Shallot Vinaigrette

Shallot Vinaigrette Recipe

A few weeks back, I tried to clean and organize a couple of the most chaotic areas in our house. It was the pantry first, and then the refrigerator (which happens to reside directly next to the pantry). Books were purged, magazines passed along, laundry washed. It all looked great for about five minutes. In the process, I found a handful of rogue shallots, that had somehow migrated from the kitchen. They were clustered near a tower of tart pans until I picked them up, moved them back to the kitchen, and minced them into this shallot vinaigrette later in the evening. There was a bit of a twist - I made the dressing with rosé wine in place of vinegar. It's extra shallot-y, but because of the technique I use, the shallots are more flecks than pieces, and they cling perfectly to all the things I love this time of year - little gems, avocado, roasted tomatoes, panzanella...

I suppose this wouldn't technically be considered a vinaigrette, because I'm using rosé in place of the white wine vinegar I typically use. But, I like the way it lends a bit of acidity, but in an entirely different way than vinegar does. Play around with the balance - depending on your wine, shallots, and olive oil, you'll want to tweak with a bit more/less wine and olive oil, and, of course, salt....and if you feel like you need a bit more edge, a kiss of lemon juice or white wine vinegar will bring it into focus.

Shallot Vinaigrette Recipe
Shallot Vinaigrette RecipeShallot Vinaigrette Recipe

I took that photo of the refrigerator with my cellphone, and have looked at it a number of times since. The verdict: nearly unrecognizable - vegetables and leftovers made their way back with in a day or two, and now I'm back to pushing, stacking, and jockey-ing every time I open the door. But it did feel good while it lasted. :/

Shallot Vinaigrette

If you don't have a bottle of rosé wine on hand (and ready to drink) just swap in 1 1/2 tablespoons high-quality white wine vinegar.

1/4 cup very finely minced shallots
1/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
3 tablespoons rosé wine
a generous pinch of sugar (or equiv. honey)
5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon crème fraîche or a splash of cream

On a cutting board sprinkle the minced shallots with the salt. Using your knife, chop and smash through the pile a few times, until you end up with a shallot paste. Transfer to a bowl and add the rosé wine and sugar. Set aside for at least 10 minutes. Slowly add the olive oil to the shallot mixture, whisking into an emulsion. Add the crème fraîche and continue to whisk. Taste and add more salt, sweetness, or rosé wine, adjusting to your tastes.

Makes 2/3 cup.

Prep time: 10 min

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I make a shallot viniagrette just like this one– just without the rosé! I love mine with a lot of cracked pepper, too. Will have to whip up a batch ASAP.


I fell in love with shallots on a recent trip to Asia - they're used so much more than they are here in Oz! So now I've stocked my pantry with them ... for emergency curries and noodles ... and now, this dressing. Yum.

Amanda @ Easy Peasy Organic

rose wine is one of guilty pleasures. While people may say it is not real wine, I really adore the colour and subtle sweetness. this will go wonderfully with a chicken salad

Belinda @themoonblushbaker

lovely recipe aside, I'm jealous of your polaroid film stash! love that sepia stuff.

HS: The sepia is sooo good.


Better to have vegetables in the fridge, chaotic mess or not. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful herb bunches on your wall. Shallot vinaigrette sounds divine.

Nicola Galloway

I love this vinaigrette. Rose is a great idea. Might try this on the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

Andy W

I love the film in the bottom drawer of your fridge. Classic.


I am really glad that your fridge doesn't always look so perfect :) I realllllllllly try to keep mine neat, pared down, orderly; but - it doesn't always stay like that. I love all your whites and marbles and just the whole serene vibe. Ahhh, it's so tranquil to see!

Averie @ Averie Cooks

I am constantly trying the make-meals-with-whats-in-the-fridge game to keep things tidy. Never seems to quite balance at zero and I am very impressed with your photo! The dressing sounds delicious. I'll have to chop a little more to try the shallot paste.

HS: You should see it now S ;) xo

sara forte

Organizing the kitchen can be such a relief but like yours, mine hardly lasts! Either way, it is worth it because you created this incredibly flavorful dressing.

christina @ The Beautiful Balance

I've been toying with the idea of cleaning out my fridge and pantry, so this post is perfectly timed to push me to do it. The shallot vinaigrette looks lovely.

la domestique

Sounds lovely, especially for all the summer salad weather we're having in London. I can't wait to try it.

Symone Krimowa

I love that this uses rose! Sounds like a lovely vinaigrette!

Marie @ Little Kitchie

Bandol rose is one of my favourite things - such good stuff but maddeningly hard to find here.


Thank you for the photo of your kitchen bookshelf. I am showing it to my husband for evidence that other people have libraries in their kitchen! I saw that you and I share some of the same cookbooks and that makes me smile!!

Lee Finlay

Very impressive fridge... and cookbook collection :-)

Emma Galloway

Rosé in salad dressing? Brilliant! Can't wait to give this a try.


I must say I'm relieved to hear that your fridge is back to its hectic state. When I first scrolled through your post and saw that photograph I audibly sighed- I live in Germany where it's normal to have something that is roughly half the size of the typical American appliance and mine always looks like a bomb went off inside. Alas- yours made a beautiful picture! And I will certainly try this recipe next time I've got a bottle of rose sitting around! Thanks for sharing!


Heidi, I'm happy to know I"m not the only person with film in her fridge! My partner is a photojournalist, and I long ago resigned myself that my vegetable bin will never again be filled with veggies. Film lives there.


i absolutely envy your stash of polaroid film, mine ran out long ago.


I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who finds my refrigerator and pantry in disarray...even just a day or two after I've reorganized. :)


Gorgeous pantry! Enjoy this fresh feeling--it's like putting fresh flowers in your space. Great idea with the rose substitute--I will try. Happy Nesting!


As I scrolled down your pictures, and as I came upon the pic of the fridge, an immediate thought flashed in the head 'No waayyy', even as I smiled. Relieved to hear it isn't like that any more - mine's nowhere near :)! Phew... But the recipe sounds great... gonna try!


I have many of those cookbooks and they don't have white spines. Is that a Photoshop trick?

HS: Hi Lisa! No photoshop here - perhaps you have other editions, some times the cover designs vary.

Lisa Weiblen

Great idea! But, please tell me you don't actually chop on that marble slab as a cutting board? Doesnt that destroy your knife blade?


No matter how much I pack my pantry it never ever looks as good as yours. Love the shallot vinaigrette.

Bintu @ Recipes From A Pantry

Shallots are woefully underused in my kitchen, I always overlook them. But somehow, every time I use them I think about how much I need more of them in my life!

What is it about getting to peek into other people's kitchens that's so exciting? I love that you shared yours! xo

Blaine Arin @ Feel-Good Food

Sounds yummy! My frig on it's best day never looked that good!


I love your kitchen. And your ideas.

Marta @ What Should I eat for breakfast today

Glad to see you didn't use more than 3T of wine for the recipe. That particular bottle is soooo good.

Lisa London

I just made a shallot vinaigrette (with vinegar though) for a Salad Nicoise. Next time, I may get brave and do it with wine. (or maybe wine vinegar; I used a champagne vinegar. I also used honey, but I love the addition of the cream. Nice and rich.


Love the herbs drying on the wall!

Rosemary Hanson

I do love it the day I clean and organize my panty and refrigerator. And I always think if I was the only one who lived here, it would stay that way. But no, I've cleaned it when my son was at camp and my husband was traveling and it didn't take long to fill up again. Something about groceries, left-overs and condiments that seem to make the mess.


A clean fridge is a vision of zen -- and that tray of original Polaroid film doesn't hurt either. Sigh.


I have to say I'm kind of relieved to hear that your refrigerator doesn't usually look like that! Mine certainly doesn't. :) this dressing sounds excellent--pungent and clean.


You just remembered me that I have to clean my refrigerator and provably doing that I will find all ingredients to try this recipe. Rose wine is one of my favorites so I think this is going to be one of my to do things for this week.


I'm curious...why two copies of some cookbooks? (I have, hum, single copies of those....they are excellent.)


I love this idea. I am definitely trying a vinaigrette with rose. Thanks Heidi.

Kelly Turnbull

Can I just say, I love the color-coordinated cookbooks! :)


I really have to share this. I keep reading shallow vinaigrette. poor vinaigrette, all shallow, no brain. haha. Thanks for the recipe.


Must be a shallot day for me. Just made some baked eggs with sauteed shallots, mushrooms, tarragon, and crème fraîche. This dressing will top off the day nicely.

Eric Pomert

I love your cookbook shelf!


Kalona Super Natural! I live in Iowa City, which is about a 20 minute drive from Kalona, and I am constantly eating their yogurt--it has made all other yogurts taste sad and bland to me. Anyway, I didn't know how widely distributed it was, and it's nice to see it in your fridge halfway across the country!


Your fridge organization is awesome. I hope to achieve that plethora of fridge happiness eventually in my life!


I love that you keep Polaroid film in your crisper. We're not the only ones! :-)


That vinaigrette recipe is amazing! I spend lots of money buying mine from the grocery. Now that I learned how to make it because of your post, I can finally save some cash on this important item for salads and my other recipes! How great is that?

Karmina Curay

Love it! I always have a bottle of rosé open at this time of year. Ameztoi has been my favorite this summer. Going to give this a go as soon as possible.


This looks terrific and I love the addition of rose wine! I can't wait to share this recipe with our farm's CSA members. They are getting shallots in their boxes this week!

Many thanks!

Kasha @ The FarmGirl Cooks

All your presentations are always sooooo beautiful!!

Thank you for what you do w/food!

judith Waidtlow

You have such nice taste. I love looking at your photos. Never mind the great recipes . . .


This looks delicious. I love trying different vinaigrette flavors. By the way, what is going on with the 101 Cookbooks site?

HS: It's frustrating, there have been a bunch of technical problems keeping it up in the past months. Sending email to Sho & Mike now.


your cookbook shelf looks so similar to mine--including the double copies of Chez Panisse favorites. Thank you for your continuous creativity and inspiration beyond these books, here and in your own


Hi Heidi! I know I speak for all of us when I say we love little peeks into your life. So much fun. This vinaigrette reminds me of a more delicate mignonette pretty. I love the idea of shallot paste---I just need to get chopping a little more than normal :) Hope you're well---S


Hi , could you tell us what happened to the Library section ,it looks like it's down .

HS: I mailed Sho & Mike this morning - looks like it is back up. Apologies!


Mostly drooling over pics of the Domaine Tempier rose. My absolute favorite.


oh, i do love the idea of the dob of creme fraiche here...


This looks delicious!

The Kitchen Magpie

Your aesthetic is swoon-worthy, and I'm super-envious of your Polaroid stash! I've been loving rosé this summer, so this is just perfect. thank you for sharing :)

Stephanie @ Eat My Tortes

Wow, I wish my fridge was this clean. :) Great idea about the rosé wine! We're actually eating all of our food supplies because we'll be moving soon (and only replacing what is really necessary, like fresh food). Right now, I only have balsamic and regular white vinegar on hand anymore. We're not heavy rosé lovers here, but do have some great white wine in the basement. Must try some in a vinaigrette tonight!


Rosé in a vinaigrette sounds really delicious and interesting, and your fridge does look like a dream, even if it didn't last. What kind of cleaver is that in the top left corner of the first photo? I'm in the market, and that one looks like it's a good size and shape.

HS: Thanks Randle - it's a beautiful Spanish cleaver I love - here's the link. There are more coming (hopefully soon)...


I only have freeze-dried and dehydrated shallots. But it's worth a try.


This vinagarette is one that am looking forward to trying. I love your natural marble cutting board and your all white kitchen.

Kathy Bohs

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