Favorites List (Winter 2011) Recipe

A winter favorites list made up of a few things that have caught my attention or inspired me lately. Also, links to some pretty desktop patterns and iPhone wallpapers from Super Natural Every Day.

Favorites List (Winter 2011)

First off, I have a little treat for you. Well, a treat for those of you who like desktop backgrounds and iPhone wallpapers as much as I do. While I was working on Super Natural Every Day I found myself using landscape shots from the book as my desktop patterns. Here are four of my favorites. I figured some of you might want to use them as well. I use the pink rhododendron for my phone, and the California Coast shot on my big Macintosh. Enjoy~ Super Natural Every Day desktop wallpapers.

So, I just stepped off the airplane, and I'm in the process of unpacking. Correspondingly, I haven't been in the kitchen in a few days. So, while I was in Portland, I started typing up a new favorites list for you. I have a new recipe to share, I just need a bit of time to write it up. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy the links and downloads.

- Daydream real estate listing number 1, and closer to home, number 2.

- Mission Beach Cafe's Alan Carter makes one of my favorite pies. It is a huckleberry pie with a rustic butter crust. I brought one to Thanksgiving this year so my family could taste the magic. Here's a cute video where Alan shares a few pastry tips.

- Enjoyed this movie. And this movie.

- Perfect way to wear pink.

- Photo Series: Eight Natural Headstands. Also, love this Mark Shaw photo of John Kennedy Jr.

- Can't get enough of this. Been using it on/in/around everything.

- A friend left a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Dish Soap at my house recently, and I've totally fallen for it. I usually buy fragrance-free, but I love the smell of this soap.

- To try: Dark & Stormy made w/ Homemade Ginger Beer.

- Debbie Carlos: Fruits Poster

- Soap Flakes and vintage sugar packets - via swiss miss.

- I've cooked a bunch of recipes from Moro East over the past month - thoroughly enjoying it. It's always inspiring to explore new flavor combinations and cooking techniques, and spending time with a book like this is a great way to do it at your own pace. Feel free to join in.

And I know a lot of you, particularly in the mid-west and eastern U.S., could use some tasty soup inspiration right now. This one, this one, and this one, and this one, have been recent favorites. Oh! And if you've never cooked Richard Olney's Garlic Soup, please please give it a try at some point. Simple and amazing.

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What a nice surprise! Thanks for the shout out :)

Debbie Carlos

a lovely list. i just pre-ordered SNE and i can't wait until april!

laura @ alittlebarefoot

Heidi, thank you for always being so curious and experimental. We reap the rewards! I've adapted a few of your recipes to make them camping friendly. There's nothing better than a good meal under the stars :D Thanks again!


Such a great list, Heidi! HS: Thanks Jen!


I love new interesting takes on life and recipes and the movies look fantastic.

Laura @ SweetSavoryPlanet

You have excellent taste in movies. Those are two of my recent faves. Thank you for the soup recipes - we're expecting an ice storm here in New York tomorrow :(

Delphine at Antiquarian Cooks

What a great favorites list! I've always proclaimed to hate the color pink, but I want that watch! Also, I share your love for the Hazelnut oil (I think there are 4 different La Tourangelle oils in my kitchen as I type this). The John Jr. and Salt Point Deer photos are especially lovely.

Monika {windycityvegan}

that garlic soup is to die for, it's so silky and dreamy!

alana (at) the food

Here in maine it's 10 degrees -- those soups look perfect...I enjoyed browsing through these links -- thanks!

lauren @ spiced plate

That's a great list. I loved "I Am Love" this past summer.

Sophie Delphis

Beautiful list of favorites!


Yay, a favorites list! Love it. The handstand series is incredible (go old-school yogi-dude!), the soap flaker ingenious, and you've reminded me that I must get hazelnut oil, pronto. Just ordered Christmas limas from Rancho Gordo so that soup is a must once they arrive. Thanks :)


I second homemade ginger beer. Sweet and spicy and fun to make!

Honestly Good Food

I love the architecture on the two real estate listings you posted! The first one seems like it's in the middle of a park!

Earl Lee

Thank you for the inspiring list and the desktop wallpaper; what beautiful photographs. I really enjoy your blog, in my mind, it is connected with the words said at the beginning of meals back in the days of boarding school: to good food and good friends... (it is not just the food, but also the company), and on that note, salute and gom bui!


Great collection of favorites, and thanks for the desktop images. I love San Francisco Sutro and Salt Point Deer!

sweet road

Great meeting you this last week. I will be up in San Fran next week and can deliver a bottle or two of suds from my local if you are interested. By the way, my wife's jaw dropped when I told her who I had dinner with. Your site is one of her favorites! HS: Well, thanks for sharing one your berry-filled doughnuts with me Carlo :) And for the Santa Cruz tips.


Hi Heidi, I, like so many others love the favourites lists, there are always so many interesting things to peek at and they must be fun to compile. Sadly though, I can't watch the pie video - it is saying it is unavailable but might that be because I am out of the US......? I do love Wayne's SF photo too - a really beautiful image. HS: Hi Kate - I think it is a Flash player. Maybe you don't have Flash in your browser or something? I'm not 100% sure though.


Oh Heidi, I just love you. You have the best taste in everything and you're a wonderful photographer and cook. Thank you for all the inspiration to cook natural everyday. From a student at a little vegetarian co-op in Santa Barbara, Meg HS: Thanks so much Meg, I love co-ops!


I have a favorite to add to this list, Heidi -- your whole wheat cracker recipe! I made them last weekend with my pasta machine, and they turned out so, so well. Thin and crispy and wheaty-wonderful. Thanks so much!

Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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