Grilled Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

Grilled Salt & Vinegar Potatoes Recipe

Certain people have a thing for salt & vinegar potato chips. Ok, let me be more specific. Certain people in this household have a thing for salt & vinegar potato chips. I'm not one of them. Tangy, salty, crisp potatoes - I get it. On paper it all sounds good. I don't know what my problem is. But I have a really hard time with these chips. I find the vinegar flavor blindingly strong, and despite my best efforts to resist, they make my lips pucker and my face scrunch up. But Wayne loves them, so when I came across a recipe last year for potatoes boiled in vinegar, then grilled to a crisp, I set it aside for grilling season. It sounded hardcore.

Grilled Salt and Vinegar Potatoes

Here's what I'll say about them. If you love the whole salt n' vinegar thing, you've got to make these. Surprise to me - I actually liked them quite a bit. And although the vinegar flavor is booming here, it seems to have less of an edge than the chip version. Just before trying them, I sprinkled the tops with a bit of fennel salt (recipe below), but was imagining dunking each potato slab in some garlicky aioli would hit the spot as well.

One of the other things that caught my attention about this recipe (which originally ran in Martha Stewart Magazine), was the idea that you could flavor potatoes by boiling them in a strongly-flavored liquid, before finishing them off on the grill. It got me thinking of all sorts of other ideas - like a really strong herb-flecked broth, or a strong garlic broth, or would a strong beer work?

Grilled Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

The original recipe calls for white vinegar. I used a white wine vinegar instead - but you can use either. I suspect you could actually experiment over time w/ different types of vinegar. I used fingerling potatoes that were on the large size, but any waxy potatoes will do.

2 cups / 475 ml white wine vinegar

1 pound / 16 oz / 450 g waxy potatoes (see head notes), cut into 1/4-inch slices

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon flaky sea salt, plus more for seasoning
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

fennel salt* to taste (optional)

Pour the vinegar into a medium saucepan, then stack (or arrange) the potatoes so the vinegar covers them completely. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 5 minutes, or until the potatoes are just fork tender. You want them to hold their shape, so they don't fall apart on the grill later. Let the potatoes cool in the vinegar for 30 minutes. Drain well, then very gently toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Heat the grill to medium high. Grill potatoes, covered if possible, until golden on one side, then flip and grill the other side - roughly 3 - 5 minutes per side. Serve sprinkled with salt or fennel salt to taste.

Serves 4.

*To make fennel salt: toast 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds in a skillet, pound to a powder with a mortar and pestle, then combining it with about two tablespoons of flaky sea salt.

Adapted from a recipe in Martha Stewart Magazine, June 2009

Prep time: 35 min - Cook time: 10 min

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!
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These look much better than fries...and I bet the taste wonderful too! :)


Your introduction really got me on this one. My boyfriend LOVES salt and vinegar chips. One of his favorite meals is a tuna salad sandwich (with mustard and pickles) and a S&V chips. Just the thought of all that makes my face hurt. I will definitely be making these, especially since you said you liked them too!


That is a fascinating method and recipe! Salt and Vinegar chips are my boyfriend's favorite, and I'm sure he would love these.

Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks

My dad used to make potatoes that looked just like those and he called them 'potato planks'. Nothing as fancy as yours but yummy just the same, as they were fried in bacon grease.

Sherri B.

hello heidi,

hmmm. i'm not particularly partial to salt & vinegar chips either, but this got me really interested. this reminds me of a recipe that tells you to cook potatoes in water along with sprigs of fresh mint, which resulted in the spuds subtly flavored with mint. might have to give this one a try, too!


This looks amazing! I LOVE salt and vinegar potato chips and think I'll need to try it asap.


I adore the salt and vinegar thing, and would adore these. Thank you.


this has my daughter's name written all over it. Will be making it this week for sure!


There's a Basque dish that involves boiling potatoes in red wine that's really delicious-but i never thought of vinegar.

Nina A

What a great idea! I can't believe that I'd never heard of this before!!! I like salt and vinegar chips and my husband loooooveess them so this recipe is definitely getting bookmarked!!!


did you slice the potatoes before you boiled them heidi?


oops, i see that you did!



I am one of those people who LOVE salt n vinegar chips. These look amazing, especially with the fingerling potatoes. Thank you for sharing such a tasty recipe.

Lisa { AuthenticSuburbanGourmet }

Salt & vinegar is a British institution. You can't have fish and chips without a side of salt & vinegar chips (fries).

As a kid we would buy the deadliest salt & vinegar crisps and eat the pack until our lips turned white from the vinegar. Yum! Living abroad now, I miss salt & vinegar anything.

These look fantastic and I'm fascinated by the fact that you can flavour the potatoes through boiling them in vinegar.


What a fun and simple recipe!

Heidi - do you think it's possible to broil these in the oven? I don't own a grill (there just isn't enough space in our teeny-tiny SF apartment), but I'd love to try this recipe if there's any way to get around not having a grill. Thanks!


I love potatoes, but I've never used vinager, I have to try!


I know what you mean about salt & vinegar chips just being so full on...I don't like them either, but I imagine in this instance that the potato itself might neutralise some of that aggressive vinegar flavour. I remember tasting some potato chips in New York that were dill pickle flavoured and they were really good - a flavour profile along those lines could be yummy too, using a slightly briny, spicy liquid to first cook the potato.....


Oh this chips maybe really irresistible! I can imagine how this can replace my mojo potatoes :D

The Artist Chef (Joanie)

I've never been attracted to junk food. As a kid I never went for Ring-Dings or Twinkies or Little Debbie. But - I must confess. Whenever I am in a deli, I will snag a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips. I love them. Yes, they make my mouth pucker too... but in an oh-so-delightful way. Oh, yummy, yummy. So, you know I will be making these - asap - even though my potatoes aren't ready to be dug. And thank you. This will be a more guilt-free splurge ;)

Michaela - The Gardener's Eden

I LOVE salt and vinegar. This sounds perfect to me.

Jessica @ How Sweet

In one of Mollie Katzen's older cookbooks she has a recipe for "Very Much Marinated Potatoes" in which you make a potato salad by boiling the potato chunks in 5 parts water : 1 part red wine vinegar. Then you toss the potatoes in olive oil, salt and pepper and add in whatever else you'd like. I usually add halved cherry tomatoes and handfuls of basil, or go with some southwestern flavors. The flavor is wonderful.


I am even changing what I am making for dinns tonight, to incorporate these super duper yummy sounding spuds!
Can't believe I have never thought of doing this before.
Thanks for sharing a lovely recipe, even though it is not a favourite of yours.
:-) Mandy


Oh I love this idea - hope to try it soon!

Simply Life

The pictures looks great! Salt & Vinegar always make my mouth water.

A Teenage Gourmet

I have had the MS recipe bookmarked for some time- thanks for the reminder! My lips are puckering at the thought of my favorite snack!


Do you think I could make this an entree? Cause I could eat a plate of these! Especially with a homemade aoli!

LoveFeast Table

The Swedes boil potatoes in water containing an entire bunch of dill. The flavor really does infuse right into the potatoes.


I'm with you. I don't care much for salt and vinegar chips either (despite my general liking for things tangy and salty). The grilled beer potatoes sound more interesting. I've boiled papas in beer out camping and they were delicious.

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

This recipe is officially on my short list!

The Ordinary Vegetarian

Your description made my lips pucker! I'm so going to make these. :)

Carrie (Love Healthy Living)

I love a bit tanginess in my food.. This looks my kind of dish.


Interesting! I'm planning to make grilled seitan gyros soon and was looking for a new side for them. This could be the one. Thanks!


This method sounds like a new taste revelation in the realm of potatoes, thanks for sharing it.


Wow! I boil beets in vinegar and they are great, but I never thought about grilling them after. Now I am going to do this with potatoes, beets, etc. I love the idea. Thanks!

My Communal Table

I have made these a few times. I discovered that boiling in just vinegar made them way too intense for me so I diluted; using 1/2 water 1/2 vinegar. You still get the vinegar flavor, just not so booming.


I'm going to try these with mmmmmmmmalt vinegar and tons of pepper.

shawna henderson

I am like Wayne. (I like to put s&v crisps in sandwiches, yum).

I don't think I want to put these in sandwiches, but I am going to give it a try.


What a great recipe idea. I love salt and vinegar chips, so why not on the potatoes? Thanks for sharing.

My Kitchen in the Rockies

I make low fat roast potatoes by par-boling them in water with Marigold vegetable stock and then just lightly spraying with oil before roasting. Lots of flavour without lots of fat. Tip courtesy of Rosemary Conley, low-fat diet guru from the UK!


I have LOVED Salt & Vinegar chips and malt vinegar and sea salt on fries since I was a kid - YUM! Can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing even if it isn't your fav, I'm sure it will become one of mine!


Well, I'm definitely in the love salt 'n' vinegar camp, so I will be trying these for sure! And I'm already a convert to the idea of flavouring the water used to boil potatoes. Even adding a few cloves of crushed garlic and a sprig of rosemary to the water can make a noticeable difference.

Daily Spud

I'm with Wayne--LOVE that blinding acid! This is brilliant, can't wait to try.


Oh the timing of this post! I am making grilled pizza today, and actually have a bunch of potatoes I've been meaning to use, but couldn't think of anything fun to do. I am making this today, and I can't wait! Thanks!

Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

I wonder if you could substitute malt vinegar for all or part of the white wine vinegar. The malt vinegar is the more traditional fish and chips vinegar and it has less of a punch in the kisser than plain white vinegar for sure.
I am also w/o grill so will look to see how broiling or baking works.


YUM! I can't wait to try these with some grilled fish. I love the salt and vinegar chips, the more pucker-y, the better! Thanks!


These sound delicious! While I'm not a huge fan of salt and vinegar potato chips, my husband is, and would def appreciate these. Thanks for sharing!


Sounds great! How about a version based on Chicken Adobo? Cook the potatoes in vinegar and soy sauce before grilling...


Wow! These sound amazing.
I love the salt and vinegar chips and this recipe looks SO good.

Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try them!


My mouth is watering just reading the recipe. I cannot wait to try these - thank you!


My all time favorite...these look fabulous; I make these all the time using my sweet potatoes! Thanks Heidi...

The Healthy Apple

I grew Yukon Golds this year and this sounds like the prefect way to treat them.
I am one of the Sour/Salty Tater aficionads you mention.

BTW: if you can fit a half barrel in your gardenspace you can grow them too!
And there is absolutely nothing like a fresh-dug potato : 9
The skins are so tender you can rub them off with your fingers!
And the taste...




Could you boil them in dill pickle juice a la MY favorite chip, dill pickle? I'm giving that a shot!


I am the same way as you Heidi, I hate that combo of flavors, BUT, my 3 kids not only like the vinegar chips, they also love the dill pickle ones too! So gross!

But, like you, I would make these for them and they would be so happy!

I've made microwave potato chips, where you slice the potato super thin, and then cook it in the microwave on parchment paper. You cook it for a minute, then let it sit for 2 minutes, then repeat until the get crisp. You don't need to add any oil if you don't want to, but you could add cracked pepper, or vinegar, or shaved parmesan cheese on top, whatever you like!

Thanks for this recipe!


can these be prepared ahead of time? same day? day ahead and reheated?


My mouth just waters hearing about Salt and Vinegar.... it's a Canadian thing.... we looove our salt n vinegar chips!

Your recipe looks gobsmakingly good!

Wendy Tancock

Hello Heidi,
This recipe sounds delish.
To my pleasant surprise, I checked email after lunch and saw that I had received one from 101 cookbooks. Hooray!
Thank you


Would be terrific with yams/sweet potato too. (Maybe not as crispy, but still delicious.) :)

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

But not in an aluminum pot, I assume - that vinegar would eat it right up and the aluminum would end up in the brew....

This sounds perfect to go with our roast veggies and hummus, adding some crunch and a lot of flavor. Can't wait to try it.

Peg Lewis

Heidi - thank you so much for this recipe! My daughter and I adore salt and vinegar chips - its on the list of things to make, although I am thinking of using malt vinegar :D


Your introduction to this recipe was spot on. My partner loves the flavor of vinegar; I wish I could. And though I'll try these--they look delicious--I'm even more intrigued with other flavor possiblities. Thanks for your wonderful site. It gives credibility to my penchant for experimentation.

Leigh Kramer

I love salt & vinegar chips on the rare occasion I have them, but I think they can be half as intense as they are.

I've boiled sliced potatoes in water + apple cider vinegar before. Nice flavor, although my kids can't stand the smell of vinegar on the stovetop!

Along the lines of potatoes & vinegar - I love potato salad made with potatoes, raw green beans, and a dressing of extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar (equal parts), plus some garlic and stoneground mustard stirred in. Yum.

Deana (Cooking with Trader Joe's)

WOWOW these look naughty, am going to try them soon!!!



Not a huge fan of S&V - even posh chips with sea salt and balsamic don't do it for me - but these sound delicious. Love the idea of using different broths too - I wonder about a saffron / white wine flavoured broth? Lots of room for experimentation..... thanks Heidi.


Absolutely one of the best ways to enjoy a potato. By the way, it isn't an accident that for the most part, this combination is a "guy thing".

The use of Malt vinegar (Marson's is the best) is the classic UK dipping ingredient. I have to say I never really thought about cooking the potatoes in the vinegar then grilling/frying them.

Just great any way you can get them...


salt and vinegar crisps are truly British, one of THE best makes are Kettle chips...chunky,skin on, salty yet not too vinegary. Salty Dogs are good if you see either Stateside go try...meanwhile Heidi looking forward to trying these at the weekend...P.S. had TERRIBLE ants infesting my garden, poured a bottle of cheap vinegar over them...haven't seen one since!


The bagged potato chips are also a bit strong for me, but I love vinegars. I can't resist buying new flavors and almost always have something steeping in a dark corner in the kitchen.
I'll be slicing a few potatoes as soon as I finish writing this. It's been pouring rain all day so I won't fire up the grill tonight, but I'll finish them on my cast iron grill pan on the stove top.
I think your idea of using other flavors is great. I can't wait to experiment.


Ooooo, when I was pregnant w/ my daughter, I craved lime chips (Lays brand) and consumed an entire (large) bag singlehandedly in one day. I also gained 43 pounds during my pregnancy! This may be a better way to get that sour flavor next time. :) Wonder if you could use lemon or lime juice in the boiling process? Or maybe just squeeze some on at the end of the process for extra tang.....


I totally have one of those vinegar-lovers too. He drinks the pickle juice. So I should try these? Maybe it will bridge the salt-and-vinegar gap between us. Thanks!

Amanda at Enchanted Fig

I don't have a grill, but I might just try oven grilling these to see if it works.


I made these last summer and thought I would love there since I do really like salt and vinegar potato chips. But they were WAY too strong for me. I have loved your site for years and this is my first time commenting. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Seasoning the water to get flavor into potatoes does really work well. Its also a great way to jazz up cauliflower. I love it with garlic, lots of garlic in the water when boiling or steaming. Great for a quick puree!


Sorry still not convinced :)


I think salt and vinegar chips are the next best reason to pucker up besides a kiss :)
When I make potato salad the first thing I do is pour vinegar on the warm potatoes to absorb the flavor while they cool down, then I add the rest of the flavorings and veg.


be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love, love LOVE this!!

Leigh Anne

Wow! I do love the salt and vinegar thing and these sound fantastic! Plus they're way better for you than any bag of chips out there.


My family is going to love these! Thanks

Jana @ The Summer House

these look beyond amazing. my mouth is seriously watering... i just have to locate a grill and these will be 1st on my list to make!


mmm that sounds great! definitely going to try this recipe the next time i am grilling.
i have the same lip-puckering reaction to the potato chips, although i tend to masochistically eat them anyway because they still taste so good...


Wow these have my mouth watering! Can't wait to try them - thanks!


Hi there! I love this idea. Any thoughts on how the potatoes would hold up in the oven if I didn't want to bother with the grill? We made some oven-roasted fries the other night that I've been obsessing over since. Could be the best of all worlds for potato lovers like me to combine the two!


Wow - these are fantastic! Due to the note about the vinegar flavor "booming" I thinned my vinegar out with a little water (I admit, I was intimidated). Excellent flavor, crisped nicely on the BBQ and a new favorite, thanks!


This looks right up my alley -- my mind has just been blown. Yum, yum, yum. Thanks for experimenting and posting!


Thankyou so much!! We live in Laos and Salt and Vinegar chips do not exist here so shall be making these regularly! Excuse the overuse of exclamation marks but this is exciting stuff, not just for me but quite a few people living here! Yummo!


These are a perfect excuse for using my new mandoline!

The Faithful Foodie

Mmmm these look delicious. I LOVE the combination of salt, vinegar and potatoes. I will most definitely be making these in the very near future.


I have a husband from whom the salt and vinegar chips have to be hidden as he doesn't seem to know when to stop!
Similar to yourself, Heidi, I fail to see the attraction of them - too lip pursing for me!!


I am like you. I do not care for them very much, but my husband loves them. I only make them about four times a year. When ever I make them, he makes me make a double batch. I do not know where he puts them all, but he does.






I am SO trying these tonight, and I might even oven grill them in duck fat.


I don't like the salt/vinegar potato chips, but I do love vinegar on salty french fries. These sound perfect! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Oh wow, this is like the salt & vinegar lover's dream. Wonder if it would work with apple cider vinegar too. You'd probably lose a bit of the tang, but regardless, it sounds awesome.

The Duo Dishes

These look great.

Have you come across a Spanish way of cooking new potatoes in sea water? they're wrinkly and great with mojo rojo that's got a lot of vinegar in it. Thanks for all the great ideas!


oohhh this sounds delicious,
cannot wait to try this out.

thanks Heidi


I love salt and vinegar chips, even though I find them too strong!

Kettle chips does some salt and balsamic vinegar chips, though, which is just enough vinegar for me without the overpowering malty vinegary powder on other brands.


I dont know, sounds good, and I like S&V chips,

But boiling vinegar in your house?? That is going to STINK!!!

I might try boiling them outside on the burner for my deep fryer.


yeah, around this house those chips would be devoured in a matter of 0.3 seconds flat. i'm gonna have to bookmark this for next time i pick up some potatoes - you may have created a problem, here...

heather @ chiknpastry

I'm not a fan of the salt & vinegar chips either, but I know I'll like these potatoes! The chips hurt my mouth, but I think the fullness of the potatoes would cut that. Thanks for the recipe!


Wow, it's so refreshing to see all of my fellow salt and vinegar enthusiasts commenting in one place:) I'm used to the noses around me turning when I ask for a side of malt vinegar instead of ketchup.

Anyway, I tried these last night and they were sooo tasty. My boyfriend and I easily could have finished a double batch. We didn't want to get the charcoal grill out so we tried to oven bake them. They were tasty, but the texture obviously wasn't what it should have been. Next time I might try to pan fry them, but think grilling is the way to go.

Anne Marie

Love this idea! Especially with the fennel salt- yum!


I made these for a bbq last night and they were SO good! My husband and I love salt and vinegar potato chips and these were delicious!


Hmm! I'm just back from a vacation in England, and of course we were eating chips of the English variety, meaning french fries of course, with lots of salt and malt vinegar. This looks just perfect to throw on the grill with some salmon this weekend!

The Rowdy Chowgirl

i was also never a fan of the salt and vinegar potato chip until i tried tim's cascade chips (sold in pacific northwest us). they are worth a try!


i am a bit hit or miss when it comes to salt & vinegar chips. i have found a brand at WF that i like, but some others are just way too vinegary. this is a clever way to grill some taters, so i think i am going to have to give it a try.


I made these last night (roasted instead of grilled) and thought they were every bit as pungent as their potato chip counterparts. One caveat, though: To avoid a trip to the store I worked with what was one hand, so the 2 cups of white wine vinegar became 1 cup of distilled white vinegar + 3/4 cup of white wine wine vinegar + 1/4 cup water. The different vinegar or cooking method may have altered the flavor, slightly. Still delicious, though!


I am with you on the whole chip thing- the taste is too much for me, but my sister loves them with all her heart. They're just too salty and vinegar-y for me.

These potatoes, though seem quite delicious and with that sprinkle of fennel salt - I could see them really hit the spot!

kamran siddiqi

I'm with you on the whole salt-and-vinegar chip thing, too...yuck.

This recipe sounds amazing, though...I think I might try it with dark malty beer, and a garlicky buttermilk dressing to dip them into. YUM!


I looooooove salt and vinegar chips... these look delightful! Thanks for sharing the recipe! ;)


I like to bake them in the oven with a little bit of olive oil and cajan spice. Yum! Yum!


These look delicious, my son and husband love salt & vinegar anything. I'll have to give it a try, I bet they would go wonderful with ribs.


I'm in Ireland right now with my parents and have had potatoes at every meal I think! Your post caught my eye because my dad drowns his chips in about 2 tablespoons of vinegar which just seems gross to me!

Cooking with Michele

My family is going to LOVE these!

Kim Fluck

Why must you make me more hungry than I already am? These look delicious, I adore salt and vinegar chips, all of your recipes are phenomenal. I definitely enjoy being subscribed to your postings.


I am a salt and vinegar fan. I can't wait to try these.

The Food Hunter

Great stuff! I soooo love garlic, potatoes and vinegar. Gonna cook some up tonight. Thanks!


Um... I cannot wait to make these. YUM.

Kaitlin With Honey



I tried these last night and they were awesome! My husband and I couldn't stop eating them. Hehe. I love how boiling the potatoes in vinegar really infuses the flavor nicely, but is definitely not overpowering. Just right, and delicious!

Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

I have done this and I like the potato soaked in vinger and salt then dried and fried.. much more mellow taste and throughout the chips



Looks delicious, I'am hungry just looking at the pictures. Might give this a try next when when i'am booked to cook dinner for the family, wish me luck :-)

cho yung tea

I LOVE anything vinegary. What a interesting idea to actually cook the spuds in vinegar! My vinegar/pickle obsession seems to have past on to both of my kids, much to my partners dismay! So I will have to try these for me and the kids. Thanks Heidi.


Just tried broiling these in the oven- came out great, but I burnt some of the smaller pieces... oops! Just make sure you keep an eye on them while being broiled. ;)


I love being slapped in the chope by a salt n' vinegar crisp, but dang, I'm trying your beer idea and will obsess until I do it!
Thanks :)


I'm a huge fan of the chips version ; therefore I must try these in the nearest future!

Mie Kristensen

I've had these bookmarked from Martha Stewart's site for a while now and now I'm even more motivated to make them!! Yours look so beautiful!


I wonder if you could use malt vinegar instead of white wine vinegar?


What a very fun idea! Sounds delicious.

Kimi @ The Nourishing Gourmet

Great recipe! At least is sounds great. I love Salt and Vinegar chips. I bet you're right about the alternate liquid. I'm interested to see how these turn out.


I'm with you. I'd love to hear if you tried the beer. I think a Porter would be good.


I went straight home (stopping at the shops on the way) and made this for dinner. Used malt vinegar and home grown sweet potato, and since we have a child in the house, watered it down a bit. Had to use the oven grill and only had rice bran oil, but the fennel salt worked fine! All in all, very, very tasty and I received lots of complements! Thanks!!


I don't tend to do the potato thing, but I'll bet this recipe wold amazing applied to kale chips or Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes)

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen

Just moved from Berkeley to Scotland and was just eating a pack of S & V chips yesterday, thinking about the pungency of the vinegar. Guess my taste buds have refined over the years b/c I used to LOVE these. Anyway, thanks for this recipe. I'm excited to give it and the variants u provide a try (esp. beer!). Reading your blog helps immensely with the homesickness!


Beer is such an underrated cooking ingredient. I marinate tough cuts of meat in it (overnight), and use a can of stale beer (left out on purpose the night before) in both chili and spaghetti sauce. People rave about the chili and spaghetti sauce and never guess the secret ingredient. I didn't know that potatoes boiled in beer will take on flavor from the beer - nice!


Heidi-these are amazing!

I made mine with homemade tarragon vinegar and a tarragon dijon mayo to dip them in. We ate them straight from the grill-they barely made it to the plate. Thanks for another great one!


Oh my gosh! I love Salt and Vinegar potato chips and this recipe makes my mouth water. Will be trying this out soon. Thank you!

Easy Appetizers

Ooooo those would be great dipped in a kind of chipotle dressing. I have to try those -I'll gain the adoration of my friends for eons!

fotographiafoodie've made my day. I must make these to go alongside a burger or something. I love salt and vinegar chips, but since I went gluten-free, malt vinegar (what's usually used in those things) is out. This sounds spectactular. And I might just have to make a garlicky aioli to go with it...that sounds fab.


I'm pregnant and this, along with sour candy and sparkling water, is the only thing that gets me through my "all-day" sickness. I'm going to try broiling them and/or pan frying them. I'm slightly disappointed to hear that the vinegary taste is not quite as strong... I can't get enough of it! I wonder if I let them sit in the vinegar overnight they would be ... just ... RIGHT. MMMM can't wait to try this!


Shoot!!! Nothin like goin outside to check on your food, only to discover you ran out of propane during the grilling. ggrrrrrr!! I stuck them under the broiler and they were still great!


Heaven!!! Finally found THE recipe with which to christen the hopefully-one-day-soon new BBQ! Thanks Heidi, as always.


OMG we had these with dinner tonight and they are sooooo awesome! Im linking to you on my blog.... thanx heaps for this one!


Try this Greek recipe for roast potatoes, you'll never want to roast them in any other way!

- Preheat oven at max temp top and bottom
- Peel and quarter lengthwise:
2 pounds potatoes
- In a bowl mix the following:
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lemon juice (KEY INGREDIENT)
1 Tbsp dry oreganum
Freshly ground black pepper and salt (according to your taste)

- Place potatoes in an oven tray, pour mixture over them and mix well.
- Roast in top part of the oven for approx. 45 minutes, until they look done. Toss and turn them once and add liquid if necessary.
The result is amazing, the lemon gives them a lovely tang. I'm sure not only Wayne but you as well will really like them!
Let me know how it went - if and when!


Heidi, you had to go and inspire me, didn't you? Salt & vinegar chips have been a Canadian standard far longer than I've seen them in the US market. I remember driving to Windsor, Ontario, for the sole purpose of stocking up. There is no way that we can't try these!


I'm greatly enamoured by these chips - I can tell you now. This recipe is getting done asap!

Justin Orde

i made these and they are great!
i used apple cidar vinegar and smoked sea salt (couldn't find fennel salt) instead. delicious.


I'm loving this. I had no idea the potatoes would be boiled in the vinegar. We absolutely love salt and vinegar potato chips - thanks for the recipe.

Home with Mandy

Reporting back after trying this recipe with Beer instead of vinegar. Great result!
I used Breakspear Oxford Gold (good strong organic beer but not so heavy that it would stick to your ribs) and to make it more of a broth added half a tsp english mustard and a sprig of sage.
Have not tried the vinegar recipe yet but true how they say the flavour permeates well but does not overpower. A real comforting savoury flavour.
Freezing the stock for a future pie, actually I think these would top a pie well pre-grill-stage and maybe cider would be nice too?
Thank you again Heidi, I fear that I rarely have enough discipline to follow recipes accurately but you are very inspiring. I did the crushed pea recipe recently using soft welsh goat's cheese and it is, as this, now a staunch favourite with us.

HS: Thanks for reporting back Sharyn. I'm definitely going to give a beer version a try. Maybe over the weekend if the fog lets up. -h


Looks great! I wonder if these would be good as guacamole dipping chips? Something to think about..

Thanks for sharing.


followed your recipe EXACTLY, then looked outside and found out the grill was blocked by piles and piles and piles of lumber! so, just fyi, these are pretty stinkin' good pan fried as well.


Hi! I'm addicted to salt & vinegar crisps but they are really not easy to find here in Italy so...thanks for this great recipe. I'm looking forward to visiting my parents in the countryside and prepare the potatoes on the grill!


Your comment "One of the other things that caught my attention about this recipe ... was the idea that you could flavor potatoes by boiling them in a strongly-flavored liquid, before finishing them off on the grill" reminded me a chef that used to have us put rosemary sprigs in the potato water when we were making mash potatoes. I'm guessing, and will probably give it a try , that one could flavor the water with strong scented herbs and spices and get some really great flavors.

Off to experiment...


Heidi, these look beautiful! The potatoes we're getting in our CSA right now are a bit small for the grill, but in about a month they'll be just right.

I still make your 2-potato salad, which is the only potato salad my hubby likes. We call it salt & vinegar potato salad!


We made these tonight and they were extremely well received. No leftovers even though I increased the quanity. I didn't use fennel salt. Just flaky sea salt and white vinegar. My husband requested we use "regular" potatoes next time as taking care of all those fingerling slices on the grill was a bit of a chore. But it was well worth it in my eyes. I think we have a new favorite family recipe. Thanks Heidi.


The potato slices are boiling away as we speak. I just have to say Heidi that your recipes have never failed to produce great things from my kitchen. I recently devoured Super Natural Cooking when I found it @ the local library and loved every tender morsel of culinary inspiration. (especially the tips on how to use alternative sweeteners and flours) Now I wait with baited breath for Super Natural Everyday!


This sounds great- I might be tempted to try malt vinegar- I can't wait to give it a try since i have some salt and vinegar fiends in my house!

Deborah Dowd

It's a great alternative for fries and other chips. This is also good for eating with wine and liquor.

Spice Rack



I like salt and vinegar chips, but can't eat many or my mouth turns into a pucker and feels almost scalded. I don't think it's just the vinegar or salt. I think it's all the additives as well, so I do not partake, however this recipe has really caught my interest. It has the flavor without the long list of ingredients. I may be able to enjoy them after all. Thanks for the recipe.


I will tell you that down here in Louisiana we boil red potatoes with our crawfish in crab boil and they are delicious. They take on the spicy flavor. I use the Zatarain's powder.


I made these last night, only I did take a recommendation in the comments to do a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. They tasted delicious! Hubby loved them too. The only thing I would change for me would be to ensure the slices aren't too thin - the thicker slices were the most flavorful!


The boyfriend loves putting vinegar on french fries so maybe I'll have to give this recipe a try just for him. They sound great!

Caitlin @ Amuse-bouche

The thought of vinegar and potatoes makes me hungry! Beer boiled potatoes sound amazing too. Don't you love how a recipe can inspire the creation of new ones?

madge @ vegetariancasserolequeen

OUTSTANDING RECIPE! I also tried it with Sweet Potatoes for a sweet, sour, salty version, with wonderful results. I used the leftovers in a mixed green salad the next day. Very Tasty.You could also create a potato salad using this technique and have the vinegar taste built into the potato.This is a great addition to my collection. Thank you.


wow... i totally "have a thing" for S&V potatoes...grilling them? you made my day!!! thank you :)
amelia from


This looks so delicious. It's 10:30 at night and I want to go back to the kitchen to make some!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press

These look amazing! I am indeed a fan of Salt & Vinegar crisps/potato chips and this is a great way to combine that flavour with any dish of my choosing without getting any strange glances. I'll be sure to try these out tonight! I'll post the results here sometime tomorrow.... Many thanks!

Cookware Hampshire

I love salt & vinegar crisps, so I will definitely try it.

What I love about this recipe is that it's simple to make, consists of only 5 ingredients and can be prepared on an outdoor grill as well.

Thank you!


I didn't realize it until now, but I'm very particular about the combination of salt, vinegar, and potatoes. If the potatoes are fried in chip form, the vinegar flavor is too strong for me. But I absolutely love sprinkling malt vinegar over hot, crispy French fries! With that said, I can't wait to try these grilled potatoes out. Maybe, one day, I'll be able to eat the chips!

Michelle @ Taste As You Go

I am of the school that vinegar should be an accent, not an insult, and was pleasantly surprised to find that this fit the bill nicely! I made a paste of sea salt, garlic, dill and olive oil to spread on them before grilling and it added a nice touch. I was a bit disappointed that they were somewhat dry - nothing a little garlic aioli didn't fix, tho!


I made them with Spectrum red Wine Vinegar (only vinegar I had in the shelf) as well as some of my margarita salt. Wow, these are good, but taste way too tangy, more than a typical salt and vinegar potato chip. Do you think the white wine vinegar would have been a touch milder?


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!. I love vinegar & salt potato chips & I made this recipe. It was wonderful! I loved the vinegar-y taste & found that I had to add very little salt to get the flavor I wanted. Yummmm! This is my new favorite comfort food. Thanks again.


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