in Vinalhaven, Maine, I would write one awesome novel.


Your favourite list is once again amazing, I love your blog and I believe autumn is the best period of the year especially October!

Ellen Van

Don't really look forward to this time of year myself but having a look through those links has cheered me up a bit!


Thanks for the inspiration. I love the Tarkovsky polaroids. I'm so happy the Impossible Project has brought back polaroid film.

I'm excited for your November posts -- looking for new and original Thanksgiving recipes.

Laurie Furber

Links are really ok, but I still wish you be back sooner!

HS: Doing my best to get a new post/recipe up tonight :)!

Josy Van

So fun; I love your favorites posts...they're so uplifting!

Moon Hug

I love seeing your inspiration board!


Thanks for sharing so many beauties! Beautiful art, beautiful food, beautiful movie, beautiful people. As a mom I love the Glow! I also wish I could go back to 1964 to see a world where people actually dressed up in the morning and not just jeans and T-shirt!!


Hi Heidi - love your blog and your recipes. Your Simple Cauliflower was amazing and yet so simple that I wanted to say "DUH!" to myself...or maybe I did. :)

We love your blog so we're nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award. http://wheninoz.com/2011/10/28/the-versatile-blogger-award/

We know you're recognized with accolades of much higher importance but we still wanted to recognize your great work. Thanks!

HS: Thanks Laura!


love the recipes! this blog its a great inspiration source! love it! have a nice sunday and week!

miss peligro

All I can say is, bitchin' list this month, Heidi!

Many, many thanks!


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