Pomelo Noodles Recipe

Being nice to your future self & and simple lunch salad made with noodles, edamame, greens, ponzu dressing, peanuts, and pomelo.

Pomelo Noodles

There's a bit of a joke around our house, because of a saying I have. It's more of a sentiment, actually. But I say it out loud sometimes. For example, it goes something like this - just a minute, I'm being nice to my future self, folding this laundry! That's the gist of it - being nice to my future self. If I make a big pot of soup I'm able to take to the studio throughout the week - I'm being nice to my future self. If I leave the gas tank in the car on empty, requiring an early morning stop - not being nice to future self. If I make sloppy notes related to a recipe, and have to start over. Q'uelle horreur. I wasn't being nice. It's just a general attempt to avoid screwing my future self over. Related, one of the things I like about having a dedicated workspace is packing a lunch, and sitting at the big table, or in the sunny window boxes. I don't like eating out (or ordering in) everyday. So, one of the ways I've been trying to be nice to my future self, is by prepping and packing interesting lunches, and this was one of them. It's simply noodles, salad greens, and edamame, with an easy dressing, peanuts, and pomelo. Packed in a jar you can simply turn it out into a bowl, give it a toss, and you're set.

Pomelo NoodlesPomelo NoodlesPomelo NoodlesPomelo Noodles

I'm in Tokyo this week(!), excited to share pics & an updated map when I return. In the meantime, I'll likely post a few shots to Instagram here & here. -h

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Pomelo Noodle Salad

You can use another citrus if pomelo isn't available. Blood oranges, cara cara, kishus, etc would be welcome. Also, a quick reminder re: toasted sesame oil - make sure yours isn't rancid. It's one of those oils that tends to sit around people's kitchens. Making sure it's relatively fresh makes a huge difference.

6 ounces dried somen, or soba noodles
8 ounces shelled edamame
2 big handfuls salad or micro greens
scant ½ teaspoon toasted sesame oil
a few tablespoons of ponzu sauce, to taste
2/3 cup chopped toasted peanuts
½ a medium pomelo, segments

Topping: garlic or chive flowers, or chopped chives

Bring a large pot of water to a boil, salt well, and cook the noodles per package instructions. When the noodles are nearly cooked, add the edamame to the pot for a quick swim. Remove from heat, drain, rinse with cold water to stop the cooking, and shake off as much residual water as possible.

Transfer the noodles and edamame to a large serving bowl along with the salad greens, and toss well with the toasted sesame oil, and then the ponzu sauce. Be generous, but careful, the noodles really absorb the sauce. Finish with the peanuts, and pomelo. Taste, and take a bit of time to really consider if any adjustments should be made - more sauce, more sesame oil, etc. Top with garlic or chive flower, or chopped chives.

Serves 4-6.

Prep time: 5 minutes - Cook time: 7 minutes

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I read your comment about being kind to your future self and it really resonated with me. Simply by repeating that sentence to myself, I have lost 8 pounds in the last two months. Thanks Heidi!


Looking amazing and healtly.


This was delicious! Unique, flavorful and light. Well worth the effort to find the ponzu sauce (local Asian store). Used cara cara oranges in place of Pomelo and it worked fine. And used frozen edamame but would love to use fresh.


came together rather quickly and like the commenter above, it tasted like spring/summer on this cold winter day. I had no ponzu sauce either.. just used some soy sauce and a bit of lime juice.


Love this recipe. Pomelo is so underrated. They have 0% fat and 72 calories per cup/190 grams - a dieter's delight!

The Fit Foodie Blog

Great recipe! I made it for my boyfriend the other day and he loved it! Thank you for sharing. Love the photos, they are looking awesome, but do you think you will be doing videos too any time soon?

Olia Voronkova

Mouth watering delicacy! Thanks a lot for posting this recipe.

Brasserie Louis

I am taking real estate courses on the weekend. I had to pack a healthy lunch and this was perfect! I added siracha, cilantro. Delicious!


this looks sooooo awesome, im going to make this at home tonight!


Current self wishes she gotten a few more groceries before the 2nd storm hit us here in Boston, because we're low on everything. My lunch won't be nearly as lovely!


Found these ingredients yesterday, excited to be making it tonight. Love the "being nice to my future self", thought. I'm folding the laundry right after drying now because of you...for me! Thanks!


I love mixing citrus into my winter meals. It reminds me that sunnier summer days await. I also LOVE your phrase "be kind to my future self" I'm going to need to incorporate that into my explanations to my bf of why I HAVE TO do these dishes RIGHT NOW


I absolutely enjoy your recipes and am a novice baker. Very inspiring! Living in India , it can be challenging to replace ingredients which aren't available. But that's the fun part.


I love love the idea of being nice to your future self. I'm not a cook (i'm lucky enough to live with my parents) but I love all your food pictures. I think I'm going to be nice to my future self and show this to my mom!


This recipe of Pomelo noodle salad sounds so delicious, I have to try it. Thanks for the recipe. And good luck in Tokyo!


Oh my God, I love that... :D This is basically my main priority or goal on a daily basis, I feel like, but I never had a sentiment for it. Being nice to my future self. Thank you so much for this! Something went ding-ding-ding in my brain and I'm officially adopting this phrase ;)


This looks so incredibly satisfying. And fun to cook with pomelo. Your photos are stunning Heidi!! xx

Rebecca @ DisplacedHousewife

I made this last night and my husband and LOVED this. We have several feet of snow with more to come in Leadville, Colorado, but your Pomelo Noodle Salad tasted like spring. I used blood oranges from our Door to Door Organics Produce Box (a livesaver here in Leadville).

Christine Whittington

Dear Heidi-- I LOVED this! Added some mushrooms, baby bok choy and snap peas since I had them hanging out in my fridge. I bought ponzu for the first time and loved that too. Thank you for your creativity!


I love your "being nice to your future self" approach, Heidi. Should practice that more myself. And these pomelo noodles...next time I see pomelos at the store I know that to do with them! Thanks for the huge wave of inspiration. xx


Hi Heidi. This looks exactly like what I want to eat tonight. Amazing, like all your recipes actually. I never tried one that wasn't good and I did try quite a few. I will have to replace the edamame I am afraid, I've never even seen them live around here. Do you think peas would be ok? Or maybe something else? And ponzu sauce is also something completely unavailable in rural Germany but fortunately I found a recipe for it.


"Being nice to my future self"...genius mantra for positive self-talk, Heidi! I'm going to remember this and recommend to my clients. And these noodles, my god they look good and such a beautiful photo too.

Katie @ Whole Nourishment

Hello dear Heidi, Our names are Jesse and Jamie and we are two sisters based in Cape Town. We are the biggest fans of your blog (and store, and recipes)! We ran our own little cafe for the past four years, Skinny Legs & All, but have recently sold up shop in the hope of new adventures. We want to document our travels and were hoping you could recommend a camera. What model do you use? Your pics are always so beautiful… Sending you sun from the Cape, J & J

HS:Hi ladies! Thank you!! I hope you have some grand adventures in store. The short version of an answer here is on the digital front over the past few years, I've been shooting Sony with my old Leica lenses mounted. First, with the Sony Nex-3, and more recently with the A7....with a small lens, they are great, powerful small cameras, that fit in my purse. I hated lugging big dSLRs around, and this ended up being a great solution. I also usually bring a medium format film camera, but that is a different beast entirely. Give a shout or shoot me an email if you have questions on that front. Safe travels

Jesse & Jamie

I need to be nice to my future self more often. Procrastination in a bad friend of mine! This looks like a lovely salad that would also work as a side. Lovely color, it reminds me of spring. Have the best time in Tokyo!

kristie {birch and wild}

I say the same thing---freezer meal? It's a "gift to my future self". Love that you do this too, Heidi. And of course, the noodles are beautiful.


I need to take care of my "future self"! Love the story and the refreshing salad.


I love that idea: Being nice to your future self! I am going to try it out and see if it helps me accomplish some of the things that would be more supportive and nice to my future self. Jan: I know it was not meant to be funny, but I am still laughing... I do so understand!


What a lovely way of phrasing it. Being nice to my future self. To me this notion provides your organised meal with double joy a great salad which is your gift to yours and yours. Thank you.


This is so simple, fresh, and beautiful. I love that you do things for your "future self." That's something I need to adopt.

Linda @ Veganosity

Not knowing what Ponzu Sauce is, I googled a recipe for it. The recipe called for Dashi Sauce. Not knowing what Dashi Sauce is, I googled a recipe for it. The Dashi Sauce called for five more ingredients I did not know. Sigh.

HS: Hi Jan - many markets carry ponzu sauce near soy sauce, or you can approximate it at home. You can use a veg or non-veg option. Or make a simple soy sauce dressing....


I love the idea of being nice to my future self. I try, but now i'm definitely going to be more conscious of that. Also I love, love, love the chive flowers, I actually passed by my chive container in the garden this morning and noticed a couple of them. Now i know exactly what's gonna happen to those babies. Xo's

Ciao Florentina

Did you open a store in SF? Going there soon and would love to visit if you do. Thanks!

HS: Just a studio Joanne - but if you want to stop by when you're in SF just drop us a note - you can check some of the items out in person. Just mail contact AT quitokeeto.com.


May I say, I never regret having subscribed to your email list. I completely relate to the future self thing; it is just what I have been needing to say to myself lately...what I have been on the brink of needing to think. Plus I am sure this being nice to yourself works x 10 if you have kids. I have never been a mom who has things all set and planned. I am constantly not being nice to my future mom self over and over by not leaving things in good shape, or not preparing for things. It was something no one ever taught me to do(if it can be taught). I have always just winged it. I worry with your store that you will discontinue these posts. Please don't. I think you do such a good job. You combine not just a nourishment of body but of spirit. It is great! And even when I feel like I could never attempt your recipes because of an ingredient that I've never used or because I would be eating it alone(and all my hard work would just be for myself), it still doesn't stop me from enjoying the thought of attempting it. But that's not to say that I haven't made a lot of your recipes. Some of them are my old reliables. (Triple Ginger cookies, for instance!) Keep it up!

HS: Thanks Melissa! And, no worries, I love posting here!

Melissa K

I love hearing about your relationship with your future self. I often will say I am doing something to take care of my future self or future me and it is always so fun when I get to enjoy the thoughtful favors of my past self. I am so pleased I am not the only one!

Lilly Steirer

I have just recently discovered the wonders of packing salad in a jar. Now, that will include noodle salads. I will have to adjust this to wheat-free, but look forward to it!


Oh neat! So simple and pretty. I've never heard of ponzu sauce, but definitely need to try!

Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

This recipe just brought a smile to my face as my family loves pomelo's! We buy them from the grocery store and just enjoy them so much by themselves. Have never thought to make them into a salad! How innovative =)

Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

This makes me excited for Spring somehow. Looks so sunny and fresh!!! xx Maja


Your photos - as always, are so pretty, perfect, and clean, I'm in awe! And you're being good to your future self if you make these kinds of dishes for sure :) I hope you have had a lovely February thus far, and have an amazing time in Tokyo! xx

Jules @ WolfItDown

I love pomelo so normally they're gone before I have a chance to try including them in a recipe or two. I really like the freshness and colours of your recipe so I'll have to grab more pomelos when I'm next in Chinatown.


Being nice to my future self : I love this mantra! It must be a fixed rule in my life :D Btw, the recipe is so simple and fresh and I love the way you often include micro greens in your recipes ^_^ xo

valentina | sweet kabocha

This looks beautiful - such nice colours. I wish I could find all these fresh ingredients in Berlin. I'm on the hunt!


I must say, the older I get the more I appreciate simple but exciting recipes. The better the quality and taste of the ingredients, the less I need. In that case, your recipe just perfectly falls into my list of things "I definately need to try myself". And I am especially interested in those ittle flower. I wonder how they taste? www.globalspicedblog.tumblr.com


Chive flowers are so yummy - garlicky and just a little bit sweet. They remind me of my childhood, following Mum around the garden and munching on things as I went ... (Nasturtium flowers were another favorite ...)


Tonight I fixed this dish. I have pink grapefruits to use and since I was unable to find pomelo a nice sub. Just the ticket for a light meal on a dreary winter day.


Pomelo, ponzu, and sesame is a beautiful combination. As always your photos reflect the quality of your ingredients and recipe!

Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

Stunning! and a great idea. My lunches always involve leftovers from dinner the night before. Still delicious, but definitely not as beautiful.

Emily | the flown scissortail

What a lovely salad. Just perfect for lunch in the cool winter breezes of Maui. Thanks for posting. Have a glorious trip.


I try to make really healthy meals for lunch at work. Present self is not usually nice to next-day self though. Next-day self is usually disappointed. Unless there's avocado. That changes everything!

Rebecca @ Bring Back Delicious

These colors!!! So pretty. And I love the use of pomelo. I've only use it in cocktails. Need to give this a try :)

Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

I love the freshness of this, and the pops of color! I've never worked with chive flowers (or any edible flowers) before, but I may after seeing this! My local grocery store sells all sorts of edible flowers that I've always been too intimidated to try. Also, packed lunches-- I feel the same way. I can't eat out too often, and prefer to cook myself a big batch of something delicious and healthy ahead of time.


Comments are closed.

Apologies, comments are closed.

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