Grilled Tofu & Soba Noodles Recipe

Soba noodles and grilled tofu tossed with a garlic-cilantro dressing. I prepped all the components for this ahead of a camping trip, but you could take the same approach for a quick, mid-week lunch if camping isn't your thing.

Grilled Tofu & Soba Noodles

As promised, a few more camping photos, as well as the recipe for the grilled tofu and soba noodles I made the second night out. As I mention down in the recipe head notes, aside from grilling the tofu, I prepped everything before we left for Salt Point State Park. The pre-cooked soba noodles hung out in the cooler in a plastic bag next to the garlic-cilantro dressing, which stayed bright green, ready to go in a little jar. It worked out great, dinner came together in no time, and for the most part I could sit around and read, or wander about with my camera.

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

This (above) wasn't far from our campsite. Just a walk down the hill. You can't see them here, but there were seals lounging around on rocks just off-shore, and seagulls cherry-picking stranded critters out of the tide pools. A walk in the opposite direction led to Gestle Cove, a protected area, where we sat with the sun setting behind us, looking at all the different seaweed, driftwood, and rock shapes washed up on the beach.

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

If you find yourself in that neighborhood (Sonoma/Mendocino coasts), but aren't necessarily the camping type, I also love the Mar Vista Cottages. We stayed there last year for a couple nights. Each cottage has a kitchen, and you can pick fresh produce from the organic garden to cook with. Fresh eggs from the hens on the property are delivered by basket each day. It's a great base to explore that part of the coast.

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

A number of you were asking about past camping trips. This adventure to Whiskeytown Lake in Shasta County was particularly painful memorable. Aside from that, I posted a few cooking/camping links a few years back. And for those of you who missed the last write-up, here's the Soup au Pistou on the dinner menu the second night we were there. I have to say, as much as I enjoy camping on occasion, I do feel the need to balance them out with slightly posher get-aways ;)...

Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

So, now it's my turn to throw things back in your direction. What's your all-time favorite camping memory, best meal, or absolute favorite campground?? If you had to pick just one to share. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories. -h

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Grilled Tofu and Soba Noodles

I'm going to write this recipe the way I made it. In preparation for the aforementioned camping trip. Meaning, I made as many of the components ahead of time as possible. I cooked the noodles the day before, and made the dressing the day prior as well. The only thing we actually cooked onsite was the tofu, which was grilled on this camping stove (which is pretty great). And as I'm sure you can imagine, even if camping isn't your thing, pre-cook the tofu ahead of time as well, and you'll have a nice work week lunch.

12 ounces / 340g dried soba noodles
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus a bit more for the tofu

16 oz / 450g extra-firm tofu, drained and patted dry

3 medium cloves garlic
scant 3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
3 small/medium shallots
3 small serrano peppers, minced
1 bunch (about 4 handfuls) of cilantro, stems trimmed
1 teaspoon natural cane sugar (or brown sugar)
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
3/4 cup / 180 ml extra-virgin olive oil

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt generously, then cook the soba noodles per package instructions, being mindful to not overcook them. Drain, run under cold water for a minute, shake of as much extra water as possible, then toss well with the olive oil. Gently work the olive oil through the noodles. Place the soba in a large plastic bag and refrigerate overnight, or until you're ready to use them - up to a few days.

Make the dressing using a mortar and pestle OR a food processor. I used the m&p which takes a while (and provides quite the arm workout), but I prefer the end result. Pound the garlic and salt into a paste, then work in the shallots one at a time, then the peppers. Then the cilantro a handful at a time. The mixture should be quite smooth. Add the sugar, then the lime juice before stirring in the olive oil a bit at a time. Taste and adjust the flavors if need be - more salt, sugar, lime juice, etc. using the processor? Just blend it all together, then tweak the flavors a bit if needed.

Cut the tofu into slabs (see photo), rub gently with olive oil and place on a medium-hot grill. Cook until golden brown on one side, flip, and grill the other side as well.

To assemble, toss the soba noodles with a good amount of the dressing, reserving enough to drizzle generously on top of the tofu. Place the tofu on top of the noodles, and drizzle with more dressing.

Serves 4 - 6.

Prep time: 20 minutes - Cook time: 20 minutes

If you make this recipe, I'd love to see it - tag it #101cookbooks on Instagram!

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Thanks for sharing your camping fun. I do not like to camp because it is too, hot here. I live in southeast Texas. It is hot and humid to a point that you never can cool off, not even at night. We have bought us an rv and I hope to visit places where it is not so, hot. Perhaps I will come your way. You make it sound so lovely.


Hi Heidi, I tried this recipe today and my kids and I loved it! I just made 2 minor changes, I cut the tofu into cubes and panfried it instead and I sprinked some sesame seeds over the whole dish before serving. Yum! Thanks


Just made this. Verdict: Two chopsticks up, way up. It was a simple and yet very tasty meal. Very versatile, too. I didn't have any shallots so I threw in some green onions in the processor and was pleased with the results. I really like the touch of sugar in the pesto. Adds a nice balance. And the cilantro pesto goes *great* with soba noodles. I grew up eating soba noodles in the more trad'l Japanese style, but I loved the flavors of this dish. Thanks Heidi for another creative meal.


wow, this sounds delicious. I've just found your blog for the first time and will definately be back for more recipes. This Little Green Book


Love SP! And love these pix. And love this recipe! Thank you :)


i will cook for my family tonight ..thats for sure

Logan Ong

I'm definitely going to be making this on Friday! My boyfriend is coming into town, so I want to have this all ready for him. I'm also going to make some simple spring rolls and a fresh peanut sauce to go with them. Maybe a little bit of green curry as well.


All time favorite close to home camping spot: Newport State Park on the coast of Lake Michigan, Bike-in camping, complete silence, shore birds and beautiful vistas. I need some new camping recipes - might just try this one next month.


I just cooked this for my roommate and I last night. We weren't camping, but I was feeling the need for some tofu. The dressing came out incredibly strong - we had to work on a tall glass of rice-milk while eating it. I had no idea it would be so potent, and anticipated that the soba would base it out....not the case. to make and delicious. Just really really spicy.

Beth B.

keep meaning to tell you how much your post The Manuscript inspired me -- I ran out that day to buy a notebook, which I've been filling with bits and pieces of inspiration!


i always love a reason to use a mortar and pestle.

George @ Finger Food Company

Iam Your Souschef

Hi, I made this dish last night w/ a few substitues. I used Udon instead of Soba, red onion instead of Shallots, Thai chilies instead of Serranos, and I was short on Lime, so I added a table spoon of Rice Wine Vinegar. The dressing made the whole dish POP!!! I can see using this dressing for many different pasta dishes. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the GREAT work. We all appreciate it.


Wow, always just fried my tofu in a pan but grilling sounds delish ..... and them pics too .... You inspire me to try your dish Thanks Be blessed


You close your comments so quickly! But I made a hybrid of your turnip greens tart and lasagna tart tonight, and it was SUCH a hit. Used the olive oil spelt crust and filled it with turnip greens, spinach, 2 eggs, greek yogurt, stock and milk. Ooh, and the mustard. I don't actually know the name of the cheese I topped it with, but it was a parmesan-style cheese. The creamy, but not too rich filling with the spelt crust was like a far-better version of a chicken-pot pie. Thanks!


I agree that the shallots were overwhelming in this recipe. I also used far less pepper than the recipe calls for and still found it too hot - just a reminder to always sample peppers before adding them to a dish because the heat varies so much. I grilled my tofu on a foreman grill and sprinkled it with a little brown sugar to give it a crust (a trick from another heidi recipe).


When I was a kid I would go to an overnight camp on the Eel River up by Ukiah. Every year we would have a camp out on the rocky beach of the river. Dinner was never memorable, except the year i burned my hand, but dessert was simple and delicious. Each kid was given a banana, a piece of foil and a bunch of toppings to choose from. We would lay the banana in the foil, cut length-wise, fill it with chocolate chips, coconut, walnuts and raisins and throw the whole thing in the hot coals of the campfire. The banana carmelized, the chocolate melted we would I would fall asleep without brushing our teeth, gazing at the millions of stars and the great expanse of the Milky Way.


Thanks for providing inspring food to feed my family with. I tried this out for dinner and threw in broccoli and swiss chard and the 19 month old and 4 year old loved it - yeah for grilled tofu.


mmm...yummy. this will be on our dinner table one night this week.


That dish complements the scenery beautifully! Lovely photos as always.

Georgia Pellegrini

my man, who is _much_ more camping-friendly than i am, recently took us on a trip to the catskills, in upstate NY. not quite that remote, but it was gorgeous, as were the meals cooked on his brand-new swedish camping stove. it was the best oatmeal (steel-cut, with nuts and dried fruit) i've ever eaten- and i made some pesto before we left, which we had tossed with cherry tomatoes and farfelle. there were plenty of butterflies swirling overhead as we ate, and we finished it all off with white burgundy out of stainless-steel camping cups. one of the best meals i've ever had, by far.


Excellent more great recipes for our camping trips in the UK. Most memorable - eating a pre cooked ragu and pasta in a howling gale having got soaked putting the tent up! Best - the most delicious roast beef cooked in our Cob oven in West Wales last year! Of course, with roast potatoes and gravy!

Clare - London

I am SO HAPPY you posted this recipe! Although I have never had grilled tofu, I have been craving it! I don't have much experience cooking with it and was not sure how to grill it. looks pretty easy! I will be making it this week! :) thank you! SuziQ :)


The photographs are spectacular!! Thanks for another great recipe as well! Love soba noodles and I always try to find new ways to prepare tofu. Magda

my little expat kitchen

every recipe i have tried from 101 cookbooks has been a huge hit/success, except for this one! i must have done something wrong...the dressing turned out terribly bitter- the flavor and texture of the shallots seems to take over the cilantro. any ideas/advice? HS: Hmm. Sorry to hear that Minda. Maybe your garlic was off, or old, or just funky? That's the first thing that comes to mind.


As a New Yorker via Idaho, I haven't been camping at all recently, but my family camped a great deal growing up. One year, we made a sour cream coffee cake in our Dutch oven. We hovered over the campfire from the crack of dawn until deep into brunching hour, and that cake remains the best and most memorable coffee cake I've ever eaten. But if I ever camp again, I will probably be cooking something more akin to these soba noodles!


This is the stuff we live for! You can eat great food anywhere, and why not do it in the most beautiful places in the world? After a winter of exploring some good local camping destinations, we're looking forward to some Sierras trips this summer. Love to see girls out cooking and camping!


Heidi, your planning skills are amazing. I wish I was as organized. We went camping in Nevada a few weeks ago with sons, and had a great time! Being from the northwest it was a different perspective. I love Hocking Hills in Ohio.


I've been reading this blog for years now, but this is my first post. It's one of my go-to blogs for fresh and inspired cooking and I recommend it to others often...Thank you for sharing it with us all! My favorite camping food is eating cous cous because it essentially just requires boiling water. Cooking and freezing a tomato-based, spiced sauce ahead of time and prepping fresh seasonal veggies (to add on top of the cous cous) allows for a delicious and nutritious camping meal.


Beautiful photos. I am sure that this is very tasty and as a bonus it is healthy too.


I just made this and it was ab-so-lu-tely delicious! Thanks for this wonderfully simple, fresh and light recipe - we will do it again when we're camping this summer for sure!


The last time I went camping (a few weeks ago) I brought your tabasco butter quinoa with local asparagus. I could have grilled the asparagus up there, but it kept really well for a day in the cooler. I served it with romaine leaves to scoop with so that we didn't need plates or forks. Or at least that was the plan.


I've made the soba and the dressing. Have yet to do the tofu. Now, the problem is.... I just want to drink the dressing! Oh my! It's wonderful!!! My favorite camping memory is camping at Nagagamisis State Park in Ontario. We had fresh walleye (cooked over an open fire) for breakfast every morning. I was 25. I'm now almost 64 and have never forgotten the experience.


Hi Heidi I have just discovered your blog and cookbook and WOW! So good! Thank you. :) I just cooked this for dinner, teamed with the spring rolls from Super Natural Cooking. I tweaked the noodles a bit - made the dressing more of a pesto with sunflower seeds and no oil, and added some grilled zucchini that had been neglected in the fridge. Both were so delicious. And I have left-overs - yay. My best camping food memory is not vegetarian-friendly, sorry. But it involved wild mussels that my family gathered while kayaking and then cooked straight away in a big pot over a campfire on the beach - the best mussels I have ever tasted.


I love tofu, I love soba, this dish must taste great!


Heidi, you have inspired me to think more out of the box for the meals on my next camping trip. I wanted to write about my favorite camping trip...but I wish my husband was awake to help me with some of the details! We went to Port Townsend, WA and camped at a fort...but I can't remember the name. It is the fort where they filmed An Officer and a Gentleman. Well, it was such a spontaneous trip. We set out in our Jeep Cherokee...we planned to sleep in the back. There is so much room when the backseats are folded down. We camped right at the beach on the fort. We ate our meals in town and checked out all of the shops. I bought my favorite winter hat...made by women of an Indian village...It was so great to recognize parts of the movie from around town and at the fort. I think the beauty of this trip, was the spontanaety. It was just the 2 of us (before children) everything was so fun and unexpected, we took 2 car ferrys to get there, and then sleeping in the back of our Jeep, everything we did was on a whim. I remember making these huge salads from a grocery store salad bar and eating them in the back of our Jeep with the hatch open, and then ordering a pizza in town one night and taking it back to the fort to eat at the beach. I also remember going into a restaurant, sat down, the server went to get us drinks, and as we looked over the menu, we realized we definately should not be there. It was so expensive! We were so embaressed to walk out but we had no choice. Of course we just laughed once we got outside! I really wish I could remember what the prices on the menu were! I'll bet is wasn't that bad but, back then I know we couldn't afford it! In fact, I think that is the night we got pizza! Those are great memories! Yes...definately my favorite camping trip!

Bonnie Riffle

My daughter and I started camping together about 6 years ago - our favorite is Whitewater State part in Minnesota. This year, we're going to the Black Hills in South Dakota. We're looking forward to sunrise in the Badlands and sunset at Rushmore. And, all of the jems in between


Could you share any pertinent information about using Serrano Chili - and when you choose to use it? I haven't used it much, and would like to branch out with chili pepper options.


Nothing feels as good as a big slurp of noodles for all the world to hear. Especially if it looks this yummy and was that simple to put together. :) lovely photos as always.

Sweets By Vicky

Thank you for posting this recipe, it looks amazing! I love soba noodles but never know what to eat with them. I cannot wait to try this!!


The first memory that came to mind was from camping with my mom and sister as a kid, at Fort Bragg, Calif. I wandered away from our camp site alone, exploring, and discovered a BEAUTIFUL dune, covered in gorgeous, amazing sprawling, blooming dune plants. SO beautiful, new-to-me, and I was all alone--didn't even see any footprints. It was heaven. And now I'm a biologist! =)


I began following your blog last fall, and my husband and I have enjoyed many recipes of yours since then. I grew up in Santa Rosa, and every Thanksgiving went camping at Salt Point. There were 2 families - 4 adults, 6 kids, and 2 dogs. We've been going for 20 or so years, even though now we're all 'grown up' and spread out, whoever can make it still goes camping each year. So my favorite camping memories involve all the same pictures you just posted. Salt Point is by far my favorite campground, and we have many many stories. One year we were flooded out. One year the wind was too much and kept blowing everything down. (Keep in mind, camping up there in the end of Nov. is a little risky!). One year there was a forest fire through the entire park and we were evacuated. One year we did an actual turkey dinner....but the turkey's didn't thaw until 11 pm or so. One year we filled buckets with side-winder crabs we proudly caught with our bare hands. And every year (we still do this), we run, full-tilt, from the campground, through the wooded path, down to the coast. It's a blast. Wish I was there now....


This looks wonderful!! I'll be making it this weekend :D


First camping experience of my life...August 1972, just married and my husband and I are moving everything we own from NYC to Berkeley where he's going to grad school. We bought a tent, campstove, cookset, etc. The first night we pitch the tent and it starts to pour. All the seams leaked and we were drenched in our sleeping bags. We had bought "chopped meat" (ground beef) to grill hamburgers under the stars and ended up in a wet tent eating what we dubbed "steak tartare".


What would you substitute for cilantro? I'm not a huge fan, and a lot of my family won't eat it, but the rest sounds so good!


I wonder what is a good brand of tofu that is easy to find. I know there are a lot out there, but I am definitely looking for an organic (to not get the GMO soybeans) tofu. Any common varieties that are good? Looks sooo good.


Great scenery! It's also reminds me of my childhood' days, walking on those stony seashore picking up some beautiful shells.


I'm not much of a camper but do live in the bay area so I appreciate the Mar Vista link - could be a happy compromise in this household. I think the reason my camping memories aren't great ones is that most of it took place in college with little preparation (waking up to warm beer and nothing to eat ;-)). Inspiring photos!

Nancy (guinnah)

Great recipe. I have been getting your site for sometime now and really enjoy it. I have also camped by the beach and love waking up to the sounds of the surf. Thanks.


Beautiful photos; such gorgeous light. Great recipe, too, a welcome departure from the usual camp meal. I've enjoyed camping in Maine and New Hampshire, though it's been a while -- guess I never quite recovered from Blair Witch Project!


Hi Heidi, awesome recipe and pics as always. When I was younger, my family always used to go camping in Union Valley, and everytime I smell pine trees I'm taken back. The best part of it was the reservoir, where we could catch fresh rainbow trout and grill it...followed by toasted marshmellows of course lol. Am I the only one who thinks food always tastes better when you're camping, even if it ends up half burnt?! Hope your day's going well!

Sierra S

Hello Heidi, Wonderful photos and did you notice that the driftwood at quick first glance looks like a walrus sunbathing?? (Maybe it is my enormous imagination) :-) With five youngers all about a year apart, we camped with our children until the were grown up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Amazing sights to see. I am big on leaving everything as if you had never been there, so I am happy that you and Wayne feel that way too. It is for the rest of us to enjoy. My only trips to California were on business but I did get to dip my feet and fingers in the Pacific Ocean and was surprised that it was bone chilling cold but awesomely beautiful. As are your recipies. I will be sharing this one too with my DD. She is a strict vegetarian and most of your recipes are great for me to share with her as well as to cook here for her when they visit (as they all will for Father's Day.) God bless,


I can't wait to try this out on my friends on our next camping trip. We just went to Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania for some easy going car camping and then a tour of the nearby Frank Lloyd Wright homes the next day. We usually do a riff on traditional "tinfoil dinners"...Salmon with olive oil, fresh herbs, thin sliced fingerling potatoes and citrus slices or more traditional beef with mushrooms and onions (for the boys!). This will be something new and fun to try.


we are not big campers but there was one we would go to near Santa Cruz called New Brighton. It had showers and bathrooms so that was nice. we could walk right down to this huge beach from the campground. we'd play volleyball and look for seashells and go eat dinner in Capitola. very fun memories there.

Lindsay Marie

That looks like some very good eats! My favorite camping cooking memory is making white chili from cans and powdered bouillon and a sandwich bag full of spices (no, it really *is* oregano, I *swear*!) in a Dutch oven over an open fire, and feediing some passing hikers. The most-often-told camping story in my family is how I got very suddenly sick on a camping trip when I was about six or seven, and a very big thunderstorm came up after we'd made camp. I may have been a little feverish, because I reported to my mom that, during the lightning, I saw the face of Jesus in the clouds. We're Jewish.


Oh wow, this looks amazing, from the food to the beach! I can't wait to try this recipe! Heidi, you always have the most amazing, delicious, and beautiful recipes. Thank you for sharing them! And I just posted a recipe myself for beans and greens that was inspired by one of your amazing dishes. ( Best, Kendra


Your photos remind me of how lucky we are to live here. Every campground between San Diego and Eureka is different and special, I've camped in many of them over the years.


Oh yum, I always want to cook meals like that when I am camping...


Many camping memories... most relevant would be a time in college (in Portland, OR) when some friends and I camped out overnight at Ecola State Park just north of Cannon Beach. We grilled apples and some veggies and ate it over pasta -- sort of a peculiar combination, but we were so hungry that it tasted fantastic. Like some other posters, I also grew up camping out in the Trinity Alps near swimming holes. The stars at night were so amazing up in the clear sky of the mountains.

Julie L

Lovely as always. Coastal camping is all I knew growing up, so I associate a good camping trip with redwoods, fog, and the mystic Pacific ocean. In fact, we're making plans right now to revisit some of our old haunts! Unfortunately I don't remember the food we ate at all, it was that interesting. So that will be something to change and look forward to. Yeah for California coast camping!


You've totally inspired me. Salt point (or Mar Vista ... can't decide) here we come!

Lia Huber

This is a fancy camping meal that I wish I could prepare for our upcoming trip but we wont be leaving from home. We will be camping in the Colorado rockies for a few days and then into Moab, UT. One of my favorite parts of camping is the cooking. We usually make salad and hamburgers, hot dogs, tuna salad.. etc. But I will keep this recipe for when we come back home (Miami) and we go camping in the Everglades in the winter. This and the soup you made as well. My favorite camping experience has been camping in the desert in Israel... Israelis are good campers. We usually make awesome turkish coffee in the AM.


My favorite camping story was my Jr. year in High school, we went camping out of Minnesota, but crossed over into Canada. It was BEAUTIFUL and peaceful, some days we didn't see any other campers. BUT, I was not prepared for roughing it! As we were leaving, I was packing my hair dryer, my make-up, my curling iron and my brother was like "where do you plan to plug that into?" It was then I realized there would be no mirrors, no bathroom, no outlets!! Also, I didn't want to get my hiking boots wet either, so the first few days I wanted the canoe to go as far up as it could go on land, so I could walk thru the canoe to get out and not get my boots wet. Umm. we camped for 10 days and my boots eventually got wet!


years ago, we camped along the Big Sur coast...the campsite right off of Hwy 1...and fished in the surf for our dinner. the next morning was breathtaking with the coffee aromas escaping from the percolator, remnants from last nights 'coon raid, and the fog curling over the ridge behind us as the sun peaked over its breaks. no one else was awake and i had the whole coast line to myself with that first cup of coffee...never forget it.


Awesome pictures thank you for sharing ..Recipe!


This recipe sounds awesome. My husband and I recently went camping near Gatlinburg Tn. We hiked many great trails in the Smoky Mountains and had a fantastic time. Living in flat Florida, we forgot how gorgeous the mountains are!


My most vivid camping cooking memory is sitting in the pouring rain in Wales, trying to cook scrambled eggs over a small gas stove which was running out of gas. It took one and a half hours before we ran out of patience and just ate the damn things half-cooked! We then got a two-burner stove with a grill and a much bigger gas bottle, and the grilled tuna steak we ate the following year was a lot more palatable!


What a gorgeous trip! Soba is a great idea-quick, whole and delicious. Thanks for the inspiration!

Robin Asbell

Just recently camped (again) at Wildcat Camp in Point Reyes. Its close enough to the city (SF) to go on a whim, yet feels far away once you're there. I love camping there for the day hikes to Alamere Falls and swimming in Bass Lake. Beautiful photos of Salt Point!


Love the camping inspiration!! I am an avid fan of gourmet cooking at the campsite. Best food experience....definately had to be our annual all girls backpack trip a few years ago. We went to Arivaiapa canyon in AZ - totally protected area with only 30 people allowed in a day. You are in water and shade canopy and look up at desert canyon walls - truly magical place. My friend Jen and I decided to backpack in sushi!! We prepped all the fillings, including the rice and then rolled everything at camp. So fun, yummy, and a delectable treat after a long day of backpacking!!


Looks amazing and so impressed with the food you're making while camping!


Love, love, LOVE this recipe! I have everything but the serranos, too, so I can definitely make this for the weekend. Thanks, Heidi! PS - that photo is stunning, as are all of your shots. :)

Kimberly @ Poor Girl Eats Well

I really enjoy your recipes. Living in Taiwan, I find recipes like this one are perfect after a long day at work. I can get freshly made tofu by going out to the evening market near my home! Thanks!


This looks delicious! Can I ask you though, is there a trick to keeping tofu from sticking to the grill?


I looove salt point. I had 4th & 8th grade class overnight field trips there, and my family went there a few times as well. Our annual camping trip is always to the trinity alps area where we stay in a small basic campsite near a swimming hole. Perfection. Our camp food basically consists of tacos, tacos, and tacos. Nothing like fresh veggies wrapped in a corn tortilla with beans and cheese. We eat dozens and dozens of these, especially after working up an appetite hiking and swimming.


Love this recipe; you can't go wrong with grilled tofu...I love it! Thanks Heidi.

The Healthy Apple

My favorite camping memory so far was the Kern river. Did some tubing, made mango/pear/goat cheese quesadillas and that's where the seed of my 10 year relationship with my boyfriend was planted. He was just so...nice. A far cry from the douchebags I was used to:) We're going camping this time to Two Harbors which is the other side of Catalina Island. Going with a big group and camping right on the beach. Boating, snorkeling and possibly diving. Have a feeling this will take the mantle as my favorite camping trip. Thanks for the recipe. Definitely making that and will search your other posts too!

the French

Lovely pictures, that make me that much more excited for our upcoming camping trip to the coast this summer! *Favorite memory~ Last year, (camping spot- Bodega Dunes, in Sonoma), we woke the kids up early quickly got ready, then drove out of Sonoma and into St. Helena, in Napa, stopping at a wonderful coffee house- -for a quick breakfast. We went to the farmers market in St. Helena (held every Friday), bright and early still (so we felt like locals:)), bought some beautiful produce, cheese and other delectables, then let the kids play in the attached playground. Made a few stops on the way home, including a brick oven bread bakery for some fresh bread- -and went back to the campsite and prepared a fantastic "homemade" [fresh and local] meal! ...a epicurean day:).

Torrie @ a place to share...

Your campaign food is MUCH more goregous than mine, no to mention my camping dishes are rarely that pretty.


A section on the site for camping-friendly recipes would be great - these are so creative!


Just back from a month of camping in Nova Scotia. The provincial parks are outstanding, especially Five Islands and Blomidon. Being vegetarians made eating a trick. I often picked up precooked basmati and made a stir fry from what I could get at the farmers markets, asparagus, beet greens, spinach.I was able to buy organic carrots at most groceries. Did find some great vegetarian restaurants in Wolfville.

emily keel

Hi Heidi, I think that you have a fantastic blog!! 3 years ago I was searching for a vegan quiche and stumbled upon the Spinach-Mushroom Quiche post on here and it has become a family favorite in my home :) I'm actually making it for Father's day this weekend upon popular demand :) Anyway, I just wanted to take the time and introduce myself and I am officially following your blog now. Thanks for sharing so many great recipes and stories :D Kiki


Wow! I would enjoy camping a lot more if I had food like that while I was "roughing it"


Inks Lake in Texas is just an hour from me, but when I arrive I feel 100 miles from home. My favorite dish to make while camping is "camping doughnuts," they are fabulous and terrible for you. See my how to here: Mandy

Home with Mandy

Most memorable camping trip ever was in the Fall 2008 in Comanche National Grasslands where there are dinosaur tracks. Highlights of the trip include tarantulas in our campsite, being pummeled by rain, severe storms including lightening, our tent blowing into cactus and finally trying to get our friend's Outback unstuck from the mud for several hours. Then there's the time we treked the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu. . .

Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks

Hi! Thanks for recipe, and the photos are so impressive. I like noodles with garlic. I think this recipe will be so delicious ;)


Beautiful pictures, as always!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Annie D. @ Annie's Simple Life

My Japanese grandmother bought me some soba's and I've been needing ideas for them, thanks! I also found a good-looking recipe in Bon Appetit recently.

A Teenage Gourmet

Last summer my husband and I took our then two-year old daughter on her first camping trip, on the beach at Cape Hatteras, NC. She was so awed by the starry night sky (including an ethereal, haloed full moon) that we had to wait for her to fall asleep before putting her in the tent. The look on her face, though, when she woke up the next morning to the sounds of seagulls and lapping water and the realization of where she was slowly made its way across her face - pure magic. We're taking her camping in the Appalachian mountains this summer, hopefully it will be just as memorable!


It looks beautiful. I'm probably the only person on the planet who hasn't had tofu yet.

Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams

It looks beautiful. I'm probably the only person on the planet who hasn't had tofu yet.

Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams

Heidi, as always, gorgeous pictures! My favortite camping site of all time was in the southern tip of Sweden right by the ocean. We ate cheeses and breads and lingonberries and it was perfect. the rest of the group ate fish, but i am allergic, but i am sure it was fabulous.


Somehow I always mess tofu up. I've cooked it every way possible but I still mess it up. This saddens me. Yours looks wonderful though, I'm actually pretty hungry now!


Oooh this looks great!

Simply Life

We, you and I, Heidi, cook a lot alike so I can't quite explain what rock I have been living under that I just recently discovered your site. But to say I am enjoying 101 Cookbooks in an understatement. My favorite camping memories go way back to when I was first married. My husband and I had to finish college before an actual honeymoon could be had - read ... poor college students with 0$ for honeymoon of their dreams. My husband and I, though, have always felt one should dream it first & then figure out how to get it. We wanted to go visit Chile, were I was born, but with our cash flow we could only afford the first nights stay at a hotel. That wasn't enough to deter big dreamers like us. So we got all our camping gear together, backpacks, cooking supplies in the most minute, Barbie-sized versions imaginable, sold everything else we owned, and we set off. We had to forgo expensive hotels & transportation. It took us 3 1/2 months, but we walked the length of Chile. I got to see my country from head to toe. I will be forever grateful that money was so tight back then, for I know, had we had a better financial situation, a honeymoon like mine would have never been forced into creation.

The Muse of The Day

That looks amazing and takes camping food to a whole new level. I need to check out that link for the camping food, my husband and I have bought all the gear to go camping but we haven't made the leap yet. I'm nervous about the food and no wi fi ;)

Christie {Honoring Health}

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love the way the sand looks in one particular photo. Also, I love how you packed such a lovely dinner recipe to eat while camping. I must try it!


Beautiful beach photos! The tofu and soba noodles sound like the the ideal nourishment for a camping trip. Most camping trips I've taken have been in the mountains. The most memorable and special was a semi-cross-country trip I took with my brother, who was moving from the East coast to New Mexico. We took advantage of the hiking trails and scenery along the way, sometimes spending the night at campsites and other times setting up our tent in the backcountry. My favorite "campground" was near a lake that was so pristine and quiet it felt like we were the only people to have ever been there. My brother made Tex-Mex burritos that night, and I don't think anything had ever tasted so good after a full day of hiking. The memory of that trip always makes me smile :).


Yum - the grilled tofu and soba looks so wholesome and comforting. Actuall the camping shots do too... I can just smell the salt breeze! Difficult to pick a favourite camping memory, meal or spot - we went camping so often growing up. Probably the most remote places (in Australia) were favourites - where the stars are wide-eye bright and you can cook over your your own built fire.




hello heidi, stunning landscapes, and stunning photos! the food, of course, looks great - the bright green dressing is really tempting even to a cilantro-hater that is me! ;) when i was growing up we'd go camping every summer, and our main meals would always be grilled fish, as it was mostly a fishing trip for my dad. other than that, i always loved rice - just plain cooked over a fire. more recently, on one camping trip i went to a couple of years ago, we did yaki-onigiri (grilled rice balls). they're just plain rice balls, grilled over a fire, with slathers of soy sauce or miso on both sides. there is something deeply satisfying about the smell of soy sauce (or miso) slightly burned from grilling... but maybe that's because i'm a japanese! thanks for sharing your stories and photos!


I stayed at a hostel in Australia which was AMAZING! It was the Flinder's Chase hostel on Kangaroo Island. They had fresh eggs from the chooks there, and if you hiked around the property around dawn, it as full of Kangaroos. So marvelous....


We make an annual trek to Salt Point, Woodside. Last year I made paella and cobbler in the dutch oven. Love your photos!

Katrina Kennedy

Heidi, this looks incredibly tasty! I can't wait to try it out, thank you for sharing this recipe with us. I also wanted to let you know that there is a spelling error in the title of the post (but not the title where the actual recipe begins). Just thought you might want to add the second "L" in grilled. :). Thank you again for keeping us so well-fed!! eep! Well now, that's embarrassing. Thanks for pointing it out.


WHOA WHOA WHOA! Wait. You just went to Salt Point to GO CAMPING? No picking of mushrooms or foraging? Is that even allowed????? HS: I saw a few underripe berries, and let them be. Do people forage there? Wayne picked the spot, I packed the cooler - aside from that I was clueless (clearly)...


That tofu with the noddles looks amazing! I have a package of tofu that I was going to grill, but this dish looks better than what I had in mind. :) Jenn

Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)

thank you so much for the links! i will read through them tomorrow. delicious looking noodles for a camping meal!


Sounds like a great camping trip with good food. I would have never imagine to try soba noodle with marinating tofu to be a camping food but how you have prepared ahead items, it seems easy and possible enough for me to try. Next trip maybe we will have such a food. Thanks for sharing ideas.

Pam @ Cookware guide

♥♥♥ looks stunning!!!


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